American Idol 2011: What the Top 12 should and shouldn’t do

This week on “American Idol,” the Top 12 will sing songs from the year they were born. While this is a very broad theme, there are some things the contestants should keep in mind. Not that they’d listen to me if they knew I existed. And not that I expect all of you to care about what I say, but some of you do, right? I thought so. So I’m just going to offer some things that could happen to either make me like them more or make America like them more. (And for extra fun, I’ll put the contestants in the order of my personal favorites to least favorites).

(Note: I’m picking songs for them. Based on their age. Since I don’t know if they were born before or after March, I could have their birth year wrong. So no need to point that out in the comments).

1. Pia Toscano. One thing Pia MUST not do is sing another ballad. She needs to take on something more upbeat. Something pop. Let’s see, she’s 22, and it’s only March (I only know their ages not birth years), so she was probably born in 1988. I’m going to go way out on a limb and say she should sing “I Found Someone” by Cher. That’s upbeat enough and has a lot of power. I think it could show her versatility. And if she was born in 1989, then Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

2. Paul McDonald. Paul is a love him or hate him kind of guy. In order to make more people love him, he needs to sing a familiar song. Paul is 26. So he was probably born in 1985. That’s a great year. I think his rasp could rival Bryan Adams.’ So “Summer of ’69” could be a great song choice for him. Or he could pull a David Cook and do “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. That would be awesome.

3. Scotty McCreery. Scotty is safe for weeks to come. But if he wants to keep sucking in non-country fans, then he needs to take a pop or rock song and put a country spin on it. He’s 17, which mean he was probably born in 1994 (and I find that insanely ridiculous). He could go with “I Swear,” which had both pop and country versions in 1994. But I’d like to see him go way out and give us a country version of “Hero” by Mariah Carey.

4. Stefano Langone. Stefano’s success is all about song choice at this point. He was safe last week after getting a wild card stay the week before. So he picked up some fans. But if he makes some bad choices, he’ll start losing them. So he’s 22. 1988, like Pia. I pick “Faith” by George Michael. It’s upbeat and well known. It could suit him well.

5. James Durbin. I don’t think James has anything to worry about yet. As long as he keeps his voice under control. James is also 22, and hoping he was born in 1988 and not 1989, there’s only ONE choice for James. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. That could be pretty awesome.

6. Lauren Alaina. Lauren’s got some staying power, but if she wants to fight her way past Pia, she’s going to have to focus on song choice. I think it’s time for her to do the opposite of Pia and slow things down. I know for sure that she was born in 1995, so the perfect song for her would be (and I can’t believe I’m going to say it since it’s so overdone) “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley.Β I wanted to say “Take a Bow” by Madonna but I don’t know if they have the rights to her songs.

7. Haley Reinhart. The main thing Haley needs to do at this point is tell us what kind of singer she is. She’s 20, so if she was born in 1990, then “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Conner would be a beautiful song choice. She could throw in some yodels. It would be great. But should she be doing something more upbeat? Probably. In that case, “Roam” by the B-52s. Why not?

8. Naima Adedapo. She was able to save herself last week while in the pimp spot, but she could be back in risk this week. So song choice is everything. She’s 26. So maybe she was born in 1985? “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. She has to do this. Has to. Unless she was born in 1986. Not knowing the exact birth year is pretty annoying.

9. Thia Megia. Thia has to wake up. Or she’s going to be eliminated soon. Everything she does is so sleepy. She’s got an amazing voice though, so I can’t imagine there’s anything she can’t handle. She’s 16 and I think turned 16 after auditions, so that means she was born in 1995. So something upbeat. And powerful… Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio! I’m kidding. “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Etheridge could be cool. And she could definitely pick up the lesbian vote.

10. Karen Rodriquez. I’m not sure Karen can do anything to save herself. Unless something crazy happens this week, she’s probably heading home. But everyone deserves a fair shot. She’s 21, so she was probably born in 1989 (again since it’s only March). Since there are no Jennifer Lopez or Selena songs that week, so how about Roxette? “Listen to Your Heart”? Nah. “Miss You Much” by Janet Jackson? Nah. She’s a tough one. Good thing it doesn’t matter.

11. Casey Abrams. Casey just needs to be healthy and he should be fine. But if he wants to gain some more fans, pick a song we all might know. “Janie’s Got a Gun” by Aerosmith. Steven Tyler should appreciate that.

12. Jacob Lusk. I don’t know. He just needs to sing something that won’t make my ears bleed.

Who are your favorites? What would you like to see them do or not do? Sing or not sing?




    • Karen needs to sing somethin other than Selena, she is not going to last to long many others are way better

  1. 18 & Life (Skid Row) would be a great one for Durbin.

    Agree that Lauren needs to slow it down and Hallelujauh would be awesome. Good call. Hopefully someone is clueing her in b/c she looks rather clueless.

    Cher for Pia – absolutely.

    I need to think on Casey Abrams. His top list didn't look too good for him. I love that Chris Isaac – Wicked game – is on there, but not sure how he could pull that off.

    Don't care too much for the others.

  2. My elimination predictions.

    Casey Abrams- Hopefully he will be able to continue. I do hope he's there this week. If doesn't have to drop out due to health problems then I see him going on for quite a while.

    Jacob Lusk- I think he's got a few more weeks left in him, so I think he'll be around for a while.

    Karen Rodriquez- I would say unless she does something that makes everybody see her in a different way, I think she'll be gone in the next two or three weeks.

    Thia Megia- She's got to do something different. She's got the potential to be around for a while, so if she wants to be around for a while she's got to show people something different.

    Naima Adedapo- She got the wildcard, and managed to keep herself out of danger last week. Though I think unless she does something to make people take notice of her, she'll be gone either this week or next.

    Haley Reinhart- She's got to decide what it is she wants to do. Does she want to do rock, r&b, country or what? She can sing, but unless she is able to do something to wow everyone she'll be gone in the next week or two

    Lauren Alaina- Ok I like her but she's only shown us that she's good at the nice songs with a nice fast beat, let's see her do something slow, though I think she'll be around for a while.

    James Durbin- He's going to be around for a good while, we might as well get used to him. I think he's awesome, and if I have to wager a guess I think he and Scotty will go head to head in the final vote.

    Stefano Langone- Stefano is the one wildcard pick who should that he was most deserving of that pick. I think he'll be around a few more weeks, maybe more than that.

    Scotty McCreery- I think that Scotty is going to be around for quite a while. I am not a country music fan, but I do like Scotty. I think it will be he and James who will go head to head in the final vote.

    Paul McDonald- I know some people like this guy, but I honestly don't. I don't like the dancing he does, and I don't know the songs he sings. I however think he'll be safe for a good few weeks or more.

    Pia Toscano- I admit it, Pia's singing really moves me. Now she needs to show us something different though if he wishes to stick around for more than just a few more weeks.

    These are just my predictions, feel free to agree or disagree with them.

    • I think Paul needs to go, his dancing was awful, if Simon was there he would have really said something, his songs are a bad choice and his smiling bugs me. Naima bugs me and needs to go. Karen needs to go first. Lauren is my favorite. Pia can sing but she bugs me. We need someone like Carrie Underwood, with appeal

      • Hey Shelley. Why does Naima bug you? Why does Pia bug you? Is Pia too perfect? Is it the type of song Naima sings or her clothes or what? I don't see anything annoying about Naima or Pia. Jody

      • Uh….This IS a singing competition, not SYTYCD! I know stage presence counts a little bit, but that's not what I care about when I'm listening to a song! I downloaded the studio versions of my favorites from last week. I almost didn't get Pauls, but then decided to and after listening to them several times, I have improved my first opinion of him. Sometimes when you hear so many one after the other, you don't really appreciate their voice, and I can name a lot of singers I like who had to "grow" on me first. I think Paul is one of those and hope he keeps on for awhile!

