American Idol 2010: Didi’s Out / Tim Moves On

american_idol_2010_didiI am speechless right now and don’t even know what to write because these results are an absolute monstrosity.  How Tim Urban is still in the competition is beyond me.  I mean there can’t be that many millions of people over at VFTW right?  I know one guy said he voted for Tim 600 times last night.  Really?  You want someone with more talent who could possibly have a career to leave over the likes of Tim?  I don’t understand it.  One thing I do know for absolute certain is that if you want your favorite to move on and not get ousted by Tim you gotta pick up the phone and vote.  There is no guarantee your fav is moving on when you got Tim still in the competition.

Ok.  I’m moving on.  Did you guys see the purple rattail glued to the back of Big Mike’s head?  What was that about?  I sure didn’t get it but it had something to do with Siobhan.

Ryan and Simon have some kind of drama going on between them.  Ryan makes a snide remark about Simon being in love but Simon pretty much gets Ryan with a reference to how he was with Didi last night and then tells him this isn’t the Oprah Wynfrey Show.  Forget Kara trying to take Paula’s place.  That reward goes to Ryan and his continual bantering of Cowell.  Get a grip jeez!

I personally didn’t care for Ruben Studdard’s performance tonight but he was better than Usher and Diddy in my opinion.  I thought Usher’s autotuned song OMG pretty much sucked and the only thing I liked about Diddy’s performance was seeing him kiss Ellen on the lips lol.

How did you feel about these results and did you think Tim should have left over Didi? Share your thoughts below.




  1. This is the worst season of singers I have seen, and I have followed Idol from day one. I personally think about 12 singers should not have been chosen by the judges to make the top 24. There was better talent to choose from. Tim Urban and Didi Benami are both terrible in my opinion. I think the judges messed up this year.

  2. I Think Tim cant sing… all……he should perhaps sing at Open Mikes….Didi has a unique voice but is much better that Tim by far……..gosh…and they let Paige go as well………flip..thats pathetic..i think this is scripted..

  3. It was totally unfair when Didi Benami got voted off. She was my favortie Idol. I was heartbroken when she was elimunted.

  4. ..this weeks elimination was ridiculous..i don’t want to be negative about who stayed in but i was so upset to see Didi go..she has such a beautifully unique voice..a great non-mainstream style..and to watch her sing, the emotion she feels in every performance is evident..i’d agree her last performance wasn’t my favourite..but Didi was my most hopeful idol..had i been able to vote for her from Australia, i would have..! ..let’s hope another talented singer is not lost next week due to the voting audience being a bunch of pre-teens with too much cell freedom…

  5. Im mad, Didi was my favorite Tim sucks, and it makes me so mad that she lost to Tim. Pagie was good too, she just lost her way. She was way better than Tim. This is a singing competition. And Tim shouldn’t be here. I think Didi could have gotten far in the competition. Tim doesn’t really have that great of a voice to be staying in, and people need to stop voting for him so, others have the chance.

  6. I’m still shocked that lilly scott is gone! There has to be a a limit on how many votes per phone line is allowed. The young teens vote multiple times for the contestants they think are cute. It’s a joke!

  7. Yes, I’m for Tim. Hope he becomes the american idol!!! (when I clicked on Submit Comment this msg returned to me saying this was said before…which means, I am not the only one who’s for Tim) Go, go Tim…

  8. Glad DiDi is gone. I thought she should have been voted off the week before. Tim is not a good singer but adds something to the show. DiDi was not a good singer and so dramatic.

  9. I think they should have an audition again for this season because there is no fair competition happening! It’s very obvious that Crystal will going to win if they will not add other good contestants. There’s no excitement at all watching this season.

  10. how come this happend ? I think Didi is one of the best this season ! She has a unique voice and Tim….
    doesn.t have the talent. Poor voice. And his face isn’t cute at all ! worst season !

  11. Didi is a lot better then Tim Urban who I can’t believe they called back. Problem is that you have all these teeny boppers calling in hundreds of times to vote for the cutest face. AI needs to change the way of voting. I think either Siobhan or Crystal is going to win, they are about the only 2 that can really sing. I hope Siobhan wins.

  12. Loved the April Fool’s joke – although I believe Simon was shocked – Anybody know if it is true there is a web site for vote for the “worst idol” and this year they picked Tim? Certainly seems like something is up – and I sure wish the judges would have saved Didi – although I think they are saving that incase Crystal gets the boot!

  13. Tim RULES !!!!!!!!!
    He’ll probably be gone next week but the drama with him is fun and making this season interesting. Without Tim this season would have been a real dud !!!

  14. I agree with all the posts.. it is unbelievable that Tim is still in the competition! Not only Didi should have won on him but Paige as well should have stayed… Didi and Paige voice and talent cannot be compared to Tim…!!! Indeed you could see the other guys’ and the judges frustration after the result was announced…and by the way Simon might be nasty but at least he’s a professional and he seems to know what he’s talking about … but Ryan Seacrest???? what is wrong with this guy??? is it the meanest presenter on earth??? what about yesterday when he was trying to push Didi to tears even if she did not want to say more about her friend??? i was so grateful he got a good shake by Big MIke (go Mike), Simon should punch him as well next time he tries to provoke him!!! I like all of them except Tim and Cathy, but I have the sensation Crystal or Lee are going to win , and if so they well deserved it. the coolest ones are Siobhan and Andrew but Mike and Casey are improving week and week!

  15. “speechless” because Didi’s gone? She was not good. She had the unique combination of being boring as well as annoying. I can stomach Tim more than her. Good riddance Didi–your departure was not soon enough!

  16. WAKE UP FOLKS! Didi is NOT good, AT ALL! Hence not getting the Judge save. HELLO???????? She is dull and cannot sing very well. The constant self-pity bawling was getting old too. She made it very far based on little or no talent.

