American Idol 2010: First Auditions Not up to Par

Well the new season of American Idol is underway and with two audition cities behind us, the talent I have seen so far leaves much to be desired.  Of course, they are not showing us everyone so hopefully we will see more as Hollywood week draws near. 

Last night we saw the try outs in Atlanta and outside of Jermaine Sellers, I wasn’t impressed.  Yes the Tennessee girl was ok with her country accent and southern ways but is she ready to be the next idol?  Would any of you really go out and buy her albums?  There would have to be some vast improvements to say the least for me to spend any money on any of these people we have seen.  I mean come on!  This is american idol for crying out loud!  Show us the real talent because this just isn’t going to cut it for me. 

To be an idol, or icon in the music industry, you need not only a great singing voice but some kind of wow factor.  Something that is going to make the masses wake up and say “Hey, that girl or guy is awesome!”  I feel let down with the first week behind us and hope the producers are keeping the really good talent a secret until we get to Hollywood.  Because if this is the best they can show us out of Boston and Atlanta then I will be left disappointed in the season.

How do you feel about the American Idol 2010 auditions so far? Any talent worth your money?

Editor’s note: Please give a big welcome to Ashley, the newest writer at American Idol Net! She comes to us from where she did an awesome job of covering Survivor Samoa and is even now preparing for Survivor 20, Heroes Vs Villains. She’ll be posting a few Idol articles each week to keep the momentum going between shows so be sure to keep checking back on the site all week long.




  1. Matt I have to disagree with you about the Tennessee girl..with a makeover and some confidence(which she will gain with more experience) she could be awesome. I agree about that Jermaine guy..but didnt Simon say Jermaine is boring.

  2. I can’t take credit for the writing this time around. Ashley, the talented writer from, has just joined us here and will be writing a couple of posts each week.

    But back to the subject at hand, I thought the girl from TN could sing well but didn’t have the look to be the next Idol. (I’ll admit I can be shallow sometimes!) She could prove me wrong though so we’ll see.

  3. Blackgirl, she could sing but not to the caliber of an american idol. I know I would never buy her albums but that is just my opinion. Jermaine wasn’t the contestant Simon said was boring. I don’t think he commented much at all on Jermaine now that I think about it.

  4. Vanessa from TN is totally playing up being a shy maiden – “Aeroplane” my ass! The producers from LA are eating it up, because everyone loves a hick.

  5. I want to tell you about the eery feeling that still leaves me concerned about the contestant that was out in space and would not stop singing and seemed violent towards a judge. I still have no idea which judge. He had his eyes that really looked evil. Please judges, I hope you are careful this season. He really seemed like a vicious person. Still will watch and enjoy the show. God be with all of you, stay safe.
    Sincerely yours,
    Linda McElroy
    Kingman, Az.

  6. Hey Ashley, good that you are writing for idol too..folks she is awesome over at the survivor site. Ashley, with a little help the Tennesse girl could be very good. She is raw right now but the talent is there.

  7. Thanks Blackgirl! You may prove me wrong on the girl but she has a long way to go. We will see how she does in Hollywood. 🙂

  8. I’m 100% with blackgirl on this one. If she can get some confidence and stay’s country she will be fun to watch.

  9. I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    I love American Idol.
    But I find that we don’t see enough auditions.
    I’m not interested to know where they come from, or when they show us where they live or what they do for living etc….
    I want to see people sing good or bad.
    Thats why its called American Idol.
    I discussed this with my colleages at work, and they we don’t see enough auditions.

  10. @Louise: You’ll get a full four weeks of auditions with 2 episodes a week so there’s still a lot more to come.

  11. LOVE the Pants on the Ground song! The General is a real civil rights hero – maybe the judges will take this lesson not be so snarky to people. You never know who will end up being an Important Person – why not treat everyone with dignity and respect?

  12. Hi! My name is Lynne Morel. I have done some recording in the past, and will again in the future. I auditioned for Canadian Idol a while back. I will in the future be in the symphony choir. I also would like to provide other information about me, and it is that I just wrote a book and I am working on the steps of completing the book. Shania Twain is my idol.I would love to meet Shania and have a picture that will turn out, to treasure. I hope she to Timmins Ontario again, for me to get that done with her. I was also at her Grandma funeral, as someone had invited me in. I also saw you at the torch and was hoping to meet you. I will then I still am but I am getting some strength. I thought I would of met you, but I am sure that you come to timmins again. I was really close to you in the area we place in. I scream I love you Shania as one of your biggest fans. I send my regret in honor of me. I I live in Timmins Ontario, and I worked at the Shania Twain Centre. I send my greeting to Shania Twain and I wish every contestant alot of luck till I find a favorite to vote. Lynne Morel I hope you come to Timmins again so that you and can take a picture together, hopefully it will turn. I would for us if possible to be professional photographer. Sincerely from one of your biggest fan lynne

  13. Lynne I also love Shania. I have missed seeing her in the public eye and look forward to seeing her on next weeks show. Good job Ashley! I was worried that they were going to hurt the girl from Tennessee’s feeling.I doubt she will make it to the top twenty without a lot of improvement. I heard that “Pants on the Ground” was the #1 video on You Tube. I liked Malorie Haley the pretty girl from South Dakota who sang “Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart”. She was really pretty and had a nice voice. Skiboskie (Tony Willis) had a good voice on “Heard It through The Grapevine” but I hated his ridiculous super-man-ego-gone-wild appearance. If he could loose that and act human, he has potential.
    I hated how they went to so much trouble making the guy from Anniston,AL look like such a redneck. He did that part good enough on his own. I guess he was trying to be like the hideous chicken farmer on AGT who incredibly won in spite of having no talent. I would much rather see the good ones who made it through to Hollywood than the really bad ones.

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