    • Good predictions~!!! I think that James would do justice to anything by Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses- Sweet Child of Mine- awesome choice Branden and /or Poison – Every Rose Has a Thorn or Give Me Something To Believe In ( maybe that was 1989 or 1990 (???) Really looking forward to the show tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚

  3. I think you're off in a bunch of the years the contestants were born.

    Paul was born in 1984, Scotty in 1993, Stefano and James both in 1989. Lauren was 1994, Haley in 1991, Naima in 1984. And you didn't list it, but Casey was also born in 1991 and Jacob in 1987. So while a lot of your choices were interesting, they just won't work with this week's theme.

    • Yes, they will, you are putting way too much in this. It will be when in, each contestants "era". It will be based on their age, give or take. Branden is not off, he stated, it was a guess. Whewww!

  4. I will pick Scotty, Jacob, Thia. And I think that Stefano must be out next week, 'cause I don't think he can sing (his voice was so awful)

    • I think stefano can sing but certain tipes of songs. I was really moved with I need you now but i hated what he did with Just the way you are, Bruno Mars's song.

    • To Setso, I am with you, just include James Durbin and Casey too on my list though.

  5. I don't mind what they sing, but I do know that if Lauren pulls that cutesy baby act again, I'm going to scream. She directs it straight at Steven, and he falls for it every time. I'm sick to death of it and the fake tears.

  6. To Thia Megia:

    Please dear sing with feeling and emotion but don’t sing a lullaby it make all people sleep try rock or pop like song of Britney Spear with more dance and active and alive kicking attitude girl.

    You know more Filipino people watching you with this show because of you American Idol make as more excited seeing you sing that a PINAY Pride…:D Ok, Take care and always Smile and more alive not sleepy music request for all Filipino Fans… :d Gudluck and God Bless…

      • I still love Thia. This girl can sing! …no matter what she sings.

        I love listening to her voice, it really calms and relaxes me. It is so soothing and inspirational.

      • I hope Thia can show something different from her past performances. She needs to have a stage presence.

  7. Pia and Scotty need to switch to different types of song lest they become boring in their future performances. They may have looked great in their last two performances, but there's no guaranty, especially in the case of Scotty, that the majority of the viewers will still like them if they just continue on their style.

    • I like Scotty and i will like hims if he does or he doesn't do country music because he's got a great voice that made me fall in love with it.

      • I don't know. One thing I don't like about American Idol is they have some themes that require the contestants to leave their comfortable genres, I understand it's to challenge them and see if they're able to do different stuff but, then again in the real music industry they are required to pick one genre so they can be signed to the right label. Also, these judges are telling them to find out who they are, and Scotty obviously knows exactly who he is, a Country singer. So, I don't think he should try anything different because even if he goes home for being consistent with Country, that's where he's going to get all of his fans anyway.

  8. I read all the song choices and advice you have for the contestants and have a little different opinion than yours here. You are right about Pia doing something more upbeat. I mean the girl has a great voice but wow, put us to sleep. I really can't give too much input on her, it seems like she is at a beauty pageant and we are waiting for the flowers and crown. She one-ups most of the other girls because she is a professional wedding singer and has sung these songs for years. Scotty & Lauren, both have mega country music potential. A safe bet, you can recognize their unique voices anywhere. Karen & Thia are both pretty dull to watch. Haley has the pipes, she just hasn't figured out where she wants to use them. James is the ultimate in a voice. He could sell out stadiums with that talent. I totally agree Paul needs to do something people know. Jacob, you just have to love Jacob. His personality takes you away, and what a voice.Casey is pretty cool, great personality, voice and charm. Naima, well shes all over the place pitch wise, but has some talent she needs to work on.Stefano, what a great voice, but what kind of stuff is he going to do. I think hes more in the Enrique Iglesias style.

  9. lol,,
    i love your advice to JL
    “He just needs to sing something that won’t make my ears bleed”
    it means, please do not be too much use a high note

    • I know…this was a very funny post…i really like Jacob, but funny is funny- “He just needs to sing something that won’t make my ears bleed”

      Also, some interesting song suggestions…let me think about it….and i'll post later… "ear's bleed." lol

  10. I think Thia will be singing Hallelujah this Wednesday. She posted her rendition of that song in youtube before she joined idol and I can say that it was superb!

    • Maybe Thia should sing Hallejulia with a choir like I think it was Lee who did that last year on American Idol. It might have been Aaron. I don't think Thia has a powerful enough voice to sing that by herself, but that might be fabulous with a choir. Jody

      • No one should ever sing that song on AI ever again. Jason sang it beautifully; Lee ruined it. If I never have to hear someone mutilate it on AI again, I'll be very happy.

  11. how is casey your second least favorite?? That guy is crazy good! He’s the best in the competition by far!

  12. Still love James! Unlike the other contestants, I think he could master whatever he sings. He is fun to watch perform and no matter what anyone says, let’s hear him “scream”! Love it!

    • I love James, too. But I do hope he continues to control that screaming. He has more talent than that!

  13. Haley, thea & Lauren gotta go!

    My top picks are Pia, James and Stefano…

    Looking forward to the next show πŸ™‚

      • Thia has alot of potential. she just has to pick the right song. Pia has a good voice but i see her being fake. And i think that Paul, and scotty need to go. Scotty does have a good voice but he only has one kind of music he can do. doesn't country have its own show for this?

      • Joey, I agreed with you…I see Pia being fake too. Paul is not going to last because of his crazy dance moves.

        His moves take more attention than his singing. Lol.

      • i dont think pia seems fake at all i think she seems very gratefull. I think that some of the othere contestants seem more fake than her! Im a huge fan of scotty too, country music is huge right now

  14. This year's top 12 is the most gifted group we've seen on American Idol to date. It will be exceptionally difficult to narrow the pack this year but here's how I see it right now.

    Naima, Haley and Stefano are likely to be the next 3 departures.

    Thia and Paul are the wildcards in the competition. They have the talent to upset some of the early favorites…but only if they make the most of the next 3 weeks.

    Karen and Pia are, at this point, the most under-rated and the most over-rated contestants. Some are predicting that Karen will go this week and some have Pia as their front-runner. I see them both at the middle of the pack.

    That leaves us with five standing…Jacob, Scotty, Lauren, James and Casey. I see "classic R&B", "old school country", "new country", "the rocker's rocker" and "the musician's musician." James, Jacob and Scotty should continue to pick songs that showcase the things they can do with their voices that nobody else can do and I think that's what will put them in the top 3 this year.

    • Hey Simon. I haven't heard them sing all the time, but I didn't think Karen was very good. I think Naima has a better voice than Karen. I think of Jacob singing ballads more than necessarily rhythm and blues. Is Casey the muscian's musician or is James the musician's musician. Jody

      • Casey is. I don't recall seeing James play an instrument but Casey was outstanding on the upright bass in Hollywood week. I think Casey's talent as a musician is reflected in the style and, dare I say it, the melodic sensibility he brings to his singing.

  15. Thia Megia- Kiss from a rose

    Pia Toscano- Listen to your heart

    James Durbin- Wicked Games

    Casey Abrams- Straight up

    Stefano Langone- When I see you smile

    Scotty McCreery- Big yellow taxi

    Lauren Alaina- Hands in my pocket

    Hailey Reinhart- Vision of love

    Jacob Lusk- Dirty Diana

    Karen Rodriguez- Like a prayer

    Naima Adedapo- Take my breath away

    Paul McDonald- Heaven

      • thank you.. i don't have any info but i remember from the past seasons that this songs always comes out…

  16. to thia…

    sing a more upbeat song, your young and full of life.. dont sing mellow song all the time… you are a pride to the filipinos…

  17. i think thia must sing a powerful upbeat song to showcase more of her personality.. like last dance donna summers… or hand in my pocket alanis song..

