American Idol Song Spoilers May Be No More As Rehearsal Audiences Vanish

Each week of American Idol for many of the past seasons we’ve had a sneak preview of the songs we’d be hearing that week. Sadly, those song spoilers may be no more thanks to tighter restrictions on audiences attending dress rehearsals.

MJ’s reported the news this weekend that an Idol fan went looking for rehearsal tickets only to be told by On-Camera Audiences, the group who runs Idol audience tickets, that those days were over.

“Are you guys no longer releasing tickets for American Idol rehearsals? Are they not doing live rehearsals?”

“On-Camera Audiences, Inc.: We just received word-no more rehearsal audiences.”

While there could be many reasons for no more audiences at rehearsals I’d have to guess that Nigel Lythgoe and company want to snuff out the leaks and make everyone wait to see who sings what. However, advance knowledge of the songs only goes to the fans that really want to know and even then it’s used to generate discussions and interest in the show. I really don’t see how this could benefit the show or improve ratings.

Perhaps someone a little closer to the show will turn out to have loose lips and we’ll learn more another week, but for now I wouldn’t be holding my breath to find out what your favorite American Idol 2011 singer will be performing.