  17. I’m still in shock that lilly is gone, much less seeing dede leaving. they both have a very destintive voice. I don’t understand why the judges cannot see it. I watched american idol for many years. I can’t began to imagine who will win this year. the year Chris daughtery lost on American idol. That was the year I quit believing in the voting system.

  18. I think Canadians should be able to vote. Even if it’s just on line…I think that may just even things out. We have no reason to vote for someone because “we go to school with that person or we live in the same state as them…our votes would be based on who we think is more talented….Dancing with the stars lets us vote….come on Idol…get with it…

  19. You guys are Tim haters, and that is okay. If you listened to Tim’s studio recordings THEY ARE GRAT! Tim all the way! VOTE FOR TIM!!!

  20. Come on people. This is not a talent show. This is a popularity show. People don’t care if the contestants are good or bad … as long they entertain them. Simon might not have quit the show … but I did. It became a joke.

  21. Hopefully Tim will be out by next week. Hate that 60’s hairstyle he has, doesn’t sing well and should have been out last night. Didi would not have made it to the last five, so a save would just have been a waste as she would have been gone shortly anyway. My guess is it’s going to be between Casey and Crystal at the end.

  22. I agree with Lane (#7) who said only one vote should be allowed per phone. I made the same suggestion last year. Those of us who work and can’t stay up all night to vote, or whose phones can’t auto-dial (or however you are able to register multiple votes in a hurry)are often locked out of the voting because we keep getting the busy signal. Eventually America will get tired of American Idol being taken over by a few voters who vote multiple times, and the show will become even more of a joke. Once Simon leaves it’ll be over anyway.

  23. I will vote for Tim again. He will stay for at least another week. Katie will go out first. Next Tim. Then Andy Garcia. Next that 16 year old boy, what’s his name?

  24. I feel if everyone would quit bad mouthing Tim Urban then people wouldn’t vote for him so much. I feel they are only voting for him because they feel sorry for him because he isn’t as bad as what the judges try to degrade him as being.

  25. Tim, is very talented! He really has just had a rough couple of weeks. Put yourself in his shoes. I personally, liked the the “slide” Tim did 2 weeks ago. However, My favorite American Idol Contestant would be Casey James, Or Lee. But Tim had the right to stay. Paige is awful! GOO TIM! 🙂

  26. Good bye to the winer. All she did was cry. Don’t worry, Tim will go next & Miss Connecticut will go right behind him (if there is a music God). Listen to Siobhan do Through the Fire on I Tunes. She nailed it.


    SINGING?..I don`t think so….not after what happened last year when Adam Lambert didn`t win. And yes..I agree with some of the comments about better changing the way of voting or there will be no more show..

  28. I’m all the way from singapore and i just haveeee to add a comment to this webbie. DIDI TOTALLY shd have stayed! I mean come on! I guess the reason why the judges couldn’t use the save was because it was toooo early on and something bad could happen later due to the likes of ehem staying on or some other freakish and unfair twist of fate. Like Crystal being voted off all of a sudden (GOD FORBID) she’s obviously a clear favorite among the judges. Il se peut que ca nous arrive malheureusement 🙁

  29. i could not believe that tim urban was in the bottom three for the last three weeks and still going on. he has no talent or i don’t think he does he is cute i guess that is what is keeping him going is his looks because it is not his talent in singing. i thought they would give didi one more chance at least she has talent. does tim have connections with american idol. tell us all the truth come on what gives

  30. Not that Didi would have taken the AI title – but like has been said – Tim in the bottom three a lot and is still on. The judges can’t let him go – they have to prove he was worth bringing back into the top 24!! So sad – America got it wrong this week. Sorry – Tim should be gone, Andrew should be gone and Katie should be gone as well. Think it will come down to Crystal and Lee.

  31. until now i still cant believe three girl(Lacey,Paige&Didi)who got a good voice and can sing better than TIM are send home first……

    and the WORST singer are still here!!!!!

    he seem playing around here…!!!

    keep smile only!!!!!……go become model or something else!!!!

  32. I must admit, I had Didi leaving in the 3rd week, but I had Tim going in week one. Weakest talent of the 12 finalists in my opinion. Very surprised at Tim staying.

  33. Simon said it clearly enough… Tim you were terrible but you will still be here next week, so why so surprised people? Personally between Didi and Tim I had no preference but Tim have had many bad weeks so was the fair choice to leave the competition. Didi was very much critisized but was her first time in the bottom 3 so she should have stayed. Things dont work this way lol. As much as we want to see Tim gone he has a huge “fan club” and as Ashley says if you dont pick up the phone your favorite will go before Tim so do what you have to do guys. I cant vote and if I could I would for Siobhan and Andrew 🙂 for Crystal, Lee and Mike too in that order.
    The final 2 will be very tough Crystal will be there (as is Simon’s choice) with whom? Lee, Siobhan or Mike is my guess.

  34. Come on everyone….YES…it’s terrible that Tim Urban is still around…BUT!!!!

    There was too differences between Didi and Tim:

    Tim stayed on tune.

    Didi was pitchy.

    I wished Didi would have stayed around to redeem herself, but I doubt she had a strong enough fanbase to begin with.

    Don’t be so scared about VFTW. They’re not making that much of a difference when you think about Tim’s fanbase.

    My friend told me she voted for Aaron, Big Mike, Crystal, and Tim….

    When I asked: “Why did you vote for Tim???”

    She said she really REALLY liked his performance. So, he is appealing to a lot of people. Just not to me nor a lot of others on this website.

  35. The USHER song was INAPPROPRIATE for a family audience. The females simulating sex, the lyrics involving “booties” and “boobies” the familiar and trite crotch-grabbing. All I can say is that AI has sunk to a new low. Don’t worry about Urban too much, worry about Usher’s filthy, awkward, out-of-breath appearance. And what about the disgusted looks between parents across America as they had to share the room with their children watching Usher make an idiot of himself. Shame on AI for even thinking this is family fare.

