BREAKING: Simon Cowell Quits American Idol Over Tim Urban


April Fools’ Update: Yes, this was just a joke. We hope you had a great April 1st with lots of fun and laughs. Lucky for you, this season of Idol will be full of Simon all the way to the end.

You weren’t the only one shocked last night when Didi Benami was eliminated over Tim Urban. Despite it being his last season with American Idol, Simon Cowell has decided to quit the show mid-season as a result of this week’s results.

It is reported that while Simon maintained his composure on-camera the sparks flew backstage with charges that the show he helmed for nine seasons had become nothing more than a joke. Cowell released this statement:

I’m furious over what has happened. Didi Benami might not have gone on to win this season, but come on. Tim Urban is a talentless hack and America voted him back in.

America, if you want Tim then you can have him, but you can’t have me too. I quit.

It is uncertain how Simon’s vacancy will be handled, but early speculation is that Paula Abdul will be quickly brought back in to fill out the season. Abdul’s agent responded to the news saying, “Paula would be thrilled for a chance to work again. Who knew her dedicated Tim voting would have saved her job?”

We’re just hoping that Simon will take the day to reconsider his decision and come back tomorrow once April Fools Day is over… Gotcha!

Yes, this was a joke. Simon did not quit Idol, but Paula probably is voting for Tim.




  1. this was such a ludicrous story that it was never believable. . and believability is essential to a good April fool’s joke.

  2. You seem to have broken a major story! If it’s really true. I was actually looking online this morning to see if Simon had quit because of Ryan zeroing in on him. Seacrest seems to be able to shake Cowell’s cage like no one else. I can’t help but feel a sense of victory for whomever is responsible for Simon cutting out early.

  3. @Vicki: My mistake. I was thinking a good April Fools’ joke was one that was funny. I’ll refund your money immediately.

  4. If only Simon’s impending departure at the end of the season turned out to be an April Fools joke.:(

  5. Matt, too funny. I actually believed it. Maybe because I would have quit too over the one I refuse to talk about anymore. GOOD ONE.

  6. Oh my goodness – I beleived it and got on the phone and began calling people. Now I feel like such an idiot …..

  7. Though the Urban myth may be in jest, Lord Cowell should leave the show for having shown himself unworthy of even holding court at a Karoake singoff.
    The London Looney-Tune, it seems, has tainted himself as a bit of a bully, and thus, a coward. With his fear of a fellow troubadour being crowned American Idol 2010 instead of Crystal Bowersox, Cowbell has disqualified himself as a judge of any caliber with his attempts to cause Siobhan Magnus to cower before his monkey-minded comments. Crystal “Powersox” holds her own with her definitive style, but Siobhan sails just as sweet and smooth on the Sea of Song and shouldn’t let Simple Simon the Bi-man scuttle her ship of sound. Cowell realizes Siobhan strides the stage as well as Crystal, but instead of encouraging the two artists-in-arms to wow us with their unique approaches to music, ol’ Harry Chest has chosen to make Siobhan kowtow to his limpwristed opinions. Deriding the way she looks, calling her “quirky”, scoffing at her so-called “screams” as tiresome, downplaying her performances with his high-nosed shortsights that they will be half-loved, half-hated by an ambivalent America, Cowardly Cowell took it on himself to get into the mind of Magnus and cause her to stumble in the competition.
    And, unfortunately, Simon the Snipper’s constant slights seemed to bring a bit of self-doubt to Siobhan as seen with her Shaka setback. Hopefully, she’ll shake Simon off and truly go through the fire of a jerky judge who has taken it upon himself to burn an artist at the stake for no other reason than to promote his own preferences.
    Even more hopefully, Simon will banish himself from the judges’ table sooner rather than later and allow Siobhan and the other singers to blossom instead of wither under his cockamamie critiques and inane prattle.
    Don’t boo, Simon, you know it’s true. Hurry on now, the cruise ships await you.

  8. i really freaked out..

    but come on.. don’t be too harsh on Tim..

    he’s not talentless…

    Let’s just think that even though those young teenies keep on voting for him and he stays for as long as he want..


    unless ofcourse he can prove himself and that’s what he must do..
    he needs to WOW america with a miraculous song..

    that will really be a miracle..

    but i was pissed of when he was saved..

