American Idol 2010 Top 10 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 10 tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 9. The Judges’ Save is still in play this week since it hasn’t been used, but unless we get a shocker in the results I don’t think it’ll happen tonight either.

Based on your votes in our Top 10 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination: Tim, Katie, and Aaron. Not a good night to be young or talentless! I’ll let you guess which are which there. My prediction/hope? We’ll see Tim hit the road. If I’m wrong then I’ll blame VFTW!

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

American Idol 2010 Top 10 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Katie Stevens <-- Ryan reveals she is safe this week
  • #2 – Didi Benami
  • #3 – Tim Urban

American Idol 2010 Top 10 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Didi Benami

Didi sang for the judges one more time, but they did not use the Save. Didi has been officially eliminated while Tim wanders back to the couch. Go figure.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. Ryan Seacrest is getting on my last nerve this season…he is obnoxious!!! more than ever…I used to think he did a fine job…but his ego is beginning to explode…

  2. My that was quick lol..i was just looking at this post a second ago and now i come back and katie’s safe lol!

  3. i think katie should go home because she can’t sing and didi is way better then this two on the bottom…

  4. I am done talking about Sanjaya. He could win it all for all I care. 0k so I am lying to myself I do

  5. Totally agree, Katie should go. so boring

    so today onwards, i’ll join VFTW to vote for Tim

  6. WTF! How can people keep voting for a guy who can’t sing worth a damn??? Come on losers out there. Do you really think Tim is one the best 9 singers in our country???

  7. should’ve been Tim. the judges must be frustrated that they had given him a chance into the top 24. America should stop voting based on physical appearance or the show will soon lost its credibility. sure Didi had a rough night, but she has more talent than Tim.

  8. Why is tim still there he has no singing ability or range. America get it right before you screw up again and send the wrong person home. Again.

  9. No Way! Siobhan Magnus should have been eliminated. She cannot sing!! She sings so off key every week. How could it be possible that she was not eliminated? Well, before the show, I saw on a website that all the judges did not want her off the show. Get it? Every year this show gets worse. I will choose to no longer watch.

  10. this is my first time this year and part of me says that it was didi’s turn but part of me says that it wasn’t because i was a fan of hers but life goes on.

  11. Beneveto could not have said it better. As an american idol fan myself i am VERY dissapointed that Tim is still in the competition. Dont get me wrong, I am not mad that Didi went home but come on, Tim should have been off the show long ago. America must stop voting on looks.

  12. I thought Siobhan should have went off tonight…she wasn’t good last night. She doesn’t deserve to have a spot on the top 9.

  13. Omigosh! I totally loved Didi!!!!!!!! She was my absolute favorite and I cried when she left. There’s somethng about Shiovan that will make me never like her, and I don’t what it is. Lee is like a combination of David Cook and Chris Daughtry with a little bit of Danny Gokey.

  14. I just would like to know ,why early this a.m.on 03/31/10 did I hear that didi was illminated??Was the results already submitted??When I just watched “IDOL” this evening I already knew the outcome!!! I was very disappointed!!!I was In SAULT STE MARIE ONT CANADA !!I:m almost postive it was announced on Q105 RADIO..STATION Or a SAULT STE MARIE MICHIGAN RADIO STATION!!

  15. No way Siobhan should go home! Get your ears checked. She had a bad night thats for sure but she has been consistently better than anyone else. She will be the next american idol.

  16. Oh my goshhhhh. I hate this show!!! Ok I don’t really but I hate that Tim gets to stay and Didi has to go home. Tim’s not even good. Didi really deserves to stay she has the talent. Tim has no talent whatsoever!!!

  17. Hard to give the poster that thought Siobhan was less worthy than Didi, Tim, or Katie any credibility.
    As for favortism, Crystal is Cowell’s teachers pet, and Garcia is Karas.
    Ellen likes Siobhan, but as someone DeGeneres sees as interesting and full of raw talent.

    The right person left, assuming everyone knows the pre-teen squueee gurls are keeping Tim in it as a good looking, likable guy.
    Bad for the gals though, and early predictions that this was the year that 4-5 gals would compete against maybe 2 guys at the end.

    Now it is 3 gals, 6 guys left. And Katie has been in bottom 3 – what – 3 weeks in a row?? And I don’t think she is gonna get any better. But Crystal is still the favorite. And Siobhan, even if she crashed and burned this week pushing the envelope, still has a strong chance of getting to Final 4, even Final 2 if she rallies strong.

  18. Tim has no talent and should have been gone a long time ago. Oh well guess it shows that teeny boppers still watch the show and only vote for tim because of his looks rather than his horrible singing talent.

  19. Didi is cute, so I don’t think it was based on looks. Some people are just voting to screw up the competition. In any case, the judges should have strategically trued to “eliminate” Tim. Had they saved Didi today, the bottom two would have been eliminated next week…and Tim is always in the bottom two. It might not have worked if the VFTW people step it up a gear, but at least it would have been a chance worth taking.

  20. One more thing about the talentless one I refuse to talk about anymore..he is not even cute.

  21. Oh my gosh! Didi? Really America?

    This is all because of Tim’s fanbase, his smile and his looks got all of the 13 year old girls swooning, and apparently that’s all there is to it. Oh, let’s forget all about the talent.

    America got it wrong!

    And Siobhan has been consistent and amazing every week, so don’t be harsh on her. She deserves her spot. Tim does not. I’m starting to get annoyed at Ryan Seacrest’s ego.

  22. I think Tim should have been eliminated-BIG DEAL THAT HE SMILES ALL THE TIME-he is not a good singer and I hope he goes next. He also needs a good haircut-not very good looking, and does not have star quality so I think he is on shaky grounds. I did not like him from the get go and he just needs to be voted off!

  23. Didi is cute, so I don’t think it was based on looks. Some people are just voting to screw up the competition. In any case, the judges should have strategically tried to β€œeliminate” Tim. Had they saved Didi today, the bottom two would have been eliminated next week…and Tim is always in the bottom two. It might not have worked if the VFTW people stepped it up a gear, but at least it would have been a chance worth taking.

