American Idol 2011 Top 5 Week Rankings

Is it too soon to go ahead and call this season of American Idol for James Durbin? The rocker continues to dominate our Idol voting polls as he climbs the charts and leaves the rest of the season’s singers in his dust.

After last week’s 13% climb, James rose another 12% to sit comfortably at 46% of the vote. That’s nearly half of all votes going to the rocker while the other singers fought for his crumbs. Scotty McCreery, the former leader for most the season, put up a good fight though and earned an extra 3 points to get back up to 22%.

The bottom of the poll was once again owned by Jacob Lusk who manages to hang on week after week in American Idol 2011 despite being in last place in our rankings. Jacob maintained a 4% share of the votes like last week. Lauren Alaina shared the bottom half with just 7% of the votes, a two point drop from the previous round. Considering Casey’s seven point drop from 14% to 7% it’s not too surprising that he was let go.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing. Keep in mind that these rankings are based solely on your votes in our weekly site polls.

American Idol 2011 Top 5 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. James Durbin – 46% (up from 34% previous week)
  2. Scotty McCreery – 22% (up from 19% previous week)
  3. Haley Reinhart – 11% (down from 12% previous week)
  4. Lauren Alaina – 7% (down from 9% previous week)
  5. Jacob Lusk – 4% (no change from previous week)

It’s a given that we’ll have a Jacob, Haley, and Lauren Bottom 3 this week, right? Anyone willing to argue that Scotty or James will take one of those three’s place?

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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      • BEV…..Your 100% correct….We still have to vote…Take nothing for granted……VOTE FOR JAMES….

      • Voting is the key ! The whole 2 hours. Nigel said, Lauren and Scotty are front runners. There is enough of us out there to help this guy win. Look at youtube and the hits he is getting. Only 4 shows left , before the finale. Again,VOTE,VOTE,VOTE . NO, SOUTHERN WINNER THIS TIME !

      • I do have a question, aside from some report from TMZ (who NEVER makes anything up…. never ever ever… oops, I dripped some sarcasm on the floor over here) is there anything anywhere where Nigel actually says that they are the frontrunners? TMZ (rolleyes) and articles referencing TMZ are the only things I can find to support this.

      • Dear Bev What have you against the South? Bias against Southern people?So if someone is from the South, you wouldnt vote for James if he was from the South? How immature you are.

      • I don't know if bev has anything against the south per sey… What she might be refering to is how a disproportionate number of winners comes from the south.

        One of the previous southern winners (I forgot which one) was asked about that very topic once and they mentioned that it probably had to do womething with southern pride… their words, not mine. My money is on it being a statistical anomoly, but who knows for sure?

  1. James deserves to win it!! I think he is the only singer who when he gets a recording contract will come up with songs to make an album that will Rock!! Go James!!

    • I wonder if you rather spent your money on his album or other like…adam lamber who is definetelly a better voice.

  2. Scotty was bottom3 last week. Boy better start bringing it or it'll be a James vs Haley finale.

    • There wasnt really a bottom 3 last week ryan said from the beggining of the show the results will be done randomly that night so for all we know scotty could of had the most votes

    • there was no bottom. they randomly picked and did not tell us voters who the bottom 3 was.

    • These results are skewed because of so much of the south being without power. Huge numbers don't have water, let alone TV, phones or computers. So the polls are hardly scientific. With seven well populated states in the middle of a state of crisis, the survey is meaningless.

      • True, Templar…the survey was affected, also the voting and probably will be again this week. Another site, however, did say Jacob, Casey and Haley were actually in the bottom 3.

      • Meaningless? The results where the country singer, Scotty, went up in the polls and Lauren maintained her low-level status were meaningless? I'd disagree.

        None of these polls have been "scientific", but to say they're meaningless sounds more like you're discounting results you didn't like.

        Keep in mind that the show's ratings were only down 5% last week. So while the devastating storm was a terrible thing, it didn't have the impact you're suggesting.

