American Idol Plans Creative Changes For Season 12

American Idol 2012 judges

We’re not even done with American Idol 2012 yet and FOX is already looking forward to changes and, hopefully, improvements for 2013’s Season 11 of Idol. FOX held their annual press event yesterday featuring details on the upcoming fall season of television. There we learned about the new X Factor judges (Britney Spears and Demo Lovato) along with the teaser that there would be “creative re-invigoration” for Idol’s next season.

Bloomberg reports there was a 30 percent drop in young adult viewers on this season of American Idol 2012 even as it maintained its number one position. FOX is worried that next year it might not keep the wolves at bay if those viewership drops continue. FOX’s entertainment president, Kevin Reilly, explained, “The producers know what happened this year. There’ll be some changes.”

So what sort of changes could we expect? Allegedly it could be everything from expanding the role of the judges to set redesigns (didn’t they already redo the set for this season?). The biggest change could come at the judges’ table.

Looking around at Idol’s competition you’ll notice a more youthful set of judges with an average age of 34 over at The Voice. Judge Steven Tyler is 64 years old while the key demographic for Idol is the 18-49 bracket. I’d be sorry to see Steven Tyler go and he certainly wouldn’t be my first pick to eliminate, or even my second, but if FOX is worried enough then we could see a whole new panel. Maybe JLo had been warned this could happen which might explain her uncertainty regarding next season of American Idol.

What would you change about for the upcoming American Idol 2013 season?




    • Yes, and  no more voting system from the fans, they’re not music experts! Talent is talent! No more rooting for glamour guys without  power voice!!! it just making the  foolish fans..especially the insecure women so prostrated and bitter if their idol guys are voted out!  

      • Ratings will dive if people can’t vote. It’s part of the appeal. Besides, who buys the music and goes to the concerts in the long run? 3 judges?

      •  So who are the experts that know what the people want; Surely not you .You think every fan is foolish? Prostrated and bitter  ? Insecure women?..Who are you Dickjunk!!!

      • of course it shud only be public voting,we are the ones who know what we wish to hear and buy

    • I agree, change the judges, and America always gets it wrong.
      They should not be allowed to vote, because young fans end
      up voting for who they think is the cutest.  It is not a talent
      contest, and I’ve long since given it up as entertainment.
      Especially when I see someone, who should have been 
      eliminated shows ago, still standing.  That is not entertainment!!


  1. I wish American Idol Season 12 judges would be 4:

    Alicia Keys
    David Foster
    Jon Bonjovi

    • Jess is just another Barbra Streisand yuck!!!Boring….. with your line up we just have more old, boring, singers… we need young judges that like young music. We need a young Selena Gomez type judge.

      • Remember that America is known to have the greatest singers like Whitney, Mariah, Christina, and Barbara. All of them delivered great ballads like Jessica so don’t you ever say say ballads are boring. These ballads show what a singer is capable of.

      • The music these days are garbage…you don’t get to appreciate the song lyrics/message, the same thing how people think these days, so superficial!! the music just excite you! It’s all the wicked lower power that possesses and rule over people’s mind/senses. It’s totally the opposite of the good old days…less evil and less corrupted. Believe it or not, we’re living in the end times, people will be caught surprised!!…

      • The Judge should be of great experience to music, so they must be award winning, and have a greater contribution to the industry. And most of them are in their 30’s-60’s. But i think 40’s are good enough in judging. But if you want someone younger, you can have Bruno Mars.

      • I heard they were considering Hilary Duff for either The X Factor or American Idol last year, before JLo and Nicole signed on to either show. I agree, there should be at least ONE young judge like Selena, Hilary or Miley to pull in young viewers. That’s exactly why Simon got Demi, to attract young viwers. And myself, as a Demi-fan and a Britney fan I will definitely watch The X Factor for them, if the show is bad however, I will stop watching… 😛

      • so you like justin bieber, taylor swift, vanessa hudgens as judges and AI contestants should be 5 to 16 years old. lol

    • Yes to Jon Bon Jovi, no to David Foster for me.   My choices would be:
      Jon Bon Jovi
      Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds

      • Why not David Foster?? Better search for his track records as a song writer/composer. He’s been working w/ great artists & he has tons of great music..

      • Templar, I agree with you totally!! Jon Bon Jovi. How ever he said the other day they were going to go on tour again. so if they do that he might not be able to do it. He sure is HOT too look at. STILL.

  2. First, I’d love to never know who the bottom 3 was.  Just see them pick a random three, as long as the one being eliminated is in it.  Could definitely change things, and make them more fair.

    Also, I know it would be a difficult task, but I’d love love LOVE to see them find a way to make it where people could only vote one time.  That way, the mass voters wouldn’t have influence, and people may be more inclined to vote, knowing that their votes would actually count without having to be glued to a phone for 2+ hours.

  3. We want Simon back, and we want Jiimy to be one of the judges.

    Bring Cara back….

    •  Simon would never ever come back, his plan is to dispose of AI by replacing it with X-factor because he will make mountains more of cash.

    • Jimmy Iovine can’t be a judge because he heads up the record company that signs the winner.  Major no-no.

      •  Darn it, that would have been my suggestion too, since he seemed to be the only one with anything intelligent coming out of his mouth!

      • templar  you  just burst my happy bubble to have jimmy . lol well   can we have the  boss bruce srpringsteen??? he been here  forever  he knows music?

  4. if you all have the power to choose, who do you want to be the judges for next year????   

    • Need the same judges back, they are working well together and bring alot of entertainment to the show as well. Limit voters to one vote each.

  5. Please keep Steven. He has been a wonderful judge. I do not care his age makes no difference.

      • I just wished judges will not “sugar coat” when they critique a contestant.  They should be more honest & give constuctive criticism.

    • Replacing Steven would be good. His remarks is always “Over the top”. I do not find him exciting to hear everytime he says & make remarks. Just saying…

    • Keep the save–you never know it could be your favorite that gets voted off the next time around but she/he is so deserving and better than some of the contestants left.  You will say, “I wish they still have the save:.  

  6. The ghost of Simon is at work my friends. Simon knows demographics and the demographics are the majority of young people in this country are not white. Joshua’s AI sure win is the beginning of this AI make-over. The AI producers are in a fight to stay alive against Simon and his sinister plan of domination.

  7. judges for next year….hmm that’s tough. If they want ratings boost in the 18-30 age bracket, they need to pick well known artists. I think,if we were getting rid of all the judges, I would pick: 1.) a young person such as Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. (to draw in the teens) 2.) some one like Bon Jovi (to bring in the older crowd) 3.) some one OBJECTIVE! some one like Simon Cowell, who’s only objective was finding the best singer/performer. (we need some one who’s willing to give some criticism)
    I my mind that might boost ratings…JMHO

  8. GET RID OF J-LO!  UGH, enough of her being on their strictly to promote all HER CRAP and showing off her son, ‘er I mean BOYFRIEND! 

    LOVE Steven…keep him! 

    • totally agree! Hello producers of AI….wake up!  Cant you see  JL is just using you guys…..not to mention those LEWD and LAME pre-tape shows just to promote herself..I had to cover the eyes my 7 year nephew !!! YEAH GET RID OF HER!

  9. Just dont fix what ain’t broke, Idol. That said, the show needs to be more youthful and get younger mentors, guests, and themes. No more “Oldies” coming on the show…
    The judges are fine, I’m sure after two seasons, we are used to them by now. I actually like Randy, JLo and Steven. And Ryan? Irreplaceable. Jimmy too really made this season special.
    Look, the BIGGEST factor is the TALENT. Get superstars and the show will automatically reinvigorate. Just hope they dont do anything gimmicky like those swivelling chairs and having “Teams” for each judge. Idol is an amazing show and is an icon in its field. I wish it remains on top for many years to come.

