American Idol 2011 Top 12 Weekend Update

Whoa, what a week! American Idol has brought itself back to its more comfortable Top 12 status after last week’s elimination of Ashthon Jones. Branden not only accurately predicted Thursday’s bottom three, but so did all of you thanks to over 46,000 votes which put Ashthon, Haley, and Karen in the lowest spots.

This week we’ll see the remaining singers return to a familiar theme when they perform songs from the year they were born. Fingers crossed that Casey Abrams will be all healthy and stress-free for this week’s performance so he doesn’t turn into another floating head like he is in the picture above (that earned a fast second glance!). I’m also hoping that they’ll keep the visits to real life music producers going each week. That was an awesome touch and probably a little more useful than Jamie Foxx getting up in their face and demanding a staring contest.

On Thursday night’s results show we’ll get the return of Lee DeWyze, last season’s winner, (no word yet on the song) and even a performance or two from The Black Eyed Peas. Let’s see if they bring back their Tron-inspired Super Bowl dancers!

So get ready for Wednesday night’s performance show and Thursday night’s results. Take a look at some photos below from the American Idol 2011 Top 12 rehearsing and relaxing at the studio as they prepare for the next round.

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Side note: Huge thanks to Ashlie Rae and Branden for holding down the fort last week while I was gone. Who knew one little trip could offer up volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis all in one week? It was like a real-life Michael Bay movie!




  1. Muy bien hecho chicos sigan adelante han demostrado ser los mejores y que vivan las hispanas!!!!!!

    Google's Translation: Well done guys go ahead have proved to be the best and Hispanics live !!!!!!

  2. hi everybody πŸ™‚

    just to wish lots of luck to all guys and girls, praying for Casey to be back and well. You said Lee DeWyze is coming to sing? I almost forgot he won last year, I dont think he has done well in his career but I might be wrong.

    Hopefully this year all this will change and many if not all top 12 will have huge careers ahead. They deserved it.

    • OMG! I want James Durbin to win! Look at Casey,why did they ake him invisible? (far left)

    • Jacob has not done ANYTHING upbeat and no one says anything about that including the judges. All his songs sound the same…like gospel music.

      • I've noticed that too and I agree. The judges probably don't say anything because they're too busy treating all the contestants like toddlers and praising them for "making it this far!"

  3. ¡¡¡ felicitaciones a tooodos los los participantes son increíbles,,suerte a cada uno de ellos,,de verdad los felicito por el gran talento y esfuerzo que hacen por obtener sus sueños..sigan adelante.

    Google translation: congratulations to the participants are amazing, good luck to each of them, really commend you for the great talent and efforts made ​​to obtain their dreams .. go ahead.

    • That was the year before…The two finalist last year were Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox…(as far as I remember her second name!).

  4. Actually I feel and find that American Idol this year is quite boring…without the acid and sarcastic comments of Simon Cowell….It was more energetic and pleasant to watch… The three judges this season are too goody goody….but the voices are lovely!

    • agree with you Chris. IMHO, i think the best judges were the originals…Simon, Paula, and Randy. but yeah, some of the talents this year are awesome and are destined to be among the greats…win or lose.

  5. Actually, I almost quit watching AI because of the rudeness of the judges in the past. Their caustic comments swayed the public sometimes in unfair ways. I appreciate this years format giving gentle feedback and letting viewers choose. Thats the way it should be. I appreciate JLos sensitive and gentle supportive comments, Steven Tyler was a suprise because I was ready to hate him but Im so impressed with his ability to articulate intelligently and to be "nice". Randy has toned it down as well but still is more discriminating although I may disagree with him. I say "no more acid" will make AI stronger. If you want "hate" from Simon go watch his show elsewhere. Ive got love for AI this year.

    • Simon was not hateful… He had wit and humor, and his comments were very constructive… The judges this year do not give a straightforward advice or remark…They tell every singer (good or bad) that he/she is amazing… This doesn't help! Again I repeat that both JLO and Steven Tyler are toooo nice! Randy never made a difference… He is the same… The whole show was more interesting to watch. Anyhow, good luck to the beautiful voices!

