Jennifer Lopez Not Happy With Emily Piriz American Idol Elimination


Although the American Idol judges did not decide to save Emily Piriz from elimination on Thursday night, that doesn’t mean they were happy to see her sent home by the voters. Jennifer Lopez, in particular, was displeased with seeing yet another female contestant voted off American Idol 2014 this week.

American Idol Judges

In an interview after the American Idol Top 11 results show, judge Jennifer Lopez said she wasn’t sure if America got it right this week with their votes. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I wasn’t really happy with it,” J-Lo said, according to FOX Audio Central. “I hate seeing three girls in the bottom three the past two weeks. I’m like, come on America!”

The way the votes have been going so far in the American Idol 2014 finals, J-Lo is starting to worry what about what the end of the season is going to look like. “What’s wrong? We don’t like the girls? We love the girls, you know? I get afraid that we’re going to be like, five guys in the final, you know what I mean, and no girls there.”

“We have great, amazing singers, also great artists in our girls this year too, with Majesty, and Jessica, and a lot of them,” Jennifer said. “You know, so it’s hard for me to see Emily go home tonight.”

Source: FOX Audio Central




  1. Well, wasn’t aware of having to make Jlo happy with my vote. Yes, there are talented girls. Barbies one and two weren’t so much. Jess and Jena are very talented.

      • No Way! Jena is the best girl in the show.

        Mayalya and majesty sucks so bad.

        and mk is boring.

        and jessica is kinda hateful

      • Right now after Emily left the best girl is probably Majesty. Jena couldn’t even get in the top 5 girls with votes, she had to be wildcarded in.

      • Caleb didn’t get out of Boot camp last season! Yet keith who gave him the boot, says he’s the best he has seen in a while? Candice took 3 go at its before winning. Jena’s vocals are spot on, and that’s why you only hear Harry talk about her jumping up and down more (like a 17 year old should). Note: she’s not the Carly Rae Jepson style of singer. She’s more like Phillip Phillips – but female! The others that are ahead of her sang off key, flat, sharp, and off rhythm. Viewers should listen more to Harry’s critiques! Alos go to youtube and listen to the X Factor’s rock singer Jeff Gutt for real rock singing vocals for a contestant (but didn’t win).

      • Jena wasn’t in the bottom 3 last week, she got voted in last week. don’t be a stupid jerk that goes the same for anyone who got the judges save.

        majesty voice was a wreck last week.

        I’m talking about her actual voice and she’s the best. Jessica sanchez went home and got the save. But that doesn’t mean she was a bad singer.

        it means she was so good the judges wanted to give her another chance….

      • But she was in the bottom 3 this week. She’s got a couple weeks left with luck and then she’ll be gone. Jena has talent but she doesn’t stand out. Her best performance has been her original song while she played the keyboard, otherwise it’s been mediocre.

      • i diagree now since 2 girls is gone…
        she’s the only girl left who is pretty so she surely stands out. the rest are so ugly!!!!!!!!!!

      • She’s pretty in your opinion. Attractiveness is subjective…and not a goo enough reason to win a singing competition.

  2. Well, as I see, this year, American Idol is very unusual and for me it’s really unfair elimination. I was really shocked when I saw Emily got out instead of MK… She is much much better singer than MK. Hope people will open their eyes better and choose them carefully….
    Thanks a lot.
    Shahram Khayam

    • How is it unfair?? People can vote, text (and they increased the text voting) and online on 3 different sites, and by phone of course. And again…11 people got more votes than Emily, not just MK.

    • That’s why the X factor had the bottom two sing and they picked the one to stay!

  3. Maybe Emily shouldn’t have sung a crappy J-Lo tune that is so vapid… nobody cared.

  4. I think the problem with the girls getting voted off is that, your audience voting is made up of lots of young girls who are voting for the guys, and you wil end up with a guy winning for sure!!!

  5. i think Jennifer’s little scolding to the voters is going to hurt the remaining girls more than help them.

  6. If JLo had her way, she will not kick off anyone so she can remain popular and sweet! The candidates are not singing their best because they are always praised even for sloppy performances.

    • Not so much….the other girls got plenty of criticism. MK was criticized, and rightfully so, for her lack of stage presence. But Jlo publicly scolding voters is not going to help the girls’ causes. JLo just isn’t that important. Did J happen to look at the rest of the contestants…there are still 5 girls in…Majesty, Malaya, MK, Jena and Jessica. They all got votes or they wouldn’t still be there. Emily failed to impress. Moving on…

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