      • @Juju: There's no way anyone outside of production knows who was in the Bottom 3 last week. They're not going to release that information.

      • Matt…5% means a lot to those teenie girls who each could vote thousands of times…lol! But thank you for pointing out those who uses the storm as an excuse for the result they dislike!

      • Keep telling your selves the problems with tornados have changed the outcome…..Your point is understood, but a few 10s of thousand votes cannot skew the positioning enough to effect the 30-40 million vote standings. Also, be real; 7 states were affected is clearly incorrect. Only small geographic areas of 7 states were involved. Don't blow it out of reality saying 7 states were involved – you’ll scare people thinking 10% of the votes were lost, but it is likely only 1%…..if that.

      • I so hate to disagree but there were more than 10s of thousands of votes lost in the southern storms. There were storms aside from the tormado areas….This would certainly affect the votes.

      • The numbers from the south should rise again this Wednesday, since most of the power in the affected areas has been restored.

        The only thing Scotty and Lauren fans should be concerned about this week (or the fans of any other of the remaining five) in regards to who is going to be the next American Idol, is that their favorite has a better night than at least one of the remaining four. If anyone's favorite with the possible exception of James has an off night, it very well could be their last night.

      • @Tugboat Gets your statements correct. Five states had fatalites. The seven state had majorty power outages and all had major distruction/ Why dont you go down and help out?

      • you guys are right. problems in the south have had result on the actual number of people voting, and it did show. idols who are afected are scotty and lauren. north and south carolina, georgia, alabama are country music funs.

    • I disagree…. Lauren is still definitely in the running. She has a great singing voice!

    • Wouldn't that be awesome though? They are both so deserving! I am all for a James vs Haley ending!

  3. james is gonna win it and that is how it should be 🙂

    go james!!!!!!

  4. haley reinhart for the win!!!! she can do it…

    Haley-james finale will be awesome!!!!!!

  5. I guess its still James-Lauren in the finale, while Hailey is the dark horse! 😀

      • That is what I have wanted all along James vs Lauren finale…but Scotty will probably be there.

      • It would be probably Scotty vs James in the Finale, but it's undeniably clear that it will be a total knock out in favor of james. and that would be boring..

        James vs Lauren, i believe in lauren, she'll goin to do better, an interesting if that night will be the two of them.

        Well, i'm really in to James-Hailey… James-Jacob…..

  6. I don't know what all the hype is about James. He is a screamer just like Adam Lambert. I am 99.9% sure it will be a Lauren/Scotty finale. Haley is a growler just like Casey was and look what happened to him. I'm still amazed that the judges saved him. He was the worst of the Top 13 in my opinion. I can't believe he made it to the tour. He will be a flop all the way around.

      • James like Adam Lambert? Lambert has been very successful. I like him. Lauren fan for life….The name says it all. A teenie bopper maybe even still in diapers or nursing. Immature for sure. Your opinion doesn't count.

      • Lambert has finess that James could never have. Lambert has presentation, in his dress (never hole in the knee jeans,) his attitude (not I;m wonderful) never bragging about himsef or fawning on judges..No comparison.

    • James will likely win by default because Scotty's and Lauren's biggest voting base will not recover from the mess in the south before the end of the Idol season. In my book, that's fine. Scotty and Lauren need to mature a bit which the tour will help. Both will get careers out of this experience, but they need to finish school first. It's all good.

      • Templar, really man come on, that is a very lame excuse for accepting defeat. James will win from talent and you know that. 5% loss in ratings does not constitute the huge spread in the poll. Scotty is out of steam and not posing much of a comback, sorry.

      • Would you agree to the possible rumor that the winner has already been chosen?

      • 5% drop in ratings multiplied by the power voting from that 5% is big. I personally voted 320 times. That's one person. It's a bigger deal than you might think.

