American Idol Top 10 Contestants Sing Tonight 3/19/2014

American Idol 2014 returns tonight on FOX with its Top 10 singers as we close in on the season finale and the crowning of this season’s winner!

* UPDATE: Click here for our full recap of the Top 10 performances show with videos!

Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Starting tonight at 8PM ET on FOX the top ten contestants will be performing live and we’ll be here to cover it all for your enjoyment and to discuss it with other fans as the show happens! Be sure to come on back by during the show and leave comments on our live recap to support your favorites.

Tonight’s songs will be from Top 10 hits on the billboards and even better we’ve got the song spoilers for tonight’s show so you can find out early what the Top 10 will be singing.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out the American Idol results of who will stay and who will go, but know that everyone performing tonight has made the enviable cut of going on the 2014 summer tour! Along with the elimination results we’ll get to see JLo lip-sync perform her latest single “I Luv Ya Papi”. We’ll have to wait and see just how much clothes she decides to wear for the performance.

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American Idol 2014 Top 10 Contestants performing tonight!




  1. I’m pretty sure the song selections are going to be craptastic, so I’ll most likely skip tonight and wait for the recaps.

  2. Have to say,I miss ‘Vote For The Worst’, (Imo, like they really voted.. lol) and the 2 hour voting. Plus does anyone know if that artist still does the pictures of the contestants that Vote For The Worst use to put up on theiir website.

  3. The judges have bullied MK into trying to be an extrovert onstage, yet they let others like Alex just stand there and sing. MK does not deserve to lose. I hope she starts standing her ground, the walking around onstage and etc is not natural for her. MK would be fine just standing and singing like Alex and the other kid with guitar, even though she has no guitar. Hey Bob Dylan didn’t worry about pleasing anyone, he just sang. The judges are undermining MK. I wish she was already selling CD’s. She sings like an Angel and has a quiet, glowing charisma.

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