    • No way. Sorry, but Last Dance is not a good choice. Nice song but not for the show.

  18. Lauren needs to sing something to come across as sincere for the first time ever. Her persona is so fake. She is a good singer, but there is something so annoying about her personality. It smacks of insincerity.

    • Lauren is a sixteen year old girl. She's funny and out going. I don't have a problem with it, especially if she's just being herself.

    • Yeah, she's just 16, but I agree there is some "play-acting" going on. She probably just has no idea who she is yet (what 16 year-old does?), but nevertheless, I picked up on the insincerity when I saw her try to join in the farewells for Ashthon. She looked so out of place in the group of contestants who were sincerely showing some sadness and love for Ashthon. As far as her singing, I think it is good, very good. I love to hear her talk, too! But, ultimately, it's her song choices that have left me cold. Just not appealing to me at all.

  19. Naima Adedapo – 1984

    Paul McDonald – 1984

    Jacob Lusk – 1987

    Pia Toscano – 1988

    James Durbin – 1989

    Karen Rodriguez – 1989

    Stefano Langone – 1989

    Casey Abrams – 1991

    Haley Reinhart – 1991

    Scotty McCreery – 1993

    Lauren Alaina – 1994

    Thia Megia – 1995

    • Wow! Didn't know Naima is that old while Scotty is a teenage…He looks & sounds at least 10 years older than I thought…

  20. Pia – Tell it to My Heart (Taylor Dane)… or… Little Liar (Joan Jett)

    Paul – The Heart of Rock-n-Roll (Huey Lewis) or Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)

    Naima – When Doves Cry (Prince) or Smooth Operator (Sade)

    Thia I guess Carnival (Natalie Merchant) or Fantasy (Mariah Carey) but might be challenging and she will need to jazzify.

    Casey – When a Man Loves a Woman (Michael Bolton) or Wicked Game (Chris Isaac) or The Motown Song (Rod Stewart)

    James – 18 and Life (Skid Row) or Paradise city (Guns n Roses)

    Jacob – I Knew You Were Waiting (George Michael & Aretha Franklin)

    karen – or Eternal Flame (The Bangles)..ugh no idea really about her..

    Stefano – Listen to your Heart (Roxette) or My Perogative (Bobby Brown)

    Haley – Love Takes Time (Mariah Carey) or Fading Like a Flower (Roxette)

    Lauren – Wild one (Faith Hill)

    Scotty – ? im sure any country song and he'll just rack up the votes anyways..

  21. In my opinion the only winners so far have been JLo and Stephen…somebody had better start 'steppin to the winder'….peace

    • I think it's Steven Tyler and there is Stephen Colbert. Stephen Colbert is a comedian on Comedy Central. Jody

  22. Look out world here come James Durbin! Can't wait to listen to another great song from him this week. I only wish this was a two song week, the kid just has it!

  23. I love Paul McDonald… His voice is really nice… I download the disc of the night and his songs was the best record… I also like Haley´s song…

    I heate Casey Abrams, sorryyyyyy, but he scream a lot and always is the same… I heate Jakob Lusk´s version of I believe I can fly, itl was really bad… I really love Pia, but she cut the song during the performace in a bad way, but her record was really good. James Durbin was also great.

    • Hello Alan. I don't think Paul McDonald has a very good voice, but I think he has a certain style maybe like Ron Stewart. I like Casey because he is very talented because he can also play all those musical instruments. I agree that Jacob Lusk was not good with I believe I can fly. However, Jacob is a phenomenal singer singing high notes and singing in a low voice and all over the place. Jody

  24. My predictions are:

    Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams, and James Durbin will be the top five.

    To where as Paul McDonald, Thia Megia, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone are somewhere in the middle.

    Last and yes, least favorites: Karen Rodriguez and Naima Adedapo.

    Lauren Alaina: Lauren is going to go far because she is very likable, not only that but she is a good singer. Granted the past two weeks have been rough because she hasn't made the right song choices. I think she will redeem herself this week and pick a good song that suits her voice that is made for modern Country music.

    Scotty McCreery: He has a great old fashioned Country voice. People down south are obviously casting their votes his way, not only them but from what I've seen he's got a lot of teenage girls rooting for him as well. Hopefully he will continue to sing Country music, he will stick around until the top five if not longer.

    Pia Toscano: This girl has got a great voice for ballads. That's obviously where she feels most comfortable as she has picked those types of songs for the past two weeks. I think what I want to hear from her is a fast pace song. Because if I go see someone in concert I don't want to be sitting through a night full of holding my lighter in the air, I also want to kick it up and dance a little.

    Casey Abrams: He's a hoot. His husky, deep voice is really beautiful and he has rocked all of the songs he has chose. I think he will do very good in this competition because he knows how to pick songs that complement his voice so well. Top five materiel for sure.

    James Durbin: I'm sure he's got this comparison a lot but, he's very Adam Lambert. He's got this strong voice that is very up beat and fast. I'd like to hear him do a slow song, let's see if he can rock a ballad as well as he can a fast song. Kind of like when Adam Lamber slowed it down for Mad World.

    Paul McDonald: I love this guy. He's got this unique voice and a personality to match it. He needs to pick some songs that people know a little better.

    Thia Megia: Oh goodness, I want this girl to do good. She has a beautiful voice that I just want to hear do good. I've just been so bored with her performances. She needs to get some stage presence for sure.

    Jacob Lusk: He's got a really great gospel voice. I think he needs to continue to rock those high notes that he sings. Last week was a little rough but all the times before that he was really consistent.

    Haley Reinhart: Haley, Haley, Haley. She's got a beautiful voice, a raspy voice. I really like her voice, her personality just seem so… ugh, I don't even know. I just want her to seem a little happier on stage.

    Stefano Langone: Here's the thing, this guy is very likable. I just don't particularly like his voice live. Maybe if it was recorded it would sound better. I just don't know about him.

    Karen Rodriguez: Before I say this, please, please, please don't take this as racist comment. I understand that there are plenty of Spanish people in America. I understand that she is VERY proud of where she is from. I just, ugh, she seems so sweet, and proud. It's just this is AMERICAN Idol. And I don't have any problem with her, being Spanish, and on the show. It's just I, personally do NOT speak Spanish. I want her to get out of this phase where she thinks people will vote for her because she has a pretty voice because if I don't understand what your singing, I won't vote for you. I'm sorry. I think she will suffer from this if she doesn't start to sing different songs.

    Naima Adedapo: Naima. I love her. I LOVE her. I really do… she has pretty voice. I don't know. I just think people will want to hear more from her, different songs, and I hope she doesn't go home but I think she will be gone in the next few weeks.

    My prediction: Karen is next to go.

    • Maybe they just need to rename the show, because as we ALL SHOULD know AMERICA is a huge continent and sadly the US OF America has taken over the name of it all, and is an incorrect way to use it. North America, Central America and South America are part of the continent so… if a SOUTH AMERICAN woman wins American Idol… that is just OK. Now, I don't think Karen will go far, and its precisely for people thinking she doesn't belong in the AMERICAN Idol competition. Voice wise, she is equal or better than Pia, but she doesn't have Pia's look which – I don't know why – has the entire country drawling.

      • I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anything. Nor did I intend to come off as ignorant. I do know that America spreads further than just the United States, I guess what I was trying to say is it's filmed in the United States where most people speak English. I just have a hard time enjoying her performance when I don't understand half of it. I think she's great, I just can't vote for someone who I don't understand, ya know? πŸ™‚ I appreciate your opinion though.

    • I totally disagree about deciding to include Spanish lyrics in part of the songs. I think it's beautiful! Doesn't bother me one bit. I admit, I probably wouldn't buy music that was totally Spanish. But I did buy a CD of Edith Piaf several years ago–and I had no idea what the words were . . . couldn't help but listen to her over and over. So, with a great singer, the language is a minor hurdle.

