Jennifer Lopez Talks American Idol 2011 and Her New Album

Jennifer Lopez went on the Today Show this morning to discuss her work on American Idol 2011, her new album “Love?”. Along the way she discussed her initial reservations to joining up as a new judge and we get a preview of her new video for “I’m In To You” in the video clip below.

JLo also fields a question about criticism that the American Idol judges need to be more critical, you know, like doing the “judging” part of being a judge. Lopez responds that they’re just being themselves rather than trying to live up to Simon Cowell’s no-BS approach to telling the singers how they did.

Jennifer also mentions her upcoming show, “The Chosen,” which she says is being misunderstood. It won’t be a Latin American Idol with a competition, but rather a show to highlight undiscovered talent.

What’d you think of Lopez’s new single?