  36. Didi is way much better than Tim in singing, I really don’t understand. Is it just because of smiling?

  37. #41 – Lynn, I couldn’t agree More! What are they thinking? And for the R & B? That was straight up Rap and filth! Way to go with that comment! Thank you. On another note – I think Tim smiles all the time so that he doesn’t cry. Not my fav at all, but he gets ridiculed to no end and is that really necessary from the judges who are suppose to give helpful criticism (SP?)? I would have to “bite” back!

  38. Didi was much better than Tim, but sex sells. Tim appeals to the little 13 year old girls. Tim took his shirt off and smiles, and he becomes a favorite without any vocal talent. That’s what happens when little girls are allowed to vote!!

  39. AI should change the way people are allowed to vote. One vote per person. That way even if someone has more than one line or more than one computer no one would be able to vote 600 times.

  40. Its the America’s Vote that counts…

    Tim should have been gone though!
    I guess its a Most popular Idol and not Most Talented Idol!

  41. I don’t understand the show this year. They should change the way to vote. Here in Quebec, we have a show like this, called star Academie and we pay for voting like 3 votes for 2 dollars by phone or net. It works a lot, because you pay once to save your favorite but not paying a 100 box the same night.

    This year, it’s strange. I’m frustate about the vote of the most beautiful guy, but it’s a singing competition, not a beauty competition.

    I’m a bit disappointed about a few of the 10 last contestants. I hope the last 5 will be Crystal, Casey, Big Mike, Siobhan and Lee (but look too much like David Cook).

    I read you everyday, but i’m french speaker and i’m shy a bit to give my opnions. But now i made it.

  42. Ellen D. has ruined a perfectly good wonder Simon is leaving, who wouldnt!!!!!!
    does she represent a normal American viewer? NO NO NO!! Every one I know is slowly leaving to watch something else

  43. I’m surprised Tim did not get voted off a couple of weeks ago. Although he is very good looking, his talent does not match his looks. I’m sure all the little girls with their cell phones are voting to keep him in the competition.

  44. I’m a little scared to see who will be top 5- what if Tim keeps getting voted back? I have NO idea why people are voting for him- I think it’s become a big joke for people just to see if he keeps slipping through. He should not have been top 12, and I will be so pissed if real talent like Lee or Big Mike goes home before him. I am really hoping that does not happen. For those that keep voting for him- honestly, WHY? You can’t say he is a good singer, because he’s just not.

  45. I have been pretty pissed for every week I see Tim has made it. He’s not even good enough for Tiger Beat. I just don’t get it America, just don’t get it.

  46. hurmm..tim staying?? let me this a joke or what??come on!! i know that he is cute and he can sing..only he is not singing that good..just like an average college boy singing..not more than that..

    didi benami shouln’t be eliminated,but she also is not that is just a matter of time,if tim go home this week,she’ll be the next..its not a big deal..

    katie stevens did a great job too..but she really needs to improve and be creative to maintain her performance..otherwise,she’ll be following didi going home..

    as for crystal,casey,andrew,lee and mike..they are really great n they should be able to place themselves in top 5..i really think that they are the top 5..

    aaron kelly actually is kind of interesting contestant..he is doing good and he got the package that he needs to moving on because he is a great singer n have a very adorable appearance,hence he can easily get a vote from teenage..however,he really needs to spice up his performance and try something new because i can see he is still trying to figure ou what n how he should sing..i really hope that he get to higher level..but that can only happen if one of ‘most likely to be the top 5’ screwed up big time..

  47. I like Tim, but am shocked that Didi is the one to go home. She has a very unique voice & I wish her the best of luck. As for the kids in the competition this season, I must say it really is the worst season yet. The only 3 people in the competition that really have true potential are Casey, Crystal, & Mike..all of whom should have very bright futures ahead of them. I was really upset 2 weeks ago when Lilly was sent packing but THRILLED last week when Paige when home. In my opinion, Paige never should have made it to the top 12…just my opinion. Another person who I am tired of hearing is Siobhan. Sure she can SCREAM into a microphone, but when she isn’t screaming but rather attempting to sing she really is NOT that great. She can’t seem to hold a tune she rarely is on pitch & it’s just painful to listen to. The 1st time she screamed at the end of a song was somewhat impressive, but now it’s like she’s relying on that scream to get her by, and I was happy to hear Simon tell her he’s getting a bit bored with the scream. For the love of God, girl try SINGING rather than SCREAMING. I’m hoping that next week she says goodbye. I really thing that the final 2 this season is going to come down to Crystal & Casey, Crystal & Mike, or Casy & Mike…at least that’s what I’m hoping for but with this show it really doesn’t matter whether you have REAL talent, all that matters is how many people vote for you & how many times they vote. I think the judges should have more of a say in the elimination than they do because quite frankly sometimes the general population votes really crappy. Kinda like last night!!

  48. I think Lee is very talented, different type voice and adorable, Crystal got the voice but doesn’t have much of a personality but I am sure she will go on to be a big star. I hope Lee wins it all but we will see which way America decides.

  49. I know I’m in the minority here but Ryan is just a commentator and does a good job in keeping things rolling.
    Simon Cowell, though we all like him keeping it real, I get the impression he dishes it out well but can’t really take the heat himself and really is into himself. Just don’t put him on the spot he is a pour improviser. I think he is on the edge and I for one wasn’t surprised by the April fools joke but thought that Ryan was the main catalyst, as well as Didi, for him leaving.
    I’ve said it in the past and will say it again, the problem is not the judges, Ryan or us, the voters, but the system of voting and this won’t be the last time we see upsets like this.

  50. I think that Casey, Crystal, Siobhan and Lee have talent. It is sad to think that Tim can continue to move on because he’s cute and probably has a lot of little people following him.