    • yeh, It's better James be as "SCREAMMER" as Adam, so he can get International FAME either he wins or not!!! 😛

      • Both have similar styles but their approach is different. Adam likely had more vocal training than anyone ever on Idol, over 10yrs of it starting at 10yrs old, so he is very precise in his tone(too much at times), while James is rawer with more energy(but with pitch issues at times).

        There is a place for both since some songs will favor one or the other better.

    • Go listen to youtube videos of Casey. You don't know what you're talking about. I'd like to see Lauren or Scotty overdub 8 part harmony with themselves, or overdub themselves playing 5 instruments – he's a one-man band (piano, his signature bass, guitar, drums and even a clarinet solo).

      Casey won't be a flop. No reason to diss any of these young folks — they've all been talented. Heck, I still want to hear Karen Rodriguez sing some Tejano — ALL Spanish, her first language — because I'm sure it would be beautiful. I am convinced most of her problems came from the early sound issues in the new theater (since corrected with the ear pieces) combined with the added difficulty of singing in her second language. She didn't deserve to win, IMHO, but she was good! Pia = good! Paul – good in his folksy genre, and probably great on his own songs.

      Haley is the best, overall, left. Listen to the whole body of work of all of these kids, with an open mind, and see what you think.

      And chill with all this hate. Casey is a prodigy. Maybe not the biggest set of pipes — so what. He still had a great ear, and he will do amazing musical things for a very long time.

      • Oh, and I do like Scotty and Lauren, too. They both need to mature, on different levels. Scotty's voice in another 2-3 years will be amazingly strong and he'll have a huge range if he keeps working. He's close, but his is a physical thing. For Lauren, its emotional maturity. She's not ready for this, and losing this competition but still going on tour this Summer will be much better for her career than winning.

      • Be Real, Scotty doesn't need 2 more years I wonder if Tanya Tucker ever heard that when she started out at 13 remember Delta Dawn? Scotty can hande himself well. He already has a huge range, and other then the fact you want James to win you wouldn't even be typing souch things.

      • I don't want James to win. Scotty has a 2 1/2 – 3 octave range, period. His voice changed over the last 2 years. It is biological fact that male voices do not mature until they are well into their twenties. That's not Scotty's fault. He's not there yet. Tanya Tucker was a female. Where's your male example?

        By the way, Haley is my fave – not James. And, I like them all. You are the one who is biased and clouded, probably by your love of country music. And, that's fine. But preference is not fact.

      • And Tanya Tucker went off the rails just like Britney Spears. Stardom at too early an age is a recipe for disaster. Leif Garrett, Corey Haim, Dana Plato, Linsey Lohan etc. haven't been able to handle it. Scotty and Lauren may have voices that are ready, but they are still very immature. Lowering the age for competition was a mistake.

      • James is young also, he is a looker and girls will come after him,Many men have messed up big time. One point about Scotty, he seems humbled by all of this and it's not went to his head. I like that.

      • Piper ~ Did you just compare Scotty to Tanya Tucker?


        I mean, I like Scotty and all, but the kid needs a good deal of time to develop before he even becomes comparable to Josh Turner let alone a legend like Tanya Tucker.

      • We were talking about Scotty being young. I was recalling other singers that started young, I can also add Stevie Wonder to the list he was I believe 13 when he started.

      • piper, when they say he needs to grow, they don't mean his age, they mean his vocal training and ability. He has the raw tools, but he does need to expand and develop them quite a bit before he will truely be ready to take on Nashville.

      • Kdub, Like it's been said, you don't fix something that isn't broken, I've taken the voice lessons and I know someone gifted when I hear them. I wouldn't touch his voice it's good enough the way God meant it to be.

