American Idol 2012: What Should The Top 3 Sing?

American Idol 2012 Top 3 revealed

The American Idol 2012 Top 3 will sing songs picked by the judges, Jimmy Iovine and one song of their own choosing. So there’s no theme for us to analyze and make song suggestions, so just for the fun of it, I’ll pick a couple songs that I would like to hear the Top 3 sing.

I, of course, don’t expect these to be any of the actual choices. They’re just songs I’d like to hear them sing.

Phillip Phillips: 1. We Are Young by Fun. I think it’s important for Phillip to do a song that is current. I think this song with a Phillip spin on it could be pretty amazing.

2. Imagine by John Lennon. Phillip could really have a moment with this. Just him and his guitar. He does well with gentle songs with big meaning. And this song fits that perfectly.

Joshua Ledet: 1. Listen by Beyonce. I was thinking of this song for Jessica, but I thought she’d probably get too much criticism for doing another Beyonce song. So I thought, why not Joshua? This is a very powerful song and he could turn it into something even bigger.

2. Stand By Me by Ben E. King. I think Joshua does a great job channeling the early rock n roll sound, so this song would be perfect. It’s a well-known and timeless song, so it could fit right into the show.

Jessica Sanchez: 1. Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez. I think Jessica needs to do something really young this week or she could find herself leaving the final two spots to the two guys. I think this is kind of a weak song so she’d have to turn it up in the arrangement, but it’s young enough to work.

2. Midnight Train To Georgia by Gladys Knight and The Pips. I’ve basically just wanted someone to sing this all season. I don’t know why. I think Jessica could make it work. It might be a little old for her, but it’s really hard to figure out what she should be singing because her song choices have kind of been all over the place all season.




  1. I would love to hear Jessica sing Skyscraper.Just a piano and her beautiful voice. Either way, Jessica all the  way

    • Jessica Sanchez —->LISTEN by beyonce (lyrics is just perfect and at the same time show how powerful her voice)

      Phillip Phillips —–> SMOOTH by rob thomas (senerade more men/women and i think will work with his style)

      Joshua Ledet ——->  YOU”LL NEVER WALK ALONE by  frank sinatra (show the deeper side of his voice plus also show how powerful his voice)

      • cr8zyOLgal i think you should replace branden here coz ur way better than him! nice selection of songs for each contestant….be fair branden, choose songs that would showcase the talent of each contestant, not by ur favorite alone! again….LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVESONG?!?! hahahaha

      • I have been pushing Smooth for him for weeks – he would kill it!!  Are all songs available to AI for use??

      • Jessica could also sing Who Knew
        Phillip Phillips could also sing Imagine
        Joshua could also sing I did it my way by the said Frank Sinatra.  That would also show up his voice

    • Skyscrapper is a good song choice for Jessica and it will show her amazing talent.  I would like her sing also “This Is The Moment”  by Anthony Warlow and popularized by Erik Santos years back.  This song is very suitable for tomorrow’s competition.

      Goodluck Jessica, we will continue supporting you on your journey to stardom. 

      • That would be fantastic. I definitely want her to do a big ballad that sums up this whole journey for her. Maybe even Whitney’s One Moment in Time or Whitney and Mariah’s When you Believe. I am anxiously awaiting her performances. I wish them all THREE the best of luck but Jessica just won my heart. 

      • To Bobtomkat:

        If you have nothing good to say, just keep your mouth shut.  What the heck are you talking about?  Asking who Eric Santos is?  Don’t be dumb!  How could you say it’s a Baduy song choice if you don’t hear him singing.  Anyway, use your resources to answer your stupid question and not here in this blog.  We are here to support Jessica.

        “This is the Moment” is just a wishful thinking.

        Don’t be a disgrace to all Jessica fans here.


    • I agree with you, tati83! One Moment In Time and When You Believe are other BIG song choices for Jessica.  Can’t wait for her tomorrow’s perfomance and I am sure she will surprise us again.  I am really glad to see her performed When I Am Telling You.  That was a magnificent, outstanding and breathtaking performance of her.

      • It truly was a one of a kind performance and I am sure she has even more stand out performances awaiting for us tomorrow night!

      • Very good choice for Jessica  Jeri. specially One Moment in Time. I’d buy this record.

      • Yeah, try to listen to the studio version of “And I’m telling you” so much magnificent~ 🙂

      • Jerileo : Excuse me! You’re a disgrace, not me! You’re not only baduy! also bading! with bad song choices…..Wow! “This is the moment”  I’ve heard this song over and over again in Philippine singing competition… but you’ll never ever hear that song played on tv or even on a radio here in the US….You’re feeling very local…. in fact, that song is too old for jessica….we’re talking about American Idol….and not your back home local singing competition! Sobrang bading talaga yung song choice!!!!

      • Get over it! Ano, feeling regine velasquez ka? excuse me inday….American Idol itosh…badash talaga! Panahon pa ni Matitiman cruz yan song choice mo…. 

      • See, people on here are so familiar with the song “One moment in time” by Whitney Houston… “This is the moment”….wishful, wishful ka pa diyan…sounds so badash!!  Panahon pa ni majoma yan kantang yan, ikaw na lang kaya ang kumanta, wish ko lang, Badash!!!!!

      • Bakla…..wla s pinas c jessica sumasali bakit sarah geronimo? Kalokaaaaaa……ano b pinagsasabi nyo.

      • Natawa aku sa comment na to! hahaha. Sana yung version na lang ni Regine Velasquez na I don’t wanna miss a thing para at least foreign song pa din diba?!

      •  Kat, ur saying that they can’t sing song from pinoy’s? If this matter, why would filipino singers sing foreign songs then? She could watch it in youtube and then make her own version of it….

      • Besides, they already sung some British songs… and now they’re British Idols? This week they will sing a song of their own choosing – that mean’s they’re free to choose songs they want to sing….