  51. Just a tad confused here. It was so predictable that Tim would not go. Constantly criticised every week, and he hardly reacted. A truckload of people will react like this, it’s human nature, vote for the “underdog”. Also, and purely on voice, Tim, while being a bit bland, sings in tune. Didi’s performance was weak & pitchy. Do I think she has a future, yes, probably, but needs to strengthen her vocals. If anyone is going to go on to great things, it will be Lee, I’d imagine, & Mike will earn a good living in the industry. Katie may surprise. As to the rest…forgettable…


    This site is for real and have decided to put their votes behind Teflon Tim.

    It is making a mockery of this years competition and you can see it in the faces of, not just the judges, but the other competitors and Tim himself.

    Tim may be a nice guy but, come on, this is a singing competition and I can’t recall one song of his that I would pay to download.

    At best he has an average voice

  53. Didi is the best.. She shouldnt be voted off.. She is the best.. Among all the contestants, Didi has the most unique voice and special.. She got the cut to be the winner of this season..

  54. GO LEE….. you absolutely ROCKED !!!
    As for the Tim / Didi saga… well Didi is pleasantly boring, but Tim is horrible to watch. Get a hair cut buddy… and get a real job !

  55. Brenda if you thought Didi was the best and should have won the whole thing….you must be really pissed!!!

  56. These are my predictions for next to go:

    1. Young Kid – I think Aaron is his name. It shows how awful he is that I cannot remember his name after watching the show since the beginning.
    He is not a good singer and he is not as attractice as Tim.

    2. Tim Urban – he is not a good singer. Wow. But he is cute, which will carry him through another week.

    3. Kelly – she is boring and flat or sharp most of the time. She will get voted off after Aaron and Tim.

    4. Almost there, but Andrew will get eliminated next with the other folks left to compete with.

    5. Almost there, but Mike’s story will get boring, and even though people want to like him, again, with these other folks left he will get voted off.

    6. With this talent left, Siobhan’s screeching will become annoying and she will be voted off.

    7. Almost there, but Casey’s voice will not be challenged and his looks won’t be able to save him.

    8. Almost there, but Crystal will lose a fan base when it is she vs Lee. But she’ll still be wildly successful considering the runners up always do better financially.

    9. And the winner is, Lee Dewyze. Wow. Looks, voice, everything. My favorite and the winner of AI 2010. Hands down.

  57. i do believe it is tim for tim to go!! He always STARES into the camera with big ole bug eyes, and he needs a haircut! He cant sing and shouldn’t have even made it past the first live show! Didi wasnt the best but between the two TIM should of been shown the door!!!

  58. So Blessed that Didi will be on tour with AI this summer. She should have her emotions in tact by then. She was one of my Favorites, even tho she couldn’t keep herself together. I think it will come down to Crystal and Lee. I am Siobhan brings it back – no screaming – just good ole singing and carrying a tune. I haven’t been able to vote for her the last couple of weeks. Don’t get Tim, Andrew, Katie or Aaron. Big Mike – tone down your arogance, it is getting annoying. Casey – keep smiling, it is beautiful.

  59. I think Simon and Ryan should be a little more professional — last night wayyyyy out of line. I think Simon should just leave — he cannot take a joke! The show will be better once he is gone. The show is “American” Idol – meaning the vote gets the win — That’s the show and until they change that, then no one, including Simon (duh?) should say all the stupid things – they made the rules. Our fav’s will be voted off – mine are, every year and I still swear I will not watch it the next year, but I still do (watch it). My fav’s are Siobhan, Lee, Michael.

  60. I am for Tim… he makes the competition interesting… love his smile and personality… capture youngsters’ interests.

  61. I have another comment, sorry, I started reading some of the others (comments): I have to say, the choices (of the judges) for the entire “sing off” were poor, compared to other years. I think they let go of a lot more talent, than probably should have been given a chance – that being said, too bad, that part is over and done. I agree with the above comment, in that: Sioban needs to tone down – we now know she can scream and stay on key, Crystal needs to develop her own style, instead of being such a copy cat, ie, Janice/Aretha, Micheal needs to be less arrogant – and he was have an awesome chance – because he’s so handsome and talented, but I feel humbleness goes a long way – and I’m wondering why the judges have not said anything about that. Lee has the perfect personality – one to like and root for. I wish them all well. I’m sorry to say, can’t comment on the others — I don’t think they should even be in this contest.

  62. Tuesday night’s vote may have been wrong, but it was nothing compared to the Chris Allen/Adam Lambert vote of last year.

    I don’t care if I never hear either Tim or Didi again.

  63. Hey, you guys get it right.The right person was kicked off, okay Tim wasnt great but he was better then Didi,you Americans really dont get it do you. That Lee guy is a professional singer who has a cd out. Is that fair? You let a girl who sang one good song at the beginning Siohan, she screamed through the whole song go on, she should of being one of the bottome 3 , Yes katie is young but her voice is good and we would like to see her go far.Simon likes the hippie girl Chrystal, the only reason she sings is probabley she had to sing for her supper. I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER VOTE FOR HER. SHE IS NOT AI MATERIAL. GO BACK TO YOUR CORNER AND SELL FLOWERS. THATS WHAT SHE REMINDS OF.Casey is good and so is Big Mike this is a talent contest, not which one the judges prefer.

  64. I think Tim has an ok voice but has made some really bad song choices that don’t showcase his talent at all. I don’t think that didi should have left before him though. American Idol is really going down though. A lot of talent was lost when they made cuts this year.

  65. Any way that Lilly can be substituted for Tim (or Aaron or Katie) on the Idol Top Ten tour this summer? Wouldn’t most people prefer that?

  66. Tim is very fortunate. This happens every year on American Idol where at least one performer sticks around longer than they should.