  24. gosh is it didi really eliminated…..i cant believe that either……i like she has all the potential……if im gonna share my opinion on whose who gonna be leaving first it would be tim then big mike then adrew followed by casey but my final four would be shioban crystal didi and lee

  25. That is b/s that Didi got kicked out of the game. Tim should have went home out of the 3 left over but if it were up to me the first one to go would be that weird screaming chic. I hate her voice I don’t understand why anyone would want to listen to that. Didi was my girl. But I’m still rooting for crystal,andrew, the guy that kara has a crush on and the rock star white boy.

  26. I’m not surprised, Omg, simon’s right. Why Tim??? I hope siobhan can redeem herself next week, I know she can

  27. have never commented in a forum like this, but just gotta speak out about the dumb judges! didi did SO good last week, n simon calls her ‘overly-dramatic” like broadway! duh! what is a music video, but drama? how ’bout the groups EVERY weds nite: DRAMA! car ad vids? d.r.a.m.a. ‘member last year, n adam lambert with the smoke machine? simon: “phantom of the opera.” duh! try TWILIGHT, dummo, n do your culture homework!!

  28. I’m not suprised Didi is gone. Her performances have been weak and her voice has not feeling or emotion in it. Her voice is different but has no substance. I am suprised though that Tim didn’t get eliminated instead of Didi, I don’t think he’s ever delivered a good performance and last night he performed like an over-the-hill Brady kid who was constipated.

  29. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that Siobhan and Crystal will be the final two. They are the only ones that have a unique style and personality. Plus they are the best singers there.

  30. Seacrest is obnoxious and is trying to build his ego at the expense of one who has three times the ability and popularity as himself. It’s the only way Ryan can try to be somebody.He uses his position to to taunt Simon and so far simon has been the bigger of the two. And yes, Tim should have went home weeks ago. But honestly it was the judges that brought him along.

  31. n speaking of culture homework, ALL the judges failed to “get” tim’s reggae cover a few weeks ago. DUH! reggae is HOT, n reggae covers are the THING! i thot it was tim’s best song, n i am no fan of the Scythe of Idol. tim fans: go back n listen to tim sing, but keep your eyes closed. 2 words: BOR-ING!!! he’s just cute, girlies, get OVER it; it’s a SINGING competition, n great women who can SING are fallin! DUH!!!!

  32. Just look at what idols done to really good singers anyway.. Adam.. the CD sucked.
    Kris (decent singer), again BAD CD!
    Allison (decent rock singer), AGAIN! BAD CD!
    Kelly (until she broke loose), The overall CD wasn’t good.

    What’s the deal with people getting upset.. let tim win, and bet he next taylor hicks.

  33. @lurk
    First off Didi sucks, she has no talent whatsoever, she sounds just like Natasha Bedingfield’s dying cat, and her performances are old fashioned and CORNY.

  34. I tried many times every week to vote for DiDi through US Cellular and was unable to get through. I feel she was cheated out of a chance of a lifetime. The judges, particularly Simon, was grossly unfair to her. There are a couple of the male participants that should have been eliminated long ago, however they stayed.

    In my opinion, DiDi will become a star on her own without American Idols help. Too many people believe in her and know that she will be a hit above all the other contestants on this show. This will be my last season watching the show until Simon is gone. He is too bitter because he is so unhappy with his own self.

    People in Knoxville, Tennessee will see DiDi perform in style on stage here and all over the country, really all over the world. You go girl, I will be hearing you on my radio very soon!

  35. How on Gods green earth does Tim keep coming back? He sings almost as bad as his hair cut. He is just terrible.

  36. They were absolutely wrong this week. DiDi has a great voice that is different. It seemed to me that Simon did not care for her from the very beginning. I hope someone picks her up that ca showcase her talent as a singer. I will miss her. Tim should have gone a long time ago.

  37. I agree with blackgirl who said “One more thing about the talentless one I refuse to talk about anymore..he is not even cute.”

    if you want cute, vote for Lee. it’s an added bonus that he has the talent, the voice, and the sexy growls.

  38. WTF!!!! I Don’t Believe Tim Urban Still save, what happen America??? he even worse than Sanjaya Malakar A Few Years Ago…..And Guess what? Simon prediction is right again WTH……

  39. No! Didi has a great style in her voice….America was wrong, but so was the judges for not saving her….Tim is good but not as good as Didi.Its the young girls voting…Didi will go on to have a career, but not with Idol,their loss. The bodyguard from season 1

  40. ana – “Well, if Siobhan gets eliminated, I will not watch this show anymore!!”

    ana, I think Siobhan will be around for several more rounds. But she is in a tough place – she has crazy good vocal gifts and is still young and trying to develop and polish them. So she has to take risks and she has to accept she might have another crash and burn and have to be voted off if the other contestants were clearly better. Hopefully she will deliver some great performances in the next 3-4 weeks.
    If she gets to Final 3 and goes then because votes are split between her, Casey/or Lee and Crystal – well, that is a pretty good outcome.

    I think Idol has already been life-changing for Siobhan. She has effectively “auditioned” for tens of thousands of professionals in media and entertainment and the buzz is that many see her as having real potential for Broadway, developing into being a significant artist. They want to see more. If Magnus has a couple of top-notch performances in the next 5 weeks, it helps her chances of being picked up for a career opportunity once Idol is over, even more.


  42. yes, they got it right tonight.but again why is katie in the bottom three, she is young, but her voice is better then the seasoned singers and why is lee there he is a professional singer. You americans really should get your act together, yes Chrystal can sing but she is a bloody hippie. and shioban all she did last night was scream , really pathetic, she should of being in bottom 3. not katie. wake up.

  43. he picks fights w/ev1, is the reason paula is gone, plays footsy the whole show n ruins careers… wake up amidol — duh!

  44. I think this is the best voting
    I have seen. I totally agree with this
    choice of the bottom 3 and Didi being let go.
    At least she still made the summer tour
    and that’s saying quite a bit.

  45. Are Americans deaf. Eliminate Tim Urban & Katie Steves already? Guess little girls are tone deaf after all they pay to see the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. This is plain down right crazy. Tim or Katy should’ve went home EASILY. Didi stole my heart when she sang playin with fire. πŸ™‚

  47. i hope the howard-stern-replacement-for-simon was only a salmonella-induced rumor. here’s a suggestion that would WORK: tom jones. before you laugh, let me mention that he was a superstar (NONE of the judges have that distinction), STILL performs, n really keeps his finger on the cultural pulse, unlike the aforementioned sleeping one, s.c. he’d be knowledgable n FAIR.