      • A very bad idea! i am not going against OPM but this is not the right time and place to promote this internationally. lalo na maraming kanong gustong makarning ng english songs sung by american/british singers which are popular. Kahit gusto ko mang ipakanta sa kanya ang mga kanta ni regine/sarah o sinumang filipino diva, hindi pa ito maaapreciate ng voters dahil hindi sila familiar sa kanta. How can jessica gets the votes if the majority of the listeners do not know what she is singing?

    • Love on top – Jessica Sanchez
      Sorry seems to be the hardest word – Joshua Ledet
      Feeling good – Phillip Phillips

  2. I’d like for P2 to sing I Put A Spell On You  [preferably the CCR version].   And Sooth [Santana/Rob Thomas].  For Joshua,  Find 100 Ways [James Ingram],  and  Sign My Name [Terence Trent D’Arby].

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t like your picks for Jessica.Both of the songs are too safe.I wanna hear her sing Who You Are or Nobody’s Perfect by Jessie J, Respect by Aretha Franklin or How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Prince or I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

    • I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing is way too risque for her.  It’s about laying in bed next to your sleeping lover.  She’s 16!  And the show airs in family hour.  What are you thinking?

      • good point….I think Jessica should sing ” THIS IS THE MOMENT” from the broadway show Jhnkyl and Hyde….its a perfect song for this significant moment of the show. Check in youtube and listen to the lyrics. Its really really good!

      • To Templar…thought your counting Jessica out. You have not suggested anything so do not criticize what the others are suggesting for her. Go with P2 and Joshua and then zip it…

      • @9bdaed7410f53c3f91cec1e5a2e39fa3:disqus Don’t think, you’ll hurt yourself.  I don’t suggest songs for Jessica because she doesn’t interest me in any way.  That doesn’t mean I can’t speak up when unwholesome suggestions are made for family hour TV.

      • Allison Iraheta sang it when she was 17 years old and the judges didn’t point out that “laying thing” you’re pointing out and besides she can dedicate the song to his parents and loved ones instead of a LOVER.

      • Yea, you’re right….these people just love to listen to the melody without analyzing the lyrics….

  4. Jessica should sing Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield…..fingers crossed. HAHAHA 🙂

  5. So the second song u chose for Jessica isnt even famous at all. You really want Jessica to lose, eh? The song is really old for her. She wouldnt stand out even though she’ll nail it. Duh. Just because you want that song to be sung by someone you would give it to your least favorite ok, least favored. Great.

    • Branden has a history of NOT liking Jessica in the beginning up to now. I think he is biased.

    • You think Midnight Train to Georgia isn’t famous?!?!  I thought everybody knew that song.

    • I would love Jessica to sing Tony Braxton’s song, “Unchain my heart”…with all her heart! did i spell the name right? Sorry.

      • Sorry, i mean…”Unbreak My heart” ….Oh i would love Jessica to sing this one with all her passion!!!

  6. Branden, with the song selection you suggested for Jessica, it seems like you want her to be voted off. “Listen” will definitely give her another “moment”, never mind if its another Beyonce song. She will deliver it with “barvura performance”.


      • @soulshines…hahaha, we’ll see! if Simon was still in AI, P2 would have been gone a long time ago, im sure simon will say “u look like ur constipated when you sing…boring boring boring, just the same every week” hahahaha!!!!! he cant even sing a song straight as it is, he always has to arrnge it to fit into his vocal range/capacity…oh well we all have our own favorites, may the BEST singer wins…. 😀 hehehehe

      •  @94cf3e28cd7035e4a8cfc26974610415:disqus : If Simon was still in, he would say that he is getting bored with Jessica and Joshua and say that he wouldn’t ever buy heir records or vote for them.

    • I got the same idea. The suggestion was made on purpose. I would like to believe that Branden knew Jessica will make another rare moment if she takes “Listen” song that’s why he seemed  pretentiously would like Joshua to sing it because according to him, Jessica may be got criticism if she does another Beyonce thing hmmmmmmmmmm it’s kinda weird concern here……………Anyway, time for BIG SONGS Jessica and I do believe that judges are aware of that because that’s what they have been anticipating for from her. Peace Branden, just my opinion.

      • Or maybe he knows that singing a Dreamgirls song two weeks in a row is not smart either. You may not agree with Branden’s suggestions, but he clearly made them for a reason. In fact, he even told us his reasons.

  7. Jess please sing Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield or Right to be Wrong by Joss stone -from psychoked 🙂

  8. Midnight song to Georgia and love you like a love song for finale 3?  you gotta be kidding me!!

  9. Jessica can sing anything and can’t sing a song bad, in fact she can rap too. So, whether she sing an unfamiliar song she always give justice to it.

  10. Phillip – His rendition of Thriller; Plush or Cumbersome by Stone Temple Pilots; If you could only See her by Tonic.

    And your suggestion of Imagine would not work out, I don’t think. While obviously a great song, it doesn’t work on this show because it’s, well, boring. Especially if the other two do anything exciting. He needs to capture everyone’s attention and keep it, this song would lose it for him I think.

  11. Love you like a love song? hahahaha….would there be any moment when u sing that song? not for a competition, too low and just plain boring, Branden what are you thinking?!

  12. You’re obviously not a fan of Jessica. You want her to sing a Selena song, really? Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And you said that her song choices all season was all over the place? Dude. You’re a freak. 
    You’re suggested song choices sucked so hard. Get a life.

  13. Thank God you are not picking  Jessica’s songs !  I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE HER GONE ! BRANDEN ! Jess kicking butt on twitter and facebook ! I hope her votes go this way too !  TEXAS LOVES JESS !

  14. love on top for jessica…but it’s a beyonce song…. so there’s no chance….maybe  forget you by c. green… i don’t know but i heard jessica’s cover of this song and i liked it…..

  15. Worst Song choice predictions ever, Branden. Like you haven’t had the time to think about them. Especially for Jessica – 
    Midnight Train To Georgia by Gladys Knight and The Pips. Are you effin kidding me?! The heck.

    I want Jessica to sing any big songs from Mariah, Beyonce, Barbra or Celine Dion.