      Now, having said that, I don't think Karen will last, either. Although she has a pretty voice, she was awful in her performances twice in a row. She deserved to be ousted last week, not Ashthon. I realize she is getting support from her cultural community, but unless she improves vastly this coming round, she should be let go on Thursday.

      • I get what your saying, honestly, I do. I just don't like not being able to understand, haha. Maybe that's my problem and other people do enjoy her, I'm sure. I just like to understand what their singing!

    • Hello Miranda. I think both Scotty and Jacob would be great singing Gospel. I don't mean on American Idol necessarily. I mean with their careers. A lot of country singers also sing Gospel. I thought James did good with Maybe I'm Amazing or whatever that Paul McCartney song is. I didn't think that Haley was unhappy on the stage. I think that Haley is always being sexy on the stage. Haley needs to sing a straight ballad or something and stop being sexy all the time. Jody

      • I agree, Scotty would rock some great Southern Gospel as well as Country music. I believe that Jacob was born to sing Gospel. As for James he has been very Consistent, and I didn't mean that she was unhappy, it just seemed like that a little, maybe it was her way of trying to make it sexy! πŸ™‚

    • I'm confused. In the beginning you said Naima was one of your last and least favorites. But in the end you said you lOVED her and hopes she stays. What do you mean? As for me, I happen to be a huge fan of hers. Viva Naima ! ! !

      • I love her as a person. She is so sweet and I do like her music, it's just not my favorite. That's what I mean. πŸ™‚ Sorry for the confusion.

    • Do u really feel like lauren has that likable factor i know shes a fantastic singer! but.. theres something that dosent seem nice about her?

      And i love haley to i think she has so much more of a voice than she is showing us!

      • Lauren is young and I think she is still finding herself, I think all fifteen, sixteen, seventeen years old teenagers aren't exactly at that full maturity level, so maybe that's what your interpreting as not nice or pouty. I don't know, I'm from the South just like her and I find her cute and spunky, haha. πŸ™‚

  25. Branden……Already ordered the CD-10th Anniversary but thanks for reminding us…..

    I totally agree with a lot of the comments…Pia has got to liven up with her choice of song…..NO MORE BALLADS. Scotty….his genre is country music and I agree thats what he should sing…..His contract is waiting for him…win or lose…..

    Thia has to find something to jazz up her act.

    Stefano….needs to sing something upbeat also.

    James….can sing anything as far as I'm concerned. We know he can sing rock and last week he sang mellow so in my book he can sing anything. He should be one of the last two standing….

    Good Luck to all the idols tomorrow night….

    • Hey Phyllis. I thought that Stefano singing Stevie Wonder was singing something upbeat. I thought that was very catchy. Jody

  26. can't wait to see my idol, james durbin tonight. his voice is sooooo amazing and and find him very attractive and hot.

    • Hey Danny. This is Tuesday. I don't think American Idol is on Tonight. American Idol is on Wednesday and Thursday Nights. Jody

  27. The best song for Thia this week is "Shy Guy" by Diana King and not that Melissa Etheridge song.

    • I vote for that Coolio song. lol. But can you imagine if she came out and did something like that?

  28. So yeah, I guess some of my birth years were off. But who knows for sure what years any of them were born? I've seen lists made but NO ONE gave any credit where they got their information from. For example, If Lauren JUST turned 16 after auditions, then how was she born in 1994? I guess her birthday is in December. I'm confused. I knew doing this particular blog was a mistake. LOL. But I'm glad I gave the people who love to complain and cut people down something to complain about and cut me down about! So yay for you guys!

  29. Ok Paul needs to bet out a big tune….show us he is versatile and has some volume….he almost whispers sometimes…I like him but he needs to step it up…Naima is ok but not great…should change her look…tone it down a bit…James will be in it till the end…Stefano is very good…needs to sing some rock tunes…Pia should sing something jazzy and upbeat…Scotty will get signed for country but honestly he doesn't have much range. Jacob should sing some Michael Jackson and not oversing it…Karen too soft she won't last…Thia has a pure voice but show us what you can do with vocal range…Lauren is great but I predict the judges wil use the save on her at some point.

  30. Haley is pretty good but I don't think she will be around more than a few more weeks…she always sounds the same to me…just like Scotty…change it up

    • Haley hasn't found who she wants to be as an artist which is why she's going back and forth. Scotty knows exactly who he is, a Country singer. So, he'll probably stay as close to home as he can, and he'll probably continue to fly through the competition as well, because he's REALLY great at what he already knows how to do. I think Haley should find who she wants to be and I disagree, Scotty needs to stick to the stuff he knows. πŸ™‚

  31. Naima singing Pat Benetar? No thanks.

    How Pat Benetar ever became an American Idol standard is curious.

    Naima could rock…

    People are People by Depeche Mode

    Would I lie to you, Eurythmics

    Talk to me, Stevie Nicks

    I'm on Fire, Springsteen

    or something real pop like Sheila E's Glamorous LIfe

  32. Haley is my favorite, I love her voice but she does to get the attention of the viewers. I've been reading the comments for the past few weeks and there is hardly any mention of her. She just not noticed so her objective is to get noticed. As far as her personality, I like a little attitude. I'll be happy if she makes the top 10 so I can go see her perform on tour.

    • I love Haley, too. And I agree with you, no was is gaga over her. But she has a wonderful sound. I think a lot of younger viewers thought yodeling was corny or something. They didn't understand her huge skill set. Other than that for a reason, I just don't get it. She is terrific!

    • Haley is my favorite, I love her voice but she doesn’t get the attention of the viewers. I've been reading the comments for the past few weeks and there is hardly any mention of her. She’s just not noticed, so her objective is to get noticed. As far as her personality, I like a little attitude. I'll be happy if she makes the top 10 so I can go see her perform on tour.

  33. Here is my order of the top 12:

    12th: Karen (Dunno, just not as good as the others)

    11th: Thia Megia (Good voice, No emotion at all and she bores me alot.)

    10th: Niama ( Her performance of Umbrella i liked but everything else was kinda bad, never know she might redeem herself.)

    9th: Paul ( His voice is unique, however lacks power and volume, and his dance moves are pathetic, but funny.)

    8th: Lauren: (Very good singer for age, She has just never connected with me.)

    7th: James Dirbin: I used to hate this guy when he just threw out screams, however im starting to slightly like this dude.

    6th Haley: Just a Nice voic,but she needs to figure out what artist she wants to be and stick with it.)

    5th: Pia: (Great Voice!, however can be boring at times.

    4th: Scotty ( Loving his Country voice, but his range is quite low.

    3rd: Jacob (Amazing! thats all i can say, but sometimes this guys personality can be a bit disturbing.)

    2nd Casey ( Love him, Great voice, Nice guy, Nothing bad about him.)

    1st: STEFANO( WOW, amazing voice, Likeable guy, Just love him, Glad he didnt die in that Car crash, God bless him, Soo Stefano For the win

      • Pia bores me, not Thia. At least, Thia doesn't scream and has a nice voice and tone. Pia screams a lot and acts the same. Lauren acts all sucked up and acts too much like Kelly Pickler. Karen also bores me. Haley sounds nice and has a different kind of singing. Naima is nice girl but not vocally. So, for my list, it's Thia and Haley for the girls.

        For the boys, it's Scotty, James and Casey. Jacob is ok. Paul dances and moves around too much. Stefano is boring. I must say though this is a much, much better group than the last yr's.

      • I agree with that reply…Pia is getting way too much credit. She's boring and just screams. Everyone says Thia needs to mix it up, but she did that last week…the crowd was into it and everything, clapping along to it. But then look how the judges replied, which I still don't get. I really thought it was a good performance, just not as good as the week before. But I can't see how anyone would put Thia as low as 11th in their ratings. To each his own, I guess.