      • paper ~ you don't fix something that isn't broken true, but scotty needs work. He has the potential to be great, but at the moment, he has a strength in his comfort zone, but no major country star in the past 30 years has been able to just live on a single trick. Every single one of them that has gone on to greatness has spread their wings and brinched out into many different types of country music. The trouble that Scotty has had in the 2 times he even barely nudged out of his tiny crooner corner has shown that he does in fact have some serious work to do with his vocals in those areas. He doesn't need much work on the crooner side of things, but country stars are not made by soft slow ballads alone. If he doesn't grow and evolve, he will go gold on one album and then be forgotten. Which is a shame, because he is capable of so much more. (Oh, and I happen to have a tiny bit of experience in the field of music as well, so singing lessons are cute, but they don't translate to industry experience)

      • Kdub, Cute, Never heard of voice lessons being cute, it was hard work, but paid off well…… You'd be surprised. 🙂 Nothing wrong with a one trick pony if he or she has the right trick. It's been fun.

      • Cute when it comes to trying to guage a singers potential to sell records.

        And there is nothing wrong with a one trick pony, as long as that pony knows it will never see a platinum album in it's career.

      • Oh, and I wouldn't say that my vocal lessons were "hard work"… time consuming? Yes. And it required more than a little lemon juice down the ol gullet, but hardly hard work. I'll leave that discription to digging ditches, logging, arctic crab fishing, things like that. 😉

      • @Kdub What makes you an expert on vocals? do you teach singers? Where do you have the ability to judge a talent show? Or do you just go on prefence?

      • TOM I spent a few years teaching musical theater and directing/casting local musicals, have an AA in Music history and a Bachelors Degree in Music. I have several friends in the industry, some struggling, some that have gone on to be very successfull (a wonderful byproduct of growing up in the SF bay Area, a region where so many musicians have gotten their start) Learned to play violin, guitar, piano, drums, and had about a year of vocal lessons.

        As for my personal preference, it spans most genres of rock, country, jazz, classical, pop, hip-hop. Generally just about everything but rap and "Twang-Country" I used to joke that I prefered my Hank Williams in the Jr variety LOL.

        Does that answer your question Tom?

      • James is a looker? You got to be kidding. What do you see in him beside an open mouth-screamjng

      • @kdub I bow to your list of credentials and your experience. What is needed is someone like you to judge,fairly and with your knowledge. Sorry I questioned you

      • No sweat tom, and please, no bowing, if I had been smart I would have gotten a degree in engineering. 😉

        As for judging… meh, way to much criticism that goes with the job. I'd just be happy with them having Simon back. 🙂

  7. i really do think it is gonna be a james/scotty finale. james winning of course.

    haley is actually becoming my second favorite. scotty and lauren need to really wow everyone this week and they have 2 songs to do that with.

    • I agree, but think Lauren and Haley may have a edge with 2 songs a week, they can sing almost anything and it not sound bad, while the guys may have one great and one iffy song.

      • Haley has to pick good songs. Ones that people like. Then shes in 2nd at least.

    • I agree… Lauren and Scotty both have the raw talent to claw their way back to the top, but scotty needs to grow again like he did last week and put out an uptempo song that just leaves people flatfooted and breathless.

      Lauren needs to get over her fears and just unleash all that amaazing talent she has bottled up.

      Between James/Haley/Scotty/& Lauren I wonder if AI has ever seen a top 4 that has this much talent from top to bottom and this kind of potential to really make huge splashes in the industry.

      • I have not been particularily happy with the judges these past few weeks, but I have to give them kudos for choosing the contestants this year out of the thousands of hopefuls.

        The talent these youngsters have displayed impressive, and I think America has chosen pretty well overall. I think there are definate frontrunners, but there is still room for any of these contestants to grab the brass ring. It is up to the contestants to wow America and get the votes they need.

  8. i am betting for the 60's song james will do a beetle song. i hope not 🙁

    he would so slay 'the lion sleeps tonight'

    • But, there's hardly any lyrics in that song. Lots of chorus, not much lead singer. Nice to sing along to, but not much of a showcase for James. JMO

      • yah you may be right on that templar. so back to my original pick for james 'build me up buttercup'

    • The Beatles "Revolution" would be prefect for James it starts out with a scream and John go high in it a couple of times.

