American Idol 2011 Top 12 Perform Tonight

Update: Lauren Alaina may have the flu! She noted on her Twitter account earlier today, “miss my girls @TMegiaAI10 and @PToscanoAI10 . stupid flu!!! 🙁 I love you girls!!” I’m guessing she’ll still sing as absence equals elimination (right?), but that could really impact her performance. Other possibility: it’s Pia and Thia who are the sick ones, but no tweet mentions from them. (Thanks to reader Rachel for the tip!)

American Idol 2011 continues tonight when the Top 12 singers take the stage to perform songs from the year they were born. After last week’s elimination of Ashthon we’ll have to see if Karen and Haley can pull themselves out of the bottom ring this time around with some more inspiring performances.

It looks like we won’t be getting any song spoilers this week now that audiences have been banned from the rehearsals. But in the meantime you can check out Branden’s recommendations for this week. It’s a pretty good list so I won’t be surprised to see any of those songs showing up during tonight’s performance.

Speaking of surprises at tonight’s show, this will be the first live show of the season. Gasp! That’s right, all you big Idol fans (or “morons” as the exec producer, Nigel Lythgoe, likes to think of you), there’ll be no chance for editing commentary or second chances if there’s a mishap. The pressure is on tonight!

Which guy and girl are you most looking forward to hearing perform tonight?

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    • Yeh, Thia all the way. But when the BEP are there on Thursday, Fergie will you please work with Thia to help build her stage presence?!

      • I don't understand what kind of stage presence people are looking for when Thia is up. The way I see it, when Thia sings, she owns the stage.

        There are a lot of winners and singers who don't move around or dance around when they sing. Look at Carrie Underwood. She may not had the best dressups, but she did have the best vocals.

      • I don't know anything about AI since this is my first time watching. But from what I see, the judges seem to love the people who are more alive on stage, despite them having an inferior singing voice to Thia's. Every critique I read about Thia is about her stage presence (which I can see), so that's the one thing I would like to see her improve, even if only to win this competition. Doesn't matter how it all ends, she's still the best and I'm willing to bet will have the brightest future amongst all of them.

      • KL, you're not the only one who is saying this. I've heard and seen it. I'm not saying you're wrong. I guess people want to see what more they can do when they are on stage.

        But I have no problem with Thia. She is a beautiful girl with a big amazing voice. Natural. Simple. Everytime she sings, Ican feel her vibes.

      • I should also add that I totally agree about Thia owning the stage. A lot of the other contestants seem to have backup vocals and even backups come on stage, which boosts their whole presence. Thia has not done that yet, and just does it all with her own voice. She's the only one to sing A Capella so far, right?

      • anonymously yours, I wish I could agree that I am the only one saying this. But I read everything I can find on Thia, and everyone says the same thing…she has to wake up and needs more stage presence. Personally, I love her the way she is. There's a certain charm to her humbleness and shyness (you probably saw how she was given "shyest" in the AI house). I'm just saying, if that's what her most common critique is, then I'd like to see her improve it.

      • anonymously yours, ooops sorry. I read your post too fast. Thought you said I was the only one saying this. Sorry.

      • KL, I agreed with you, 100%. I found Thia's shyness and humbleness a standout..a charm like you said. Yes, she is the only one who does the

        acapella and that's what makes her special and different. I'm ok with it about the stage presence.."what would she be like if she…" I don't mind seeing some improvement too. Thia is like a little turtle who needs to come out of her shell.

      • Well, no matter the outcome, I look forward to years ahead of her composing and releasing albums! Funny because I'm more of a U2 and ColdPlay kind of guy. But when I saw the YouTube videos of her singing, I was hooked. As Randy said, her voice is infectious.

    • Am I the only one who disagrees about Thia’s “Smile” performance last week? I liked it! Granted, she was better in week 1. But she had the audience clapping in rhythm to it and everything. And I actually think Steve Tyler liked it at first…I think when they caught him smiling and looking at the other judges, he was actually into it and looking to the other judges for validation. I was stumped when they showed her crying after. I was like, “Why are you crying, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

      • No, KL, you're not the only one who disagree about Thia's Smile performance. I liked it too! True, week 1 was better, but still she sang it nicely. Even Steven had a smile on his face too. I stumped too when I saw her crying. My friend and I were saying, "What was she crying about? I guess she was worried and sad when she wanted the judges to like it and felt guilty that she didn't give them what they wanted. But, I found it beautiful!" By the way, did you hear her studio version of Smile? It is so good that I listened to it for hours, every single day. Her voice is amazingly graceful and beautiful!

      • anonymously, yeh I downloaded it and listen to it a lot. Kind of funny in my downloads because I will have some rock song, followed by her, followed by another rock song. I think her studio version is so much better than her live performance of it, don't you think? She's going to be great in the studio too. From what I understand they are doing this every week now, so I can't wait to build up my Thia collection. I love that they are doing the studio stuff. While I'm sure to AI and iTunes it's about the revenue. I think the studio work will give someone like Thia tons of great experience.