  16. You suggested those songs for Jessica? Keeps me laughing,….. Lols! I love u like a love song baby! I keep on repepepepepepepepeat!,….. Lols, Branden is such a Jerk!

  17. Can jessica sing Better Days by Dianne Reeves.? Or Get Here by Oleta Adams. 🙂

  18. love you like a love song?! you have got to be kidding branden, hahahaha! u even said that its a weak song….so even if jess arrange it to something different, it wouldnt do anything, its still a VERY WEAK song! its too low, BORING and just no WOW moment! good thing ur not the one picking the songs for them to sing hahaha…DISASTER! so what if Jess do another beyonce song? she did 2 whitney houston songs already remember?! was she criticized for it? NO…..

  19. I think Branden wants Jessica kick out the way he picks songs for Jessica. First he picked a younger song for her and turned around and picked something old that he says just a mediocre song and he wants Jessica to improve this song
    Don’t listen to Branden Jessica. You are doing GREAT wiith your own picks.
    I was listening to all of your music since you were 11 years old last night until 2 a.m.. I just typed : Jessica sanchez America got talent.

  20. Branden, are you kidding us? With just a step away from the finale and you’ll give jessica that kind of songs… Be FAIR! Manny Pacquiao will give you an uppercut if you let jessica sing those boring songs. Lol.

  21. I like your choice “Stand by Me” for Joshua. I was hoping one of them would sing it too. Let’s pray one of them would really sing it.

    • Final three are awsome singers, TOUGH Choice between Jessica and Joshua, my choice is JOSHUA, but would love to see them both win it,


    Como usted dijo: “tú
    eres medeo-Filipina, medeo Méjicana pero orgulloso Americana”. Estamos
    enraizamiento para usted. Usted realmente la primera Mexifilam ídolo. Viva
    America! Viva Mejico!

  23. Well heres my suggestions for jessica!
    “dont rain on my parade by barbra streisand” I believe – jennifer choice
    Jimmy choice is MAn Down by RIhanna..

  24. I Think Jessica should sing “THIS IS THE MOMENT” from the broadway show Jekyll and Hyde…The lyrics of this song sums up her aspiration to be the next AI….

  25. the song choices that you gave to jessica is not the good one for her,, its just playing safe… LISTEN must be appropriate for jessica to sing not for JOSHUA….but anyway JESSICA is a very smart girl who could pick a song that she thinks she could nail/make it… coz this week is really really a big blow for the three.. and they must do and show their best of the best… 

  26. Jessica Sanchez for the win she can sing any big songs from “Beyonce”-Sweet Dreams, Listen, Love On Top, “Celine Dion”-The Prayer, I surrender, Dance With My Father, “Whitney Houston”, I Will Always Love You, How Will I Know, “Jennifer Hudson”, Love You I do, And I am Telling You, “Tina Turner”-Proud Mary, “Rihanna”-California King Bed, Take A Bow, “Mariah Carey”-Through The Rain, Bye Bye. “Alicia Keys”-Fallin… No Doubt She will be the Next American Idol Winner 🙂

  27. Phillip: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” -Nirvana (I’d love to see him do something more rock-y.)
    “Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen.
    “Hurt” – Nine Inch Nails (More in the Johnny Cash style, though.)

    Joshua: “Take it to the Limit” – The Eagles
    “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – Elton John
    “Dream On” – Aerosmith

    Jessica: “Unfaithful” – Rihanna
    “Hurt” – Christina Aguilara
    “Sober” – Pink

    That’s what I’d like to see 🙂

    • Love the Leonard Cohen and nine inch nails (Cash version), but think those songs might be lost on many of the voters, especially at this late stage of the competition.

  28. Phillip could sing   No More Cloudy Days by the Eagles for all the ladies. He has that same something special about him like Elivs Presley did. Phillip is amazing. 

  29. Jessica please sing “I d rather go blind”

    Phillip : Wrapped around your finger by Sting

  30. Jessica Sanchez shoul sing YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE from the musical CAROUSEL it’s a winning piece

    • Agree, thats a perfect song for Jessica and she will nail it…….

    • I’ve seen the musical and movie of Carousel, the song You’ll Never Walk Alone really touch my heart , JS Should sang it in Acapella  on stanza and nail the chorus part with melody …walk on walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone…you’ll never walk alone…………. 

    • That’s too old fashion!! You hear that only sung in the Philippines to these days..hate it!

  31. Jessica – When You Believe, Listen, You’ll Never Walk Alone
    Joshua – Bridge Over Troubled Water, Dream On, Yesterday
    Phillip – Hallelujah, Hello, It Will Rain

  32. i’m really excited at the same time nervous for this week… i mean i have no idea who’ll make it to top 2… i just hope jessica will be one of them… keeping my fingers crossed… >.

  33. Whatever he sings, I am looking forward to Phillip’s performances tomorrow night.

    •  Me too.  I always liked him, and he definitely stepped his game up last week.  Hope he keeps that up.

  34. So don’t they find out their judge song and probably their Jimmy song at their homecoming?  Why don’t we know them yet.  Did they swear thousands to secrecy?

  35. I hope TPTB clear this for JS:

    1. Go The Distance (Michael Bolton)
    2. I Don’t Want To Miss  Thing (Aerosmith)
    3. This Is The Moment (Jekyll & Hyde)

    • I would love to hear Joshua singing the song by Bruno Mars –When I see your face….he could kill it …

    • Very local Pinoy tatse….aren’t you Regine Velasquez fan? hindi uso yang kantang mga choices mo para sa mga babae dito sa US …

  36. Jessica Sanchez ‏ @JSanchezAI11
    Drinking tea. Throat isnt feeling at its best. :/
    Jess is suffering from sore throat right now. Le’s pray for her.

  37. Branden…..I love your picks for Phillip.  Those two songs are right in his wheelhouse…….I hope somebody reads your picks….LOL….

  38. I won’t be able to watch the show at all and to show respect for everyone around me, I have to turn my iPhone off so I can’t check on this forum either. Boohoo! Then how am I gonna vote?