      • Ive heard all judges say "I want to see more of this… or more of that…" positive feedback not cynical caustic remarks like Simon used to give. I shudder to think how these young performers felt when Simon said "You should be singing on a cruise ship" or "You look horrid in that outfit." Maybe its true but maybe they dont have to be called out in front of millions of viewers. I know that there are other ways of getting the message to the contestants. I do feel that the judges will start getting tougher with the top 10. My opinion, my 2 cents. Done.

    • I actually posted this somewhere else but meant it for you. I quite watching American Idol last year. I did not care for Ellen or Kara. I have been to two tours. I love AI. I was affraid I would not like it this year. Just the opposite. The talent is great and i like the judges. I thought I was going to hate Steven. I think he is right on with the talent and i even like his attitude. I also say the same for JLoe. And she is so sweet! She reminds me of Paula some.

  6. right chris…american judges this season are SOOOOO BORING. and this may affect American I dol's ratings… to the producers …please wake up….i suggest the following comedians to be the next season's judges…chelsea lately, wanda sikes and alec mapa….i am sure…American idol will be a riot with these three comedians.and to durbin and pia …you are the next american idol.. durbin is my first choice and pia's the second.

    • The judges are really bad and boring yes, its all: you were so good, we really like you, your wonderful, yuk….to them. I know Simon was rude, but atleast he gave a straight comment. The contestants are all going to believe they did great. when they could use some constructive critisim.

      • Last year I stopped watching AI.I have been watching if for years. I even went to two of the tours. I did not care Ellen or Kara as judges. I really did not think i was going to like it this year, wrong. The talent is great and i really like the judges. I did not think I would like Steven at all, wrong. He gets it right every time and i even like his attitude. JLoe is on the softer side and is good with the knowing what is good. She reminds me of Paula.

  7. A mi entender son todos muy buenos, pero en cuanto a excelencia se refiere para este concurso jacob, es el mas brillante tiene una voz tan melodiosa y encantadora que eriza a cualquiera.

  8. I thought I knew who I liked, but after last week being so boring, I am not sure. I love Lauren, we need another country girl or person, who is going to go out and sing songs and make some music and money. I like to watch Haley shes young and cute and will do well. I dont know, we shall see what this week brings. Its almost as bad as last year, all boring and outdated songs.

  9. Es increíble ver tanto talento, mi favorito es Jacob Lusk y James Durbin, me encantan! tienen una voz sin duda tocada por Dios! Los veo en Mexico por Canal Sony, pero sigo los capitulos por youtube.

    Eso chicos, son los mejores!!!! Besos xoxo

  10. if i hear stephen tyler say, "that was beautiful" one more time. or j-lo saying "i was rooting for you". these judges need to grow some balls! jacob lusk needs some serious criticism if he wants any votes from the non-gospel crowd, but all he is getting is praise. just ridic.

  11. god hope people didn't actually like the black eyed peas at the superbowl… sh*t was a disgrace to music… if people who vote for idol liked that, god help us all…

    • Scotty doesn't rock he is a cowboy born to be a star lol. Now James he is a rock star. They sure are great singers kudos to all.

    • I read on iTunes that American Idol will release studio versions of the songs every week this season for sale on iTunes. If they and iTunes have any class, they will donate all the sales from this week's songs to Japanese relief.

  12. James Durbin check him out on fox on wednesday nights, This guy is over the top !!!!! Win James Win. Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

    • James is a rock star already in my eyes and Scott was sure born to be a country star,man that guy is super great. I most say they're all good in there own ways.kudos to all

  13. My husband and I love Scotty and James. We are hoping that either one of them will get the brass ring… God Luck Guys!!!!!

  14. Scotty is the best of all in my words. he never misses a beat and is always so poised on stage. No over the top crap(screaming mimi) or dancing like a chicken with his head cut off- I hope when the tunes get picked by judges he can do well which I have no dought he will sing them amazingly also. Its the voice-hes fantastic.

  15. I'm a big fun of Scotty. Have you heard Tenessee Earnie Ford?

    Try to listen the song 16 Tons. Your voice are similar.

    Good Luck Buddy. Hope you brimg home the Throne. God Bless you all.

  16. i am like so in live with scotty i thank he is the best on american idol i thank he needs to sing she thinks my tractor is sexy πŸ™‚

  17. i think scotty is a good country singer.and he dose real great i hope the best for him .

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