    •  But they had some of the top acts of today on the show…so I don’t buy that. The fundamentals of the show are broken and the magic is gone.

    • Phyllis G,  I am so happy to see you again!  I have a hard time finding you! I want to ask you if you think that is right Ryan asking the 3 judges who they think the winner is the night before we are told who it is?
      .” Listen Phyllis I am so excited. ADAMS  CD  must be out. I have to tell you this! Won’t be longer that some of the other books people write on here. In todays Paper, the section where they critique the new albums. They put ADAMS picture right on the front. It says : The album opens strong with the stomping title tunes hot beats. BUT ,It is LAMBERTS voice unleashed that holds the ear like glue. Flashes will have listeners thinking Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson. The blazing hot-hot-hot ” Kicking in ” takes a Scissors Sister style -oeuvre style even higher. ” Cuckoo” delivers a hot fusion of “80s hair metal and dance. It goes on to say Lamberts vocal strength and Magnetism makes for a cool record.  I hope you see this Phyllis!  I just knew if we held on long enough our boy was going to be great! I am going to go to itunes and see if I can download the hot songs now. Just thin Phyllis, american Idol has a winner wh didn’t win. See you later!  Your friend Sherry K  

  10. Please get rid of J-LO!!!!! She is there to win a popularity contest. 
    Love Jimmy, he is great and honest criticism. 
    Randy needs someone to increase his vocabulary…thesaurus any one.
    I like Steven But he has got to stop saying “beautiful”after each contestant sings. 

  11. Deffinitly NOT GET RID OF STEVEN TYLER ! he has safeed your a$$ by bring his fans to your show ! That includes Me ! Your numbers were and are dropping cuz of the voting rules ! How many text messages do you need before it sinks in ! ????? YES , I Agree that JLo Needs to go , what fan base does she have ???? NONE ! ! ! AI has helped her , not the other way around ! Randy can’t speak proper English , he talks slang like the kids in the HOOD ! Is that making him Kool ???? NO he’s very disrespectful to the people on that show ! As for changing your set , logos, FOX should red some of the text messages that you get ,Some people have really good ideas ! Your best known Show is going belly up and not even old hippies can’t save you any more ! We have put our best foot forward for you , and our respect for Steven Tyler isn’t going to end because of your show it loosing rating ! CONCERTS ALL OVER THE U.S. and world wide Aerosmith is known as the Best Rock ~Roll Band EVER !

    • Sure they are Aerosmith groupie, now go get more of your meds. 
      Ever hear of a little band from Liverpool called the Beatles.

      • Or the stones…. the list goes on but it is alwasy subjective. Your claiming Aerosmith as the greatest rock band ever alienates much of your audience who happen to disagree with that claim. Mind you I’m still trying to figure out the hippie comment.

      • Beatles were pop not rock.  Apples/oranges.  Aerosmith best American rock band.  

    •  Stop yelling!!!  You’re going to give yourself an aneurism!!!

      I like Steven on AI, but I’d like to see him focus more on Aerosmith.  They haven’t had a studio album out in about 10 years, and I’d like to see them put out music every few years, like the did in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

      Like some have said on here, I’d like to see Jimmy Iovine on AI as one of the judges.  He seems to be the only one who says what most of us are thinking.  I actually like him better than Simon, who was known to be the judge who almost always said what we were thinking.

  12. Change the voting so that it’s like Nigel Lythgoes’ other series (SYTYCD). On that, America votes and the bottom 3 have to “dance for their lives”. Then the judges decide which one of the 3 goes home – based on what they did that night as well as everything in the past.  If that was done on AI, the vote wouldn’t be totally decided by all the little girls voting thousands of times for the good looking boy. 

  13. A great change for American Idol would be to change the judges to former American Idol contestants that made it big. Put Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreary or Taylor Hicks on the panel. They know what is fair, what it’s like to be a contestant and they don’t have an agenda. It would be wholesome and good. It could even be some former contestants that didn’t win that made it big.

  14. I would definitely go with three new judges..its time for all of them to go. Ryan can stay forever..he is awesome and such a gentlemen. I would also raise the age requirements back up. 16 is way too young for this type of competition. I sometimes feel like I am watching a high school recital when the contestants are as young as they are this year.

    • Good point on age requirement. I mean we’ve been harping on how Jessica sings songs meant for older ppl.. I mean what should she sing then, Twinkle Little Stars?  If the age was raised to a more mature number, perhaps we wouldn’t be weirded out by seeing a young girl singing about being dumped or sthg rather..

    • I like the general idea James, but I think ventriloquists (sp?) instead of muppets. America has already accepted the concept of having “dummies” on the judges’ panel. 

  15. I forgot, to change the voting too. If Dancing with the Stars can limit peoples votes, why can’t AI? Something has to give. And I would tell whoever the judges were that they are there are mentors not to encourage anyone to vote for anyone of them. JLo is terrible for that. She is also terrible for interrupting Steven and Randy. Its very rude and annoying.

  16. First of all next season will be season 12 not season 11 Matt. 

    Second, if the producers already know what went wrong then why ask us? Obviously they know us better than we know ourselves.

    Last year when they so obviously decided to show a different, softer side of judging in contrast to Simon Cowell’s harshness they started down a slippery slope of decline. This panel of judges are just simply not able to pull off what the producers are trying to do in a convincing way. They are transparent and not very good actors. Randy has tried so hard that it has ruined his reputation. He used to be viewed as the most honest and off the cuff judge on the panel. Even then nobody really paid attention to much that he said. Paula Abdul was the emotional one that had such a big heart and that made her comments meaningless. But Simon was the one everyone waited to hear. He didn’t always have to be right and you could strongly agree or disagree with him but you wanted to hear what he had to say. Compare that to the past two years and the fact that NOBODY wants to hear what any of the judges have to say. They would just rather them skip right over the judges and go straight to Ryan and the contestants. There has to be something in that to be explored.

    I remember last year everyone was complaining about the judges never saying anything bad. Then this year everyone complained that the judges were giving bad feedback but they were doing it unfairly and inconsistently. These judges have just lost their credibility with the viewers. I think, at the end of the day, we all know who the best singer on the show is but we just don’t care. We are so disgusted with the antics of the judges that we want anyone to win that they aren’t so obviously pimping. 

    There was also an emotional disconnect to the contestants this year which really hurt the show. While I don’t want to see a bunch of sob stories that are manufactured for drama. I would like to know about the background of the contestants and some of the trials they had to go through in their life. Honest back stories. Not contrived ones. The show needs to get back to the premise that it was based on. I thought it was always supposed to be a chance for someone who otherwise would have no avenue to reach stardom to get some exposure and given that chance.

    If you have never had to wonder where your next meal is coming from and you have never been without a roof over your head or to the brink of destruction and back then how can you sing a song and move people emotionally? The simple answer is that you can’t. 

    So my simple answer would be to stop trying so desperately to compete with other networks and play to your established viewing audience. Give us the story of these contestant’s lives without playing it up for ratings and give us something to talk about at the water cooler the next day besides complaining about the judges.


  17. I think DWTS has the right idea when it comes to voting.  You are allowed the same number of votes as there are contestants.  As the number of contestants goes down, so do the number of votes.  I am sick and tired of the teenyboppers sitting out there glued to their phones hitting redial for two plus hours for the “cute” boy. What ever happened to phenomenal talent?  I don’t think I could even list the winners from the last five seasons and that’s pretty sad!

  18. all the american idols in the past few years dont get anywhere .the judges need to change and the votes need to change so you can only vote once .