  48. right garrett, tim always looks like a deer caught in the headlights, n katie’s ok but nowhere near the women who are droppin like flies bec they are mature n have adult voices… that’s what it is, isn’t it? DUUUHHH!!!! gotta go now, splittin a gut.

  49. Tim or Katie should be gone, no Didi.. What were you thinking America?! and the judges!
    This is really unfair for her..

  50. They should all get the “boot” at once. None of them deserve to be on this show. They are all horrible! REALLY HORRIBLE! This show has really gone down the tubes. They should have pulled the plug after last year. NOTHING will compare to last year. Glad to say I am not helping with ratings this year.

  51. Didi, We love you and you should have totally been safe! Tim Urban needed to go home, he just isn’t Idol Material!! His cocky attitude will get him nowhere.

  52. I think it is such a shame that Didi was left go. That Tim did not go totally confuses me. Nothing personal against Tim but Didi was so much better than Tim and I wish the judges would have given Didi another chance. I will miss her.

  53. I think tim is there to confuse the judges, he is fun to vote for just to see if he will last. I think lee, crystal and aaron are the best. Siobhan, and either Casey or Mike should make the top five.

  54. I can’t believe that some are still saying that everybody sucks this season. I thought they all did pretty well this week. The judges should have used the save to eliminate Tim next week. There is every chance that he is going to be in the bottom two again next week

  55. I agree with comment 60 – these “singers” are pathetic. I hear these types of singers at every bar in the area. Why is everyone so into Crystal? Yeah….she’s a winner. Here’s an idea….wash your hair!

  56. No they did not pick the right person..didi was amazing and had a good voice tim doesnt know how to sing has no talent and doesnt deserve to be in the top 9 i am very upset this is so stupid didi was so good

  57. americans absolutely wrongg…!!!! didi have many potential… but Tim Urban, He Cant singing.. i think Americans idol not singing competition again..

  58. It seems like many people wants Siobhan out. To those who wants Siobhan out instead of Tim, can I know who is your favourite, is it Tim, Didi, Katie or others.

  59. I don’t agree with Tim being on the top 9, but to say that he has no talent? That’s an overstatement. He can sing all right, but not as great as the ones who were voted off before him.

  60. This is absolutely, utterly absurd and ridiculous… I dont know what hearing problem America has?! Didi compared to Tim, its like comparing a beautiful butterfly to a stinky cockroach. Wake up america! 3 weeks in the bottom three?! what the hell is wrong with you guys?! worsters won again! shame on you Tim! you dont have ANY talent at all! sorry but thats the fact!.

  61. I’m disappointed that Didi didn’t get another chance. Tim has the face but not the talent. My top 3 – Siobhan, Lee and Casey. Crystal becomes overconfident and conceited! She does not deserve to be in the top 3.

  62. Surprised but not that much 2 of my 3 predictions were in the bottom 3 but I think Tim should have gone instead of Didi. The problem is that Kara does not like Didi at all. She attacked her mostly every week putting her down instead of giving her healthy advices. Happy that Siobhan was safe. She really deserves a spot in there. She is amazing despite many people think. Her voice is pure and high ranged she will be in the final but I agree she should stop screaming every time, at least for a couple of weeks and listen to Simon’s opinions and advice.
    They didn’t mention the next week’s mentor.
    Ryan is changed for bad πŸ™ he is not good this season I don’t like his attitude. About Kara I am tired already to say she is annoying, worst choice for a judge like her, I don’t feel she brings nothing constructive to the contestants.

  63. It’s all judges fault, they can use save option. but just decide not to use only.

    For Tim, it’s also judges’ fault. if they don bash him too much, his fans wont vote fanactically for him.

    I myself will be joing VFTW todays onword =)

  64. Didi isn’t a loser! She got to sing 6 songs in front of approximately 200,000,000 people. She gets in a summer tour. She spent a month and a half in Singer’s Boot Camp with awesome vocal coaches and musicians.

    She can sing well, she’s got name recognition, and she’s pretty. I’m sure there are a lot of people in the business who think she can make them some money.

    I never looked forward to watching Didi sing. I never minded her songs, she just didn’t teach me anything.

  65. Get Tim out now, please! Didi is such a great perfomer. Honestly, people, start giving votes to the people that deserve it. Didi should have stayed.

  66. Wow,Tim is still on the show???And here I was thinking, that America voted only for talented singers or at least more talented singers than Tim Urban….Come on guys, do something so that this untalented singer gets finally booted off next week.Vote for anyone BUT Tim.

  67. Why is Tim still here. Hey all you little girls please stop voting on looks and vote on talent…please. Lilly has more talent in her little toe than Tim will ever dream of. Please he should have never even made it onto the show but some Producer brought him back in because someone else had to leave. You can tell the other Idols feel the same as I do. None of them ever rarely even look at him when he walks back to his seat. They are thinking “why isnt he gone yet. If he is here what does that say about us.”

    As far as Didi goes its cool, she wasn’t that good but she was better than Tim.

    thats my top 4. And im agreeing with everyone about Tim. He should have left. But please dont forget about Aaron Kelly. He is AMAZING.

  69. Oh wow, America got it all wrong again this time around, but hey maybe we should all vote for Tim and maybe this would be the last of American Idols LOL!I stopped watching last two weeks ago, i just log on to see who has been voted off. I can see Tim winning and it will be the biggest joke ever and i will laugh so loud the stupid americans and their american idol judges would hear me from africaLOLOL!Way to go America keep voting for TIM!He sucks but so does your show!!!!the other day on a local radio station they were saying how south africans are going to take americans for fools (at the world cup) because they are so stupid LOL and hey this show is just another way of showing yol stupidity!!LOL it sucks to be american i know shame on yol!

  70. siobhan vs crystal in finals..if this happen this would be the best AI finals ever

  71. Didi being one of my favourites too. Crystal doesn’t look like a idol..She’s got a baby, how is see going to cope if she wins. o well, my top 4: Mike, Siobhan, Lee, Casey.

