American Idol Season 13 Top 10 Do The Top 10! [VIDEO]

This week on American Idol 2014, the Top 10 finalists will be doing… the Top 10. Yes, apparently the American Idol season 13 producers thought this would be an amusing song theme and force us to write “Top 10” a ridiculous amount of times in one week.

Apparently the contestants themselves also find it as silly and tongue-twisting as we do in the preview video for this week’s performance show above. Especially since the American Idol Top 10 find themselves forced to say “Top 10” about as many times as we’re going to have to be typing it this week!


For their song choices in this round of the finals, the singers will be performing songs from any of the Billboard Top 10 charts. That includes the country charts, R&B, you name it. If you want a sneak peek at the song spoilers for this week, we have them for you over here. We think it is going to be a very interesting show…