    • I think Randy should go. They need a judge who is honest with the contestants.  And maybe a 4th judge position that rotates different people in.   Jlo is so obvious who her favs are. Everyone knows she has a thing for young men. I don’t know why Heejun got through. I couldn’t understand a thing he sang. I think Steven should stay.  He connects with the younger people. The Big thing is the voting. I think the voting should be changed to 1-5 each. The 30-40 year group doesn’t have time to sit on the phone and hit redail.  I agree with what Sha said about this.  I’m not planning to watch AI next season because of the voting system. 

  19. I hope the Changes will be:
    1. To show the Score by numbers.
    2. One person can only vote once.
    3. Be fair in judging. No favoritism like with Joshua, it’s so obvious.

    • I agree. I still think we should rate each performance instead of just voting for one contestant or the other. Just let us score them all on a scale from 1 to 5 and then the one with the lowest over all rating goes home.

    • GET OVER the favoritism thing.. it doesn’t exist. I think they are too nice to ALL of them

  20. Don’t you all think that maybe the judges didn’t pick all the right contestants from the start even before we got to the live shows? Who was the little Af/Am boy whom they brought up last in the green mile episode along with Ebon Frankewitz? I think they missed the boat by not putting him through instead of Ebon. That’s just one example of bad decisions by the judges. I also think that Lauren Gray should have went through as well as Candice Glover. Those bad decisions from the judges really emphasizes the fact that they need to be replaced.

    Oh yeah and I agree that the voting rules need to be changed and the producers need to stay away from deciding which votes count and which ones don’t even if the FCC did say that AI was considered an entertainment show rather than a contest and viewed them in the category with the WWF.

  21. First and most important change should be the Judges.  They  certainly made a mess this season and most everyone is in agreement with this even the most loyal of Idol fans.

    Second,  the show and the producers has to decide whether this is a singing competition or a popularity competition with a bit of singing. or both like what it is today.  So far I have read many confusing remarks by a lot of readers and even the media on what AI is all about.  And yet it still boils down to albums and record sales  so it must be still all about the singing or more acurately the marketability of the winner in recortd sales and endorsements.

    Third and probably equally important, if the producers want the younger viewers to comeback to wathcing AI, they need to revise the format of music themes that somehow drive these younger viewers away from watching.  I mean , all we have to do is go back and check how many theme songs Idol did this season that the younge rviewers  has no idea what the song is all about so they do not have any emotional connection to these songs that were made 20, 30 , 40 years ago.  And they expect to attract
    the teens? 

    Finally , all of us seems to be only interested in “BOTTOMS” , isn’t it?
    Who is in the bottom 3 , and how’s Jennifer’s bottom look like, just kidding.
    What I am trying to say is there should be a better way to eliminate the singers one by one.  A more effective and professional way to say goodbye to singers that did not g0 thru.  I like “The Voice’s way of saying goodbye
    to them and not ridicule, embarass and humiliate the contestants but give
    them the proper coaching , acurate constructive cirticism and boosting their self esteem and prepare them for a potential music career.

    But that is only available in a fantasy world. back to reality which is Idol.

    Just saying…………………………………………………..

    • I like the idea of 4 judges Ed. One would either have to break the tie or could be left to say, “I was gonna put you through but I am outvoted.” That would soften the blow just a little don’t you think?

      • I agree , anything to make the selection more acurate and without bias.

        We got to do away with dawg , goosies and beautiful as part of a professional remark after a singer’s performance. LOL

        And a coach or a judge saying a particular singer is the next american idol is wrong to my opinion. Totally wrong.

      • Four judges would just make the show more boring.  It takes too long to listen to three of them ramble on.  Four would be excruciating.

    • The voice has mentors, Idol has judges, unfortunately it depends on who you are as to how you will be JUDGED!

  22. Fire all the judges.
    My judges would be , Miley Cyrus, & Kelly Clarkson, & Carrie Underwood

  23. Harry Connick Jr. as a judge.  When he mentored the contestants did very well.

    • I think Little Steven, Stevie Nicks, and MJB were the best mentors. That should be your judging panel next year.

  24. What do you think about having a drawing each week of the live shows for a viewer to be invited to sit at the judges table along with the judging panel and give their opinion of the contestants? That might peak the interest of the public and lift the ratings. 

    • Great idea…
      during result show they would pick one lucky audience to be part of the judging panel…but the problem is that person could be a fan of a certain contestant or the producer give the person something to read as his comments LOL

  25.  Hee Jun Han ,,,  As a Juddge .It would probably crazy to say that,but  it is not  a joke .

    • Disagree, Heejun was one of their biggest blunders this season. He should have never went through.

      • I dont understand why top 24 has to be 12 boys & 12 girls? Why not pick 24 who are more deserving? Thats why I felt bad when Lauren Gray wasnt chosen..

      • Yes, yes, yes….totally agree. That is another issue. How can it be about real talent if they let guys or girls go just so there will be an equal amount of each gender?? That is definitely something that needs to be changed.

      • Yes I agree, give chance to deserving singers to be in top 24. Some great talents did not get thru because they only need 12 males & 12 females. So what if there are only 6 females & 18 males in top 24 as long as they all deserve to be there…

  26.  I think they could expand the home coming to the top 5…and include more  interactive fan participation…

    Changing the judges just for the sake of change is NOT the way to go…if they have someone creditable lined up that can give the contestants bonafide advice, o.k., but not just change for change sake…

    • At this point any change would be welcome but I either think they have to let these judges each mentor a group next year to restore their credibility or they have to get a whole new panel. They should have 4 instead of 3. 

      • Well they’re gonna have to do something creative. I’d rather be like the X Factor than to be off the air altogether wouldn’t you? A 30% drop is big. But it wasn’t really thirty percent. It was thirty percent in that age range. I don’t know the over all percentage.

    • like they did before…they let them see comments from fans via the net or hear one lucky caller…is it season 6? im not so sure.

      • make 5 judges LOL
        4 resident judge
        1 guest judge depends on the theme…

  27. I’d like to see a 4th guest judge every week, maybe a former Idol. I’d like to see more back stories on what the contestants go through the rest of the week. Shopping for clothes, choreography, cooking, eating etc. Make it more personal and human. And don’t drag out shows for two hours when not necessary.
    Ryan and Jimmy are fabulous. Of the 3 judges, J?o seems to give the best, most heartfelt comments but she seems to be reading from notes that she or someone else wrote. Randy and Steven talk off the cuff. I get a little sick of Randy’s dawg and yo. I also like the mentoring factor on the view. Again mre personal touch.

  28. Judges and voting seem to be the two biggest issues I’ve seen talked about.. And I whole-heartedly agree that nobody should be able to vote more than once per contestant. Vote *for* more than one, sure, but only once per person.

    Steven should stay as a judge. Jennifer Lopez could stay, she gives good criticism, but she can get annoying with her over-enthusiasm with some people. Randy needs to go. I don’t know who should replace him, but I don’t think Jimmy should. He is a great mentor for the contestants, and I think he should stay that way. He does good things for them, more than the other “Mentors” they get on the show most of the time.

    I also agree with shortening the show back to an hour like they have always done. It’s nice not to have to rush the judges, and would be nice to see a little more story on the contestants, but too much filler for the sake of having a longer show is no good.

    As for keeping themes more current.. I can definitely understand that. I’m not really a fan of mainstream pop, but I *am* a fan of seeing someone make their own original arrangement of such songs, and performing them well. I think it would be a great idea all around to have less (but not negate) older songs. Completely doing away with older themes would alienate plenty of viewers, and some of those songs a lot of people still know.

