American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performs Tonight

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez hometown

Tonight is the last American Idol 2012 performance show before the season 11 finale.

The Top 3 will be singing three songs each. One will be picked by the American Idol judges, another by mentor Jimmy Iovine and the third will be a song of their choosing.

We’ll only see a bit of the Top 3 homecoming as tonight as they usually save that for results show filler.

What songs would you like to hear the Top 3 sing tonight? I threw in my two cents yesterday with my weekly song suggestions. Feel free to join in on that discussion.

Be sure to check back later for Matt’s live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing. It’s now or never to get your favorite into the Top 2, so don’t forget to show up tonight and support your favorite on American Idol.

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  1. Yey! Goodluck JESSICA! Kill it! Nail it! We love you and you have our solid support! 🙂 cant wait to see you perform! Wooohoooo! Top 3!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! GOOO JESSICA!!!!

    • Hoping for 3 big songs tonight and hoping for her sore throat to have been healed. I am anticipating for her great performances tonight but at the same I feel worried. We are praying for your smooth and winning performances tonight! Good Luck……We love you!!!!

      • Nigel Lythgoe tweeted 3 song for tomorrow “I’ll be there”, “Beggin” & “Imagine”
        Might be like this: IMO
        JESS —-> I’ll be there
        BEGGIN   —–> Beggin
        P2——> Imagine

      • cr8zyOLgal: for me it will be
        Joshua —-> I’ll be therePP   —–> BegginJess—–> Imagine 

      • I really hope that Phillip is singing Beggin, Jessica is doing Imagine, and Joshua is doing I’ll Be There. I’ll be angry is Jessica get’s stuck with I’ll Be There because i don’t think that is as good as a song choice, as the other two are.

    • When I’m done with AI…I’ll start dating! Who do you think I have to date?

  2. at this point in the competition i’d love to hear them sing something completely out of their comfort zones, something that would show their ranges and talent.  something DIFFERENT

    • If I were in the contest I’d stay in my comfort zone. why risk being sent home. I’ve heard enough screaming.

    • It is strange, every other year since Idol has begun the judges has said ” get out of your comfort zone”, “make it your own”, have not heard that this year.  I remember Scotty constantly being told to get out of his comfort zone,  well that was kind of ridiculous, he is a country singer, he had no choice but to stay in that zone.  And we see how that worked out for him.  🙂 

      I have no fav and really do not care who wins, I wish them all the best.  The final five will all have successful careers.  I hope they all stay humble.

    • I guess you are not a P2 fan. He has no range to showcase. He better stay in his comfort zone.

  3. Hope they all do well–just hope my favorite does a little better–go Phillip!

    • Yeah saw her tweet msg a couple of hours ago! But i remember she was having throat problem too when she nailed “love you i do”. I just hope she’s feeling a little beter now becuase she’ll be doing 3 songs tonight! She had 2 homecoming concerts and i guess she must have strained and exhausted her voice too much! Tsk! Tsk!

      • I’m kinda nervous or worried of her for that……I hope she can showcase her vocal prowess tonight as smooth as the previous rounds.

      • People all over the internet have been warning her an Josh about all the over singing, growling, screaming etc. You can damage your vocal chords permanently by doing that. AI encouraging that is bad for the voice and you can’t keep it up year after year or you will develop nodules on the vocal chords that require surgery. 

        John Mayer had to have that surgery and it was unsuccessful the first time. When I saw him on Ellen he was getting ready to have it a second time. 

        Natural singing and paying attention to the notes and tones is a healthier way to sing rather than growling and screaming. If you are planning to make a career out of singing you have to take care of that instrument just like you would any other instrument. You can replace a guitar after abusing it and you can tune a piano after banging away on it. The vocal chords take a lot longer and are harder to repair. 

      • @Taymaro:disqus  Adele also had a singing-related surgery. I guess it’s inevitable for singers. Though it’s been said over and over again to sing from your diaphragm, the throat has also been working hard to make everything work for them and for our pleasure and enjoyment.

    • better pray she sings a ballad, then… because she messes everything else up!

  4. they are all great. Each with different personalities and styles. I just hope they could pull a great show tonight. I won’t mind whoever gets on top 2, they are all great and as of now, record producers outside AI is already waiting for them. I just hope tonight’s show won’t be a snooze and could manage to give us a somewhat ‘unpredictable’ song choices

  5. After elimination of Hollie and Skylar, my hope is only for Jessica. Girl FTW !!!

    • no i dnt like joshua to win no pls why his voice has similarity to other singer,

      • go pinoy! go Fillipina!!! No really Go…  Ever the since the judges saved jessica she sings one song well & screws up the other
        She good…. BUT JOshua is fabulous & sounds like no one else…
        Jessica is just a mariah/ Whitney clone… I didn’t buy their albums either!
         Joshua & Philip will have viable careers… If  Jessica wins she ‘ll fade into oblivion like the other idol winners!

