Jennifer Lopez Not Happy With Emily Piriz American Idol Elimination


Although the American Idol judges did not decide to save Emily Piriz from elimination on Thursday night, that doesn’t mean they were happy to see her sent home by the voters. Jennifer Lopez, in particular, was displeased with seeing yet another female contestant voted off American Idol 2014 this week.

American Idol Judges

In an interview after the American Idol Top 11 results show, judge Jennifer Lopez said she wasn’t sure if America got it right this week with their votes. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I wasn’t really happy with it,” J-Lo said, according to FOX Audio Central. “I hate seeing three girls in the bottom three the past two weeks. I’m like, come on America!”

The way the votes have been going so far in the American Idol 2014 finals, J-Lo is starting to worry what about what the end of the season is going to look like. “What’s wrong? We don’t like the girls? We love the girls, you know? I get afraid that we’re going to be like, five guys in the final, you know what I mean, and no girls there.”

“We have great, amazing singers, also great artists in our girls this year too, with Majesty, and Jessica, and a lot of them,” Jennifer said. “You know, so it’s hard for me to see Emily go home tonight.”

Source: FOX Audio Central