    • The only reason they stayed with the 2 hour format this season is because “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” got canceled. I would imagine that next year they will be back to the one hour format.

  29. This season could be the best ever if not because of the judges & voting system~ haisst. A lot of great talents this season, best batch for me~

    Judges: Just people who knows a lot about music and the industry itself, wouldn’t not mind to oppose co-judge/s if they disagree on something, and could give best criticism, honestly~

    Voting: 1 vote per gadget! HAHA. if they want massive votes, buy a lot of gadget! :))) Perhaps, fans wouldn’t want to buy a lot of copy of their idol’s album if they will win in the end~

    • No 1.  Limit the voting to 5 or 10 per device
      No 2.  Clean house with the judges [I vote for Jon Bon Jovi, Cher & Babyface]
      No 3.  Clear a bigger song list and ban any song that’s been done more than 3 times .
      No 4.  Raise the age back up to 20 – 30

      • Agree with 1-3, I don’t know if I would agree on no.4? 
        I would not know JS, Skylar and Hollie for that matter~ 🙂

      • Not really, they just would have waited a few years and grown better before they auditioned.

  30. Sorry, Randy, love you dawg, but as a judge you are not the most judgey.  Love the idea of David Foster as mentioned below.

  31. First of All …the drop in ratings has nothing to do with Jennifer, Steven, or Randy. I think they have proved to be 3 great resousces with their talents, valued opinions, and words of WISDOM. The ratings have dropped because of what takes place once the people start voting! You get little girls who call repeatedly to vote for ”the cute kid ” or that ”hot girl” and it clearly NEVER has to do with the talent, the actual VOICE.  If people dont like country music [ for ex: ] they wont vote that way…and it is not fair. It should be one vote per phone number. Then, it failed because of peole like Jimmy, who has changed the minds of performers on their CHOICE of songs on many shows, when in fact, he was wrong. Lastly, the guest judges?? P Diddy?? Really?? A man who insulted a fellow entertainer on stage, live, AND raps mind you, hes not no Luther Vandross! But … HE was a judge?? Ok, Just put me up there then! Disgraceful, Im sick of hearing little kids giggling calling and voting over their ” real cute guy” …. or OMG that was my favorite song, in the meantime, they only know songs from 2000 on! All unfair ….thats MY opinion

  32. Omg. Last season noooooo problem with ratings. I think the judges have to clean the wax out of their ears where it comes to their FAVORITES..
    I believe the let a lot of true talent walk away. Last season the contestance got to pick what they wanted to sing.
    Omg think about the Stars last season. SCOTTY,Lauren Alaina,Haylie,James Durbin ,Casey ,,,Jacob. Amazing show. This season just not right judges doing what they did. They didn’t do this last season. Look at the talent. That came out of it …

    • Actually, the versatility of a singer is shown when they let them sing different venues.  If the contestant is left to chose her own songs, it will not be as exciting and diversed because they will always try to be on their comfort zone.   You want somebody to stand out not with her own songs (not songs that she has been singing for so many years).  There is no improvement is that is the case.

    • Van Halen and Dolly!?!?!?!? No way!!!!!! they are all like 50-60 years old or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TOO OLD!

  33. One thing is that IF they do change judges I hope they do not hire the same kind as the X Factor did.  Sign people who have some expertise in the field and KNOWS what they are talking about.  Howard Stern for a judge on America’s Got Talent?  What a joke!  Would he know talent if it jumped up and hit him the face? I doubt it.  I like Randy Jackson, he seems to be the only one who will tell the truth even if it is only occassionally.

  34. Oh by the way. The age of the judges isn’t the problemm age brings experience. Not the judges we vote for.
    Think about all of us over fifty fans. We are important too aren’t we or are we going to have to stop watching. Because the theme is way to young and head banging rap crap. Come on. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Do what you did before this season screwed it up.

  35. I agree…They need to change the line-up of the judges…The reason why Voice is getting popular is because they have judges who are younger and more relevant. Of the present judges, you have one who can barely sing (and I find it amusing that she cannot even sing live on the show),and  one who is in dire need of a dictionary so he can make better comments ( yo, yo, crazy and amazing seem to be used a lot). Steven Tyler is way older but at least he is not biased.

  36.    Steven Tyler is the best judge on the show.Do not let him go. He offers the contestants the most realistic and sincere reviews while remaining supportive of their good efforts. JLo, I’m sorry, is too wordy and not honest. If I were a contestant I would not look for help from JLo or the other judge “YO” who is ridiculous. 
       Tyler is ageless.  Hi is the BEST.

  37. One of the biggest issues Idol could resolve is to show everyone the actual vote count.  It has been rumored for many seasons that the reason we never see those numbers is due to manipulation by AI itself.  Makes one really wonder if the true top vote getters were/are actually the true winners.  Always smelled something fishy about this show.  Anyway, lets hope they revamp the whole thing and oh yeah, please please get rid of JHO as a judge, probably Randy too, they’re both so biased it stinks.  And please stop having the contestants sing those stupid crying eyes breakup songs.  My gosh, with all the good music out there, is that the best they can do.  I hope to think not.  American Idol, the new downer…………

  38. Get rid of Jimmy and the judges, get rid of the save (respect the way America votes), do not let the new judges perform, promote their tours, songs, videos, etc.,  and bring Simon back.  There, I have fixed the problem.  🙂

    • Keep the save–you know if your favorite next year and he is worth to save, i bet you…you would be crying wolfe.  

      • Not a chance!  My favorites have been voted off (before the save).  America votes, majority rules, such is life.   

      • @ sandi…your other faves are not worthy of being saved….as simple as that. I bet if philipp was the one on the chopping block on that day instead of Jessica, he would have been saved too. And im sure u guys will not b complaining about the save.

      • @Idol fan0426:  I am not a P2 fan, I was a Hollie fan.  Do I think she was good enough to win, NO and neither did America.  But I enjoyed her singing and would/will purchase her music and go see her in concert.   I am not in favor of the save…..never have been, never will be!!!!!

  39. Give the american people the truth. Keep it real without all the sugar-coated critisisim. I say, Let P. DiDDY be the judge. He’s Honest. Straight Forward. He could be the black Simon Cowel with a ghetto flare at insults. I say, Have him replace steven “Aloof” Tyler. keep randy and j.lo. Itd be interesting with didddy and j.lo 2gether. Itd be a love hate relationship like what happend with simon and paula. Itd definitely be intertesting them disagreeing. whose with me?

  40. I want them to keep Randy, he has been there from the start, Steven isn’t bad, but JLo should leave, if shes having doubts about coming, let her not come! Get someone young and really famous to join! 

  41. 1. Change the voting.
    2. Keep Steven T. Get rid of J.Lo
    3. Get someone like Bob Jovi and Cher
    4. Throw out the “Save”.

  42. Kristin Chenoweth, I can see her giving critique and be funny at the same time. She’s from theatre and really knows about singing.

  43. Jason Derulo
    Bruno Mars
    Miley Cyrus
    Justin Bieber
    Kelly Clarkson
    Lee dewyze
    Kris Allen
    Chris Daughtry
    David Cook
    Jordin Sparks
    Kellie Pickler
    Crystal Bowersox
    Either one of these is better than jackson or tyler or lopez

    • Miley, Justin, Kris, Jordin??????????? Are they that “music expert” to be chosen as the judge??? I dont thik so..

    • What about Melinda Doolittle? She has already done some critiquing. My only concern would be that she might be too nice, but she definitely has the ability to do a good job analyzing performances and be fair about it.

  44. Please get rid of all the judges, Ive watched Idol since day one and this year has sickened me strictly because of the judges. Some times I wonder if all thier comments are pre-scripted.