      • Oh my goodness. I can't stop listening to Thia! Her "Smile" from the studio, is amazing. I wish they would do her week 1 too, "Out Here On My Own." I would love to buy Thia's cd! I can't wait to build up a collection of all her songs too.

    • If Thia can't win it all, then I'd like to see James Durbin win. Of course, I won't ever see it because if Thia ever gets sent home, then I am done watching.

      • KL, count me in too! The reason I'm watching Idol is because of Thia!

        Yeah, I'd like to see Thia win too. But, if she can't then I'd like to see James win.

      • Pia can sing good but she is a prima donna and not an entertainer, if all you can do is stand there and belt out a song then its really dull.

      • am I silly or what Yes i like Thia, she is talented and cute and can sing..

        but Pia no way can she entertain

      • Regarding Pia standing still there's nothing wrong with that as long as you can deliver the goods. In my opinion the 4 greatest female singers ever all stood still.

      • KL, Shelly, I don't understand what's all the fuss about Pia either. What is so good about it if she is stiff and just sings and belts out a song like that? It is getting boring.

        Thia, I can connect to because of the sound of her voice and tone. It is so captivating.

      • Yeh, exactly. I could listen to Thia for hours but would have to turn the volume down on Pia right away!

  1. @ Matt…thank you for the update and for Branden's possible predictions…Looking forward to hearing James ( Bon Jovi, Guns 'n Roses, Poison – he would do justice to them all ). Also, Pia, Casey, Stefano and Scotty. Interesting to see what Paul will do and Lauren. So looking forward to tonight. Hello to my dear sweet AI friends….Phyllis G, Sherry K and Angela.

    Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  2. Stefano! I feel with every performance we will get to see the amazing singer that he is! I would like to see Scotty move around on stage and show some diversity. James I cannot wait to hear anything he sings!

  3. JAMES DURBIN! I look forward to every time the man hits the stage! He moves everyone in this household and the entire block! It's like the movie High School Musical. The song they played something of the sort.. "The music in me" When he sings, we all hear and feel and connect with him since he's got the music in him. James rocks. The most humble, sweet and caring singer on Idol that's for sure! <3 James!!!

    • @ Durbin Fever….Whoo Hoo~!!! I so agree…He rocks…NOT comparing him to Adam Lambert or Siobhan Magnus of last year…he stands out on his own…but he brings back excitement and passion that AI hasn't seen in awhile. Love the young man…he can sing. 🙂

    • Durbin Fever……James rocks this show. I'm a huge Adam fan, as this whole blog knows, but James is in a league of his own. Could be just as big as Adam if he keeps this up. As Rose A. says he brings the excitement back to Idol wondering what he is going to sing tonight…I just love it….

      Anonymously yours…..Sorry to disagree but he is not quite there yet….Adam is the man. James has to prove himself…..I want to see James & Adam perform on the finale….What make my Idol Season!!!!!

      GO JAMES…YOU ROCK…Hello Rose A., Angela, Sweet Sherry K and now "T"

      • @ Phyllis….I agree. A duet with James and Adam would be awesome. And…yes, James will have to prove himself and the way his performances are going…he is on the right "rockin" track. Hello to Sherry K., Angela and to T…welcome aboard to the "rockin" train~!!! Whoo Hoo 🙂

      • Like James, YEA, and I really liked Adam alot, his voice is great, last week he was so awesome yes, James is kind of like him, and there is nothing wrong with that. But i saw a u tube video with James, a song about a guitar gently ??? anyway he was singing it way cool

    • Go James! He's great, but also a local – for me! We would love to see him in the Top 2, and he's good enough to do it!

  4. I am really excited to see James Durbin, because he did such a good job with " Maybe I'm Amazed", and the girl im looking forward to see is Thia Megia, she is a really good singer.. and she is only 16!!!!

  5. Lauren Alaina just posted she has the flu! I wonder if she'll still perform? That'd be extremely difficult. Then again, I don't know how people would vote for her if she didn't sing this week, so what will they do?

    • I had this question earlier when Casey was questionable. If they can't perform because of illness, does that mean they are the one going home? I think so. But I think at this point, everyone must still just be voting for their favorite person. I would guess all Lauren has to do is sit on a stool and sing with a frog in her throat. She probably still has enough fans who will vote for her anyway. I know if it were Thia and she were sick, she could just sit there and burp and I would still call in to vote for her.


    It was so nice to see Adam last week, he's soooo good.

    I'm very sad that I cannot vote this year; I'm from Canada (province of Quebec). Please advise us if it will change.