  72. I’m watching American Idols in Cape Town, (delayed broadcast on Sundays) and I must say I feared Didi would be voted off. I really like her voice.I loved ‘playing with fire’ even though I heard her sing it just once, I can still hear it, and also liked ‘Rhiannon’.I think she could do with a confidence boost, but I am really sad to see her go. I won’t be watching Sunday’s show.

    I can’t believe Tim is still around, and just goes to show this is totally a popularity show. He should have been voted off weeks ago. In fact how he made it to the top 24 God alone knows.

    As for wins it, ask Jennifer Hudson if it really matters.

  73. Living in South Africa, we get to see the show on is just a matter of time, Tim Urban will be voted off soon, but what a disappointing bunch this year. ! Casey Crystal, Lee and Siobahn …Mike is great, but he is a lounge singer !

  74. didi was one of my favorites and i really predicted that tim urban will go..

    but.. aahh..

    tim was one of my favorites when the show started and i am not against him going to the top 12 but this is way to far..

    he must not be at the top 9.. i bet he is going next week.. unless he wows the audience..

    he should try out highschool musical (if they are planning to remake it) or glee.. but he is still not suitable for idol..

    oh and lee vs. crystal at the finals.. haha..

  75. Didi is very old-fashioned, not a bad singer but she had to go ‘cos she is not current or relevant

    SioBhan is awesoe, she’s different, distinct and oroginal, pushes her limits and reallllyyyy gutsy….Go Siobhan!!!

    Lee Dewyze or Casey james should win this season…they both simply are amazing !!!

    Crystal’s attitude s**ks!!! Hope she doesnt win πŸ™‚

    Aaron Kelly is fresh and gives every song a very original take!!!

    Andrew Go home

    Katie Pleaseeee go HOME — your smile is the most irritating!!!

    Tim Urban is not so bad but judges are really extra hard on him…anyways Kara and simon S**K!!!

    just my opinion. no need to be angry okay?

    1. Lee (best song and best performance)
    2. Andrew (he really came back)
    3. Crystal (she’s good.. always good but just good)
    4. Casey (ok kara likes him)
    5. Katie (she’s getting good)
    6. Aaron (kris allen did a better version of that song)
    7. Michael (too gloomy)
    8. Siobhan (i thought she will nail it but it terrible)
    9. Didi (she’s not that bad.. she should stay)
    10. Tim (actually he did quite well compared to the other nights but he’s still in the bottom)

    by the way.. i’m betting on lee..

  77. Didi gone and not Tim? Really America? REALLY?? Well, not ALL Americans, just the Teeny Boppers are voting for him!

  78. Tim is allright.. he can sing (oh! and i can sing also) he deserves to be in idol..


    oh me God america.. i can’t vote because im here in the philippines but why did you let DIDI go?

  79. Get rid of Lee he is a professional singer, with a cd out there its not fair to the others.

  80. I am through with American Idol, unless they do SOMETHING about the voting structure. ONE VOTE/telephone number…maybe you would actually be putting the person with the most talent in there.

    C’mon…Tim???? The little teeny boppers were working their little texting fingers to the bone to keep him in there. He NEVER should have been brought back to begin with. The REAL American Idol…not the ‘kiddie Idol’!(AKA. Kris)

    On the bright side…I have 3 more hours each week to spend on actually living, instead of investing it in what has become a farce of a show!

  81. America got it so right, Didi was awful, yes Tim is bad too but hopefully he will be the next to go. I don’t get what all the fuss is about with Didi going. Those crocodile tears were ridiculous-well timed though on a theme week when she knew she would stuggle

  82. oh.. c’mon.. tim is the best choice for a substitute but let’s all leave it all that..

    he has talent to be at the top 24 BUT NOT IN THE TOP 9 please..

    don’t be too hard on him.. it’s not his fault that america likes him..

    he needs to wow america (that would be some miracle)..

    and if he didn’t.. sorry to say but he really has to go..

    He has talent but HE IS REALLY NOT FOR IDOL REALLY i mean REALLY!!!..

  83. I am afraid that this season is turning into another season like some of the past. It appears to turn into a popularity show instead of who has the real talent. This show is not about looks or attitubes but mostly about talent and i wish it would stay that way but i am affraid it will not.

  84. this week result made me could tim stay and didi went back..that’s terrible…i dnt feel like watching anymore…

  85. Sorry, but I think Didi should have been gone weeks ago. She can’t carry a tune, she has some good moments, but never an entire song. Tim definately should be next. I’m really dissappointed with this season. Only a couple of them have any stage presence, and you’d think by now they would have developed that. They have good voices, but they sure can’t present it in front of the audience, and I think that is what a big part of this show is also. Seeing how past performers developed their style and song presentation is unbelievable compared to this season. As the judges say “I’m just not getting it”. Also, I love Ellen, but this just isn’t her gig, and the banter between Ryan and Simon is just getting old and unnecessary.

  86. ok i slept on it, n i see now what amidol’s problem is: it has an identity crisis! duh! it’s become american teen idol, n now they need another show for grown-up singers with grown-up voices, bec no way a contestant with real pipes n the ability to use em — vibrato, falsetto, money notes — ever stays long anymore. AND… i’m startin to think simon is a tad misogynistic. watch close: is he EVER as hard on the guys as he is on the girls? he LIKES gettin rid of em! DUH!!!!

  87. SO… my advice to the current contestants — Lee, Mike n Casey, flatten your voices, get rid of that vibrato; good work just stickin to the notes in the song, don’t go changin it up or personalizing it. Aaron: WAY too much vibrato n skill. Crystal n Siobhan: change your gender NOW! or you’re outta here. Katie: you have a good chance, despite your sex, since you sound the same every week. Best chance: the teflons garcia n tim (sorry garcia to mention you with him).

  88. disclaimer: i think tim is a really nice guy, NOT cocky… he’s NOT laughin… he just doesn’t get it either… wonders why he’s still there…

  89. to SA-Nelspruit
    Why are you so offensive? Cant you just comment your stuff not being that rude? I dont think this place is to come and offend nor a nation nor a person either. We are exchanging opinions. Keep your rude thoughts to your own.