    • Kinda sounds that way, doesn’t it.   Sometimes I wonder if the winner was not chosen from the beginning.  Would be interesting to see each contestants vote count….hmmm, is that possible???

      • haven’t you notice, when the a judge comment (JLo) usually looked down and see her monitors…wats dat?

    • I would not watch a show with Fantasia on it.  That Butterfly McQueen voice would drive me to distraction.  I’d rather they got Melinda Doolittle, Anastasia Brown or Alicia Keyes.

    • kelly would be great, since she was the first and the most successful

  45. Judges need to stay. I think everything is working fine, they just need to not make some Wednesday night shows next season last 2 hours & instead just make it one hour. Filler makes people bored & change the channel. Change in voting would be almost pointless due to the fact that it would be America who buys the winners future albums to come, not the judges. However it could be tweaked a bit to finally end the, probably now, 5 season streak of guy winners. The only successful one so far has been Scotty McCreery. 🙂

  46. I would definitely not change the panel, they have just developed a good working relationship and it works well. I would change the music that the contestants are being asked to sing, some of the categories do not work for any of them and thus I feel unfair when it comes to their presentations. Alot of the singers are very similiar to each other especially alot of the girls, there is a large variety, country, jazz, blues, rock, opera, musicals. Lets explore.

  47. 1. Convert judges role to mentors, keep 3 revolving positions
    -Use same process in initial contestant selection and up to final 12
    -New judges, get music biz people/artists currently active and well know today
    -One position always an AI alumni that at least finished in final 5
    -Have them for 2 weeks or so at a time, no permanent mentors
    -Mentors give constructive feedback after voting is over giving a score based on a 10 point scoring system, before results are announced, and give real constructive coaching to contestants, no praising crap like this year; real mentoring and let mentors drive the choices of songs. They have no influence on voting at all.

    2. Change theme shows to broader topics, limiting songs to current songs, and require contestants to use multiple genres in their song choices.
    -Songs less than 10 years old (Oldies/Anything the only exceptions)
    -Contestants allowed to choose whatever genre they want, but can only use the same genre no more than 3 times. Genres include:  Alternative, Blues/Jazz, Country, Christian/Gospel, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Oldies/Anything
    Show Themes: Love/Relationship, Movies, Places/Nature, Ballads, Fun/Happy, Sad/Dark,  Bar Songs, Dancing, etc…broader themes.

    3. Change eligible age range for contestants to 18-28. Goal is to select the most marketable person likely to sell the most albums based on the complete package they offer with considerations for: voice quality, originality, personality, stage performance, and related musical talents (instruments, etc).

    4. Change Voting to by phone numbers only. No text or online voting (to easy to cheat with those methods). Each contestant has two numbers to call, one number ending in even number, to keep contestant, one number ending in odd number to send contestant home. Each phone only gets 2 calls…no more. For each contestant a final score is determined by adding the number of even calls and subtracting the odd calls. The lowest final score goes home. Final numbers for each contestant are announced on the show and the detail of odd and even number counts details are provided on the AI website. FULL transparency of the voting results after the results show. This way you get to vote once for who you think is best and you get to vote once for who you think is worse.

    • James — you really need to give the subject a little thought before you publish an off-the-wall random post like this one — Just kidding. If Nigel ever asks me to recommend an associate producers, I’m going to need to know your last name and phone number.

      • Jimmie Iovine and “Little Steven” Van Zandt every week. One week Iovine is a judge and Van Zandt is in-house mentor. Next week Van Zandt is a judge and Iovine is the mentor. Former Idol Top 5 each week as judge. 

      •  Lol…I am an idea person, have 20 patents, drink lots and lots of caffine and I type around 80 words a minute

    • I like all those ideas but there are a few problems. If a person knows they are going to be coming on the show to judge in a couple of weeks don’t you think they will do their homework and follow the show from the start? Surely during that process they will develop a favorite and try to push that person during their stint on the show.

      Issue #2 is the songs. I think they should all sing the same song. They can change it up or sing any part of the song they want. The only way to truly judge one against another is if they are doing the same song. Whoever does the best with the song each week will be your winner. If you got one person doing country and then someone doing R & B and the next doing heavy metal then how are you gonna judge who is the best. They might all be very good at their genre and then it falls back on popularity once more. The only true way to compare is to have them all do the same song. If it’s a contest to find the best singer then that person should be able to pull off any song. 

      It’s all about ability to hit notes, have the right tone and pitch and timing. Subtle nuances, falsetto, growls and screams can add decoration and that is where the best will stand out. That’s what makes a good singer, the ability to do all of that no matter the song.

      • it would be boring if the contestants will sing one song per week…there should be variations.

        having a theme per week is good…its all about song selection.

        i think that type of one song should be in the finale… 

    • I have said this before but–I think the number identification, “Thanks for  voting for contestant 1”, (example) should be identified. It should say “Thanks for voting for Kelly,” (example). This way we know we have voted for the contestant of our choice and that the numbers did not get mixed up or some other mistake happened. If “The Voice” can do this, Idol should not have a problem with it. I do like the part about PHONE NUMBERS ONLY. That would eliminate some of the multi-voting. The rest of the system of even and odd numbers, adding and subtracting, etc., is a little too complicated and opens up other possibilities of errors or excuses for errors. By the way, Idol did at one time identify the person whose number you called, but only in the finals.

  48. I think Randy needs to take Jennifer and leave. They need someone who has been there and done that to coach the acts. I like Steven he doesn’t sell him self out when asked for an opinion, he gives it. Take an act from previous seasons who has seen it and done it and maybe a Taylor Swift type person.

  49. Get over it people! Simon and Paula are NEVER going to come back to Idol. And don’t waste your breath with new suggestions because your opinion doesn’t have any power with Fox execs!  I don’t care for a lot of the current music styles either, but the show is losing young viewers because they make the contestants sing such OLD songs. Their CD sales would probably be better too if they allowed more current music. Also stop REPEATING the same songs year after year. If downloading/buying songs counts as a vote, then throw some variety in. This season not only did most of may faves sing songs I had at least one version of (sometimes 3, but I draw the line after that) but they even cross over and were doing the same choices on the Voice and Idol.  If none of these ideas work, then maybe they should just add some chairs that swivel around……..when someone is really awful, they can just go stand on a circle and be beamed away to another planet……..

      • I think Steven Van Zandt needs to reprise his role from the Sopranos and break Randy Jackson’s legs the next time Randy refers to a girl as “Dude”, talks about pitchy-ness, tells America that Joshua is “in-it-to-win-it” or has “gotta have it”, or just on general principles. 

    • They already lost the Itunes dollars to “The Voice”. Did you notice that Ryan now says, “You can download them online.” instead of on Itunes? NBC is getting the Itunes dollars because on “The Voice” they actually say the name of the entity. No free advertising on American Idol…LOL 

      That means that they know there is a problem and they will pay attention to complaints and fix it. 

  50. fans should still rule and still select the winner obcourse. i think they should remove the power save of the judges of which deprives the essence of voting what they like. idol is unbeatable thats why others immitate them…

    • idol save is unique…no other show has that.
      fans/the audience/america should still have the power but should be limited

      • “So You Think You Can Dance” has that, only they use it each week for the bottom 3. The bottom 3 then “dance for their lives,” and one is eliminated. They have used that format successfully for as long as I have watched the show which was almost from the beginning. Who is one of the people in charge–Nigel (dizzy feet).  This works because it is consistent. It does not work for Idol because it is a one-time save, and most people don’t agree when to use it. It does help curb the multi-voting power of the public.