  67. True !!! This is the worst season of singers, last night was a joke ( the whole show ) !!! Tim can’t sing at all, I don’t even think he is taking the competition seriously !!!! I really feel this will be the last season for SIMON and for the whole AMERICAN IDOL SHOW !!!

  68. I am very upset with the verdict. This show is live 6am Wed and Thur in our island and waking up early this morning to find poor Didi got eliminated was shocking. tis true she has an incredible voice but all she needed to do was know how to carry it out to become a star. Tim also has a fantastic voice but whats with the smiles and scary eyes?? i also agree with Simon’s comments but maybe he shouldnt be too harsh on them.

  69. I think that Ryan is great host. Specially in situations where he is trying to patch up things between Simon and (often hurt by mean comments),contestants. He is tactful and intelligent. On the other hand, Simon could be very blant and rude, but can’t take any offence!
    I agree with comments: what brings AI down is voting system, which has nothing to do with helping find worthy IDOL (see last year).
    Good people (Lilly, Alex Lambert, Didi) are voted off and not so good (Tim, Katie, Andrew)are still in the game. It is frustrated !
    My top 4: Crystal, Lee, Casey and Siobhan. Good luck to them!

  70. i really don’t like shiban or whatever her name is.

    i think tim is goregous and i hope he stays in. what simon said was completely true last night

    however i think thae top 4 deserves to be lee, casey, crystal (even though i dont like her) and mike. if i had it my way tim would win

  71. I think you should have to be at least 16 to even vote- the teeny boppers have no clue about true talent, there mostly girls and go gaga over any cute guy on the show,only rerason tim is still around- Didi is the only one who was a copycat artist,she honestly had the most unique voice of all. and i cant see why they didnt save her, crystal lee casey mike and probaly andrew will be the top 5 and wont need saved, arron katie and shonobi arent worth saving more than didi was. and tim is the most untalented person outside fantasia i ever seen go this far on idol …I say we protest brang didi back and use that save .. it will be a first for something like that to happen and shes worth it to me..

  72. its all waste of time now – the final 2 will be crystal against lee , mark my words and i will take all bets on that

  73. I missed the results show itself but I am just as appalled as the author of this article that Tim continues to make it through.He never should have been on the show to begin with.

    Luckily my favorites are all still holding on strong, Katie, Crystal, and Big Mike. But now I am starting to fear if brainless America is going to give no talent Tim the crown. I pray not. Everyone else on that show has a lot of talent, I really am enjoying this season far more than the last. Last season highly disappointed me as I saw almost no talent in it. Danny was my vote for the win and it ticked me off when he didn’t.

    So now that we have a talented season this year, it makes me even more mad that the ONE person without any talent is not leaving. The past couple weeks were alright, I actually agreed with the removal of Lacy and Paige but now there is officially no one else I wouldn’t mind seeing go over Tim which means he had better go soon!

    Yolanda: Simon only said that because he knows it doesn’t matter as Tim continues to day in despite all the bashing he never fails to receive. Simon wants him gone and I with with him.

  74. I am disgusted with the show this season. It has become nothing but a popularity contest, not a singing contest. It’s all about who’s cute and popular. It more like a teeny bopper contest. But what do you expect when you have guest like Lady GAGA, Miley Cyrus. Do you call this talent? True talent is Don Henley or Bon Jovi. I know you are trying to appeal to the younger crowd, but you get what you are asking for in that respect.

  75. One more small note: I noticed a lot of comments of Lee here, I just wanted to add that I forgot about him as I mentioned my favorites. He has a wonderful voice. I always loved guys with a deep, nickleback sound as well as ballet sounding voices like Ryan Adams or my fav idol of two years ago David Archuleta.

  76. Ah yes Fading Fan, I almost gagged when Miley was revealed as a mentor. I can’t stand her, and she didn’t even have anything to say to some contestants. She’s no mentor. 😛

  77. HELL YA, what is Tim Urban still doing in the competition. Why the wild card went to him I will never know.

  78. American Idol is a total joke after the results that ousted Didi Benami from the competition. Come on ! Didi Benami is 100 times better than Teflon Tim. To all those crazy Teflon Tim’s fans stop voting like 60 times by each Tim’s fan. I was so sad to see Didi Benami, who sang Terrified go because Didi has a lot of talent. American Idol has turn out to be one big joke. No wonder Simon Cowell is living. I suggest Kara, Randy and Ellen resign from becoming next year American Idol’s judge. American Idol is truly one big joke and is hte laughing stock of the whole world !

  79. Teflon Tim should not be in American Idol in the first place. Didi Benami is a girl who has true talent in singing unlike pretty boy Teflon Tim. America wake up ! American Idol is one big joke to everyone in the world after news of Didi Benami being ousted from the competition instead of Tim ! Simon Cowell I understand why you are leaving American Idol next year ! American Idol is one big joke ! If Teflon Tim is not ousted from the competition next week, Teflon Tim might as well win American Idol 2010 and the other contestant might as well quit the competition next week !American Idol is one big joke in 2010 !

  80. I have a good idea. Lets all vote for Teflon Tim and make it even bigger joke! Maybe that will change voting rules or finish AI forever1

  81. Didi Benami is 1 million times better than Teflon Tim ! Even my dog is better in singing than Tim ! American Idol 2010 is one big joke !
    Teflon Tim might as well be crown as American Idol 2010 winner next week if Tim is not ousted out of the competition by next week ! What a joke ! Tim the winner of American Idol 2010. Simon Cowell, you should do something because now American Idol is one big joke to the world !!!!!!!

  82. Bring back Didi Benami !!!! Next week is the week Teflon Tim should be ousted out of American Idol ! Every Didi Benami unite and bring Didi Benami back to American Idol 2010. The judges were totally wrong not to save Didi Benami !!!!! Tim has no talent whatsoever. Even my dog has more talent than Tim !