  90. and i’m guessin that simon’s new show will be for grown-ups. so i’ll be stuck watchin him continue to rip up women. cuz american teen idol is for KIDS who can put on a show. simon’s new show will be about SINGING. no contest. duh.

  91. Derek, Beneveto, and all others. I will say it again. Listen to the studio clips from Tim and you too will be amazed at his quality! Not only does he have the looks, which Justin Bieber copied on the show last night (hair), but he has the VOICE AND APPEAL to vote for!

    Vote For Tim!!!

  92. as for this week,i really think that something is not right here..well,didi is not one of my favourite contestants but please..really??
    is she really that bad?? i dont think so..tim urban is the one who should go home this week..i can’t think any other contestants that should going home before him..

    as for katie steven,she did a great job but let face it,she not gonna make it to top 5..same goes to aaron,he is good but i dont think he gonna be one of top 5..that place suit better to contestants like lee,mike,casey,andrew n crystal..

    p/s: i think we gonna have male idol this year..female contestants are not very competitive this year..except for crystal..

  93. I found out why Tim is still in. The other night on the news there was this girl who loves his voice and voted for him over 2,500 times in one night. Shes the reason he is still in there

  94. Ryan was a very good host in the past but he is over-the-top this year. Nobody is interested in his bromance with Simon. I wish Big Mike had thrown him across the stage when he hinted that Mike was in the Bottom 3. He did the same to Casey. It was not funny. It was unprofessional.

    Based on the past few shows, Tim and Katie will be the next to be eliminated. Just sayin’.

  95. #117 Kat:

    Tim is still in because the Vote For The Worst website has “adopted” him and are voting for him. They are boasting this morning that he is their choice who has gone the furthest in the competition.

    It says something when they concede that he is the worst!!

  96. I think that this is the worst season by far. They should have never brought Tim back, big mistake. What are people thinking voting for him.

  97. Linda, obviously we are thinking differently from you. We believe in Tim’s capability, and have heard it. Not only does he have the ability to write songs of value, but when he sings, he places himself into the song. It is obvious. And he sincerely wants to have fun and he projects that. Not a mistake by a long shot. It is a quality that many folks are lacking in this day and age. Too many folks rely on synthesized vocals and flashy stage presence which distracts from the true of singing. Tim doesn’t. And he doesn’t give up. Every week he takes a load of unsubstantiated judgement and comes back smiling. You have to respect that of him. And of all of the others that have received the same unsubstantiated judgement.

  98. Just my opinion, it’s the fact that he’s got the looks that he’s still in it. You gotta admit, he’s hot. Hot + teenage girl viewers = votes.

  99. Lilly, agreed! It’s a shame America doesn’t look more at talent.
    I have nothing against Tim, but if you base it off talent, he shouldn’t have even made it to the top 24.

  100. For those who want them there are plenty of pics of Tim shirtless on youtube and the net. But I would also search youtube for his other performances OUTSIDE of Idol, where he performs his own songs. He is really good!

  101. Overall, I agree with most of the comments that have made on this subject. I have known for many years in this business, many viewers votes are not based on talent, but rather on things like stage presence and how exciting is their singing performance, what the singer is wearing and how “cute” they are. Anyone who has a good set of pipes,can be, with with a good producer and his band of experts on how to develop their charisma and dress code and on-stage presence. One of the simplest rules you can ask yourself, “for which singer would you really put out cash to see them on stage?” There are only a few of the contestants that I would actually pay to go see on stage. Several of the contests are obvious. For certain, Tim does not belong among the top performers. Getting rid of Didi was a foolhardy decision. And, finally, Katie is very talented. With some tutoring of some footwork and body language,I can easly see her on a stage show. Come on America, try to get it right with your next vote.


  102. This has to be the worst season of American Idol ever. There are just maybe 3 or tops 4 of the contestants that have talent. Can’t believe with all the thousands of people who auditioned,this was the best of the crop. Routing for Bowersox but really for the first time have very little interest in the competition at this point. It seems to be that it’s no longer about talent which is really too bad.

  103. Thank you blackgirl for your support on my comment.

    I dont think this is a place to write offensive things against any nation. We are all exchanging thoughts and opinions about a TV show.
    Comment # 86 should have been erased.

  104. Absolutely not. How Tim Urban is still there is beyond me. In the end, did you think that Didi would have won anyway? Maybe they aren’t going in the right order, but America usually gets it right in the end.

  105. i thought tim was z worst than didi but i think voters r girls than boys thats why tim is safe for another week.season 9 winner will be Crystal.

  106. I can see that Katie have a lot of votes so don’t worry she will be safe. As for Tim Urban he will be going home very soon. Lee Dewyze and Aaron Kelly reminds me of David Cook and David Archuleta, don’t you think so?

  107. Lee, Casey, Mike, Aaron & Katie are the most improved, Crystal is very consistent. Andrew have to improve more. As for Tim the smiling and laughing is very irritating and for the singing is nothing interesting at all. As for Siobhan a lot of people do not like her screaming and this week her singing is not good she have to improve more on her vocal. Who do you think will get the judges safe?

  108. No, Didi should not have gone home! Judges should have saved her… I would have loved to hear her sing anything by Adele! Didi has the look, the voice and something that sets her apart from the other contestance!

  109. No, Didi should not have gone home! Judges should have saved her… I would have loved to hear her sing anything by Adele! Didi has the look, the voice and something that sets her apart from the other contestants! Tim should go smile at home!

  110. Like I said last season, they should limit the votes to one per household (or number). AI is becoming a joke when they let teenie boppers vote to the excess and let Tim move on when he should have been gone long ago. What are these children thinking or are they thinking? Too bad they can’t make this show for voters 18 and over, maybe then they would get some kind of fair results but there still needs to be a limit on the votes.

  111. I would also like to see the bottom 3,4 or 5 voted decided on by the judges. It is an absolute travesty that the vote can be influenced by a tweeny vote or a web-site that has decided to throw all of their support to the worst contestant. Or when Howard Stern urged everyone to vote for the worst contestant.

    Tim Urban is by far the worst talent American Idol has had in thier final 10 in their 9 year history. Multiple tweeny voting, web-sites and shock jocks shouldn’t be allowed to keep the worst contestant on American Idol. It is literally destroying the ratings for this show.