  51. We need two American Idol spin-offs — “White Guys with Guitars” for the Phillips’ and Scotties’ fans to drool over, and “Alien and Ethnic Idols” for contestants like Heejun, Kellie Pickler, Joshua, and Jessica who mumble words that faintly resemble English.

      • Joe — have you not been looking at the wardrobes sported by “Booty-licious” Jennifer Lopez or by the idiots choosing extremely mature outfits and moves for a 16-year-old girl?

      • Hey MR. RACEY . Just for you to know that all of us here in this great country  of America started from being an immigrant except the American Indians. You may ask your olds where they originated from….

      • @e1f36846dda7d52e991365da20273ef9:disqus , That’s American Idol regardless of Race and ethnicity. It’s American Idol since everyone participating are American by citizenship.
        @facebook-1210451751:disqus . Okay there Wardrobe guy. Have you forgotten that all you are bragging about indirectly is race? There is nothing wrong with that 16 year old’s outfits which happen to be Jessica. And what if Jessica is Asian, Joshua is African-American or Philip is Amish? Please….. Go back to your room and start your own culture. .^_^ Have a great day!

  52. They’re gonna do some circus shows…LOL 

    Well, at least they’re learning. Viewers aren’t always gonna settle on things which are inconsistent, boring, off the hook, and scripted. 

    • Randy’s already dressed for the circus acts. They need to have Steven Tyler sing the national anthem before the show starts every week.

      • LOL… I thoughRandy’s been dressing up every week without the acts. Hopefully, he’ll be doin’ some. 

        Oh. At least, Tyler’s gonna have one respected song for the country. 🙂 He should do it with justice or else, he’ll be a steak. 

  53. If they want to attract younger viewers, they need to get rid of J-Lo and Randy.  Steven Tyler needs to use his humor instead of saying everything is “beautiful.” 

      • I think he’s disgusted with the whole process and seeing all the unfair treatment some are getting. He outed Skylar for the vocal enhancements and sometimes you can read a lot in the subtext of what he says. He resented the “British Invasion” in the 60’s and 70’s because the British artists made it so much harder for American talent to break into the music industry and therefore he was biased against Hollie. Do you want me to go on or are those enough reasons that he has become cynical in his role on the show this year?   

  54. Get rid of Jennifer, have a guest judge weekly, Avriel , Rianna , would be awesome…all ages, but keep the youth trend…change the music for the contestants to be more their age with weekly count down 60s/ 70s / 80s/ 90s…etc

    • If that was only possible.  Unfortunately human nature steps in…therefore bias.

      • IDK Sandi, Some people are capable of professionalism. Just not these three judges. I think Steven could have possibly been ok but he is now tainted by the producers and the other judges. Time for all three to be replaced at once. You can’t leave anyone behind to taint any newcomers. 

      • im still hoping that its possible though…. i like the judges except maybe for one.

      • The judges are just paraphrasing what Nigel tells them to say.  They are bought and paid for like a politician.

  55. I do really like all the judges and Ryan Seacrest. I would hate to see any of them go altho they aren’t very controversial about their comments. Most all the comments are always good and sweet. We had a lot of great talent this year, but not really any stand-outs as far as uniqueness. I don’t know what to think. I don’t like X Factor at all. I think it just comes down to talent.

  56. To: Jordinsparks465, Gunsmoke1 and Xwcarson, I don’t know who you three are but trying to create an artificial balance in the comments to keep the judges and to get rid of them won’t work. Your comments are a little too neat and concise to seem like they are from legitimate random blog posters. Is someone paying you or putting you up to going on various blogs to try and save somebody’s job? When you say that the judges have developed a good working relationship it sort of gives it away. How do you know they have a good working relationship? Do you work with them? Are you privy to the behind the scenes goings on of American Idol? Just asking. All three of those posts just seem out of place amongst all of the other posts here.

    • Hi Taymaro,

      Funny I thought I was the only only one smelling rats around the blogs , LOL

      I am glad you noticed it too.

      A lot of valid comments tonight, I  hope the producers are reading this
      comments and will act on them, unless of course they want to kill the show altogether.  I doubt it. 

      I am impressed with the  number of suggestions and alternative plans for the fututre of Idol. Good job guys.

      Just saying……………………………………

    •   Burn the Judges….like you would witches…in effigie only of course

  57. I think the judges are way too predictable and keep repeating themselves over and over again.  Even Randy Jackson has been boring to watch.  I lost track of how many times they  have said “that is the best performance of all season” to all the performers.  I would love it if say Gene Simons, Cher, and Dolly Parton might be considered a position as a judge.  I think Randy would do better if he had a better variety of people to work with.  John Bonjovi is another good choice.  Even Kelly Pickler a former American Idol winner would be a refreshing treat.

    I think the judges should be allowed to have two saves one for the top 24 and one for the 12 or even top 5.  As for voting that is a tough one because I think a majority of the votes by America are people who vote 50 times or more for onme person so it would be nice if the system of voting only allows one vote at least from the number they are calling from.  There still might be people who will use different phones with different numbers to cast their votes but at the very least I think it will cut down on one person being able to vote multiple times every week.

    • Your guess about how many times one can vote is very conservative.  My niece uses 5 cell phones [her own, her 2 sibs’ and each of her parents’ ], the house landline and the internet to vote.  She racks up over 2 thousand votes in the 2+ hours that the lines are open.

      •  I do the same thing 5 cell phone 1 land line n internet and I have been doing this for years

  58. I agree with some comments, that the judges should be the past idol winners, like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks… Or just anyone that can judge or critcized FAIRLY 😉 With no favoritism of course 🙂

  59. One of the 3 Judges should be a music producer like Jimmy Iovine, Kristine Chenoweth and Justine Timberlake.

  60. i think JLO and Randy should stay since they give remarkable and helpful comments to contestants. I am not sure about Steven. I also think Kelly Clarkson would be a great addition in the panel. Being the first one to win, i think she already knew how is it to become an Idol winner, experience speaks 🙂 

    • ” i think JLO and Randy should stay since they give remarkable and helpful comments to contestants” Do you kiss everyone’s *ss?

    • It would be fair if the judges actually paid attention when the contestant is singing. So many times you see shots of the judges and they are texting or checking their phone messages or chatting amongst themselves while the singer is performing. 

      I realize that they sit in on at least one rehearsal session but the performance can change from rehearsal to the live show. They should at least have enough respect to look like they are interested. 

      The only explanation for it is that they already know what they are gonna say before the contestant even performs. Remember Paula-gate when she started commenting on the second song of the night before it was even performed?

      They just need all new judges. I always remember Simon nibbling at the end of his pen and watching intensely as the contestants were performing. He wasn’t preoccupied with anything else. Sometimes the whole performance can be a flop but within that performance you can see a fleeting glimpse of who that contestant could eventually become. Simon had a keen eye for spotting that and he kept his eyes open for it at all times. When you catch that glimpse then you can build every performance after that around that one little speck of star power that you saw. But if you are not paying attention you might miss it. It’s that insight that these judges and Jimmy are missing. They want someone to come to them already fully prepared to hit the street running. They don’t want to have to do any work to mold and shape someone with amazing potential into an artist. 

      That’s what gives the country contestants on AI such an advantage. The country music community takes the raw talent and develops it and that is why Kelly, Carrie, Kellie P., Lauren, and Scotty have done better than the other finalists in the competition. You can also look out for Skylar. She will be the next and will probably do even better things than Scotty or Lauren.