  83. Omg why was she eliminated? I am really shocked i thought someone else was going to be eliminated. Wow that is not right i was a big fan of hers but not as big as i am to Crystal Bowersox. Man is she good.

  84. I totally agree about last nights guests. But out of the three I believe Reuben was the best. I would like to see them bring back more of the past contestents. And finally, I do not think Didi should have been the one to go! Quite frankly, this year is a let down when compared to past seasons.

  85. well,i’m quite surprise to hear that aaron is not good from all of u..really?? i think he did great..he is kind of justin bieber material..which i think is brilliant package to go..thats why he is one of my favourite..

    as for siobhan,which also one of my favourite contestant,i really have to admit than even i am growing boring to hear she screaming all the way in the song..she really needs to do something else to enhance her chance to moving on..

    andrew..hurmmm..i dont like him but had to admit he is just good as the others..i believe he could go further but even he able to place himself among top 5,either he or crystal(which according to my prediction also able to get to top 5),would leave the game leaving all top 3 which are mike,casey n lee(hard to guess which one of this 3 singer gonna make it as AI 2010..but i think lee gonna make it)

    p/s: i can only hope andrew screwed up thus giving that chance to aaron..but thats only hope..haha

  86. Dear God,
    this is a nightmare. THE MEN
    Andrew had his first performance that didn’t totally suck (and finally wore clothes close to his size) and you’d think he was great. He’s NOT! I also have no idea how having his crazy mother coming on stage like a Jerry Springer show could possibly have helped him What the hell was Ryan Seacrest on? Okay Tim Urban… Tim looked good…that’s it.
    Yet They’re both still here.

    Didi had a total of 2 off nights at most, and poof, she’s gone. Why Ryan wanted us all to KNOW that her heart had been broken by humiliating her a bit MORE, I have no idea… she was often very original and has a unique tone and I liked her. She’s gone now. Tim and Andrew remain….

    Lilly Scott had ONE mediocre song choice and she’s gone. Lacey had one odd song and she’s gone and her voice was stunning. Paige -also had a great voice but I understood that with so many odd song choices and some off key nights, she’d leave. Why aren’t those rules applying to the men???

    But ANdrew and Tim just keep coming back….I can barely even comment. Tim’s a pleasantly hapless guy who is getting on my nerves almost as much as Andrew.

    Is it me, or do Lee and Casey sound a lot alike? Lee doesn’t have the charisma of Casey but he’s more original. For me, Casey sounds the same each week and since he isn’t cute enough in my world, to kick off any of the remaining women, I say HE goes. IN my world, that leaves Micheal (consistently good), Lee-getting better each week, and Aaron, who is the male equivalent of Katie. A beautiful voice but needs updating and some years.

    The WOMEN remaining are all great although clearly Crystal and Siobhan are at the lead. I love them both. Cannot believe we only have 3 women left and twice that number of men. WTH? Girls, (and I do mean that, “GIRLS” b/c no women would allow this travesty once they left 7th grade) get a grip and start voting for talent. Must we have this same “WHY THE HELL IS HE STILL HERE?” Every year?

    Notice it has NEVER happened to a female. I can’t recall a single woman who stayed longer than anyone could understand. It’s ALWAYS some teeny bopper boy who some girls go nuts over OR it’s the VFTW idiots….You know, If it weren’t for making someone better have to leave, I would not care that Tim is still here. But it DOES Mean hurting a talented person – which is why the VFTW folks are so evil. They’re hurting the good artists. Why? Who are they? I’m thinking they’re the resentful “couch artists” who won’t ever do anything with their claimed talent- and to prove it, they’ll tear someone better down, by elevating an inferior contestant….who knows? I’m getting disgusted.

    Maybe in addition to a save, the judges could have one “Kick you off b/c you aren’t good enough to stay” contestant….

  87. Martin i agree.
    “Bring back Didi Benami !!!! Next week is the week Teflon Tim should be ousted out of American Idol ! Every Didi Benami unite and bring Didi Benami back to American Idol 2010. The judges were totally wrong not to save Didi Benami !!!!! Tim has no talent whatsoever. Even my dog has more talent than Tim !”

  88. FANDI

    smile??….this singing contest not a smile contest!!!

    TIM should go home at top 24!!!

  89. Can somebody please explain me what VFTW means? I have read it in several posts and have no idea what that is. Thank you 🙂

  90. Tim is better than Katie and Aaron. I am sure Tim will stay on for at least another week. Simon knows. My guess is that Tim will wow the world next week. You never can tell. Tim, you have many fans. Continue to smile.

  91. blunt_trauma are you sure he is a GOOD singer????!!!

    he’s song made me sick!!!!

  92. Tim should find a new career. Perhaps a dentist poster?

    What really disturbs me is Usher and Diddy. Honestly, I don’t know who they are…. having never watched or heard their “music”. But come on… what is going on in this business that produces crap like this! Do people really consider this music?? This is just garbage.

    No melody. Lyrics are awful. Just a bunch of dancing with a fancy backdrop. These “artists” are making so much money putting out junk… there is some real imbalance going on in today’s world. It’s such a poor representing of a human’s ability and to get paid for it.

  93. Great post Ashley…

    Agreed with everything you said.

    At the moment, I think Tim still being in the competition is causing the judges a great deal of embarressment. It is plainly obvious that at least the last two weeks, he should have gone home, but for some reason he keeps winning votes.

    My theory is….

    He is going to win. In a few years time Hollywood will make a movie titled “How We Wrecked American Idol!” and it will turn out to be a conspiracy from one of the rival shows/stations to ruin the status of AM ID.

    But, back to reality….

    I think that the next week they should have 4 people voted off… Tim (Obviously), Katie and Aaron (too young and will not win anyway) and Ryan (he is a jerk)..

