BREAKING: Simon Cowell Quits American Idol Over Tim Urban


April Fools’ Update: Yes, this was just a joke. We hope you had a great April 1st with lots of fun and laughs. Lucky for you, this season of Idol will be full of Simon all the way to the end.

You weren’t the only one shocked last night when Didi Benami was eliminated over Tim Urban. Despite it being his last season with American Idol, Simon Cowell has decided to quit the show mid-season as a result of this week’s results.

It is reported that while Simon maintained his composure on-camera the sparks flew backstage with charges that the show he helmed for nine seasons had become nothing more than a joke. Cowell released this statement:

I’m furious over what has happened. Didi Benami might not have gone on to win this season, but come on. Tim Urban is a talentless hack and America voted him back in.

America, if you want Tim then you can have him, but you can’t have me too. I quit.

It is uncertain how Simon’s vacancy will be handled, but early speculation is that Paula Abdul will be quickly brought back in to fill out the season. Abdul’s agent responded to the news saying, “Paula would be thrilled for a chance to work again. Who knew her dedicated Tim voting would have saved her job?”

We’re just hoping that Simon will take the day to reconsider his decision and come back tomorrow once April Fools Day is over… Gotcha!

Yes, this was a joke. Simon did not quit Idol, but Paula probably is voting for Tim.