  61. I mean change the themes like be more current. allow them to sing songs from the current airwaves. Dont dwell with the 50’s, 60’s to 80’s theme. there theme could be with the legendaries such as Whitney, Michael Jackson, The Beetles, with the new Pop and Country Icons of today. I couldnt ask for more with the contestants these season, it’s the best batch ever. Ahm, change the judges panel.. I like the idea of putting Beyonce, maybe Eminem, Avril, Jojo and maybe David Foster. Leave Jimmy with the mentoring he’s doing a good job and put Randy with him so that he’s not in the judges panel anymore. to add spice, as this show is also a reality, show the events happenings at the backstage, the lives of the idols in the Idol’s Mansion, interview with the judges after the performance show. things such as that.

    • One of the problems with using new material is that other than country music, most songs today don’t require a good singer. Most of the top 40 is overproduced crap.  The better songwriters and real singers are gravitating toward Nashville because pop music is mostly engineering.  For every Adele, there are a number of Rihannas and Katy Perrys who can’t really sing.  As for Eminem, he can’t sing and I doubt his dour personality would attract viewers.

  62. Why do they not give the vote count for each contestant?  It seems that would put much of  ‘the show is fixed’ rumor to rest. 

    • Because it is fixed and if they give the count from the public vote they wont be able to justify it when a contestant gets unruly behind the scenes and they decide to let them go. 

      What I mean is this. A contestant is getting the most votes by a healthy margin. That contestant starts to get big headed or cocky and hard to manage. Maybe demanding things, or protesting certain aspects of their contract with AI, or even starts breaking the rules behind the scenes. (A good example would be Astro on “The X Factor” when he was told not to wear a certain brand of head phones and he did it anyway.) So now they want to get rid of that contestant and they wouldn’t be able to justify a sudden steep decline in the voting numbers for that contestant because the contestant might still act adorable and appealing to the viewing audience. That is why they keep it a secret and you never know who is getting the most votes. They can eliminate anyone they want to at any time just like Colton.

  63. okay…so this is the best thing to do.. to change almost everything from the judge… to song choices….. to the voting system.. not so on the sets cause i think they just change enough…..
    change the judges especially JLo cause she’s just using the show for her career to be saved and sick with all those pre-recorded stuff and the magazines and the son.. i her boyfriend….. just see x-factor simon’s gonna have britney and demi to bring young viewers….
    second their song choice i think its just to old… to karaoke….. no offense but that’s what i think
    and lastly their voting system because their voting system is basically fan base and not on talent people especially young people will just vote for the cute person without even the talent so pls….. do the change cuz the show’s getting worse..  

  64. I would get rid of the judges save after all the show is called American
    Idol not judges idol, than JLo has to go as a matter of fact all the
    judges need to be replaced keep Ryan he is the only god hing left on AI.
    Stop making America feel like the show is FIXED why should we call in
    and vote when we already know
    who you have picked to win. If you don’t
    change we will not watch next season and we have NEVER missed a season

  65. Nigel Tweeted: 

    Nigel Lythgoe ‏ @dizzyfeetThree songs from tomorrow’s #AmericanIdol. ‘Imagine’ – ‘Beggin’ – ‘I’ll Be There.’

    • Imagine ——-> P2
      Beggin   ——–> Josh
      I’ll be there—-> JessPossible scenario

      • imagine – jess
        ill be there – pp
        beggin – joshua
        nigel said no one has matched the singer to the song correctly..probably if this is the line up…lol!!

  66. For all Simon lovers, why not just switch to X-factor and forget AI, that’s what Simon wants you to do.

    • We need something to watch during The X Factor’s off season. Just spruce up AI a little and we’ll stop complaining.

  67. i think steven is ok.. i think JLo shud be replaced by someone with real talent and credibility

  68. AI is a popularity contest and will never remove the text/online voting ‘coz they make money out of this. It’s a mean business disguised in getting the best and talented singer of America.

    I suggest to give the judges’ say a 30% weight in choosing the winner and 70% from text result. The current judges are just backdrop to spice up the show. Make them 4 that includes a younger set (i.e Taylor Swift), a not-so-old one (i.e. JB Jovi), a music icon (i.e. David Foster) and a hardcore music critic (of Simon’s genre). Please get respectable artists who don’t engage in theatrics and gimmickry.

    Btw, who’s Demo Lovato? 2013 is season 12 (not 11).

  69. Something’s wrong with the write-up– “2013’s Season 11 of idol”?? hahaha

  70. AI’s uniqueness comes from the fact that their format is different,
    letting AMERICA choose their IDOL 100%.   Like Ive said before, there’s a
    flaw to that…

    Maybe they could change it into:

    AMERICA voting their favorites, having Bottom Three

    JUDGES vote who should be eliminated

    The Judges should be 4 atleast, if there’s a tie then AMERICA will decided between the two.

    Voting system: like the VOICE did, limit to 10 votes and combine with like ASIAN IDOL did, 2 votes per number atleast it would even out.

    Show the votes atleast by percentage, like they do in Big Brother.

    Make it more real!!! More back stage videos, pre-performance videos,
    mansion videos, judges audio comments while contestant performs LOL

    Ryan Seacrest should stay..

    Judges: 4 judges
    1.Award winning Singer/Performer/ Young (Female):  I agree with Taylor Swift (perfect!!!)…maybe Beyonce, Avril, and Kelly Clarkson (2nd choice)?  

    2.Award winning Singer/ Performer/ Young (Male) – Bruno Mars?   Neyo?
    3. Music Icon / Producer /  Talent Manager:   I agree with David Foster..bring back Kara Dioguardi…or put Jimmy Iovine instead.

    4. Music Critic: ????
    5. They should put guest judge per week depending on the theme…much cooler to have a different perspective who has the background for it.
    the more the merrier LOL

    • hope there’ll be a guest judge tonight.. like what they used to do. Just for a change hahaha..

    •  Hi Eros Emerald,

      Nothing wrong with “standing O’s” providing it is given to a performance that deserves it.  I’ve seen a few thru out the many seasons of Idol, I will repeat “a few” ! 

      Unlike this season every time somebody passes gas the 3 amigos stands up and gives a standing ovation.  Crazy glue them on their chair would be one solution or put a whoopee cushion instead so they will know each time they commit that terrible crime, heh heh.

  71. Suggested changes for Contestants:

    Get rid of the guitar, piano, ukelele, harmonica or what have you!

    Just straight singing for each contestant like it used to be. That way, the myth about WGWG always winning might fade away. And no one is put at a disadvantage. Let the background musicians be just that . . . discrete backgrounds to level the playing field with little or no emphasis on the saxophone lady, the guy with the wicked drums, the fiddler following the singer across the stage, etc.

    And then perhaps the pure singer/artist will emerge as winner in the end.

    • I totally disagree. It’s called American IDOL..not American singer. If you want just the voice..go watch The Voice.  I like when they play the guitar or whatever.

    •  Hi Allan U,

      Why not just tie em up hands and feet and stand them up close to the mic and let them sing 😀  LOL

      Just kidding…………………………………………

      • Actually, Ed, that’s not a bad idea at all, tying them up that is. lol!

        The gifted singers will breeze through this and the pretenders who always needed props and back-ups will fold . . .

  72. Randy “the LOUD” Jackson should be fired from the show. every season all he says/comments is just the same. nothing new? remove him A.S.A.P

  73. I think they should have a variety of ages for judges. The judges should be able to perform a variety of music so they truly appreciate all styles.  They should vary the music more so there is a wider variety of it, there are so many types of music that show a true talent. Most of the music this year was soul and rock.  While that is great, it does not show the talent of being able to perform a real wide variety of music.  America’s votes has become more of a who knows who contest than a judge of talent.  I am not sure how this could be corrected but something needs to take place to make it more fair.  The fans need to have input but the voting system needs to be changed.