  7. Can't wait to see Paul and Casey perform. They're entertaining to watch.

    • Paul was born in 1984, right? Heaven came out in 1983 as part of a soundtrack. It was made popular in 1984 when it was added to Bryan Adams greatest hits. Not sure how picky they are about that kind of stuff. Besides, if Paul can't dance around and smile at everyone, then he has nothing. So a slow song like Heaven wouldn't work for him. Although he's so popular right now that he could probably have a bad performance a few more times (like he did last week) and still remain on the show.

      • Paul is no good, no talent, cant dance at all…. the smiling bugs me to be smiling all the time. and he picks yucky songs. he has to go…

      • I think Paul would be great with heaven. I would love to hear him sing that.Paul doesn't need his smile and dance moves to get through. He is more than that,like his unique voice.

        i like others contestants too like James D,Scotty,Thia,Casey but Paul is my no1 favourite.

        the most amazing thing for me would be Paul singing a Mumford and Sons song. Heard him saying in an interview that he would do that.

        please please make it happen!!

    • ME TOO, and why is this season only letting the contestants have limited time with their instruments!? I am kinda pissed about that. I hope they can use instruments tonight! GO CASEY!!

    • I agree w/ Randy…probably the most all around talent this yr. but I don't think fans will vote him through all the way 'cause he's not the "total pkg" (pretty boy) Reminds me of Danny, sorta.

  8. Pia Toscano is the next American Idol. She has beauty, talent and class. She has the AI package.

    • Patricia….Pia is one of my favorites but she needs to liven it up with her choice of songs. We all know she can belt out a ballad, now its time to change it up…..I'd love to see James & Pia in the finale…..

      • I would imagine she will show AI tonight that she is versatile and can sing upbeat songs as well as ballads. I am thinking Pia and James will be in the finale. She is a friend of our family so we are somewhat partial. However, she is talented and works very hard to be where she is.

  9. I am looking forward to seeing Lauren. I think she can do so much better than last week. She is my favorite from the begining. I like several of the guys. I am looking forward to Casey, James, and Stephano. I hope all the contestants pick good songs. It sucks when they blow their opportunity on songs noooooo-body can relate to. I can't wait. I am a die hard idol fan!!!

    • My favorite is Lauren also, she has personality, youth, talent, energy, shes fun and I hope she goes far.

  10. I hope Naima gets kicked to the wind tonight. She should have got cut last week when she butchered Rianna's song.

  11. Rose A, Patricia – I was notified by my sources that James Durbin will be singing The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics tonight. Keep a box of tissue handy. I have been impressed with James from the day he auditioned. He's pretty humble and such a determined trailblazer who believes in his family and in chasing his dreams. With the support of everyone near and dear in his life as well as his growing number of fans, he can accomplish anything. I find it funny how he's been compared to Adam. I truly see James as he is, in a league all his own. No one in the music industry can really relate with him. I would love for the day that the labels, aspergers, autism, tourette's and Adam is not accompanied with his name. He is Durbin, James Durbin, the next American Idol. We all need to vote like crazy for our favorite contestants each and every night. If you truly believe in them, vote for them. Do not forget that your vote is very important in this show. Like Bette Milder's Wind Beneath your Wings, we fans have to vote (create wind) and create a STORM! You my friend have my word, I'm voting for JAMES DURBIN all the way to the top. He is a true gentleman with great God given talent. Do not give up on him for he has not given up on his dream. Vote, vote and vote. <3 Just a few more hours until the big show tonight. Woot! Woot! Rock on!

    • Where would you have heard this if they are being so tight lipped about it? All I have to say is, if he does perform this song, and if he does it well, then he would be pretty amazing for such a diverse first three weeks.

      • Oh, and add to it that he was singing Michael Jackson in the results show last week, all while doing a somewhat acceptable break-dance move. lol.

      • This is the list I was sent. I don't know how they got the info. I wish I did.

        Casey-The Way You Do The things You Do

        Naima-Stuck On You

        Lauren-The Song Remembers When

        James-The Living Years

        Stefano-She Drives Me Crazy

        Lusk-At This Moment

        McDonald-That’s Why They Call It The Blues

        Megia-I Know

        McCreery-Holdin’ Heaven

        Haley-Every Heartbeat

        Karen-Don’t Wanna Lose you

        Pia-Hazey Shade of Winter

      • Oh come on Thia…what the heck is "I Know"? Well, it looks like it was #11 for 1995. So people must know it. I didn't hear anything I recognized on iTunes. But I'm sure I'm going to love it after she's finished.

      • Oh, I finally found it. I recognize Thia's song. This would be the perfect cure for all the critics saying she's too sleepy. Doesn't seem like it can showcase how powerful her voice is though.