    • Is that what "Then and Now" means? A song from the 60's and a song from today? If so, should be a good show.

  9. I liked Casey the best, but I didn't like that last performance at all. A guy who keeps taking risks like that is bound to get burned, and he did. He needed to have someone he can trust to tell him when the idea is not brilliant like the Hi dee ho thing. And he needs to listen to good advice, which he appears not to do. Finally, you can't experiment in a competition like you might performing in small clubs where you can get the reaction and keep the good while throwing out the bad. In this case, the bad gets you thrown out.

    • Casey was great. I loved his Hi Dee Ho song. He is so into jazz, sure, most of the teenagers wouldn't of liked it. But it was a masterpiece just the same. I hope Casey get his own show on T.V. I love that guy, he is so gifed. not American Idol material but he's good. I think the judges were right when saving him.

    • Jim, good call on the risks… Casey basically had the opposite problem of Scotty, Scotty hugs his comfort zone to close, and Casey just let it all fly and went nuts week by week. Like you said, you throw the dice often enough, eventually they will come up snake-eyes.

  10. Due to the fact there were horrible storms in the Southern States um, could be Scotty may have scored above James in polls if people could have voted. But the power company is working hard and fast people enjoy hearing Scotty sing. Just think even though a lot of folks couldn't vote Scotty still ranked high.

    • Before the storms hit he had a 15% deficit to overcome, which has sense grown to a 26% deficit… The storms aren't the reason James is winning the poll… allthough I will concede that it would be slightly closer if it wasn't for them, but not by that much.

      • True, it's just a sampling, but the people that would come here and vote are pretty indicative of the types that would actually vote for people on the show.

        Like he said, it's not scientific, but it does give a pretty decent idea of where people are probably leaning for the most part.

  11. OMG! why does anybody vote 4 casey? i llike him!

    I hope haley keep going! she's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I believe Jacob is a dark horse, he should ave gone a long ago but yet still there… Halley is just black or white…

    • I am on Haley's team. Love James and Scotty, but Haley's my pick. All Haley lovers need to vote their little fingers off.

  12. At least, we don't have to hear any more of the judges mercilessly praising Casey as if his performances actually had some merit on the Idol stage. The guy would do well in New Orleans but he is no American Idol.

    • Agree, so we all have to ask ourselves who BETTER represents this country, instead just drop our likes and dislikes here! Let's do it well, no more mercy on finalle, let's vote for the best!!! (wich Im not saying on this post, but well, I wish for a good man on top 2)

  13. It will all depend on how the contestents are treated by the judges. Casey did well as long as the praise was heaped on him every week, then the worm turned and James was the recipient. The Love Fest was sickening. If more of the same is dished out all of you James fans will be overjoyed.

    • As JLo astutely pointed out last week, James has performed well EVERY week (consistancy). Same could not be said for any of the others. I'm ok with Scotty sticking to the whole country thing but at least give us a fast paced, fun performance for once. Ballad after ballad is getting lamer every week.

      • Tim, how the performance of the group is perceived differently by different people. I have only really enjoyed one of James' performances but admire his enthusiasm.

      • second chance, I though this past weeks performance was very good. Of course, this is more my type music than the hard rock he is so fond of.

      • James wasn't so great that night he had that guitar player with him, it was the guy on the guitar who won the votes.

    • I agree with you that praise was heaped on Casey. He was saved by the judges early on so they praised him to validate that save. However, although the love fest was indeed sickening, America still voted him out. Now the judges are on the James bandwagon. If what they say about James gets the same results that all their praise about Casey did, well, we know where it got Casey.

      Haley, on the other hand has earned very little praise from the judges (aside from the Benny and the Jets performance), and yet she is still in the top five. I hate it when the judges themselves are inconsistant, and when they proclaim the best performance of the night BEFORE everyone has had a chance to perform. But, we the voters are going to vote for who we like regardless of what the judges say. We know what we like, and we like the contestants left enough to make them our top 5.