  112. Guys, you gotta chill. Tim’s not all that, I agree, but he does have a pleasant voice. And he is deep too! I mean look at that spirit! He said he had his fun and he won’t regret it! More contestants should think like that if they REALLY want to win! Paige and Didi HAD to go, and Lacey too. Lily should have stayed and I must admit I’m still in a shock why she had to leave! Alex didn’t seem to WANT it that much, even if he did, he failed to show it, so he got what he deserved. Tim is not gonna be the next Idol, he might even leave this week, but he can sing I’m telling you. I guess he should try singing “Love Bug” by Jonas brothers or “Let it snow” by Buble. It might just work, eh? πŸ˜‰

  113. tim has talent
    he just have to choose songs suitable for him
    song choice is his problem

  114. Didi should not have been eliminated. It should have been Tim. Didi is so talented and pretty. I think this was a huge mistake. The judges made a mistake by not saving her. i am surprised that Simon who really is so right in his observations couldn’t save her. Also, without Simon, I doubt that the show will continue to appeal to such a large audience.

  115. I think it is a matter of time before Tim goes home. It tis very obeviouse he can not sing well, that was from the beginng. He wasnt very well, as he only gets worse as the weeks go on. I know some may think he is cute, but that aint all it takes. I have watched American Idol for 9 years now, and this year they are only 3 that is really in the competion Crystal,Big Mike,and Lee just un that order.

  116. I’m very dissapointed Tim Urban is a very cute guy, but he’s singing is not enough for the Top 9. I hope America votes for the vocals and not for the looks.

  117. I think Tim is still here at this point because he has the sort of looks (shaggy hair and puppy dog eyes) that pre-teen girls love. The website VFTW, might have a lot to do with him still being here as well. But this week, Lee’s performers really surprised me:

    Lee Dewyze, has always been at a level a couple spots under Crystal, the usual top performer. With his version of “treat her like a lady” he has shown he is ready to give crystal a serious run for the top spot. Unlike Crystal, Lee never performed in front of audiance, before American Idol. He worked in a paint store I beleive. Truely a unkown talant.

  118. Bruno, I pretty much agree with your top 3. But I would switch the order to
    1- Crystal
    2- Lee
    3- Big Mike

    All 3 are great performers. But Crystal is by far the most consistant.

  119. I believe Didi will go on to have a career. She is unique and has a big heart and is an emotional girl (that’s a good thing).
    Didi, keep on singing and I hope to spend my money on an album of yours in the future πŸ˜€

  120. My top 3 for this week:
    1. Casey James
    2. Crystal Bowersox
    3. Katie Stevens

    My bottom 3 for this week:
    7. Aaron Kelly
    8. Michael Lynche
    9. Lee Dewyze

    Normally, I love Lee and Michael, but not this week…I didn’t like their versions of the songs at all. Normally, I don’t care much for Tim Urban, but I didn’t mind his performance this time.

  121. Tim should have been eliminated weeks ago and would have been if the teeny boppers didn’t cast thousands of votes, or if they had any taste, or if they had a clue of what talent is. Big Mike is awesome, altho I don’t believe he’ll be the big winner. Bottom 3 should have been Tim, Aaron and the spanish guy – with Tim absolutely going home. He has that fake smile and a David Cassidy thing going on. Ick.

  122. they got it rght on point cos if they hadnt,I ould have said dis is a no black man competition.Good work judges…Micheal rocks.

  123. yes they got it right, I’m sick of ballads and if any other performer came out and sang the same old crap every week the judges would not save him. Reminds me of season 2 when Kimberly Locke should have won.

  124. Aaron and Tim are dim. Neither one is in the same class with Michael (or any of the others, for that matter). It’s the same story … thirteen year olds are doing most of the voting. Anyone with an ear for good music would not vote for either one. Thank goodness for the “save.” Obviously, I agree with Stuart.

  125. I think they should have listened to the voters and sent Michael home. I think they will be sorry they used it so soon.

  126. I think they should have sent Michael home. He has done his best, however the competition has gotten bigger than he can handle. He is a good actor, he should try auditioning for that.

  127. I can’t believe Michael was voted off. I changed my vote for Shioban in the last minute last nite… I guess a lot of people had the same idea and never would have though Mike was in danger after the vote.

  128. America is very strange when it comes to who they like. Michael is a good singer. Better than a couple of others on the show. Remember Chris Daughty?????? America got that wrong. It has come down to a popular contest, not a singing contest! The judges did the right thing!!!!

  129. No they got it all wrong. Andrew and Tim can’t sing a lick, but Michael is a very good singer. You need to get some new voters, because who is voting does not know what their doing. Michael did not deserve this and all the judges know it. American Idol has really become a joke now.

  130. Yeah America got it absolutely right! The 3 worst performances of the night were Michael’s, Aaron’s and Andrew’s. I especially didn’t like the arrangement and the way Michael sang “Eleanor Rigby.” I just didn’t know what the 3 other judges were hearing. Simon was right when he said Michael’s performance was “over the top.” Is there some kind of favoritism towards Michael? He has been given so much exposure by AI as a contestant since the auditions. And now the judges save was given to him. I think the judges save could have been used for more worthy contestants like Crystal/Siobhan and Casey/Lee. I must admit becoming an instant fan of Katie and Tim after their wonderful renditions of “Let it Be” and “All My Loving.” Such endearing performances! They deserved NOT to be in the bottom 3. As for Michael, he should have been sent home to take care of his baby. He impresses me as a big bully especially after Randy said he hurt Ellen and him after they said he was in the top 24. He may not have intended that but that was offensive. And the way he (mis)carried Ryan in a past episode was highly improper on the show.

  131. I think the vote was way off. Andrew was the worst and should have been off before but definetly tonight. Big Mike should be around in the final two or three. ALSO, Adam Lambert couldn’t mentor anyone. He is just an idiot. It is completley disrespectful of the Kris Allen and other winners in the past. David Cook,etc. after all they did win, Lambert didn’t and shouldnot have won

  132. This was the right decision by the 4 judges. Mike is a much better singer then at lest 4 other still standing. GREAT JOB JUDGES!