    • @ Durbin Fever…Awesome, I cannot wait to hear him. He also doesw an awesome job of singing a song by the Beatles called While My Guitar Gently Weeps ( or saomething like that)…He has such an incredible vocal range. Just love him. James to win..Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Sorry, I guess the list was wrong/changed or for another show. Kinda disappointed about it since I was looking forward to him doing The Living Years. I think he would have pulled that off real well. He did great tonight though.

        I saw several videos of him doing While your Guitar Gently Weeps… breathtaking! I know that James indicated he wanted to do that song on Idol. Just don't know when.

        So excited for the day that James and Steve sings together. James' gonna be on cloud 9 for sure! I think Steve will too.

  12. Stefano and Naeme(sp?). I'm excited to see what they come up with this week. Stefano's performance was my favorite of the night by far. Casey Abrams is always cool to check out too.

  13. Myself, I'm looking forward to Haley, I think she’s a wonderful singer, very versatile and after reviewing her U-tube videos she is one of the most consistent singers out there! I know she can stand out and I hope she chooses an explosive song which will do just that.

    Pia also will be interesting to watch as well, will she sing a ballad or something more?

  14. i would like to see how James and Pia perform as well as Jacob…laren should also show how powerful her voice is shes playing safe but not good enough…

    dont like scott or stefano but i think their looks and safe songs will get them through 🙂

  15. I've never watched AI before this season, and this is the first time I have been part of a board like this. It's amazing how many of us think different contestants have the best voice. All while many of us think that same person has the worst voice. Just shows you how different voices resonate with us individually. I would be curious to see how they all are as composers. Do they have a week where they sing their own songs? Thia wrote an awesome one when she was only 12. I'd love to see how it stacks up against others.

    • I am not so sure it is all about just the voices…it has to do with what kind of music and artist you like as well! Something about Casey brings a feeling/emotion in me I cannot explain, I have always loved the blues/jazz type of music so I favor him more. Everyone (mainly the guys seem to have unique voices and original type of music. I personally am done with the pop/bubblegum type of music so I don't find many of the girls very interesting even though they have powerful voices and can sing. Everyone can sing, just a matter of what kind of music you are into at this point 😀

      • Yeh, I agree to some point. But I disagree about all of the ladies. You will never convince me that Thia is pop/bubblegum music. Her music is far more mature than even the older competitors. She's an old soul (to quote herself).

      • Not saying all the females, but so far Pia seems like another Jordan Sparks, Alaina is another Country/pop star aka Carrie Underwood (I like Carrie Underwood). IMO none of the females compare to Crystal last season or Allison the year before…they were different, unique and brought something new. I like Thia she is adorable as hell, great voice…but she will be like a David Archuleta most likely or Miley Cyrus type…not my kind of music. This is just what I have heard of her so far. Let the contestants play some INSTRUMENTS and maybe I will think different.

      • Well, like I said, this is my first season watching, so I probably don't know what I'm looking at. I'm just really into music in general (I appreciate and love music all the way from Led Zep to Bee Gees to Bach). I think you're right about the instruments. I read that they are only allowing it on certain shows. I love Thia's videos with her guitar. But she's kind of folksy with it and so I fear people will still claim that she's "sleepy." I'd love her to play guitar and sing her version of "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." Then people would love her. Also, let them perform their own composed song…Thia's "As I Do" is awesome!

      • Bethany, sorry, but I don't think Pia is another Jordin Sparks. Jordin shows emotions but Pia don't. Alaina is not another Carrie Underwood, but more of Kelly Pickler. Yes,they are all different and something new. Thia, I adore, and like David Archuleta, I do love too. But Miley Cyrus? Thia is no Miley because Thia has a much better tone quality than her. No offense. But everyone has his/her opinion. Yet, these people are so talented, God bless them!

    • KL, that is why I love Thia. And that is what I call Singing. Old soul is good music to your soul. At least I can hear each and every words she is saying. These days, you can't find singers sing these kind of songs or music anymore. It's unique.

      • Ok anonymously I get your point, but for me Thia obviously hasn't stood out to me since I can't even remember her songs…if she plays guitar it would be different b/c she would then provide something with her own style. Basically I am saying I am not into another Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Pickler, Jordan Sparks, Carrie Underwood type singer I want something new and there were only a selected few that were different that stood out for me in these seasons…Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Brooke White, Crystal Bowersox and now Paul, James and Casey. I don't want to get into an argument of who is right or wrong when comparing singers/artists. We all have different opinions, you have yours and I have mine.

      • Bethany/Anonymously yours………Lets all agree to disagree. Different strokes for different folks….thats what makes this site fun. We all have our opinions and our likes and dislikes just because we don't agree with each doesn't makes it wrong.

        I love James, I totally love Adam, I've loved Daughtry, Bo Bice, Constantine and Allison….my kind of music. I also loved Carrie Underwood. To me they are all wonderful singers but I won't buy all their CDS, just the ones I really like but it doesn't make the rest of them bad…..