    • From past experience, that backfires on the American people. Most of us have a mind of our own. You never know what is going to happen. That happened with Lambert and Bowersox.

  14. YOU know what? I really don't care anymore who's coming to TOP2!!! Pia will record, and she aint got top 5, so, what the reck!!! James WILL record either he wins or lose! That is a sure… AND the TRUTH winner of this season didn't get to TOP24!!! CHRIS MEDINA, c'mon you guys, every season you seem to keep someone like James to final and then vote for mercy (hopely this season will be a good mercy), so if ya'll want to keep James to win, good, if you don't, just kick him out there so I can get his record sooner.

    • I WAS SO UPSET WHEN CHRIS MEDINA DIDNT MAKE IT TO THE TOP 24 I wish he made it instead of jacob when it actully came to anounching the top 24 I was shocked at some of the contestants they picked and some of the contestaints they didnt pick but i hope Chris Medina comes back next year

  15. i also think if the storms had not been as severe as they were Scotty would have outranked James. James is a good, but i dont care for all that yelling. He isnt someone I would pay to see. Now Scotty on the other hand I would pay to see and pay for his music. Hes just great for being a young kid. So natural, God given and God Blessed. The Central Valley of CA will keep voting Scotty.

    • There are fans out there for many styles of music, just that Pop, Country and softer rock are the biggest now.

      I would only buy Haley's CD's right now or pay to see James live, while Scotty has the voice but not the training yet and Josh Turner is already doing that style of music. Lauren is simply not ready but she could out sell all the others if handled slowly and allow time to develop.

      • A lot of people sing Country, Scotty has his own voice he might remind you of a country star now and then but Scotty is still Scotty and he has his own sound. I love his amazing voice.

      • Haley, James and Scotty: the top 3 and I"m afraid James will win but I will buy Haley's records in digital format. She's so beautiful.

    • James is awesome. I love Haley, but James can sing and perform. If he wins, I won't be unhappy.

    • James was 15% ahead of Scotty in the polls before the storms wrecked the south, and then he put on the performance of the year… without the storms he prolly wouldn't be 26% ahead like he is now, but he would still very likely have a commanding lead.

  16. Hi folks i would just love to vote for Scotty but unable , he have a voice one one kill for its amazing ,its magic,,, i wish Scotty was left sing country songs if that was his choice ,its a crying shame to hide a wonderfull country voice like that.Scotty is my no 1 every week ,all the best scotty you can do it,

    • I totally agree, we vote Scotty every week in my household. And were 6.

  17. xin chao. American idol.trong suot cuoc thi toi thay Scotty la nguoi day an tuong nhat doi voi toi so huu mot dong ca dac biet.Scotty oi co len toi ung ho ban!

    • cu moi chieu thu 5 va thu 6 tranh thu dj lam ve de duoc nghe giong hat cua ban, va cung rat hoi hop cho xem ban co con tiep tuc cuoc choi hay khong, voi toi neu nhu cuoc thi nay ma khong co ban chac cung rat nham chan.Scotty ban rat tuyet,con mot dieu nua ban va LauRen song ca rat hay,hi vong an con nghe duoc giong hat cua 2 ban toi cuoi cuoc thi 😀 googbey

      • How would the judges rate the performance of this post??? well,

        Steven would say I hear ya man, and I agree the higher the ducks fly the much.

        Randy would say Yo, Dog, the first part of that post was pitchy, but dawg, the second part you nailed it.

        JLo would say I love the way you say what you say, I just hope the rest of America gets it.

        Simon would say That post was a disaster, I couldn't understand a thing you said.

      • Where is Coondog when you need a translation? I bet he could do something really special with this one!