  9. I have always loved Simon, but his odd behavior with the increasingly bizarre Kara makes me wish I could vote both of them off NOW. I think people are voting for Tim just to send a message to Kara and Simon.

  10. April Fool’s day!!! Freak I almost believed it!!!

    How stupid of me to believe this crap!!


  12. @ Kim Carson

    How long did it take you to string that array of complete garbage together? You write with a spite that is not very becoming, however typical of someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

    This show will be a complete waste of time without Simon, and soon all the Idol fans will be watching X-Factor US….

  13. hahahaha Matt I totally believed this ROFL I am not american nor canadian so I have no idea of the holidays. I was freaked haha cant compose myself ROFL good one πŸ™‚

  14. I think it’s fair to call last night this season’s first “shock” – I can’t believe Didi was eliminated, paving the way for a lot of movement in rankings of contestants this week. The biggest gainer? Lee Dewyze, who’s upward surge on the chart is the biggest of any contestant this season. The biggest loser? It’s a surprise – and one you won’t see coming. All the rankings here:

  15. LMAO, good one. Halfway through the article, I scrolled up to see when it was posted…haha. But you did scare me!

  16. Good One! I kept thinking No Way but good for Simon! I would quit! Most are still wondering why Tim is still here over Lilly, Alex and Didi. I don’t think the judges could let him go no matter what the votes are – they have to prove that they brought him back for the good. JMO tho. Wonder about those votes being true!

  17. Didi is the one that should of been saved…I think she is a better singer..Tim should of been the one to leave and come back next year after he improves himself….

  18. I cannot let myself believe that Simon would have quit !!!! That is the first time ANYONE has caught me with a April first joke. I really believed it….GREAT ONE MATT !!! To see where Paula may have come back to replace Simon was just too good to be true…I do think that Simon makes the show great.I hope that Crystal wins over everyone else….Great show.

  19. I was upset reading that once again the panel of judges would be changing, lol, glad it was an April fools joke. But, having said that, what is with Ryan this year? Seems he is constantly trying to pick a fight with Simon.I always thought Ryan was very nice and Simon was somewhat cruel(although very direct in his critiquing) but this year Ryan is coming off like a jerk. Jealous, immature. Call it whatever, but he needs to get a life.

  20. Crystal Wow !!! What a brilliant talent
    Keep it up honey you should walk it !!!

    Brilliant voice !!!

    David Clarke
    Derbyshire UK

  21. blackgirl I was born in Mexico City and spent all my life there until 2 years ago I moved to Canada πŸ™‚


  23. My husband and I like the judges. We will watch Simon no matter where he goes. He is very GOOD. Randy is also a good judge. I think that the previous comments about Kara were unfair. It looks like her spirit is broken. Ellen helps make the show fun.

    Ryan is terrible. Please send him home. I hope he does not come back next year.


  25. I really enjoy Simon and feel he is the most grounded of the judges. Cara is too tuned to her job , seems to understand bubblegum pop, not sure about other genres. They will need another honest but someone with technical skills to offer to replace Simon.
    Also, too bad the judges don’t have the ability to winnow the contestants , like'” So You Think You Can Dance,” with the judges being able to pick from the bottom 3 who goes home. It would get rid of all future Tim’s. For Tim’s sake as well as everyone elses

  26. i totally agree w/Irma Chitwood. I think what Ryan’s doing is immature, shows a hint of jealousy and he now seem to be more annoying than Simon. At leasrt, Simon is being real, the former dj is trying so hard to get attention. His cooment with girl holding a poster that says “We love simon” is offensive. he said, “why are you standing up, do you think I will get excited?” sooooo brutal…..

  27. Ryan is going to miss the heck out of Simon – he is just getting his “digs” in while he can. They are very good friends and need the ratings – lord knows AI is falling on it’s face this year. I love Ryan and Simon! Ellen makes me laugh as well. Kara can go home with the next one cut! Randy is cool too “YO Dawg”.