  39. Helloooooo….Did any one read the column…
    “I, of course, don’t expect these to be any of the actual choices. They’re just songs I’d like to hear them sing.”
    The people on this site amaze me.  I do not read anything in these two sentences that say he wants Jess, Josh or P2 voted off…  These guys create this great site and give their opinions and everyone knocks them….talk about being unfair.  I for one really appreciate this site…thanks guys!!!!!

    • Totally agree with you.   This site is awesome and Branden is a great writer.  This is a FUN site people, chill out and enjoy.

  40. Mathew and Braden,

    I heard on the radio this morning ( (Mathew, it was on Hot 99.5, I’m sure you know this station) saying that some of the judges might get axed, the AI producers blame them for losing money. While one applauds the shake up one has to wonder if firing them is enough. Changing the voting format might be one of them, bringing in more not only credible but also lively mentor is another.

    I guess for now we’ll see how the negotiation with JLo turns out

  41. The songs are probably not the best but the I get and I like the idea that Branden meant here~ 

    I agree to the fact that JS doesn’t need another “And I’m telling you” like performance to stand-out. We already know she can sing it, those kinda songs, so I guess “Listen” would be just like another “And I’m telling you” moment and that could make an impact but would not create excitement or surprise.

    From what I heard and read from sites, JS just needs to go out of her comfort zone~ It maybe the time she could make a bigger WOW moment different from what we know she can do best. C’mon, we already know she sing, and sing great~ I guess it’s time for her to reveal the other side of her far from ballad~ 🙂 

    3 songs for the top 3, probably a mixed of diff. genres would be best for each! 🙂

    • Yes Jessica excels at ballads. But the past few weeks besides ballads, she has been taking on rock song and classic blues by Etta James. How much more well rounded do you want a 16 year old girl to be? If you ask me, she is more well rounded than the other two, by a freaking mile.

  42. I think all three should sing the biggest songs they could ever pull of. This is it- their last chance to be in the finale… no more safe song this time…

  43. Funny I was just listening to the Stand By Me soundtrack this morning and thinking the title track would be perfect for Joshua. 

    I like Templar’s suggestion of Rob Thomas’s “Smooth” for Phillip. I can already imagine the way he might arrange it.  It could also be interesting for Phillip to attempt Rob Thomas’s version of “Sunshine of Your Love.”

    I wonder how Jessica would do singing Tracy Chapman. Her music has a lot of soul, and though Jessica’s tone is obviously much higher, I think she could make it work. “Fast Car” is a song with a lot of feeling, and it’s about two young people starting out together, so I don’t think the lyrics are inappropriate for her age. It’s a song that could give her the emotional connection to the audience that she needs. 

  44. Jessica – Real Love, When You Believe (this is her defining moment)
    Joshua – Let’s Get Loud, How Do You Heal A Broken Heart (he could bring much emotion to it)
    Phillip – I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing, Walk With You (with an acoustic guitar only)

  45. I thought this blog is objective and not subjective…obviously Branden doesn’t like Jessica…so what’s the point of giving suggestions of what the top 3 should sing if the author itself is BIAS on the other 2…so pathetic!

    • Leave, go away if you don’t like it, you’re the pathetic one for staying here if you think it is so biased.

      • Who do u think u are for instructing me to leave??? You are the one pathetic, looking for someone to date that’s why you are into this blog…respect begets respect!!!! I just voiced out my opinion about what branden wrote!!!

      • Humm, could we not say the same thing about James and his often written belief that the judges are so biased? But not to worry. I won’t call you pathetic for staying here because you believe that … Like you did Suh. As I belive EVERYONE has the right to express their viewpoint.

      • Suh,
        I can see why you are upset. But, was it 100% necessary to make fun of James for all his previous pathetic, lovelorn attempts to hook up with Sailor Moon on this website and bring that to everyone’s attention in a attempt to make him look like a lovesick dweeb? Heck ya it was … that was funny.

  46. phillip – Behind Blue Eyes
    Joshua – With or Without You
    Jessica – no clue

  47. Okay, my shot…what I would LIKE to see them try, not what I THINK they will try…

    Evergreen – Barbra Streisand
    We’ve Only Just Begun – Carpenters (I think this is more age appropriate for her)
    Your Song – Elton John

    What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin
    A House is Not a Home – Luther Vandros and others
    Superstar – Luther Vandros and others

    PP –
    A Song for You – Leon Russell
    Long Black Veil – Dave Matthews, Johnny Cash (he could kill this)
    Sunday Mornin’ Coming Down – Kris Krstofferson

    • I was with you right up until Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down.  The lyric is just too old and world weary for Phil.  Love Kris K. though so how about “Just The Other Side of Nowhere”  or “Bobbie McGee”?

  48. I would like joshua sing its impossible so he can solidify his vocal ability ,for philipp I want him to sing a song that will make him more competing with a real talent and to jessica midnight train to georgia is a good pick for her voice since she s been singing really high notes and nailed everyone of them

  49. I know I may be criticized for this suggestion because it was also covered by Dave Matthews (an amazing version, by the way), but I’d love to see Phillip do Willie Nelson’s “Gravedigger”

    • first of all, Dave wrote the song. 2nd of all, Willie Nelsons version is AWFUL. I couldnt even listen to the whole thing.

  50. Phillip- I would love him to put a spin on a Sugar Ray song or even Southern Cross by Crosby Steel Nash and Young or even Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd or even Cheap Trick.. He could also pull off a good version of Ragdoll or love in an elevator

    It is time with Joshua to pull out the Sam Cooke, Try a Little Tenderness, maybe some old Marvin Gaye or Smokey Robinson.  He could show restraint but deliver a powerful performance with  Tracks of My Tears, or Being with You.  

    Jessica needs to have a powerhouse song without singing Beyonce or Alicia.  She has already did Whitney but Maria Carey Vision of Love, Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. She will need an uptempo song but nothing is clicking in my brain for her

    My mind is spinning with options.  I think Phillip stays away from any Dave Matthews, Jessica stays away from Beyonce an Whitney, and Joshua drop the songs that require a full choir.. Let’s stand out this week.