      • Bethany, no offense. I accept your opinion. Like you said, you have your opinion and I have mine. Everyone is entitled to its own opinion. No argument here, that's why I like reading and replying back. It's just a conversation, right? And I do agree with you that everyone wants something different.

      • I'm glad I just started watching AI because all of the comparisons people make of current contestants to contestants of the past are driving me crazy. If this group were in season 2, no one would be comparing them. And Thia would still be singing as great as she does today (as would others in this group). Do you honestly think Thia would be different if those other competitors did not come before her? I doubt it. She'd be doing the same thing and would be just as good.

      • Oh…and the reason they all may seem to sound the same is because they probably have the same influences. Not because one is simply imitating another. So if I were on the show (God help us all), in addition to getting no votes, I would be singing songs similar to U2 and would therefore sound like other contestants before me whose influence was U2.

    • Yeah, mikki, I love and adore Thia! She's got the voice of an angel, alright!

    • I feel a little creepy when I admit that I think Thia is pretty. She's only 16. Can't wait until she's an adult so that I won't feel like I am saying something inappropriate for someone my age!

  16. i am looking foward to seeing Casey, James and Phia as well as Lauren…. Stephono this is hard they are hard compeditors this year.. can 2 WIN?

    • VICKI….There is only one AI winner but this Season will have many winners coming out of it….To me the talent is extremely good and thats thanks to the judges for picking THE top 24 and there were a few that should have been there but didn't make it…..

  17. I'm most looking forward to hearing what Casey is going to bring to the table. He's what 20? This should be an interesting evening!!

  18. I like James Durbin, Casey and Jacob Lusk. Jacob is great, but needs some current tunes! Women… want to see what Lauren can do and Pia, who is amazing needs to rock it up a bit. Like to see Haylee too. They are all so amazing.

  19. Once Haley focuses on a genre, she'll be incredible. She has such a unique and beautiful voice, not to mention, she's beautiful. I really think she'll make it in the industry whether she wins idol or not.

  20. I'm not sure having a certain genre, (except some judge complained about it once) is important. I thought versatility would be an important consideration when voting, or am I wrong? Look at Adam Lambert did anyone think he would be singing Pop after AI, on the show he sang Disco, R&B, Rock…ect. Nobody cared really.

    So don't judge Haley (or anyone else) on the genre but the talent.

    • I'm not judging genre because I know she's versatile and very talented. But it just seems like the judges want her to have more of a focus towards her singing. I'm all for versatile singers like Fergie, but I think people could relate to her more if she showed what she was about a little better.

  21. Are you kidding..Thia..she is really "not" that great! Now what about Scotty..he is soulful, down to earth country boy who knows what its all boy can survive!!

    • Kind of cute that Thia, Scotty, and Lauren all had to do homework the other night when everyone else was at a party in LA. Scotty undoubtedly has an awesome country voice. But are there enough country fans watching the show to keep him in it? Regardless of the outcome he and Thia will both have amazing careers. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but Thia IS in fact great. And she's even better in the studio, as was evident with last week's release. I think she had the best studio song on the iTunes track.

  22. Can't wait to hear Lauren do a Melissa Etheridge song!! I'm hoping it's "Am I the Only One". I think that really fits her sexy, raspy, country/rock voice!!

  23. I like Thia… she's one of the most talented out of the bunch.. And she's so pretty.. I know she's underage but I can't help saying that.. She looks like a super star already..

    • That's OK. I think she's hot, and I'm easily old enough to be her father. I just have to remember to not say that out loud to my friends or else they will start keeping an eye on me. lol.

      • Actually, I'm not sure if "hot" is even the right word for her. She's just really cute and makes you just want to be in her presence.

  24. I'm mostly looking forward to hearing Scotty and seeing which Elvis song he has picked for tonight's show.

  25. Casey is amazing. I hope he's feeling good and surprises us with something tasty. Don't care about any of the girls much unless Haley tries something edgy.

  26. Didn't someone place a list of songs, they thought, would be sung tonight or was it removed?

    • Yes, someone did post it on the previous page. Supposedly they had some "insider" information. Who knows. But this is what they posted:

      Casey-The Way You Do The things You Do

      Naima-Stuck On You

      Lauren-The Song Remembers When

      James-The Living Years

      Stefano-She Drives Me Crazy

      Lusk-At This Moment

      McDonald-That’s Why They Call It The Blues

      Megia-I Know

      McCreery-Holdin’ Heaven

      Haley-Every Heartbeat

      Karen-Don’t Wanna Lose you

      Pia-Hazey Shade of Winter

  27. apparently someone is doing a nirvana song…possibly casey.

    thia doing colours of the wind…ughhhh so predictable

    • See…this is how rumors start. This is already a different song list than what someone else posted earlier. Someone else said that Thia was going to do "I Know," which is definitely upbeat and would do well to silence those who say she is too sleepy.