  74. I would like to see them tell about how many votes each contestant has each week. This would give a better perspective of how much of a span there is in the votes.  This year they said over and over not to assume your favorite was safe.  There is a big difference between a 1000 vote spread and a 1 million vote spread between say last place and the next up.

  75. change the judges..all the themes must be fresh.. a guest judge every week.. 

  76. Here is what I would keep:In terms of personal … I would keep Ryan Seacreat (though I hear he is leaving) and Jimmy Ivoine. His review of each performance the following day is the one reason I tune into the results show. And Ryan is the best at what he does, by a mile. Jennifer, Randy and Steven as Judges are very replaceable.

    In terms of song selection … I know it is unpopular, but I occasionally like the themes that must be selected from one artist’s song catalogue. It is what makes the show the challenge it is. Shows like X-factor allow one to sing pretty much any song they want, all the time and it is boring because of it. And this year AI did let the performers perform any song they wanted, much more than the did in the past. So we are already seeing much newer songs being performed, compared to seasons in the past. So, no change is needed there.

    The Stage set … Keep it the way it is. X-factor uses way too much in the way of laser lights and stage dancers. All of which is a VERY UNNECCESARY detraction from the actual performance. And I think that is one reason I do not like that show.

    Here is the ONE THING I would change: Limit a certain number of votes per phone line in order to stop those irritating pre-teens girls who vote 1000 times a night, on who looks the cutest.

  77. I want to add one thing. When you have the biggest cash cow in television history, for 11 years running … you do not want to mess with success, too much.

  78.  i would love to see jimmy L  as a judge some one who been in the bussiness  ! bruce springsteen,    carrie underwood   

  79. Just some F Y I , I’m a 51 year male and have enjoyed the show for years. It seems in the last few years that  is is more about popularity then talent.  I don’t believe this year’s final 3 are the most talented of the group. Not sure how to change it but just a thought.

  80.  I agree that the judges need a change..Bon Jovi is an excellent choice..Perhaps Alisha Keys..I’m not familiar with David Foster but maybe?Another idea , how about Brooks or Dunn ; They seem to know a lot about music or Steve Nicks..Popular vote is a must but limit it to one vote please.I like the show and hope you kick X Factor’ ass.I don’t care for Britney or Demi and certainly not Simmon.It’s not a judges fashion show!!

  81. Beyonce, Marilyn Manson, Miranda Lambert and the teacher from Glee! Talk about dynamic!!!! BOOM!!

  82. Ryan Seacrest did a better job this year than the past couple of years. This year he stayed in the role of host and didn’t try to be the 4th judge. When he does that, he is annoying.
    Votes–This seems to be the biggest problem area. I do like the phone-only-votes suggestion to eliminate some of the over-voting. Regardless of how it’s done, for the show to survive, viewers have to have some feeling that the votes are counted in a legitimate and fair way.Judges–I like Steven. He comes up with some pretty funny comments. Once you take out all the yo’s, dude’s, check-it-out’s, in-it-to-win-it’s, and best-ever’s, Randy’s comments are limited. He doesn’t add much to the critique. Tonight he told the audience that he was allowed to have an opinion. The last time I knew, the judge’s opinion was very important, not something to be apologized for. JLo drools over the guys and is cool to the girls. I do think these judges can do a good job with the auditions and narrowing the group down to the contestants the public votes for. After that, maybe a new set of judges should determine the rest of the contest with less impartial comments and standing ovations.Songs–It’s getting to the time when making newer songs your own involves removing all the runs and just singing the song. Changing the melody is not making the song your own version. It is re-writing the song and should not count as a legitimate performance.What is American Idol? Someone needs to define to the public what we are supposed to be looking for in the American Idol. In the beginning, it was mostly about singing. Then it became about being different, and some people interpreted that to mean being odd. Then the part about being able to move on stage was mentioned. Then being able to put a lot of emotion into the song became really important. Also, playing instruments was added along the way. When a person is a really good singer, all the other stuff is not so important (although I do like the girl sax player who is not even a contestant).All I hope is that the producers and people who make decisions about this show read all the comments here. There are some very good suggestions.

  83. America’s votes are skewed toward demographic preferences as opposed to real talent. There needs to be better judging system. Each performance should be ranked. Some contestants are accidentally eliminated too early. Only eliminate when a cumulative score is too low. Or don’t eliminate all season and allow for scores to accumulate on a leader board.

  84. There can be a popular vote award AND a judges award. Also, how about a battle royal between all of the past winners and runner ups?

  85. Thank God for that,used to love her when she made the movie Salina but Iv gone off her totally this year after her obsession with Jessica.leave Steven but replace Randy and J-lo

  86. Yes we accept Jess does have an amazing voice but she aint gona ever win!! id have to shut my eyes then i may like her,no way an eastern looking woman is ever going to win no matter how good she is

  87. Well…AI producers seem to be in Simon Battle mode, so that
    means…since Simon got 2 Disney bimbos….AI producers will be looking for Disney Bimbos as well…who’s left…I don’t watch Disney?

    Lets assume all new judges:

    #1-A Jonas Brother perhaps

    #2-Miley Cyrus or Raven-Symoné

    #3-Leaving the heavy weight….. Will Smith, the only real musician/comedian and the Fresh Prince of AI.

    Guess what happens to the 16-25 age group ratings.

  88. We just need one more judge to the panel who is strict on judging, but yet actually knows what music appeals to the viewers

  89. Get rid of J Lo.  I like her but she loves everyone and is not objective enough.  The show needs another Simon Cowell type judge.  Make Jimmy Iovine a judge.  Change the voting – 60% from the judges, iTunes and YouTube download counts  and the other 40% from fan voting but keep it real by limiting each fan to only one vote instead of like what some do and vote 20, 30 or more times each.  Use YouTube or iTunes downloads as part of the voting.  After all, isn’t the contestants’ marketability in the music industry what is really being attempted to determine with this show?  If a lot of people pay to download a contestant’s song from iTunes, or for free from YouTube then its a good bet they will buy that contestant’s work when turn pro.


  91. One of Idols creative changes needs to be telling Ryan Seacrest On the night before the idol  Jessica ,or Phillip is picked not to be asking the judges who they think should win!!  That really made me mad!!!!  It mostly goes by the peoples votes. And I do not think it is right for the 3 judges to say who they think will win the night before the winner is picked!  Think it might INFLUENCE some of the kiddys that are there wating who they might vote for???  I know when Simon was on there none of that kind of trash went on!! I have been watching American Idol since the first year it started. But if they are going to let that kind of thing go on, there are many new singing shows going on. I can Leave Idol behind!I totally agree with what cr8zyOLgal below. You are right they need to change both the judges and the screwed up voting system.

  92. ok my 1st change would be the judges would love to see (Jimmy, Mariah Carey,Janet Jackson and Bruno Mars). 2nd people should only be allow to vote up 3 times only. 3rd stop letting judges suger coating its ok to go hard. 4th let the artist of night be up to date. And last but not lease, LOSE RANDY AND J-LO!!!! if yall can’t make any other changes just get rid of those sugar coating, best singer hoppers out of here

  93. ok yes change the judges and let make this show more interesting by adding contestants like rappers people who can sing and dance and maybe groups. let them put on a performance like we’re at a concert that would live up things a little bit. One more thing the voting need to change.

  94. If American Idol want’s young tweens that is just fine with me!  The TV is bogged down now with music shows!  And the fussier they get with all that drawn out JUNK! This person performs. That person performs. Dancing elephants next???? And that goes for the x/Factor too. We want to see the kids perform. Not a bunch of other hoopla!

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