  18. this is how i feel about country music. i hate it with a passion. with that said i feel i need to explain about scotty….

    i work as a manager and there is like 5 different sections. each section has their own radio and listens to their own kind of music. i help out in every section if that section is in need of help.

    my dock people listen to country and i would flat out refuse to help them if they left it on while i was back there. it is definite headache inducing to me. they would change it while i was back their helping.

    now with that said, i love scotty! i wait for his performances week after week (these last 2 weeks did not impress me, i hat the song swingin' with everything i have in me)

    this kid is the first performer who ever made me like anything country. i also love lauren.

    of course james is my favorite cause i love rock and roll all the way to metal and james is great at it.

    i hated haley at first and could not stand to hear or see her, after these last few weeks i like her as much as lauren and scotty. if lauren and scotty still continue on their very boring streak i think haley will become number 2 in my eyes.

    never cared for casey or jacob and never cared when any of the ones who got eliminated got eliminated.

    • second chance, I can identify with you because you know what you like and what you don't like. I think Scotty and Lauren are great. I like country music to a point but never a grand ole opry type fan. I really feel these kids have what it takes to make it in country. I am not sure the ticket is thru winning American Idol since they seem to screw up the type music the winner is great at to make their type recordings. Just look at what they did to Scotty's last week. Guess the way you feel about country is how I feel about hard rock and heavy metal.

      • and it is great that people like different things 🙂 how boring life would be if we all liked the exact same things.

        i mean i am one of the few people in the world who love snakes more then furry critters.

        ruth you are a cool person and i really like your posts.

        you dont like my taste in music(and probably not pets. lol) but you did not slam me or act a fool. kudos to you.

      • second chance, I am not fond of snakes however, I do have a little green snake that lives in my hanging fern basket that has a lot of fun making me squell and jump now and then! He is my bug catcher!!

      • AWWWW! i want a little green snake in my fern basket (if i had a fern basket) i bet he is soooooo cute! i do have squirrels that come up and eat right out of my hand as devin watches mortified and mumbles about rabies.

        when tiny snakes try to scare me i jump and pretend to be scared, even a fake little scream, just so they can think they are big and bad.

    • 2d chance — good on you, for keeping an open mind and paying attention to the overall body of work of each.

      These kids are all talented, as you pointed out. Now it comes down to who grows on you, who do you want to keep listening to.

      America is hearing it, too; who's #1 on itunes sales? Haley, of course.

    • Few people have a sufficiently open mind to be able to acknowledge the talent of an artist who is from a genre that they do not like. I say kudos.

  19. I'm still hoping for a James/Lauren finale! While it may seem farfetched, I keep thinking Lauren will have a breakout week..hoping it's this week. If you just listen to the voice of each contestant, Jacob and Haley have the most annoying voices. I would not buy either of their albums, it's just a preference.

    • Haley's voice is so annoying that shes sold the most tracks on itunes. I listened to some of her songs 160 times, 110, 75 etc.

  20. I have the (bad) feeling that Scotty is more popular nationwide even though James is so great.

      • At this point, I don't know that I'd have a bad feeling about any of these kids winning. I prefer Haley, and I really think, after listening, analyzing and breaking down all they've done over these weeks, that she's the most versatile and interesting vocalist. Whichever of these 5 win, however, will not be a travesty. They all have good points about which they (and we) can feel positive.

  21. I would like to see a change in American Idol's voting next year to 1 person 1 vote. I know this won't happen, but it would perhaps give a more accurate account of what America really thinks.

    I would also like the judges to rank each performance 1 to 10 like they do on DWTS. If they say you were pitchy, but give the contestant an 8, well then they weren't that pitchy. If they say I love the way you hit the high notes, but give a 6, then we know the performance was good but not outstanding.

    • I agree on the way DWTS judges judge over the way AI does, but a change ain't gonna happen.

      DWTS gives a critique AND a number, while AI just rants criticisms & raves compliments.

      If a judge would say "while I personally don't like country (or rock or jazz or whatever) I think you did—–" Thus it wouldn't overly influence the viewers.

      Oh well. I think James will win, but I personally have never voted for him & never will. It's not "music"–& I use the word loosely–I want to hear…ever!

