American Idol 2010: First Auditions Not up to Par

Well the new season of American Idol is underway and with two audition cities behind us, the talent I have seen so far leaves much to be desired.  Of course, they are not showing us everyone so hopefully we will see more as Hollywood week draws near. 

Last night we saw the try outs in Atlanta and outside of Jermaine Sellers, I wasn’t impressed.  Yes the Tennessee girl was ok with her country accent and southern ways but is she ready to be the next idol?  Would any of you really go out and buy her albums?  There would have to be some vast improvements to say the least for me to spend any money on any of these people we have seen.  I mean come on!  This is american idol for crying out loud!  Show us the real talent because this just isn’t going to cut it for me. 

To be an idol, or icon in the music industry, you need not only a great singing voice but some kind of wow factor.  Something that is going to make the masses wake up and say “Hey, that girl or guy is awesome!”  I feel let down with the first week behind us and hope the producers are keeping the really good talent a secret until we get to Hollywood.  Because if this is the best they can show us out of Boston and Atlanta then I will be left disappointed in the season.

How do you feel about the American Idol 2010 auditions so far? Any talent worth your money?

Editor’s note: Please give a big welcome to Ashley, the newest writer at American Idol Net! She comes to us from where she did an awesome job of covering Survivor Samoa and is even now preparing for Survivor 20, Heroes Vs Villains. She’ll be posting a few Idol articles each week to keep the momentum going between shows so be sure to keep checking back on the site all week long.