  133. It’s sad that Mike was eliminated, he did not deserve this as his one of the better singers, thank you judges for saving him, supporters you not doing enough.

  134. Wow Vippy, you certainly a Mike hater, even saying that Tim is better than Mike. You turn everything Mike does into something ugly.

  135. Thank you Judges for saving Big Mike – this was an appropriate decision. I thought his interpretation of Eleanour Rigby was outstanding and one of the highlights of the night. Big Mike is by far the best overall performer and deserves to be in the final 2. Aaron’s performance was the weakest of the night. P.S. I have a newfound respect for Casey after last night – best performance.

  136. No, MIke should not have been the one to be voted out. Seems as all the screaming young girls vote for the young guys who are not of Casey, Siobhan and Crystal’s caliber. Those three should be the finalists. Come young girls, vote for talent not for looks.
    PS. Since I live in Hawaii, I can’t get my vote in because we see it at our time frame.

  137. I really think BIG MIKE should have went home last night American people spoke with votes and he had the least votes and should have went HOME!!!!!!!! The judges need to stop building BIG MIKE up to be so great wehen there are others on the show that are so much better than him!!!!!!!!! boooooo booooo for keeping BIG MIKE booo booo!!!!!!!!

  138. I think the judges did the right thing saving Mike. Every year at this point in the show it becomes a popularity contest and not who is the most talented. I hope america does better next week and votes for the talent and not who is the cutest. I am a big Crystal Bowersox fan and weeks ago thought Katie should have gone home. I am so proud of Katie she has really up’d her game and wish her luck. Crystal you don’t need luck you are going to be great anyway it ends up.

  139. Yes America got it right.Why is modern country so popular these days? It’s upbeat & catchy,ballards are O.K.when your sad and broken hearted,I think most people are looking for a popular all round singer.

  140. Absoluterly not! Thank goodness for The Save and that the Judges used it. If anyone wanted to consider this an off night for Mike, okay I suppose you’re intitled to your opinion…of the judges only Simon that “noticed it”. His “off night” wasn’t as off as Siabhon’s last week (I say that with super love, she’s my fave!)As hard as it is at this point- such great talent up there, there are still some who should go before Michael Lynche. Sorry Tim.

  141. The problem with Idol isn’t Simon, and it isn’t Ryan. It’s the voting. First of all there should be a blackball option – the caller should be able to ID the contestant they want sent home. Second, only two votes should be allowed per phone: One vote for your favorite, the other your blackball.

  142. I wonder who wants him out of the competition .IS he a menace towards other singers.What part of the market in the music industry could he hurt……Why would the public vote the best male singer out…Something is wrong…………..penn

  143. thibeault monique,
    I don’t think there is any conspiracy. The vote has “gone wrong” a couple times this season, in my opinion. Lilly never should have left when she did and though he seems like sweetheart, has a great attitude, and an fine singing voice Tim keep getting by on borrowed time even though he is not in the league of the reast of the contenders. It’s a crazy “go figure” moment and as I said before thank goodness for the save. This is why it was created, it’s happened before and it will happen again. Could i ask all the parents of tweens to take away phone privilages next Tuesday night. πŸ˜‰

  144. Yes there was a mistake made. There is no way Big Mike should have gone home why don’t they just vote Tim off every one knows he can’t sing him and his big smile should just go home.Let the ones who deserve it have a real chance to win.

  145. Either Crystal or Lee should win the competition. They are by far the most musical of the contestants in possessing keen interpretative and vocal abilities. They also know how to successfully work with their musical instruments to complement their vocals. The two of them have each created a definite persona, lending a uniqueness and electricity to their performances. Lee took longer to bloom in this respect but really took off during “Hey Jude”. Casey’s talent and love of music are palpable; he, too, has a definite and unique style and he might rise to the top in the end, who knows? His performance of “Jealous Guy” was spine-tingling. The others are for the most part a delight to watch, though Siobhan’s strange rendering of “Across the Universe” was both bewildering and off-putting to me. Perhaps I just didn’t get what she was trying to do? I agree with most of the comments about the weakest “teflon” contestant; he seems outclassed. In general, I really admire all of them for continuing on in an atmosphere which must in some respects be very trying and emotionally draining. Bravo.

  146. how in the world does big Mike get voted off but Tim is still there?? what is wrong with you America???? this is nuts!!! im glad they saved him! im just glad it wasnt crystal!

  147. NR,
    While I back a different horse so to speak (Go Siobhan!), I agree with much of what you are saying. Especially the admiration for the whole group. I really thought Tim go this week and was happy that it would have been on a high note for him, he really did do a great job with a family favorite (my kids have had All my Loving sung to them at bedtime since they were toddlers) I wonder what goes on in his head when folks with more ability than he get voted off… I have come to watch him closely when it is announced. I think he often looks shocked and sorry. Good form, Tim for always knowing that every moment he is there is to be enjoyed, and grateful for the privilege even if it is borrowed time. He has my admiration for that.

  148. The judges ABSOLUTELY did the right thing!!! The voters did the WRONG thing. I was shocked that Big Mike was in the bottom 3 and it honestly made me question the whole process. I hate to see any of the contestants go because I like them all but seriously….Tim Urban is getting by on his smile and not his singing…this is a singing competition not a who is cutest competition. If the judges had not saved Big Mike, I would have been an ex-American Idol fan. Then again…was it a publicity stunt???? Who knows.

  149. I think American needs to start voting more based on all past performances as well as the Tuesday performances. They would have clearly noted that “Big” Mike was overall a better singer than the other bottom two. I really was rooting for Andrew from the beginning, but he has lost his fire for the past 3 weeks and needs to go. Tim should have been gone since the first week of top 12. He has taken the place of much more talented singers that we have seen go already. This is a singing contest America! Not a beauty contest… Get it right next week, Tim and Andrew need to go.

  150. i think they should send two 17 year old home they still young they should be in school cristal is good and big mike is amazing they should make a recard by now but let somebody else win like casey he has talent let him win this year america do what right keep casey in let him to be your jdeal this year

  151. I couldn’t believe it Mike going home what is going on!! I take responsibility I didn’t vote for him I was bad I pulled a Dougherty thought everyone else would vote for him and voted for the people I was afraid might go home. but not next week I am voting for the people I think should be in the top 5 and I keep voting for over an hour. Please tell me why Tim did not go home one good preformance does not make a return to the following week. America stop voting for the least best its not funny anymore.