    The following week vote off 3… Siobhan (will be sick of her screaching)…. Casey (someone will notice that he has no stage presence because he has no rythm) and Kara (she is a terrible judge and will run off with Casey anyway)…

    Then the remaining contestants can fight it out on a more even plain over the remaining weeks with, of course, Crystal winning (come on we all know she is far far far better than the rest… (lee is also devoid of personality))

  94. Tim Urban should have been the one leaving last night. I mean, come on! A soulless, talentless singer like him moves on and a multi-talented singer like Didi got sent off??? Come on America! Close your eyes and listen with your heart! Didi deserves to be in the place where Tim is right now!
    I have no idea-at all- what kind of IDOL America wants to vote for!

  95. Correct,Tim must leave next week,if he still save for another week,I won’t see it ever again.
    Tim makes three ladies sacrifices themselves(Lacey,Paige and Didi)because of his GOOD LOOKS AND HE IS ADORABLE WHICH ELLEN SAYS!Wake up all American, his last performance of Sweet Love has badly frighten me of his eyes staring at me hope he will makes us a nightmare.

    Crystal,I won’t be worrying for you,but now your the only lady to stand out

    Katie, find your real gerne fast as possible

    Sihboan,No more screaming at the next week,it is now annoying.Please sing something low like you sang Wicked Games

    Hope you all be safe next week,NO MORE LADIES VOTED OFF NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Just seen the latest show/results……its now confirmed, Americans really are dumb.

    Have fun voting the best singers off. I wont be watching again bye bye.

  97. Although Tim lacks a certain amount of maturity, at least he sings on key. Didi tried too hard to be the sexy beauty queen of the show (Katie is so much prettier), and it just didn’t work. I like Aaron, but think the final two will be Crystal and Lee, although I personally prefer Casey to either of them. Crystal so far is a one-trick pony, but very good at that one trick.

  98. Yep-Didi’s gone bye bye and good for the voters. Tim should be next followed by Andrew, Aaron, Siobhan, Katie and Crystal. Either Lee or Casey embody what an Idol is better than any of the others. Crystal is good, but not Idol material. Put her in Branson and she’ll give them all a run for their money.

  99. Guys, you gotta chill. Tim’s not all that, I agree, but he does have a pleasant voice. And he is deep too! I mean look at that spirit! He said he had his fun and he won’t regret it! More contestant should think like that if they REALLY want to win! Paige and Didi HAD to go, and Lacey too. Lily should have stayed and I must admit I’m still in a shock why she had to leave! Alex didn’t seem to WANT it that much, even if he did, he failed to show it, so he got what he deserved. Tim is not gonna be the next Idol, he might even leave this week, but he can sing I’m telling you. I guess he should try singing “Love Bug” by Jonas brothers or “Let it snow” by Buble. It might just work, eh? 😉

  100. This in a biggggggggggg mistake, in a million years can Tim be better than Didi, i thought she can be in the top5. Tim sucks please Tim needs to get voted off. Crystale, Siobhan and Lee to the Top3

  101. I want Siobhan to sing “Eleanor Rigby”.
    and Mike should sing “Imagine” or maybe Crystal could sing that song.
    Aaron can sing “Hey,Jude”.
    Casey doesn’t have to sing anything. He can just stand there and I’ll drool.

  102. TIM is the worst singer i’ve ever seen ! He sucks ! Didi is’nt my favorite but she’s better than him ! he still here because of girls & i don’t know why they vote for him :s

  103. There needs to be some kids out there which cannot hear the singing because they like the way Tim looks and that even surprises me but to each his own. If the voters don’t wise up they won’t be able to vote, the judges will determine the results and not america. AMERICA, give Tim the boot and lets get down to the real talent in the show and be fair.

  104. I htink Didi being eliminated will be good for katie because alot of didis fans will become katie

  105. I think didi getting eliminated will help kaie because didis fans will become katies

  106. Tim by all means can’t sing, however acting on a weekly show each week, would be a gas. Let’s face it the kid never gets upset what is said about his performances. He’s got what it takes to survive the Hollywood spotlight. I hope a agent scoops him up, what can I say the kid has grown on me. I hoping for a better week ahead on Idol. Maybe I will enjoy enough to keep watching such a crappy season. Next week all!!!

  107. I mean honestly folks let’s get back to the root of the problem that is Tim Urban. HE WASN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE TOP 24! He was a replacement for Chris Golightly, WHO GOT JOBBED HARDCORE, because Idol’s legal department is a GIANT PIECE-O-CRAP! He should’ve been voted off first, PERIOD. Kaitlynn and Lilly didn’t deserve to go as fast as they did. It should’ve been Tim, Andrew, and then whoever else after them. Tim’s situation is strangely familiar however. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE TRAVESTY THAT WAS SANJAYA! It just goes to show what kinda of destruction can be wrought when teeny-boppers are given the vote.

  108. so, let me introduce you… THE NEW SANJAYA!!!!!. no, this really sucks, i thought didi would be top 4. but , america is voting, and i’m not american. but next time don’t you dare to vote for mr. urban again, please, i’m begging you.

  109. I seriously im in AH!!!!… thinking that Tim is still there…He should of being out when he was standing with Paige….But Didi didnt have for me either…Never know maybe it is scripted!!!!

  110. Tim is totally worthy of staying just for the lulz factor. His response to Kara was a FU in her face for insulting his intelligence. 🙂 Haters should learn not to take shows like these seriously

    Lee dewyze is so annoying. Stop rambling and stop mumbling. Totally overrated by Simon and everyone is buying it. It took him six weeks to FINALLY sing in tune and according to Simon his life has changed???

  111. Tim should have went home but I got a feeling he is going to be around for awhile and Ryan is becoming extremely annoying to watch. Hopefully america gets it right soon

  112. You know to be honest there really isn’t any talent on Idol this year. I think that Didi and Tim are about what and what but Tim should have left first, then Didi. Someone else mentioned the travesty of Sanjaya and yes Tim is a prime example another travesty happening again on Idol. The show is becoming a mere JOKE!! The judges don’t even pick people with talent how is America going to vote for talent.

