Did Randy Jackson Give James Durbin The Edge Last Night?

I’ve seen a lot of discussions regarding Randy Jackson’s heavy praise of James Durbin last night on American Idol 2011 so I thought it’d be worth taking a closer look. The moment followed Durbin’s performance of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” when Jackson tells the audience, “you know what I think? This guy just might win the whole thing!”

While Durbin fans surely loved the extra attention there were those who felt it unfair to so heavily praise one contestant while neglecting the others. Of course these criticisms follow on the heels of those saying the judges weren’t doing enough to point viewers in the right direction of who has the talent and where America’s votes should be focused. So which should it be? More neutral judging, or allow the American Idol judges to speak their voice and reveal their opinions?

Take a look at the clip below for the heavy heap of praise Randy Jackson delivers to James Durbin and see what you think of it.

Notice that it’s Ryan Seacrest who initiates the bro-hug when he says “go give him a hug” SEVEN times in a row before Jackson and Durbin embrace. Also worth noting that just one performance earlier Randy Jackson was shouting that Scotty was “in it to win it!”

So let’s hear your thoughts. Too much? Just right? Bonus points to anyone who can explain Jackson’s “turning the other cheek” comment!