      • @649092594d3eaef31f40ea906da334c1:disqus  Stop that Pinoy thing. It’s getting annoying already. She’s technically American. Take pride of what you’ve done and not of everyone else’s. I know that everyone in the Philippines has been happy and cheering (and doing everything) to make her win and claim her pride, but please, keep it to your community and not post it here that caters to international audience. Please.

  6. My Fav isn’t on the show anymore : (
    Got tickets to see skylar on tour : )
    You to Steven Tyler, Aerosmith concert ! !

  7. cant wait for them to see them singing,, a song for their lives.. make it break it….. go JESSICA go.. hope that song you choose is the right one for you to show your capability of a great and the best singer,, GO GOGO…. fighting  AJA//….. 

  8. Can’t wait to see the songs that Jimmy picks! The judges picks are usually kind of lame.  Go Phillip!

    • Go P2!

      By the way, if the judges’ picks are lame, then the best way to compensate for this is to pick a good (if not great) personal song choice. Hopefully, P2 picked a nice personal song choice.

      I’ll be waiting for the song list leak to come out in a few hours.

    •  Especially because someone always lectures them about song choice, when it was them (the judges) who picked the song.  Top 3 is always my favorite night.

  9. Dear Jessica..
    Please do not sing ” Listen ” by Beyonce….
    It will just bring back memories of Melanie Amaro of XFactor .. and Nigel isn’t gonna like that….
    Time to do more than Beyonce’…. We’ve seen your YT vids… all wonderful songs..

  10. Iovine’s gonna pick songs for them! Gonna tune in for that one later! 🙂 Go Jessica! Sing your heart out and captivate us again! .^_^

  11. Love on Top —–> Jessica Sanchez
    Sorry seems to be the hardest word —–> Joshua Ledet
    Feeling Good ——> Phillip Phillips

  12. goodluck jessica..i hope u choose the right song..please select a song that is for grand prix…big songs that will showcase ur wide range…Listen and One moment in time would be perfect…Goodluck!!!!

  13. Ok all Jessica fans let’s vote for her like we’re mad at our phones,are you in?

  14. Jessica. Pls sing one moment in time for whitney houston. Big song of all season!!! Im sure u can sing & nailed it. My opinion! Your gonna be the american idol 2012.

  15. Even though Jessica’s throat is sore, the show must go on (suddenly remembered Skylar).

  16. nigel already revealed 3 songs for tonight…. beggin’..imagine and i’ll be there…i wonder who will sing this songs….

  17. Hope Jessica Sanchez will sing the song “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan or “Healing” by Denise William….

    • Would love to hear her sing that. I think I suggested it earlier on in the season for someone. Don’t remember if it was her or Hollie. Pretty sure it was Jessica.

  18. #telljimmy

    Jimmy says: “PHILLIP’s really talented and charismatic. He knows what he wants to do when he comes in. He’s got to dig down deep and come up with a clever idea, song-wise. And he’s got to somehow beat what he’s going through physically…freshen up and start over again. He can do it because he’s a tough kid.” 

    Jimmy says: “JESSICA has always been the one to beat. She is probably the best technical singer, but she has to keep it fun, dramatic and light. Not funny, just fun. She has a gift that comes very rare for a 16-year-old, but she should cherish 16 for a while.” 

    Jimmy says: “Every week, JOSHUA gets better and better at performance and feeling the record, understanding it and interpreting it. He’s grown like a weed. It’s really hard to beat ‘To Love Somebody.’ What he did on that song was exceptional and he deserves all the kudos in the world because it’s hard to do. Joshua’s just got to hold on and not blow it.” 

    Source: Tvguide . com (May16)

  19. Just one more week and we’ll have our American Idol 🙁 Bittersweet!
    Good luck to all 3, hope Jessica killls it, and most imporatantly people, VOTE!!!!

  20. I’m for Jessica versus Joshua finale…. but why do i have a strange gut feeling that Phillip will win??? hmmm….. much like the feeling i had before the Scotty-Lauren finale last year with Scotty winning. Deja vu! I hope I’m wrong this time.

    • A lot of people are tired of the cute guy winning. Show America and the world you really know what TALENT is and vote for the best (which is NOT Phillips). Sorry! But it’s the truth.

      • When I say “you”, I’m not talking to you, Anne. I’m talking to the readers of this blog.

      • I agree with you @5b391f4c300dce19005d505db1684c8e:disqus .  Jessica and Joshua are by far the two best singers of this competition.  i really hope either one wins.  Im sorry P2 fans.