  28. Ellen was brought on the show to replace Simon….she has been talking about it on her show for weeks!!! I knew Simon was leaving, and I cant believe no one else here has heard it…..that wasnt an April Fools Joke – no more Simon – which, I think is for the best!

  29. @Karla –
    I think we all know Simon is leaving AFTER this season. The Aprils fool joke is that he just quit and would not finish this season. I thought Ellen was brought on to replace Paula, not Simon. Strange. I think more will miss Simon than not. He keeps things interesting and the watchers going “oh Simon – that was cruel, but right on.”

  30. Yo #38, Karla – where you been darlin’? Haven’t you seen all the past posting on where most will miss Simon when he leaves and that will be the end to AI. We will all be watching his new show (in America) X-Factor! Can’t wait!
    Simon Rocks!

  31. HI Matt U got me as well. That was a real good april fools joke. I almost ran to CNN or some other major news station to find out about it.Like the rest of the idol fans, I as well wishws Paula didn’t leave. She must have been planning this along the way & kept silent about it until last month when she had decided to release info. on what she was doing.

  32. Simon may be a condescending twit, but unfortunately he’s the only AI judge with any sense of branding an artist with his/her intrinsic artistry. But sanctimonious Simon has to take some responsibility for letting non-singing hacks like Tim Urban on the show to begin with. For a look at one industry veteran’s take on this year’s AI talent cast, please go to:

    And for some inside information on how RCA and Adam Lambert’s management team have BADLY mishandled Adam’s career, check out my Ezine piece at:

  33. who the hell is voting for Tim?!!! what the hell is goin on ?! you can’t have an American Idol out of pity. because i can’t find any other reason why he is voted. this is just absurd!

  34. and yes..Ryan is deffinetly jealous and very annoying. it’s like he thinks that he owns American Idol. and the way Kara just laughs at every stupid joke of his is just retarded. whenever those 2 are fighting she’s got a stupid smile on her face..jeez grow up,woman!

  35. Aw man sweet, you slightly had me there. I do agree with cracklinrose, I wish he wasn’t leaving after this season I don’t know that I can watch without him. And Thank GOD for Paula not taking his place, I hope she doesn’t next season. Ellen rocks socks as a judge, she trumps Paula.

    And as for Tim I feel Simon’s pain if he truly was upset over his staying despite not quitting over it. I actually agree with the phony ‘no talent hack’ statement. He makes me think of Zac Efron which is so NOT a compliment coming from me, Efron annoying the frick out of me. I thought Didi was wonderful this week despite the judges not believing so. I love that song and it was a very special performance for her meant for an identity-less someone in her life. I thought she did it beautifully and actually was ticked with Ryan for pestering her over her emotional reactions to the song.

    Tim needs to go. PLEASE PEOPLE! GET RID OF HIM!

    Oh and in response to Reneta: my mom says that there is some blog or something or other which likes having the no talent people stay for the entertainment so they probe people to vote for such contestants. So possibly something like that is going on.

  36. Had the story been true, I would have walked away with Simon. Though he Tim Urban appears to be a likable kid, he really should have been sent home weeks ago. I am still getting counsel to help work through what he did to that One Republic’s song the first week. I have to go now, . . . I can’t talk about it.

  37. Oh Jesus Christ, i was shocked reading the news that Simon is quitting midway. So it was only an april fool joke. To be honest, i can’t be more agree with Simon. Iγ€€really don’t understand why americans love Tim so much. I mean come on, this is a talent show, we suppose to look for america’s most talented boy/girl, like Lee, Chrystal, Casey and etc. Just as what Ellen said, Tim is no doubt very adorable, but he can’t keep walking through the next round just because he is adorable!

  38. hei..I know who can replace simon if he really leave Idol..hugh laurie!if he can brought House role to Idol..come is way more cruel than fact he is english too..he born in england..

  39. If the more talented contestants -big Mike, Crystal, Siobhan, Casey, Aaron & Lee leave the show before Tim Urban,swear i will never watch AI again. It was supposed to be a talent show not a popularity contest, right? ‘am sure those eliminated earlier were so freaked out by the voting results. Love Paige Miles, Lacey & Didi-they are way better singers not just as lucky as tim.