  152. Will Tim Please go home next week he is taking up space for the talented singers one good or bad week does not eliminate or keep a contestant. You have to look at the overall picture. even if Crystal or Lee have a bad night doesn’t mean I am not going to vote for them. by now we know the contestants and their talent and we all should have an idea who should be in the top 5 so vote that way no matter what night they have!!!

  153. Veronica I totally agree with you, America needs to look at this as a career in singing, just a thought Alan Lambert as the mentor he is an odd fellow but should have won over Kris Allen, we mute KA during the ford commercial.

  154. good luck to all the people on the show… but i think the real talent is either big mike or crystal … so keep doing what you guys do best and keep showing america what you guys can really do sing your hearts out .. and i know you guys are goin to make it far….!!!!!

  155. I totally agree with the voters.
    The judges, especially Kara have been overly pushes for Mike to win and the voters have become aware of the fact.
    One Ruben is plenty.let’s move forward.
    Do I think he should have been saved,NO NO NO!!

  156. Patricia #194, I totally agree. I think the judges did the wrong thing. There are others better than him and the way America is voting the judges save would have been used more wisely on others with more potential, now the save is gone and I don’t think Mike was worth it. The way america is voting Tim is going to be in the final two (COME TO YOUR SENSES AMERICA). And I think the judges have lost their mind with this save.

  157. IMO Ellen follows Randy’s lead and Kara pushes Simon to see her point of view and thats the main reason why Big Mike got the saved. My predictions for next week is Andrew and Big Mike will be sent home.

  158. I didn’t watch the result show last night, but am shocked that Tim or Andrew are still in it. Andrew hasn’t found his type of song yet and Tim, well, he just is mediocre. Actually, the only true talent is Boxersocks. The others are good, but I don’t think they’re “Idol” material.

  159. I really thought Andrew Garcia was going home on Wednesday night. I was surprised that Big Mike was in the bottom three. I think that song choice is becoming more and more important. Also, personality, body language, etc come into play as well. People judge not only on the quality of the performance, but also on whether they like you or not. Mike would be well served to watch his body language as he comes across a little too affectionate at times. Makes me uncomfortable to watch him.

  160. I go with Siobhan. Andrew and Tim should have been gone long ago. Aaron is young and has plenty of time to get it together still… he is not too bad; just too young. Only thing wrong with Siobhan is her screaming needs to be better controlled. She and Crystal are the ones to watch. For the guys I go with Casey.

  161. I agree with Candy … Mike can sing but he is too sure of himself … I know he is very outgoing ..but he needs to tune it down a few notches ..I hope that he learned something from almost going home … like to be more humble … at the end of they day the fans vote for the people they like … They are all good singers or they wouldn’t be there … but Mike really needs to just sing and forget about his muscles.

  162. Unbelievable that Big Mike would even be in jeopardy. Thank heavens for the judges’ save. Without it, the show should definately be renamed American Idiot.

    Big Mike is the new Teddy Pendergrass and then some. The final 3 should be Crystal, Mike, and Casey…tho Lee is worthy of recognition (i.e. the Jennifer Hudson for this season).

    It’s obvious that the voting is controlled by the adept-at-text-messaging teenybopper crowd. Otherwise Tim Urban would be “history.”

  163. thebeachisgud,
    Big Mike thinks he has it in the bag.
    Did you notice his expression when he found out that he was in the bottom two ????
    The voters were right , they don’t want him as the IDOL.
    Let’s be honest,he’s not the best even though it is his thinking and I blame that on all the judges except Simon, the wise one.

  164. big mike is conceited……he doesn’t deserve to be save…….what if siobhan o crystal got the lowest votes????????grrrr i’m getting worry about next week result…….

  165. big mike great entertainer but hes the last black standing nice to see racism is alive and well great call by the judges thankgod they judge on talent

  166. Did anyone read the comments on the boy who sang the Whitney Houston song? I am very upset that so many people use profanity when they comment on any of the talent shows.

  167. Well mike is better than some of them but he needs to come down to earth.The only thing i like about Andrew , casey and Tim is they can take negative reproach from Judges. Siobhan is shocking in this area (judges comments),despite she is avery good singer.
    The next american idol – humble man Lee, Arron, Crystal

  168. I just read the article about Ryan Seacrest. On one of my comments I asked if I was the only one who questioned Ryan’s behavior. I did not receive an answer but someone is listening. He is very disrespectful to the judges and contestants.

  169. All the contestants with the exception of Big Mike, sounds like Country singers.they all are sounding alike. Perhaps the show should be named “Southern Idol”. Its really not good at all this season. Previous seasons I didn’t want to miss a show. I blame the judges for selecting a group who has so little talent. I think that instruments should not be allowed and the focus can be just on the singing talent.

  170. #209 Dee Dee, you are very much entitled to your opinion. That being said, playing guitar does not equal a country sound, not to mention, Mike playes guitar occasionally. The only one who really has a country style is Aaron.

  171. I was shocked but pleased Mike was ‘voted’ off. for one reason it deflated his ego somewhat. Even the fact that Mike was in the bottom three altered his ego. He has an arrogant attitude and is not that great a singer. Crystal and Lee are your finalist. Tim will be gone soon enough when the votes for the others gone will go toward the real talent of the show. p.s. Taylor H. was a great performer.

  172. Okay I have to say, I am a HUGE Elvis fan and I was really scared to watch last night because I didnt want to watch them butcher the “kings” songs but I was actually pleasently surprised! I thought Adam was a great role model. I thought he gave better advice and knew more about music and singing then Miley Cyrus did! I think they all did good last night. I do not know who is going to be in the bottom tonight. Also 2 get voted off and there are no saves πŸ™ im nervous to watch. I cant wait to watch Adam perform tho. I love him πŸ™‚

  173. I enjoyed last night’s show … I think everyone did well … Even Mike seemed to be a little more humble .. thank goodness for that.
    I am not an Adam fan for the same reason I don’t care for Mike …It’s the ego thing … but I think he did a good job.
    I think you call tell who the judges favs are.

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