      • KL, I am with you. I didn't think Pia is as good as the judges and others think. All she does is screams which I cannot stand. This is not singing and she is overrated.

        Thia did very well last week. Like you said, Thia did mix up the song last week and it was fine. If you listen to her studio version, it is beautiful. I think the judges didn't want Thia to mix it up and wanted her to leave it alone. Her tone and voice outsang everyone else's. It was just the arrangements that the judges weren't crazy about. Just because it's one so so performance, some think that she will be in the 11th place??? Give me a break! There are weaker vocals and singing like Karen and Naima and even Stefano. Thia has more talent than anyone in this competition because of her amazing voice. And with a voice like hers, what is sleepy means??? Was anyone paying attention to those incredible vocals and tone of hers??? It is so captivating. It's like Scotty, his voice is so strong, that even everybody notices it.

      • No this is my top 12 im my opinion who i like, However its not where i think they will come, Thia will go quite far, she just dosent appeal to me much

  34. Hallelujah, which is a great song and was made famous by Jeff Buckley (RIP), was actually written by Leonard Cohen. Love Idol this year, so much talent and the Judges are not irritating me to the point that I can barely watch the show, which they were doing more and more each season until now.

  35. I was afraid that Idol would lose its popularity when they replaced 3 of the judges this year, but I must admit I like it even better! Steven and Jennifer give constructive criticism without stepping on people's toes and trying to hurt their feelings, and of course Randy is always the bomb. And the talent is, I think, the best it's ever been! My favorites are Casey, Paul and James.

    • I, too, was pleasantly surprised by the judges. Love your favorites! I would hasten to add Haley, too, though!

      • I agree! Randy has always been my favorite judge out of the original judges. I absolutely love Steven and Jennifer as well, they all mix very well together and seem to have more fun that the three before did, making the show more enjoyable.

        My favorites: Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano, and Casey Abrams.

  36. I love reading all the comments. It's great!! I really like this season. Most competitors are so unique and bring their own flavor.

    My early favorite was Lauren…but as someone else said…she just needs to hit the right song to redeem herself. She will go far. Acting her age is also a plus!Man, if I was 16 and had got to sing with Steven Tyler and it sounded great…I would be a little star struck too.

    I am not a rock and roll fan, I am more of an R&B, reggae, calypso etc… kinda of girl but I really like James Durbin…he's a pro, he's got a voice, I like that he sang Paul M. last week. I think he will go very far…if not the top 3. If he keeps it up, he will go all the way with his stage presence…

    Pia is a great vocalist … but can she dance, not sure she does not move on stage…I'd like to see what she can do…

    Paul McDonald….I don't know his songs, but very interesting voice…I would like to hear him sing Bryan Adams…

    Scotty … he's country!! He'll get a deal no matter what …someone suggested he try singing "I Swear" I would like to hear that…

    Stefano — I'm not a fan…and as Simon would say in his British accent…"he's not memorable…"

    Haley — I like her rasp…Does anyone know Lee Aaron, my friends use to listen to her growing up and I seem to remember a song singing "Barely Holding on…" Not sure of year or anything…but I see Haley more as a rocker

    Naima – She has all the flavour…Yes, she is pitchy and all over, but with practice and some breathing exercises she will rock the house. She has potential. I think some are afraid of her because she's bringing a little dancehall to the stage….I also believe she does not need to tone anything down..she's representing her and she looks great!

    Thia – Very nice tone … but needs to mix it up!

    Karen – forgettable

    Casey – Great stage presence…I don't think many take him seriously – I don't think he takes himself seriously but I think he will be around for a while.

    Jacob — Not sure … He brings power but … not sure if he's just gospel…don't know ..

    Just my opinion…

  37. You can find out the contestants birth years by going to the "American Idol Finalists" page on wikipedia.

  38. Here are the birthdays for the top 12 along with song ideas this week.

    Naima Adedapo (born October 5, 1984) – "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper or "Borderline" by Madonna

    Paul McDonald (born August 24, 1984) -"Wrapped Around Your Finger" by The Police or "Drive" by The Cars

    Jacob Lusk (born June 23, 1987) – "Always" by Atlantic Starr, "Didn't We Almost Have It All" by Whitney Houston or "Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram

    Pia Toscano (born October 14, 1988) – "I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett or "Pink Cadillac" by Natalie Cole

    James Durbin (born January 6, 1989) – "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison or "Patience" by Guns N Roses

    Stefano Langone (born February 27, 1989) – "If You Don't Know Me by Now" by Simply Red or "The Living Years" by Mike + the Mechanics

    Karen Rodriguez (born March 3, 1989) – "Forever Your Girl" by Paula Abdul or "After All" by Cher & Peter Cetera

    Casey Abrams (born February 12, 1991) – "More Than Words" by Extreme or "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over" by Lenny Kravitz

    Haley Reinhart (born March 21, 1991) – "Something to Talk About" by Bonnie Rait

    Scotty McCreery (born October 9, 1993) – "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston or "Chattahoochee" by Alan Jackson

    Lauren Alaina (born December 25, 1994) – "Come to My Window"by Melissa Ethridge or "All I Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow

    Thia Megia (born January 1, 1995) – "Thank You" by Boyz II Men, "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins or "If You Love Me" by Brownstone

    • Simon, "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins is nice.

      Wow, Lauren is born on Christmas Day, and Thia is on New Year Day. These girls must meant to be someone famous and great.


    • Score One!! Stefano sang Simply Red – If You Don't Know Me By Now just now!!! That's one I picked for him above…yay! Randy just said it's the BEST performance of the night. Crazy!!! LOL…J-Lo just now said Stefano's performance was CRAZY!!

    • Boo Pia. She's singing the sad "Where Do Broken Heart's Go?" tonight. A lot of people were wanting Pia to do something more upbeat and I think "I Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett could have been amazing. I don't know what the judges will have to say but I think this one was just ok for me…Steven loved her calling it retro…Jlo gave her credit for doing something up-tempo…Randy said Pia is in it to win it and she's bringing it every week. Oh well, it must just be a matter of taste but I still think Pia was just ok…maybe a 7 or 8 out of ten.

    • Scotty isn’t doing “Chatahoochie” but he is doing country tonight. He’s going with Travis Tritt’s “Can I Trust You With My Heart?” I think he came through with a 9.5 or 10 on the vocals. Great base again. Great tone. Jennifer said Scottie “pushed out there” with his big notes but thinks he cam do more. Randy liked the country but thought he could challenge himself. Steven thought Scotty is on the right track and liked the country again this week.

    • Next up Karen, who will be singing Taylor Dayne's "Love Will Lead You Back." I give her a 7/5 or 8 and note that she didn't succeed to pick a song that was up tempo like a lot of people wanted. Did she just sing in Spanish again when I was typing that last remark. Randy isn't jumping up and down but said he liked hit better than last week. Steven liked the ethnic touch and Jennifer told Karen not to expose her own weaknesses and perform to her strengths.

  39. Thia should sing YOU GOTTA BE by DES'REE

    She can pull it off with her jazzy style

    and the beat of the song is not that boring..hahaha

    Thia have the potential…

    Please choose the songs that will showcase your capabilities as an artist and have the entertainment value to captivate the voters πŸ˜‰

    • i totally agree. really hoping Thia sings "you gotta be." it'll be a sure hit. i can hear her singing in my head already. Thia's such a small package of huge talent. i like it that they call her the jazz princess.

  40. MY BET IS THIA !!!!

    its a singing competition .

    thia's got the tone the pitch and oh the voice.

    so pure and not so FAKE.

    go Thia you can do it .be proud

    be strong


    • Hello winnbond, thank you for your posting. I thought I was the only one who is rooting for Thia. I totally agreed with 100%.