  113. they both were my most faveroute!
    i loved them both n i wanted them to come in top 2 but unfortnetly Didi is is out n we will really miss her alot 🙁 n now e ish Tim good luck;)

  114. Come on! can’t believe it! How can this happen? She might be one of the best. I’m so sorry but everyone know he had ……………. Just …….. like Barbra said ‘but Tim should have left first, then Didi” i agree with this. It’s just…. can’t believe it. come on! I listened to him and just one thing which he can be a ok karaoke singer.

  115. oh man! it’s just terrible. i think Crystal and Casey will win. just Crystal is good and she just good. I like the way she is. And just believe me if Casey choose the ballad song which is suitable, he will be just amazing just amazing singer. i can fell it.Simon, he just did and said what he feel and I alway think it’s fair just he hurted the singer. but It’s true.

  116. Siobhan: If Siobhan sings something like MArtie Webbs’ TAKE that look of your face” she will kick all their asses!!

  117. YES IM SO HAPPY , TIM IS STILL THERE ! i love him . hes so hot . but he cant sing , still gunna vote for him though (:

  118. i think that tim is stupid and cant sing. i dont know why the heck he’s still in. didi is obviously better and she is actually doing it for someone. for tim, this is just a way to get famous and make money. thats just my view of this

  119. A great deal of good talent has gone home. A very shy 19 year old would have improved. Tim needed to go home EARLY in this season. I don’t ever vote. Maybe I should.

  120. It’s about this time every season when the fans of AI scream about the guy (or girl) who is in over his head and just. won’t. leave. Usually, this person is also the VFTW favorite and VFTW then gets lots of media attention for keeping the contestant around past his time. That’s usually around the same time that the VFTW favorite ends up going home. So, I predict Teflon Tim will hit the flames this week and pack off back to Texas.

    As for Didi, I love the tone of her voice – when she’s on. But she’s been inconsistent and was off this week. Unfortunately, in a week when others had great performances, or had panic voting (Katie and Siobhan), the smile and toned abs of Teflon Tim won out over under-performing potential of Didi.

    Crystal, Lee, Casey, Siobahn and Mike are my Top 5. Casey and Crystal are my favorites.

  121. They are all mediocre.
    ….but I will watch anyway.
    I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just to see Simon.

  122. yes. didi should have stayed over tim. i agree to having a limit on how many can a single person vote. because the votes does not really show the real “Votes” in that case.

  123. I LOVE Tim Urban’s voice! It reminds of Mraz or James Taylor or Mason Jennings with a mix of Michael Buble. I am a voice teacher and performer and I know that Tim is on pitch and has the ability to control his voice and vibrato. I love his smile and his positive attitude. He is the reason I am still watching this season.. Keep it up Tim! Love you!

  124. ok seriously tim is getting eliminated to get voted off every week! and he thinks this is a joke its like the words go inside his ear and then comes out from the other…didi maybe did’nt rock on the stage but atleast she gets what the judjes say. i was so dissapointed to see tim stay and didi leave…

  125. Tim is the best. Tim got the personality, and great voice. Tim is the next American Idol.

  126. What in the world is happening on American Idol? All the great musicians are gone and Tim? Really? he actually beat Didi? I’m now really questioning this audience vote thing, it’s all about popularity and not talent. The Gospel Choir singing, Jesus loving guy, the African American one (forgot his name)was the best singer I have heard in a long time and he’s out,in fact all the greatest singers are out. I’m really hoping either Big Mike or Crystal make it, they have the best voices. If only American Idol was based on talent, they would actually have a chance!

  127. The Judges areb full of themselves, they are irkrd becuase Tim smiles..Tell me who has God s Spirit? its Tim.. God Bless You Tim.. keep going ..

  128. Tim should neva be in the top 24…his fake smiles pisses me off…dunno which fools has been voting 4 him coz his voice is omg…crap…Didi has a unique and lovely voice…she is even much better than some who is still in the competition!!!

  129. Wow rude much, i didnt like Didi that much and Tim should deserve to stay. I hope he wins now so you will learn to zip it once in a while!!!!!! Tim rocks and you can’t tell me other wise! 🙂

  130. Tim Urban should never have been in the top 24 in the first place. I have had Tim in the bottom 3 since the top 24 and he definitely was the weakest performer for the last 4 weeks. Alex Lambert was much better than Tim and should still have been in the competition, unfortunately he was voted out too soon. I was sure Tim would leave this week, but much to my astonishment he is still in the competition ~ I hope that America will recoginise their error in judgement and get rid of him this week.

  131. Simon was right when he threw his hands up and told Tim he had nothing to say becaus “it did’nt matter”. Voters are obviously not going after long term incredable talent, they are voting for likeablitiy. BUT, all the viewers have a chance to vote and don’t so we can’t complain.
    The judging this year has been the downfall. Randy is just plain negative and not at all interesting. Ellen repeats herself and has 2 mantras, song choice or pitchy (love her anyway). Kera is very bitchy and long winded and clinging to Simon like a school girl. Simon is half engaged this year knowing this is his last season, but he is more right than wrong. The biggest issue for me is the mixed messages the judges send every week. They tell these kids to do one thing then trash them for doing it.
    There are 3 real stars left.

  132. Agree with Charlotte, wish Alex was still in…though his shy his voice is really great. and Ashley…u must be one of those pple voting for Tims fake smile…his latest performance still puts him on the last position..he is still no way close to the 8th and he will definitely be the one to be booted 2nyt..i know…

  133. Oh GosHHHHHHHHHHHHHH …. there’s something behind Tim’s still being there…. is someone bribed?….

  134. I think the judges should contribute to who gets eliminated, if that was the case Tim would have been sent home weeks ago. He is way out of his league here.

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