    • I also had a few more thoughts.. Phillip (of course my favorite) Last Dance with Mary Jane or American Girl Tom Petty or being from Georgia maybe Collective Soul, he could also do Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and have a moment.

      Joshua has already sung Bruno Mars but would he not rock out It will Rain? Maybe upbeat with PYT Michael Jackson Off the Wall..

      Jessica could do some Aretha Franklin maybe chain of fools  still mind is spinning with songs

  51. Jessica needs to sing Guve Your Heart a Break by Demi Levato, Listen or Love on Top by beyonce and Blessed by Rachael Lampa or Don’t Cry Out Loud by Melissa Manchester

    I very much agree with Brandon’s choices for PP. I think a Rob Thomas song could work for him as well.

  52. I hope Phillip sings All Along the Watchtower. He closed his homecoming performance with the DMB version of the song. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it.
    Oh, and I can’t wait to read all of the comments saying how he spun the song to make it his own hahaa (well, if he sings it)

    • Too much of  Whitney and Beyonce so getting boring!! “Unchain my heart” by Tony Braxton so suit her voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bobtomkat, its not “Unchain My Heart” but ” UNBREAK MY HEART”. You must love this song so much that you have been replying/suggesting this for so many times for Jessica to sing. Request Granted. LOL.

      • yeah you really like this song until the unbreak has become unchain hehehe…but unbreak my heart is really a good song,  let’s just wait and see… i really want her to sing a song from the soundtrack of A Star is Born like “with one more look at you/watch closely now” or Evergreen

      • Why do i keep on saying, Unchain…. lol Sorry folks, it’s “Unbreak my heart” by Tony Braxton

      • To Doy8459: Thanks for the correction! Yes indeed! I love that song… it so suits jessica’s style and vocal….with her falsetto and vibrato…. and very nice melody and so emotional!! 

  53. With so much range and power to showcase her voice, Jess will sing a Selena Gomez song at this point of the competition? I can just hear her giggles and Jimmy’s reaction if she blurts this out in the rehearsal room.

  54. I would suggest Jessica to tackle songs  Through The Fire by Chaka Khan, Through the Rain by Mariah Carey and Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Her vocal prowess for these songs will surely get her winning on AI. Like this if you wish her with these songs

  55. I think josh should sing rainy night in Georgia!!! Sitting on the dock of the bay or mustang sally he can sing anything!! I only know of one other person who could sing anything they wanted too and that was Elvis Presley!!! The king!!!

    • This is not jessica’s genre….and she’s a little husky…therefore, she should sing whatever is in her heart!

  56. This week, I think Jessica should pick songs that will catch audience off guard but still give amazing justice to the songs such as “BEN” by Michael Jackson,  “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars, and “How to Love” by Li’l Wayne( although she only sang just a bit in a duet) . Jessica covered all of these songs in Youtube and she did great. Check it out on YTube. All 3 songs sang by a male, all are appropriate to her age, 1 classic, 1 pop, 1 hiphop/r&b, and that’s how she is.. an all around flava. I hope she take a rest from any growling diva songs or any Beyonce song for now till the finale where she hopefully have a duet with her idol B. Well…just my humble opinion, folks, Like if you agree 😉

  57. BIG SONGS FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ… not lame songs like what branden said..  i surrender is a good choice.. i wnat to see and hear how much change since she sang this in americas got talent when she was 4years old.. anybig songs for jess would be fine.. she needs to show off her vocal capabilty that she can smash joshua and kill phillip with her performances.. iwant her to win so badly.. or reach the top 2 with joshua.. i want pp out! really bad.. same as i want jess to win..

  58. I get what you’re saying about “Love You Like a Love Song,” but that song is terrible. Selena Gomez’s songs have no range. Jessica does need to do a young song, but that one will do her no favors.

    I really wish she would sing “Love On Top”!

      • Correct me if i’m wrong…”Love on Top”?  do analyze the lyrics?? or just listen to the melody??? 

      • Besides, i would not compare jessica with selena…excuse me! Jessica sings very challenging songs… 

  59. Jessica should sing “That’s why your beautiful” by beyonce to show that she can sing with power but also a smooth gentleness, “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars to show off her fun teen side, “Hello” by beyonce  or “Holding You Down” by Jasmine Sullivan because she needs to do something modern that will make her sound amazing 

  60. Im not against of for anyone, my perdiction is Jessica win and she will never become a big star. Sorry I know many will disagree but Pia and as good if not better voice and is not doing all that great.

    • Jessica is better than Pia and 1000 times more popular than her. She’ll have a great career.

      • No she won’t!!  History tells no lies…………Whatever………Go Phil all the way baby!!

    • Sad to say but here’ no uniqueness , dynamics  and soul on the voice of Pia and  she has a weak vibrato

    • In my viewpoint Pia was nice to look at … But not half the vocalist Jessica is. And Jessica has shown herself to being pretty much able to sing any type of music under tha sun. I have no idea if she will be a big star here in America. But, outside America, I think she will be the most popular Idol ever. And people outside of America buy music too, you know. 

  61. I want Jessica to sing One moment in time by Whitney. But I think it’s impossible.

  62. I wish Jessica would sing Mariah Careys’ Make It Happen or Can’t Take That Away From Me. It really suits her AI journey.
    Another song choice would be is Aerosmiths’ I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing which tributes to her fans who dont wanna miss every single performance she will do on stage.
    Just my thoughts..

      • Its really funny how you all argue but sorry guys AI will never listen to you. Just keep your finger’s crossed that your choice will be picked by jimmy, judges or

  63. Branden, I think you hate JESSICA so much than you give her songs nobody would like her to sing. You must try to be a little less obvious about your hate to her. 

    •  It would have been better if Branden suggested a nursery rhyme for Jessica that way it would be more meaningful. If Jessica sings another Beyonce, Whitney H, or Jennifer H songs, it doesn’t really matter as long as she can give justice to it like she always does and there’s tremendous appreciation.