      • THIA has a perfect voice…She could top all previous American Idols, love her voice so much…I love Paul and James either

    • So what Thia is doing the colours of the wind? At least she has the perfect voice to do so. Nothing is wrong with that song anyway. It is a winning song.

    • I thought this was a singing contest and not a smile wide and dance around goofy contest. Thia is the best singer of them all.

      • I thought so too. Those judges are crazy and I think they got it all wrong! What are they looking for???

        The next Lady Gaga or Katy Perry???

        This isn't a wild fashioned singing contest.

    • Boring?are you sure shes boring?Shes such a great singer…very very clear and perfect voice…just love her voice, the tone is such astonishing…i envy her but still love her…Lyk Paul and Steffano, they are good performer…but when we talk about the voice, Thia is absolutely on top…sorry for that but that the reality

    • Nothing is boring when you listen to the singing and vocals with all your heart.

      Singing doesn't mean moving around and singing up tempo beats.

      • i absolutely agree with you…i know you all guys knew that THIA is such a great singer but you just cant accept it because maybe she dont have the attitude but when we talk about the voice, come on! Thia is rules this season…i dont like her that much but i absolutely like her perfect voice

  28. I happen to think that Scotty is one of the most talented individuals that is on this season. He's true to his roots, he's true to what he can sing, and above all…. I HOPE HE WINS!! I'll be voting every week for him!!

    • I totally agree with Scotty Fan!! He is great!! I will also be voting via text, online, and phone!

  29. James ears are killing me, he needs to get the clay aiken ear treatment, where they puff his hair to meet his ears and hide them.

    • Your comment has nothing to do with the talent of the contestants. If you ask me, everything about him adds character.

      • James is next to my favorite idol. He did a great job last night and I love it. He is my pick for the win if mine doesn't win. James has good mannerisms and character, like you said. Above all, he would be a great idol because of his type of autism. He would set a great example for us and show the world that anything is possible when one is disabled or handicap.(I'm not saying that James is this). James has strong potential of winning because he can sing and because of his personality.

      • I think James is an AWESOME role model. I wish the best for him and his family. He has a wonderful team behind him. I have the highest respect for his Mom. She raised such a humble and resilient son. I know I would be proud to have him as my son. Mama Durbin rocks!

    • I don't think this is a beauty contest, last I heard it was a TALENT contest. I don't happen to be a James Durban fan at all, but to slam someone because of looks is pretty shallow. there is a lot more to people than looks.

      • I’m a bit lost on this thread. (referring to JT3594 comment) Was your comment referring to Don’s comment about James’ ears?

    • Honestly, I can't even look or listen to Pia, because all I see is her mouth opened wide and screams coming out. Sorry.

    • Pia is a scream queen, and she lacks personality. It is getting boring. No package here. Sorry.

  30. AI is all about voices and tonal quality, and that is why we have the likes Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson doing tremendously well…dancing and gestures add to the appeal but are not essential…and that is why I believe that Thia is doing well, so far

  31. jacbob really sing well.yea scotty is my boy he knows wwhat he is doingthat dude got what it take.i will b voting for them every night.

  32. I was really looking forward to hearing scotty sing. OMG swear he melts my heart every time he sings. I love how he sticks to his country roots and always brings what people are looking forward to hearing. I hope he'll expand and bring more to the show, and take chances next week with experimenting with different sounds so he can blow the whole show away! but either way i can see he's going far with that beautiful voice of his.

    and lauren….just heard her sing, and she was amazing. I want to see her step more out of the box and continue to wow everyone. I am so sure that both her and scotty will go far in the competition if they continue to come out of their shell.

    Keep up the good work guys!! love yea both.

  33. Lauren Alaina – Any Man of Mine – 1-866-436-5701 was the best tonight.Lauren puts her heart in to her singing,she needs to win.She really knows how to get everyone to stop and listen.

    • You got that right, he could own country for a few years with that voice. Melts you like chocolate in the sun.

  34. laurens personality is aweful. I cana't believe she "coughed" in ryans face. I think she has the hots for him!! scotty will probably get a country contract somewhere he always sounds the same. He's good if you like country. Thia is to young…maybe when she is more mature. Naima has gotta go. Pia is wonderful, She is the total package, wonderful voice, very poised and beautiful. Just the right person to become the next A I.

    • I think Pia will win this year..she is the total package.she is beautiful! I like karen too..she also has a great voice…I'm sure she'll go far.

  35. Jacob Lusks must be and is the next American Idol because he not only is the most talented with his presentation to the public as a professional singer, he has the semantics and has mastered singing, tones and melodies with strong conviction and he shows the world that he owns his craft. Additionally, he shows the maturity level needed to continue to move forward as America's Idol.

    • I am a Scotty fan, but you are right Jacob has the purest voice and I would love to hear him sing some Nat King Cole, a beautiful tone and a mastery of ability.