      It is a singing competition, so go Thia! May the best vocal win

      • i think she has the best voice among all the contestants, but she has to have a lot more confidence and verve. otherwise, she will never outshine the rest. go, thia!!! πŸ™‚

      • I agree with you all…Thia has a great voice. So she should experiment and loosen up a bit…wazzup with the judges i thinks Jacob Lusk has the worst performance tonight his voice is sooo irritating…GO THIA!!!!

      • the only fact about thia i don't like is that she was already on america's got talent and she did go pretty far. it's an unfair advantage that she has laypeople who already know her. that said…she's got the purest voice in the competition and i hope she'll make it to the top 3 at least.

        my favourite's still paul, but that's because i love that voice that's made for indie. not a very mainstream pop sound, but hell. he's awesome.

      • To lishun,it doesn't matter if Thia was on Agt. She didn't win that competition anyway. It's not about how many competition shows one has been on. It was a good practice for her to be in front of millions of people during that show. It's not like she has a recording contract back then. If she did, she didn't need to be on AI.

        Yes, Thia does have the purest voice, I agree and I am hoping that she will make it to the top 3 too.

        As for Paul, he does have a different voice, but he should stop dancing and smiling for a while.

    • Idol hasn't really been about the best singer in several seasons. In seasons 7 & 8, it was about the best overall musician, and apparently last year it didn't even require being able to sing on key. Thia has a lovely voice, but she's immature and lacks energy as a performer, so I don't expect her to go much further if she doesn't pick up her performance soon.

      • JL,

        I completely agree with you about Thia. While she has a terrific singing voice, her personality on the stage just bores me completely and it is hard to watch her. She doesn't CONNECT with the audience at all. But she is young. I thought they should have told her try again next year.

    • tired of that much divas' and rockers' shouting powers…

      thia just clearly tells the whole story through her songs.

      • jhi, so true. I can't say it better. Thank you. Those were the words that I was looking for. What is wrong with the judges…thinking that screaming and shouting are singing?

        I couldn't even watch and listen to Pia because of all her screaming! Man, I wish I could tell the judges that the great Vanessa Williams and Celine Dion or even Barbra Streisand sing ballads too!

        Why couldn't the judges look at each individuals as who they are and not just trying to change who they want them to be.

      • I just listened to Thia's Color of the Wind Studio Version and it's beautiful. She clearly tells the whole story through her songs, like you said, jhi. I totally agreed with you. I love it, I love Thia. Her singing is so clear and pure, I cried.

        It's so beautiful and so easy on my ears. It even heals my soul whenever I hear Thia sings.

        As for her performance last night, I thought she was stunning. It was beautiful and she nailed it. So what it's safe. So what it's a ballad. Why fix something when it's not broken. Her voice is truly a gift.

      • Thia, if you are reading this, please do spice up your songs or else you're in trouble. I don't want to see that happen because I want to see and hear more from you. I think you would do well with Celine Dion's Power of Love, Whitney Houston's I wanna dance with Somebody, or even Leona Lewis' Bleeding LOve. Lighten up like you do in the group performances. Don't be shy. You are an amazing singer! You can sing anything to me but when you are in a competition, you have to do what the people wants. I know you can sing anything.

    • thia is such a great singer.she has a very great voice and she has perfect tone and pitch. but she is always on the safe side. hope she sings an upbeat song next. GO THIA!!!!

      • For Thia, a Madonna songs(Take a bow) or Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry would be good too? As long as you do an upbeat song next time, and show everyone, then you'll be safe.

        Jody, maybe Whitney Houston's high notes are too hard for Thia, but she can make it her own, right?

    • Thia has the best voice. She sings so good it's good food to my soul. I was afraid of the song choice, but she had the guts and nerve to sing it. I thought it was beautiful! Kudos to you, Thia. The judges are deaftone.

      Next time, Thia, show 'em what else you have to offer. I know you have more to offer. I know you can sing up beat songs as well. I know you can because you do have a bigger and biggest voice among the rest.

    • I believe that what Thia is doing now is just enough to get through to the next round (that is, not to be eliminated). In the past two stages of the competition, she chose to show off the quality of her tone and clearness of her diction. She has great control in transition to high or low tones….no shouting, unlike most of the bunch who shout the high notes.

      Go Thia, show them that you are doing calculated risks (not taking unnecessary risks at this stage) but will in due time display all your wares!!

      • I agree with, daniel. Now, I think it's time Thia should show them all her wares. Spunk it up, Thia. You have to, to stay in the competition. I want to see more of you so, got to spunk it up even though I love all your ballads. It's time. Show everybody some more of your talents.

      • I truly hope that Thia has to do something else, do as the judges say if she still wants to be in the game. She has to before it's too late. Just as much as I want her to stay in the game, she needs and has to go spunky. It's how people play the game. We all know how amazing and great her voice is now. Now she has to do like she did in the audition. Please, Thia..pick something more current perhaps and spunk it up. I can imagine her singing Bleeding Love. I don't want to lose you. Just do it.

    • Thia, don't be shy..You have the talents and most promising star to be. We watch your video on youtube via America got talents you did an awesome performance. Show it not before it's too late. We voted for you and we are proud of you as your kababayan..Go Thia

  41. First of all I am CRUSHED that you have Casey second to last — he is brilliant — he may not win — I don't know if he has complete unilateral appeal — just as long as he stays long enough to secure a deal I think he will have kicked off a life long career. Clint Eastwood is probably writing a script for him already. What should he sing? I don't care, anything he sings suits me. He probably won't be able to do another Joe Cocker but "You Can Keep Your Hat On" would have been even better than "A Little Help From My Friends", I think.

    • Ayshford, I can't please everyone, trust me. I think Casey has amazing talent, but he comes off as douchey. If I had him placed any higher, then someone would just accuse me of being racist because Thia and Jacob are at the bottom. Don't be crushed. I'm glad he's your favorite. I seriously can't please everyone.

      • Actually most everything you write is pleasing — witty, interesting, informative — I like reading your posts. Maybe you will never be a fan of Casey's but I think if you find him less than cool it is only because he is so young (he auditioned at 19) and visibly unsure of himself even though he is so talented. Compared to the swagger most people bring into the try-outs look at the tape again of Casey's try-out. His innocence and honest surprise/gratitude are so real — he is there alone too. I wish they would cool the whole "sexy" thing — talent is sexy — but they should give the kid (and he is just a kid) time!

      • Well thank you. It's still early. If Casey sticks around long enough, I'm sure I'll like him. I didn't like David Cook at first during his season then found myself calling in to vote for him by the end. I never vote! So, things change! πŸ˜‰

  42. To BRANDEN: All of their birthdates are listed on Wikipedia! Naima Adedapo born Oct. 5, 1984. Pia Toscano Oct. 14, 1988, James Durbin Jan. 6, 1989, etc. Look them up.

    • Oh yeah. Because Wikipedia is 100 percent accurate! Drat! Why didn't I think of wikipedia??

      • @ Branden …LOL….. πŸ™‚ btw…has anyone in the know (like you) heard anything about Casey…how is he doing. I sincerely hope better. Even though I am a James Durbin to win fan…I like Casey…he has a uniqueness about him (like Paul) that I find endearing…awwww… πŸ™‚

      • LOL Branden. Branden, I completely agree with you on Pia. If she sings another ballad, I will completely tune her out. Hit the SNOOZE on that crap. I think they should limit how many ballads they do per season because ballad after ballad is just not good television.

        Would love to hear Haley tackle Nothing Compares 2 U, she definitely has the voice for it. Roam would also be great.

        Branden, I actually agree with you on the entire article. Let's see if Karen can save herself. I was so disappointed in her last week and honestly don't care if she stays or not. I feel the same way about Jacob, who I used to like until last week's weak (or actually, extremely overdone) performance.

    • I think Lauren should go back to what she did in her audition. Sing an Aerosmith song. Bring it girl! I know you could be better than Kelly Clarkson.

