American Idol Plans Creative Changes For Season 12

American Idol 2012 judges

We’re not even done with American Idol 2012 yet and FOX is already looking forward to changes and, hopefully, improvements for 2013’s Season 11 of Idol. FOX held their annual press event yesterday featuring details on the upcoming fall season of television. There we learned about the new X Factor judges (Britney Spears and Demo Lovato) along with the teaser that there would be “creative re-invigoration” for Idol’s next season.

Bloomberg reports there was a 30 percent drop in young adult viewers on this season of American Idol 2012 even as it maintained its number one position. FOX is worried that next year it might not keep the wolves at bay if those viewership drops continue. FOX’s entertainment president, Kevin Reilly, explained, “The producers know what happened this year. There’ll be some changes.”

So what sort of changes could we expect? Allegedly it could be everything from expanding the role of the judges to set redesigns (didn’t they already redo the set for this season?). The biggest change could come at the judges’ table.

Looking around at Idol’s competition you’ll notice a more youthful set of judges with an average age of 34 over at The Voice. Judge Steven Tyler is 64 years old while the key demographic for Idol is the 18-49 bracket. I’d be sorry to see Steven Tyler go and he certainly wouldn’t be my first pick to eliminate, or even my second, but if FOX is worried enough then we could see a whole new panel. Maybe JLo had been warned this could happen which might explain her uncertainty regarding next season of American Idol.

What would you change about for the upcoming American Idol 2013 season?