American Idol Spoilers: Season 11 Hollywood Week Hopefuls

American Idol 2012 judges

Ready for some more American Idol spoilers? The Idol Pad is delivering again thanks to the hard work of the mysterious “FallenAngelGabriel” and his (her?) sleuthing skills. While we can’t confirm the accuracy, it’s still fun.

So as most of you already know, every season on American Idol the judges tour the country picking out the best potential candidates. The singers who make it past the first round get to come back and perform directly to Steven, JLo, and Randy. Those who impress the judges panel are handed a golden ticket and sent on to Hollywood.

This year there are 300 ticket holders and the list has been all filled out. Want to know who is on it? Maybe that friend who suddenly vanished from Facebook and Twitter? Jump on over to TIP and read through the full list to see if you recognize any names. We’ll soon see them appearing on American Idol 2012 when it premieres on January 18th. The new season is almost here!