      • Thank you!!! I picked Lauren to be in the final 2 based on her audition…but what happened to her? She will go all the way if she goes back to the personality and talent she showed early on!

    • Absolutely,

      Her first song in auditions I thought was ok but when she sang aerosmith she was phenomenal. I have Casey as the win with Lauren, Jacob and Country guy not far behind

  43. I think Pia should do something like "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman or put a spin on Hall & Oats "Everything Your Heart Desires". Faith by George Michael could be cool as well.

  44. i would like to see lauren do something that really shows off her voice! i wanna hear that huge range that they say she has ? im thinking maybe martina mcbride independance dayy ?

  45. Would love to hear Pia or Lauren sing Sara Mclauglin's "Angel" which has a wide voice range.

    Also, would like to hear Scotty sing Chris Medina's "What are words"

    • No way, Pia should sing Angel. She will butcher the song. Lauren can do better than Pia.

  46. It's funny how we all hear completely different things. I wouldn't have agreed with any of your choices sooo just shows how these guys get song selection problems hard for different people to agree on the same types of songs

  47. And like the song selections your picks in order of best to last needs work. Maybe reversal order would help

  48. What the contestants and Brandon SHOULDN'T do is say they are going to sing a song by a particular singer, which indicates to me they are going to copy someone elses version of a song. They should sing their version of a song by a composer. For example, Brandon, you should have said “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Quit short changing the composers and encourage creativity.

  49. Hey all. I'm just curious — am I the only one who doesn't think Pia is that talented? I'm just not seeing (or hearing) what's causing all the hype. Not only do I think she's not that good, I actually think she's sings pretty badly.

    Stefano I also find incredibly annoying (ugh, that cheesey smile) and not a particularly good singer.

    My favorites at this point are James, Jacob, and Haley, although I admit Haley may not last long because the audience doesn't seem to have taken to her. I think Scotty's a great singer, but I'm not sure what he's doing in this competition. I can't imagine him winning or even being in the finals.

    I really like Casey a lot, though he seems to be "trying too hard". His Hollywood auditions were incredible, but in the competition, I feel like he's been overdoing it.

    Jacob is IMHO one of the most talented singers they've ever had on the show. While I think he's incredible, it appears he's one of those love-him-or-hate-him contestants, so that could cause a problem down the road.

    None of the girls have really blown me away yet, but hopefully someone will have a standout performance soon. Looking forward to tonight!

    • Hey Pete, nope, you're not the only one who thinks that about Pia. I think so too.

    • I agree completely about Pia. She displays absolutely no originality, soul, or genuine emotion. She's a pale imitation of Celine Dion who is a pale imitation of Barbra Streisand.

      • Sorry Pete, I have to disagree. Stefano was amazing tonite. He carried the notes and made the song current and new. He was surprisingly on point. I didn't think he had it in him. You are soooooo wrong about him.

        Pia sings well also. She's not my favorite but please!!!! stop hating. Give the girl her due. She's an amazing singer and a so-so performer. But that can be improved on with experieince, which she is getting weekly on AI.

    • OK thanks πŸ™‚ …all my friends think I'm nuts because I'm not in love with Pia's singing, and I was starting to wonder if I was crazy!

      • I agree too, I don't think that any of the girls will be left after a few rounds of voting. The one I understand least is Lauren Alaina — whatever it is that the judges hear in her voice and rave about I just do not hear even the least little bit.

      • I am not in love with Pia's singing. She shouts often and she gets off key and pitch but the judges seem to think she can do no wrong. Thia is much better with her pure singing.

  50. Branden: In response to your positive comment about David Cook; glad you say he got your votes too…he's a good person, singer & songwriter. Voters should remember the show is called "Idol". Have you been to one of Cook's concerts?(NICE!) "Idol", by definition, should be someone that our "hero-hungry" kids can look UP to & respect.

  51. James Durbin is so awkward after performing and although he has Tourette's and/or autism and this is going to hurt him in the music industry. He keeps twitching, blinking, and kind of looks silly after performing. Sure, he has a good voice, but maybe he should consider a different line of work-people can criticize my opinions, and that is OK, but he looks stupid when he finishes. What medication and help is he getting-is he just hiding in his music to overcome his disabilities?? I would not vote for him, and people compare him to Adam Lambert, but Adam is soooo much better! This season is becoming pathetic!

    • Oh man what planet are you from? What you have written is just so very wrong, in every possible way. James can't help the way he looks and it's a SINGING competition, not a beauty contest. Also, to the best of my knowledge, when you hear a singer on the radio, you can't see them. And I surely hope that James "cuts a record" after Idol. I'd buy it.

      • @ Mary…I agree. It should not, but at times I am amazed at the cruelty of some of these comments. I think James has an incredible talent and an outstanding person by pursuing his dreams. His performance tonight was great…given the choice of song. James Durbin rocks… πŸ™‚

      • Oh my goodness. I can't believe what lin333 just said. What a cruel thing to say. I have to agree with Mary and Rose. It's a good thing that James is there. He sets an example to those who have disabilities that anything is possible. He would be a great idol too. He has such a great talent that I am so impress with because of who he is. Yeah, he sounds like Adam, but only better. James doesn't dress weird with all those crazy makeups and nail polish, or doesn't even stick out his tongue. James is another one who I am rooting for.

    • In referance to James's medication,I think lin33's should be altered!Or lay off the crack.James has my vote all the way maybe partly BECAUSE of his captivating mannerisms.

    • lin333,

      Do you even know anything about Tourette's? You really pissed me off with your comments. One of my very best friends has a son with Tourette's and those ticks, which is what they are, the blinking and all that, he cannot help it. I am holding back from calling you all the bad names I want to because of your blatant ignorance.

      • Never mind the fact that he totally rocks that stage in spite of his affliction. You can barely tell he has Tourette's.

      • @ T. Totally agree….lin333…get educated…unnecessary cruel comments are very unbecoming~!!! Just saying.

    • Dear lin333, I've been looking for you. What a terrible thing to say about someone, with not only one disabilitiy, but two !!!!! JAMES DURBIN is an inspiration to people all over the world. He is showing them that no matter what life throws at you never, never,never give up. never gives you . I love him and I hope he wins the darn show, he has my votes, his singing is out of this world !!

  52. Scotty isn't doing "Chatahoochie" but he is doing country tonight. He's going with Travis Tritt's "Can I Trust You With My Heart?" I think he came through with a 9.5 or 10 on the vocals. Great base again. Great tone. Jennifer said Scottie "pushed out there" with his big notes but thinks he cam do more. Randy liked the country but thought he could challenge himself. Steven thought Scotty is on the right track and liked the country again this week.

  53. tired of that much divas' and rockers' shouting powers…

    just love it done the thia's way

    • jhi, me too. I'm sick and tired of that much diva's and rockers' shouting and screaming powers. I guess their shouts are so loud that the judges are losing their hearing to hear what beautiful and pure music is all about. I've always love Thia's way. While all the others are like wild waves and earthquakes, Thia's way is always a calming moon be still at night. It is so good to see someone different and unique.

  54. Hello Simon. I can't see Scotty singing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. She sings up high and Scotty has such a low voice. I know that Scotty needs to sing something else besides Country, but Scotty needs a diiferent song than that. Jody

    • Jody, I totally dissagree! First of all, "I Will Always Love You" is not by Whitney – it was written and recorded by Dolly Parton and sung to Burt Reynolds in the movie "Best Little Whore House in Texas". Since most people are not familiar with it's origin, I think that it would be an awesome choice for Scotty (almost poetic) – a chance for him to bring the song back home to its country roots and I personally would love to here that song sans screaming.