  36. Wow! I still think the guys are amazing, even the ones that aren't really my music preference. I am still impressed with Haley, I am a little confused as to why the judges encourage the stepping out of the comfort zone only squash her with "we don't know who you are"????? She has shown outstanding versatility. Her voice has character! So, I voted for a slug of the guys and Haley.

    • I voted for Scotty, because he keeps it real and he doesn't try to pretend that he is someone he is not. Keep doing what you are doing Scotty!!!

      • Scotty is not the only one who keeps it real. There are several other contestants that are real. James for one. just sayin.

  37. They always save the best for last. Jacob took my breathe away. Excellent job well done!!!!

  38. James amazes me everytime he sings. I love his voice, his attitude, he's just a straight down to earth type of individual. He is the most inspired idol I have ever watched. I am voting for James all the way to the top. Love ya Man

    • Peggy,

      I agree with you completely. He's 100% real not an image and that's what I love about him. I think JLo said it well when she said he was organic. I truly hope James goes all the way to the top and wins the Idol title. He's my American Idol regardless. He's got a great work ethnic. He does not let obstacles nor challenges stand in his way. I can't wait for Wednesday nights. They don't come quick enough. <3 James! He rocks.

      • @ Durbin Fever…well said. In one of your earlier comments you mentioned James resilience…so true…facing and meeting challenges make James a wonderful role model for a lot of people. And…he has the bonus of being able to sing…to me…that is what American Idol is all about. Great stage presence (check), great vocals (check), great personality (check), humble (check), sense of humor (check)…he has it all. Go James for the win…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Rose A,

        It warms my heart knowing that people see James the way I do. You could not have said it better. I cannot get enough of him. The reason for that is he's so real, so true to himself, so honest. We need more people like that. Heck if he were to run for president of USA, He's got my vote! Because I KNOW he will be for the people by the people of the people. He'd be rocking the White House! Okay let me get real here, I don't want him behind the president's desk. He belongs on stage holding the mike, and at home being a hell of a Dad etc. He's MY AMERICAN IDOL whether he wins the title or not. I admire him!He has my vote all the way to the top. VoteSS that is.. ;0) Durbin Fans – don't forget to vote as much as you can each night. Also read the American Idol voting policy. Note there are certain votes that will not count so be cautious with how you vote and ensure you follow the policy so all your votes truly counts!

      • @ Durbin Fever…James for the win 🙂

        I was a Child & Adolescent therapist for years and have had the pleasure of encountering many people like James, who see challenges in life as a stepping stone to succeed NOT as an excuse or hindrance. Not only do I admire James for his incredible talent, I admire him for the person he is becomming…a dedicated Father to his son and partner to his girlfriend. He is a one of a kind. We will be seeing him on stage with the great Steven T. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Rose A. & Durbin Fever…I could not have said it better…..GO JAMES…..

        He is the whole package and an inspiration for millions of people…..

        WAY TO GO JAMES!!!!!!

  39. well listen 2 scotty last night if he dont win idol trust me someone waiting 2 sign him. jacob is just pure gold when he sing u feel him he is so reel .thank god he and scotty dont sing the sama tune then i would'nt know who 2 choose fellows continue 2 sing and bless everyone

  40. Win or Lose, Scotty will definitely get something.

    But I wouldn't mind him winning the title because we don't have a country male winner.

  41. Durbin Fever is real!! I have it too! James is such an amazing person, and an amazing singer! He has so much determination. He definitely deserves to win, behind him 100%! His performances are nothing less than perfect <3

  42. seriously i dont know what he has..maybe the deep country voice and all but thats about it…sori but i go for the Durbin Fever!!!…he is so real!!!! And go Jacob…any of the two to win will be good enough for me :):):)

  43. What frustrates me about AI is the SCreaming tradition. Thank God there's thia who literally define what the competition is all about. well, scotty and lauren are exceptional. these 3 make up my top 3 and the rest better take rest now.

    • rachel, now that you mention that Scott, Lauren and Thia make up the top 3, I kindda like that. Imagine, if all these 3 youngsters who are in the teens outbeating the older ones. That would be something. Lol.

  44. I can't find the person who was so ugly about James's disabilities, but DEAR GOD ,I hope you never have childern !!!!!!!! He is an inspiration to childern and adults to never give up no matter what life throws at you. I LOVE HIM , he is in my opinion, one of the BEST singers this year and I hope he wins the darn thing !!! HE HAS MY VOTES.

    • And my vote too to James! He didn't give himself turrets and asperger; he was born with it and anyone that holds that against him is that much less of person.

  45. THIA has a better chance remember she still young and who knows she will….render the best songs in her life…well just wait and see anyways everyone is good….but hoping they will do a better song….