  64. Idol Moment 101:  
    Joshua – Luther Vandross’ Impossible Dream
    Phil2 – Rob Thomas/Santana’s Smooth
    Jsan – Disney’s When You Wish Upon A Star

  65.  one barry manilow or a frank sinatra song can fit jessica’s voice to prove that she’s really someone to beat all over. Even now or memory or you’ll never walk alone can be given good justice and arrangement of  jessica’s voice. Nonetheless, any song is sung by her superbly….’hope she enters the final two.

  66. I wantrt Jessica to sing a powerful song. but not Listen. It  seems so predictable…

  67. I think Jessica should be the one to sing Listen, and please, I love you like a love song will take her to the bottom it’s so now and not that very powerful of a song. 

  68. wikipedia’s song prediction are way better than this. 🙂

    my choice:

    Philip : life is a highway : careless whisper 
    Josh : imagine : jar of hearts (i hope he will sing it again)
    Jessica : skyscraper : you’ll never walk alone

  69. Jessica should sing “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” or “All by Myself by Celine Dion. Such  powerful songs! Woohooo!!! 🙂

    • Phillip should sing “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz or “Goodbye my Lover” by James Blunt…

      Joshua should sing “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly or “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boyz II Men

    • Hello! All by myself? Nop! Jessica has a think voice and a little husky…let her sing her heart out!! She chooses her songs

  70. I think the two song choices for Jessica aren’t enough to get her to the finale. I think, those 2 songs are weak, just my opinions with respect to the author. 🙂 Considering the top 3 will perform three songs. I hope she could sing 2 mellows and 1 upbeat because if she’s trying to do all 3 with blues/mellow songs, viewers would end up being bored and channel their interest on the other two contestants. I believe some “I am changing” by: Jennifer Hudson, “The Voice Within” by: Christina Aguilera and “Domino” by: Jessie J.

  71. Branden obviously hates Jessica. She won’t get a standing ovation from that song. The lyrics are just repeated, “Love you like a love song, baby I love you like a love song baby 1000000 times” 

    •  Hahaha. Got it Andrey. I relly don’t think those 2 songs are powerful enough to get Jessica to the finale.

      •  Do you also noticed that? This Branden (whoever he is) really hates Jessica. Giving a song that will not make her win American Idol 🙂 But it’s his opinion and we should respect that. But I hate him. Just kidding. 🙂

      • So mush of the Whitney and Beyonce…it’s getting so boring! “Unbreak my heart” by Tony Braxton for jessica!!

    • Newsbreak…………He’s not the only one!!    Not one person I’ve chatted with this season has any liking for her.   Time to exit AI Ms. JS.  BTW, this is coming from the 50+ club JFYI.  Yes we old rockers know what is good for the soul baby!!

  72. Jessica – There You’ll Be by Fatith Hill
    PP- Fix You by Coldplay
    Joshua- don’r know I guess whatever he suits him

    • Fix You by Coldplay!!! Wow, I havent even considered that for Phillip!  That would be awesome!

  73. Here’s my song selections to complement Branden’s:
    P2 – Happy Birthday to you
    Joshua – Star Spangled Banner
    Jessica – Emotions

  74. Jessica should sing a ballad. But a POWERFUL ballad. I think Jessica got it wrong when Steven said she should do ballads. I really see her doing One Moment In Time. That could absolutely push her to the finale.

  75. Very good choice ,  rock steady. I want her to sing Beyonce ,or Whitney as ballard song . Let not forget she kills love on top !

  76. i would love to hear Jessica sing I am Changing or Spotlight by Jennifer hudson. for PP, i think he will do good with the song across the universe. for Joshua, a song that would mess him up for him to be eliminated.. hahahaha

  77. Branden, it’s subtle but I detect some negativity in your comments towards Jessica in comparison to the  guys…you say she needs a”young” song but in the same breath you state that it’s weak…then you suggest an old song haha. For the two guys, it’s like you’re wishing well for them. I might be reading between your lines, well, I am. Just be objective okay.

  78. List of power ballads that suits Jessica:
        “Better Days” by Dianne Reeves
        “How Could an Angel Break My Heart” by Toni Braxton
        “Get Here” by Oleta Adams
        “Love Will Lead You Back” by Taylor Dayne
        “The Prayer” by Josh Groban
        “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

  79. I agree with Brandan’s comment that “Jessica song choices have been all over the place”. But, isn’t that another way of saying Jessica is a well rounded singer, who can sing any type of music she puts her mind to? I suspect Branden did not mean that statement to be a compliment … But, it kind of was.

    • Absolutely agree with you. Given that we understood what Branden was trying to unsuccessfully tarnish Jessica’s road to victory, with certainty it gives us all the more reason to work harder for this week’s results. Ignore what is to be ignored, appreciate what is to appreciated, and most of all, wish all the 3 idols the best.

  80. I think Jessica’s song choices, with due respect to the writer, are all about taking risks.  It only proves that she is indeed a versatile singer. I take Brendan’s assessment as a positive though.

    •  Excellent recommendations! Though she may be criticized again singing a too old song in “what kind of fool I am.” Another oldie that I would like to hear from Jessica would be “This is my Life” of Shirley Bassey but then again this is real old hehehe.

      • Besides, America hasn’t heard a female singer singing What kind of fool am i, only in the Phils’…..Yes, it’s too old… Jessica has totally different genre….not that screaming song please! that’s not jessica’s style! “Unbreak my heart” by Tony Braxton would be nice!

    • You’re a Regine Velasquez fan, aren’t you?  You can’t do screaming singing style here in the US…it won’t be likable!! only in the Philippines.  

  81.  Jessica Sanchez should sing one of these songs:

    1. I am Changing – Jennifer Hudson
    2. Voice Within – Christina Aguilera
    3. Better Days – Dianne Reeves
    4. Get Here – Oleta Adams
    5. If it’s Over – Mariah – try checkin’ this out, if she can do this flawlessly, I’m sure it’s another SO! :))
    6. Listen – Beyonce
    7. I Surrender – Celine Dion
    8.I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston.