      • oops! sorry… please disregard my reply to my own comment. lol. Anyway,   @5b391f4c300dce19005d505db1684c8e:disqus , yup… I know. I got that. Thanks!  🙂 

      • If the winner of AI was voted on good looks, there’s someone in the top 3 who wouldn’t stand a chance.   Give up on the good look theory.

  21. Jessica was elinmated arleady
    joshua is pushed way too much
    and phil aint good enough to be in the top 3 so i dont care who wins.

  22. We are very proud of JESSICA SANCHEZ for making one of the top 3 in American Idol, win or loss you still the one FILIPINA AMERICAN IDOL in our heart. FIGHT,FLIGHT,FLIGHT, WIN,WIN,WIN…….

    • Oh No. Another proud Pilipino riding Jessica’s coattail. She is representing San Diego, Ca. USA on American Idol not the Philippines…Just be proud of her as a talented singer and wish her luck!

    • If Jessica wins, please suggest that she buy a comb. I’m not a hater. I’m just being distracted with all the hair going in all direction.

      And please take pride of your own doing. Jessica is technically American and labeling her otherwise would most likely hurt her chances in winning the top plum.

  23. The top 3 performers will give their best to make it to the final 2. I place my bet on Jessica to land on the final. She and Joshua is a toss-up. I am rooting for Jessica, and, I believe, she’s got the best chances of winning it all…the American Idol winner of 2012.


  24. I will watch, but no longer vote as votes mean nothing and it has already been decided to make Joshua the next AI. This will hurt his career, while I don’t like him, I don’t wish him any harm…well at least he gets some cash out of it.
    I hope P2 gets signed quick and gets a cd out before anyone else, he will do great and the same for Jess!!

  25. Got this sneak pick of the songs

    Imagine~john lennon
    my all~mariah carey
    no more drama- mary j blige
    we’ve got tonight~ bob seger
    i dont wanna miss a thing~ aerosmith
    i’ll be there~ jackson 5
    disease~ match box
    i’d rather go blind- etta james

  26. SONG LIST POSTED by @Idol_Insider:disqus :

    -“Imagine”: John Lennon
    -“My All”: Mariah Carey
    -“No More Drama”: Mary J. Blige
    -“We’ve Got Tonight”: Bob Seger
    -“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”: Aerosmith
    -“Beggin”: Madcon
    -“I’ll Be There”: Jackson 5
    -“Disease”: Matchbox 20
    -“Id Rather Go Blind”: Etta James

    • i hope jessica will sing My All, I Dont want to miss a thing and Id rather go blind. fingers crossed!

    -“My All”: Mariah Carey, 
    “Id Rather Go Blind”: Etta James , 
    “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”: Aerosmith – JESSICA SANCHEZ
    -“No More Drama”: Mary J. Blige, 
    “I’ll Be There”: Jackson 5, 
    “Imagine”: John Lennon – JOSHUA LEDET -“Disease”: Matchbox 20, 
    “Beggin”: Madcon, 
    “We’ve Got Tonight”: Bob Seger – PHIL PHILLIPS 🙂

  28. just saw the song spoiler… Disease, I dont wanna miss a thing, my all, i’d rather go blind, no more drama, we’ve got tonight plus the 3 nigel tweeted.

  29. Another night of Screaming, Grunting, Growling and USELESS judging all the good SINGERS have gone.

  30. they are all good ,I would hate to be a  judge,but why do all the judge’s always stand up for Josh and onone else,what is the deal not fair!!!!!!!

  31. This is my viewpoint on who, of the remaining 3, will have the best post-Idol career:

    Joshua – I think Joshua has a great, bordering on phenomenal voice. But, his type of music would be hard presses to find any audience that would buy much of his music. Why? Because he seems to be a great soul singer, along the lines off Stevie Wonder, James Brown and that sort of niche. The problem is … Nobody buys soul music anymore … And hasn’t since Rap music became popular. And I don’t see Joshua as being the next 50cent rap artist.

    Phillip – There is not getting around the point that Phillip vocal range is not close to being in the same league as the other two. Yet, I can very much see his bluesy – folk singer style of music selling to those that like Dave Mathews. And he very well could be the best career of these three, in this country.

    Jessica – This girl has a phenomenal voice. She can sing pretty much any style of music and be good at it. But, where see excels is in singing ballads, where the clarity of her voice can shine through. That said, I do not see a large market it for that style of music here in the USA. But, I think in terms of world-wide sales, she could very well be the best selling American Idol of all time.

  32. I believe that it is a final competition between Jessica and Joshua.  Joshua probably wins. Jessica is only 16-years old. How can that young lady sing like her ? Both are fine. All the 5-top has been extremely good 🙂

  33. One of saddest days in the music industry. Josh is unique….don’t understand what went wrong!! Nothing against the rest…they are great as well, but Josh is trrruly a rare breed.I know u’all havn’t heard enough of him!!!

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