  55. Hello Mystery. Maybe that poster didn't like Naima's clothes or look at first, but then that poster saw The Umbrella and fell in love with Naima. Jody

  56. I didn't know that Thia was born on New Year's Day. I WAS Born on New Year's Day. Jody

  57. Hello Brandon. I don't think posters should be accused of being racist if they think that Thia doesn't have a powerful voice or that Jacob might only do Gospel or cried that time or screamed his song last week. By the way, I think that Jacob is the most talented because of his vocal range. Jacob sings low and then sings high notes. Jody

  58. I like Thia she has a good voice…come on like Celine Dion or Regine Velasquez…more power

    • I know Thia could do this. Show 'em, Thia!

      I think you could do a Celine Dion song and show them all!

      Still, I still love your performance tonight. It was beautiful, unlike all those noisy screams! You've just 'colored' my day!

      I can't wait to download your song! Absolutely fantastic. I cried cause of your beautiful voice.

      • Perhaps a Whitney Houston song too would be good for Thia. She has got to do what the judges are looking for or it's hers to lose.

        By the way, does anyone ever notice Thia is more lightened up and more relaxed during the group performances?

        Now that is the Thia I think the judges and many of us are looking for.

        She must be scared on her solo performances. But what is to be afraid of, Thia? You've got what it takes to win! Your voice!!! Just remember how you did when you first auditioned.

    • I wonder if Randy and J.Lo are looking for Thia to turn into a spunky funky girl. Steven seemed to like what Thia sang. I can tell Steven is looking at each individuals at his/her comfort zones. Why be somebody you're not comfortable at?

    • yes ur ryt..she could have picked one of celine's song"river deep mountain high" or taking chances.i love celine and thia too.she can do more..and the prev was all good and for sure she's now planning something we'll be amazed of by next week.pls THIA do it!we love u.

  59. Hello Rose. I read that Casey left the hospital, but I didn't watch American Idol tonight on the TV. I will watch American Idol tomorrow morning on the Internet. I think it's odd that I haven't seen any headlines about Casey returning tonight. I sure do hope that they don't disqualify Casey. I would rather have it be that Casey wasn't feeling good enough to return. At least, that can't be helped, but they don't have to disqualify Casey. Jody

  60. I am tired of Pia, she shouts some and she gets off often. I cannot grasp why the judges don't hear this especially when they play back the tapes of the show. I didn't think Jacob was great and his tongue is always showing, UGLY. I didn't like Casey's take on Kurt's song. The judges seem enthralled with him though. I thought Thia did a good job and her voice is very pure. Paul was himself and do pretty good, too. Lauren did a real good job, as did Scotty. I want him to sing something other than country or something that is between the two. James has it down, but his facial express bother me. Karen did fair, as did Haley, but Namia, not good. Stefano did a good job with his song and I hope America votes for him. I am tired of some getting slammed for their song choice being the same, but Pia never does, albeit her song tonight was a little different(and she messed up) but the judges still raved even though she shouted twice and was off key at least once. Go figure.

    • Pia is overrated. That's all she can do. The judges need to rewind all of her performances and see and listen to her more carefully. Oh man, I am tired of all her screams! I just don't get it. Gosh.

    • callie, I am with you. I couldn't even stand to look, watch and listen to Pia. She is like a version of Adam Lambert with nothing but screams, shouts and screeches and boring. I don't see why the judges praise her so much when all her performances sound the same. And yet, they criticized Thia for being the same. She shows no emotions and souls. She gives me a headache.

  61. Branden…..just wanted to let you know that I care about what you have to say. I agreed with most of your reviews about the top 13 last week and look forward to what you have to write about this week's top 12. (I didn't save you to my favourites bleep it and took 20 minutes to find you tonight!) I just hope that Naima sorts out her pitchiness, of which I don't care about, as I love her to bits. I hope she stays.

  62. Hello JL. I didn't see Jason because I have only watched last season of American Idol. However, I watch American Idol on the Internet. I thought that Lee did a good job, but maybe it was because of that choir. I thought it was very powerful. However, I hated K.D.Lang's version at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I thought K.D.Lang was just singing Hallejulia over and over. It seemed like Hallejulia was the only word in the song. Jody

  63. Hey Miranda. Those are my favorites also except that I would also have Jacob. Jody

  64. Hey Barbara. I don't know if you know, but Chris Medina had that Fiance named Julie and she was in the wheel chair. Chris Medina auditioned for American Idol. Remember when Jennifer had to tell Chris Medina that he couldn't go on from there. Jennifer was all upset and she didn't know if she could go on and do the Show. Jody

  65. The best contestant is Scott Dangerfield! He was in the Milwaukee Auditions. He was chosen to go to Hollywood, but did not attend.

  66. I think I need to close my eyes to hear whether Lauren can sing well or not. There is something about her that irritates me so much, that I am put off by her straight away. Her personality grates my nerves

  67. Hey Pete. I think that Pia has a powerful voice. Pia modulates to another or higher key. However, people might think that Pia is screaming. I think it's interesting that people like to have James or even Casey scream, but they don't want Jacob or Pia to scream. It's a little bit like one person should sing an upbeat song and another person should sing a slow song or a Ballad. I don't think Stefano has a cheesy smile. I think that Paul McDonald has a cheesy smile. Jody

  68. Lauren is very perky and sounds like Carrie Underwood and Lauren is 16. Lauren is very talented and seems like a natural at her age. Lauren seems to be very impressive. Jody

  69. Hey Lin. This is the best season of American Idol. American Idol has never had such fabulous singers. There is Jacob who has an Incredible range and Pia is a powerful singer. Casey Plays all those Instruments. Lauren seems like she will be another Carrie Underwood. James screams, but James can also sing Mellow like with Paul McCartney Song. Personally, I thought Julie and JayCee had good voices. However, JayCee didn't know how to perform and neither does Thia even though she has a good voice. Jody

    • Please, I like Lauren but she will never be another Carrie Underwood. Carrie is never naive and there will always be only one Carrie. She is more of a Kellie Pickler.

    • I saw the year Carrie won and she wasn't that powerful but she has definitely grown over the years. Lauren is 16 cut her a break shes young with an accent and bubbly personality but as much as I love Picklers personality there is definitely no comparison between the voices.

  70. i love reading all the comments here on this page:i think this is the very best season on IDOL:they're all great.some comments are tru:lets begin with PIA:she has nice voice however she sometimes just shout and using headtone to reach it:i will not not make this long:im always excited to watch THIA perfoms,everything in her is just unique and it heals me from being lonely.all the rest has their own style.and i love scotty too he's cute.goodluck to tonights result.but pls i hope THIA will stay longer

    • jayson, I hope so too. You are right about Thia, everything she does is just unique…and even heals my soul when I listen to her too.

      • ur ryt anonymously yours :i wouldnt feel any excitement anymore if THIA will be eliminated..huhuhu..cant take it if that would happen..

      • I'm watching because of Thia. I really enjoy this season more because of Thia.

  71. Hello Nancy. Are you Hispanic? I thought Karen was better last night than she has been. I am glad that Karen got away from Selena. However, I thought Stefano for example was better than Karen and so was Thia for singers that don't scream. Jody

  72. Did you see Jackie Evancho on YouTube? She was on America's Got Talent and she is 10 Years Old and she Sings Opera. Now that is an Awesome Performance. By the way, Justin Bieber was also on YouTube. In fact, I heard that it was because of Justin Bieber that they have 15 Year Olds like Thia on American Idol this season. Jody

  73. Paul MacDonald, if you get this message try some Chris DeBurg music like (Ship To Shore) or the one that would could do and I forget the name but the story is about the devil and god playing poker for souls on a train. I thing you could pull that off.

  74. I don't think Thia can sing the high notes that Whitney Houston sings. If Thia was Mariah Carey, then Thia could sing the high notes. Jody

  75. Hello Mojo. I did know that, but I forgot. I know that was in Texas, but I still can't see Scotty singing that even if Dolly Parton doesn't sing the high notes. Jody

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