      • Hahaha I can imagine Bobtomkat jumping around if Jess will sing Unbreak my heart..LOL

    • Enough with the Diva crap songs.  Our minds are overdosed with this genre of songs.  I hope so much that they all get songs that are totally out of their ballpark to really show us what they are capable of doing.  And I believe not one of them should have backup singers, just their voice and their’s alone!!   Again I say that Rock is here to stay as it has been for a very long time; did you get to check out Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tuesday night?  Now that’s real music.  Go Phil Phillips all the way buddy; you are the true American Idol for this season!!

  82. If Josh can do James Brown, better than James Brown, he can do anything! And sorry Jess fans, she in no way could have done that better than Josh. But, J&J for the finals!!!

    •  I’m a bit afraid of Joshua after the competition. Because if I would to choose of the three whose album and music I’ll download for me to have fun in my earphones, I would go for Jessica and Phillip. Because, seriously it wouldn’t be pleasant for me to her screams all over my earphones just to make me believe that he is a good singer. LOL. But, I like the way he performs. I;m just worried after AI.

  83. Listen for Jessica, not for Joshua! I think it’s very ambitious. haha. 

    And I Love You Like A Love Song?! Are you sure?! That song would make her booted out on Thursday.

    • Whay are you picking a male’s song?? Only in the Phils… never heard that female version here before…

  84. i would prefer jessica to sing love on top by beyonce as her choice….that song would definelty give the other two contestants a blow on their faces..!!!

    • But she can’t abbreviate the song because then the five key changes can not be squeezed in

  85. Just now from NIGEL LYTHGOE:

    Nigel Lythgoe ‏ @dizzyfeetThree songs from tomorrow’s #AmericanIdol. ‘Imagine’ – ‘Beggin’ – ‘I’ll Be There.’Collapse Reply  Retweeted  Favorite

    • Might be like this:

      Imagine ——-> P2
      Beggin   ——–> Josh
      I’ll be there—-> Jess

      • Thats what I’m hoping for! But thinking there may be a trick to his tweet too bc he said no1 answered correctly.. so maybe they are all 3 songs for one contestant, or something else random

      • hopefully all those 3 songs won’t be for 1 person…
        I guess I prefer how I suggested it just like you 🙂

  86. Nigel Lythgoe tweeted three of the songs for tomorrow are: ‘I’ll Be There’ ‘Imagine’ & ‘Beggin’

  87.  hmm choices? Phillip-Cool Change, Jessica-Unsung Hero by Tina Arena, Joshua-Bridges by Dianne Reeves 😀

  88. Imagine, Beggin & I’ll be there – Nigel’s tweet

    What I think?
    Imagine – Joshua
    Beggin – Phillip
    I’ll be there – Jessica

  89. hmm im guessing both beggin and ill be there are for joshua, imagine for phillip

    • First lines of the song “Sittin’ here wasted and wounded at this old piano, tryin’ hard to capture the moment, this mornin’ I don’t know.  Cause a bottle of vodka’s still lodged in my head and some blond gave me nightmares, I think that she’s still in my bed.”  You seriously want Phil to sing that?

  90. What about I’d give my life to you from Miss Saigon? Or I still believe? And also out here on my own?

  91. Additional songs for Jessica:
        “Through the Rain” – Mariah Carey
        “Sweet Love” – Anita Baker
        “Angel of Mine” – Monica

  92. My suggestions for Jessica:
    I believe I can fly – ver. of Yolanda Adams
    Halo – Beyonce
    Love on top – Beyonce
    Midnight train to Georgia – Gladys Knight
    Come on in out of the rain
    Raibdrops will fall
    Sonewhere over the rainbow – Patti Labelle
    Superstar – Carpenters

  93. hope P2 will do:
    -Smooth: many ppl has suggested and I find it it thrilled to see the phillipization of this song
    -Behind Blue Eyes: I want another Volcano moment. This is the best song for that
    -I think he may do another Genensis’ song for the third

  94. I want Jessica Sanchez to sing “Who You Are” by Jessie J. Such a powerful song and I know she can carry it well. Rooting for her all the way. 🙂

  95. I Wanna run to you – jessica,  Bell Bottom Blues – P2,  Neither one of us- Joshua

    • That will make the ghetto morons happy.  What about the other 90% of the viewers?

  96. Your song choices are obviously meant to sabotage jessica’s chances of winning.

  97. i don’t think song by selena chosen by jimmy for jessica would give justice to her powerful voice, no offense meant to jimmy, but you may destroy jess’ momentum to be on the finale.

    I agree to skycrapper  or i don’t wanna miss a thing would give the judges shock and awe and gain tons of votes for her

  98. guys….imagin. beggin’ and i’ll be there are just 3 songs that the top 3 will be going to sing tonight…..hmm wonder which is which…:)

  99. Joshua Ledet – Beggin’
    Jessica Sanchez – I’ll Be There
    Phillip Phillips – Imagine

    Why are they making Phillip sing that?

  100. It;s funny how people argue & fight here over “their song choices” ..People wake up!! You are LUCKY if your choice will also be the song choice of Jimmy or the 3 judges..

  101. a song from the soundtrack of A Star is Born like “with one more look at you/watch closely now” or Evergreen for Jessica 

  102. Nigel (@dizzyfeet) tweeted:
    “Three songs from tomorrow’s #AmericanIdol. ‘Imagine’ – ‘Beggin’ – ‘I’ll Be There.'”

    followed by another tweet:
    “Ha ha No-one has matched singer to the song correctly on all 3? ”

    If that’s so why they didn’t change it~ Oh my~
    your thoughts?