  40. Like I said before, VFTW is nothing but sabotage. Just an attempt by some smart ass to throw a wrench in the workings of a perfectly legitimate talent contest. The only thing worse than VFTW on American Idol is all the attempts by Simon Cowell to sabotage other contestants over the one that he picks out from the start that can make him the most money. It was very clear from the start of the season that Simon had Crystal Bowersox picked out as the “rags to riches” success story of the season that would sell the most records and make the greatest immediate impact on the market. He knows that people will be so fascinated by the story of how she was discovered and gained fame through the show that it would take some time for people to actually realize she wasn’t really as talented as some of the other contestants. During that time Simon can make millions off her record sales. In a way VFTW serves to counter Simon’s attempts to bash all the other contestants and elevate Crystal to the top of the heap. That said, the show is called “American Idol”. The winner of the show should then be someone that people could idolize. I as a parent would not want my teen child to idolize someone like Siobhan for instance. With the mohawks, body piercings, and tattoos she would not be a role model I would want my teen daughter looking up to. However, the demographic of the viewers of the show is not the same as it was a few years ago. There are more middle aged people in the audience now. With the impending debut of the American X-Factor, Simon needs more middle aged people to be inspired to go after their dream. He needs another Susan Boyle, American style. That’s why it is crucial for him that Crystal win the competition. It would be a popular win among the upper 20 to middle aged viewers and bring people from that demographic out of the wood work for the first season of the X-Factor. Now the real question is…Should all of this be in play in the competition? I say no. It should be a competition based on vocal prowess and nothing else. You should vote for the person whom you think is the best singer, vocalist and nothing else should influence your vote. In that category my vote goes for Siobhan. She is the best vocalist on the show hands down. While some of the others are great performers in their own styles of music, I still think that Siobhan has the best voice and vocal range and ability to sing any style of music by far.

    Nuff said about that. Now on to Didi. I was not a fan of Didi from the start. She absolutely would have been voted off in the next couple of weeks any way. It makes no difference if it is this week or next week or the week after. She was not talented enough to win the contest anyway. Tim Urban was in the bottom 2 this week. That means he will probably be next week and probably be off after next week’s show. He can’t keep hanging on. I agree that people have to be sure and vote for their personal favorite to ensure that Tim goes next. But unlike Ashley1, I am not quite as upset that Didi went this week as opposed to next week or the week after. She was not going to win the competition no matter what. And she was in the final 10 so she will be back for the tour just like Tim Urban and the rest of the 10 finalists. So calm down Ashley and just watch the rest of the season and keep reminding people to vote for their favorites every week.

    Good job on the recap! You were able to state your disappointment and still be professional about it and use your disappointment in a positive way. Awesome job!!

  41. Matt, I believed you for a moment there when you said Simon Cowell quit AI over Urban because I really wouldn’t put it past Simon Cowell to do such a thing. Didi will not be the next American Idol so it doesn’t really matter if she got voted out over Tim Urban but in my opinion, if Tim Urban would still be around for long, then AI is no longer about talent but popularity. AI would be a joke and Simon Cowell is right in deciding this would be his last season.

  42. tim isnt the best singer ever .
    but hes not that bad ,hes better than michael . in my opinion . ;D hes the only one that makes people laugh , lulwut.

  43. OK, some people are just talking crazy here. Person before me wrote that Tim Urban, who is quite possibly the worst performer to make the top ten in American Idol HISTORY, as being a less talented singer than Big Mike. Don’t think too many people are going to be agreeing with that viewpoint.

  44. I meant to say that the person before me said Tim Urban is a MORE talented singer than Big Mike. Which is quite possibly the most delusional statement I have ever read on this website.

  45. They just need to get Simon and Kara their own chairs so that they don’t have to sit in each other’s laps. yuck!!!!!!!!

  46. Urban over Big Mike???? C’mon! Good thing the judges decided to use their save on Big Mike! Notice how the other judges were ecstatic when Mr. Cowell announced they were voting him in again. It’s a big clue that Big Mike certainly has some singing talent!

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