  46. I love Pia and Scotty. I hope they go all the way to the finals. Both have superb vocals.

  47. I hope Pia win this American Idol 10. She will bring back the succes of country music.

    I support you Pia, my regards from Indonesia !

  48. Pia, do your best ! We support you from Indonesia, a faraway country but your fans.

  49. I'm confused with J. Lo's and Randy's critique, why? They wanted Thia to take risks in attacking other genres other than ballads which for me is her best weapon to advancing week after week. But then they wanted Scotty McCreery not to change his style of singing, obviously his comfort zone, country music with his deep voice. C'mon you judges, make up your minds! The contestants will certainly get confused next time they perform. They don't have to please you, right? What gives?

    • Ike Trinos,#44…I agreed with you. If the judges tell Scotty to stick with Country, then why can't Thia stick with her own genre. As long as they are pleasing their own fans,like you said, why should they please the judges? After all we are the ones who are voting, not them. How confusing is that? Yup.

  50. Brendan: my hat's off to you and your streak to date. Your summaries of the performances are great to read and are pretty spot on. My first watch of James singing Bon Jovi was similar to yours but subsequent watches made me realize that he was respecting Bon Jovi by not doing a horrid karaoke version of it; this leaves us to continue to love the original. These kids are forced to sing past mega hit songs so we shouldn't be too harsh on them when they try to change up something that sold millions of copies and ran for a year or more.

  51. Thia, has the most quality voice she reminds me of Lea salonga. A very descent girl very educated,modest. Pia, she is just a copy cat i can't stand her voice and the way she look.she think she is a classy person she does'nt have a descency at all. look at some of her videos at the AM idol she always likes to show her legs intentionally. she does'nt have personality either. Unlike Thia, she talks well with sense. Anyway she can be a better recording artist than Pia.

    • Hello karen, I am so glad someone finally this about Thia and Pia. You said it all and I couldn't agree with you more! Thia does remind me of Lea Salonga too, who I love too. She has such classy personality with the softness that goes with her voice. Thia is very unique.

      Pia reminds me of The Addamms family wife. You're right she is a copy cat. I don't see her personality nor her beauty. I couldn't stand to look at her too. I even had to mute my volume on my tv.

      What I cannot stand is that the judges drool all over her for what? There is pitchiness and screams and no personality at all from Pia. Pia sings ballads too, only with her, she had all those instruments behind her to make it sound like it's not.

      But with Thia, they throw negatives at her for what? Sleepiness? If they were judges, they should be judging them on the singing. Her pitchness were so perfect, they had nothing else to say.

      Were they not paying attention at all?? Yes, it's a ballad, but hey, Pia sings ballads too. They should wake up.

      Thia is the only one with the most captivating voice. And definitely yes, Thia can be a better recording artist than Pia.

      • I cried everytime Thia sings. It is so soulful and so heartful, I am touched.

    • WOO, wait a minute, Thia is ok but she can't compare to Lea Salonga! Lea is up there with Barbara Strisand, Julia Andrews…ect you get my point!

      • Wooo! I am not comparing Thia with anybody!! I said she reminds me of her, I didn't say she is like her. Thia is special in her own ways. She is a shining star and will have a great singing career. She is still young, and will eventually get there!!

    • Well lets see…Pia is a copy cat, you can't stand her or the way she looks, she not classy, she has not descency, she egotistical and she has no personality! Well hell we should just take her out back and shoot her.

      • Pia is good too but since she love herself so much, she doesn't need my votes.

  52. Sorry to see Karen go. She was good. Should have been Nayema; she can't sing. Not sure why she is still there unless it is Stevey Tyler.

    Thia is good, but all her songs sound the same, like lullabyes. Don't see her as an American Idol.

  53. My husband (now deceased) and I traveled all over the western, south west….and on to the east coast. Bob was a "boss" keyboard player….played Vegas, Reno,

    Los Angeles, Hollywood Hilton……back to the east coast to "do" Myrtle Beach…great clubs there…..The Embers Supper Club, etc. We had a perfectly opportune

    time to see and hear FABULOUS talent that DID go on and become bigger and better. My point ? Those that have been on FOX for Idol in the past couple of weeks have just blown everyone off the map. I have been a judge….and know talent…..but, these

    very professionals with their polished vocals AND

    dances. WHO can say which one should "win"????? They are ALL winners. Yes there will be one that will hold the #1 Spot….but, EACH and EVERY ONE of them will end up with contracts and professional work to entertain. They are ALL champions in their own right……and I feel EXTREMELY blessed to have

    watched them begin their journey. I pray God's blessings and leading over each and every new talent. Thank you for letting a little 72 yr. old

    great grand mother send you love and kudos!!!

    June (Nana) Brobst

    • Great comment June – yes I agree that they are all winners & I agree that God's blessing be upon them as they begin their entertainment career. My dad was a professional musician who traveled a lot of the same circuit as you described.

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