    • Jessica already covered Madcon’s Beggin on Youtube. It’s a rap song so maybe Jessica will be singing that one? As for Joshua, maybe his is the Mariah Carey one. Phillip will

      • REALLY!!!! OMG!!! It’s a dream come true for me if that happens!!!! I’ve been thinking if JS would try rappin’ on AI stage! She loves to rap and I have watch her other covers that she actually rap (but haven’t seen ‘beggin’ though) and it’s fantastic~ wooohhooo..!! I hope i hope~ thanks for sharin~ 🙂

      • On the youtube video, unfortunately it’s a guy who’s doing the rappin’. Look for the video on Youtube and see for yourself.:-).

        And of course, you can’t really imagine Joshua and P2 rapping.Lol. Beggin’ will definitely be Jessica’s.

      • Oh, I have watched it already, amazing voice but she’s not the one who rap there~ 🙁

      • Yeah agree!, I don’t see them rappin’ (p2 & josh),
        although I see P2 could be doing beggin and with his arrangement that suits her style~

      • Although–Phillip did do Lollipop playing with a bar band–its on you tube–I can honestly say that I can see any of the three doing that one–the only one I am pretty sure Phillip will not do is ‘I’ll Be There’ unless he puts a crazy new twist on it–I just don’t see the Jackson 5 being in his wheelhouse, but then again he did do ‘Thriller’–who knows–expect the unexpected tonight!

      • Mmcrell, Oh yah, I don’t see P2 doing “I’ll be there”~ that’s makes me laugh~ :))

        humuhumunukunukuapua’a , sorry for unwanted notifs~ :))

    • I totally agree. Besides, David Archuleta already sang the hell out of Imagine years back.

      • Yes, D.Archuleta sung that amazingly~ 🙂
        Anyone who would do that, better be ready for comparison or better change the arrangement completely/ distinctively~ 🙂

    •  I wouldn’t have anyone touch “Imagine” after David.  His arrangement was perfect too.  I will lose all respect for anyone who keeps some of the controversial lyrics in it on this show.  This is a family show, with all religions watching.  I hope whoever does it remembers that.

  103. I would like the hear Joshua have strep throat!! Sorry fans… I’m just tried of his screaming during every single song…. 

    • Actually I would like to hear that JS had a throat ailment that keeps her out of the competition.   The only one who makes any sense to me to win this season is Phil Phillips………..all the way!!

  104. Branden: Obviously, you have no love lost for Jessica. The way you talk about her chances, it’s as if it’s a done deal with the two boys squaring it off in the finals. Your song choices for her are bordering on the ridiculous meant to derail her momentum with a “weak” song from Selena Who? Apparently, you didn’t give much thought to the things you were blabbering about Jessica, at all. Thanks for nothing!

    • Branden: You’ll never make it as a legitimate critic with your biases. 

    • Eric Santos is a famous singer in the Philippines. He won the ‘Star in a Million’, a singing competition in the Philippines.,. His winning piece then was ‘This is the Moment’..

  105. jessica should sing when you believe in her blue dress with choir at the back and confetti at the end….. jimmy should pick through the fire. it will be an amazing performance from jessica

  106. I would love to see the judges pick songs for them all that are completely out of the genre they find comfort.  I think this would show us who is versatile and who is not. 

  107. I would like to hear Jessica Sanchez sing the song “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan or “Healing” by Denise William……

  108. great choice for joshua, stand by me, but as we know, he can sing pretty much anything from this soul era, or a teddy pendergrass (turn off the lights) or let it be, 

  109. I hope Jessica sings Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. This song tells the World that she’s not that young anymore 🙂

  110. I Think Joshua Ledet should sing A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men.. He would do an excellent job and sing it so beautifully…

  111. a song for mama will be an awesome song for josh to sing!!!!!!!!! geaux josh!!

  112. Here are songs that Jessica can really make a difference…

    “Better days” by Dianne Reeves
    “I’m every woman ” by Chaka Khan
    ” Dangerously in Love ” by Beyonce
    ” Through the rain” by Mariah
    ” Through the fire ” Chaka khan
    ” Halleluiah” by Alexandra Burke

  113. lets be fair to each contestant… we have to choose big songs for them…now its the top 3 and audience are expecting phenomenal performance to each contestant…. I would suggest the following songs: 
    1. Philipps – ” wildflower” or ” on the wings of love”
    2. joshua –   ” bridge over trouble water ” or ” i dont wanna miss a thing”
    3. jessica –  ” No More tears” or ” Dangerously in Love” 

  114. i prefer Jessica to sing ” Vision of Love”by Mariah …..she can blow off the roof…. please choose songs that will showcase their talents…. the harder songs the more effort contestant has to do… its worth winning…

  115. This has nothing to do with the song choices.  I would just like someone to clarify for me about the voting.  First off, does the Dial Idol count include text and online voting or just actual calls??  Also are votes from other countries counted, which would not be far, but I’m just curious.  Thanks for any help you send my way.    Good luck to you Phil!!……. Namaste’

  116. I would like to hear Phillip Phillips sing “Heroes” by David Bowie (or The Wallflowers)….Joshua Ledet “When We Stand Together” by Nickelback and Jessica Sanchez “Angels Would Fall” by Melissa Etheridge.

  117. My Song Selection for:

    Fighter(Christina Aguilera) – I think it could be a defining moment for her. The song is very powerful and the message is very relevant for her because we all know that she almost got eliminated but saved by the judges and still fighting.

    I don’t wanna miss a thing(aerosmith) – This song can be the nail in the coffin for joshua and phillip. I think she can really pull it off.

    Listen (Beyonce) – Another tiger to take on but I think she has mad potential to kill this song.

    What y’all think?

    • The Aerosmith choice is an inappropriate song for JSan.  Too mature and suggestive.  And don’t say Allison Iraheta sang it.   Compared to Jess, Allison was much more mature and “street” than Jessica.  No one believes it when Jessica sings songs that are too old for her.  What happened to her singing more age appropriate material?

    • dont really care for jessica her style music is to loud and scretchy for me im a phillip phillips fan all the way i would like to see phillip and josh as 2 final with phillip as the winner

  118. With so many amazing song..why ben?  Not for a competition…I think that was only her favorite song to sing when she’s bored!

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