    • Scotty's career is guaranteed already. I don't vote for him. But I will be buying the songs or tracks of his that I like. Hes a winner.

      • Why dont you vote for someone you like. That doesnt make sense. You need some kind of adjustment no matter who you would vote for. You want yo buy his tracks and tapes, get on line and vote

      • Tom ~ IIRC I believe Sarah has said she was a big Haley fan (I apologise if I got that wrong) so she is probably giving all her votes to her favorite. this doesn't preclude her from really liking another of them,

        I for example, am a James fan, I have been since I heard him singing Judas Priest on week 1. But I really like Haley, Scotty, and Lauren. I'll probably buy Haley's album(s) and will likely grab individual tracks from Scotty and Lauren once they start releasing music as well… but for me, every vote goes to James because splitting votes=favorites going home.

      • Tom, I throw all my votes to Haley. But I love James and Scotty too. Haley won my heart. Thanks kdub for explaining me.

    • Daymil, A little help?

      Lauren Alaina I admire that you earn your way. Keep belting them out girl!!!

  22. God I hope Lauren wins. For me James is too much of an Adam Lambert clone (obvious by how many comments have james and adam in the same comment) Scotty is too similar each week and Jacob and Haley have been in the bottom several times before.

    Lauren is the female winner we have been searching for and could be the worldwide superstar needed from the show.

    • She is good but she's only 16! How does she go around the country at 16 when she should be at school?

    • It's only obvious because too many peoiple have zero clue about rock music and don't realise how incredibly different they are…

      Just sayin.

  23. James is the best in the competition to be completely honest ,I wasn't a fan at first but I have to admit it, scotty was my pick at first but now I'm totally over him, I'm rooting for James now.

  24. James is going to be on top again this week; I just hope with all my heart that this is the last week for Jacob, just to be fair with the others contestants that are much better to listen and to watch – nothing personal but Jacob is no idol, nice kid – I also believe that Scotty should be in the top and between the two girls, they are both good, different style, not sure herewho I really prefer….but I know what I am sure, JAMES, no doubt about this boyfrom day one, I just love him and think as him as the BEST this year…

  25. Goooooo James. Keep it cool, you, and don't overdue the high notes. Love ya, Swibs

  26. Todos son muy buenos, pero quisiera ver la final en James y Haleys, Suerte! se les quiere…

  27. I love to watch the show and have from the start, I was quite sure that Scoty would make it to the top with James very close. It looks like I was right on the mark. All the top 11 singers are so very good, it is very hard to choose.

  28. Esta ha sido la mejor temporada de American Idol, todos han sido muy buenos, diferentes y han aportado gan talento, a todos, si saben hacerlo, les ira muy bien. James ha sido el mas constante, arriesgado y comprometido con lo que hace, merece ganar.

    • I don't speak Spanish, understand Spanish or read Spanish. I assume your vote would be for James, it is a good vote.

      • I don't speak Spanish either. This is American Idol! Translation: speak English. Okay, go ahead and rip on me.

  29. James does seem to be taking a large leap to 1st place, overcoming Scotty and eventhough I'm a Scotty fan I do believe James is the best of the group.

    • Agreed, if Scotty wants to win it, he needs to come out of the gates, bring a big uptempo country song that shows versatility and will just flat out "wow" people… it's the only way he is getting back into this thing. James has been having "wow" moments every week. Scotty needs to start matching him and playing at James game or he is going to end up "off the island" here soon.

  30. Go Scotty. I believe he will go far and somebody will pick him up immediately. I would take him over any of the other idols. His music is from the heart and the music James screams out is something the kids like today and it is terrible. Love ya Scotty #1 go for it.

      • I'm no kid and I think James is a great performer. His music is alive. Makes you want to get up and dance. Scotty puts me to sleep. Great voice but a total sleeper.

      • I am 43 and LOVE James and Haley! Can't wait for Wednesday. I really think the two song format will benefit Haley because her vocals are so good, but its very important that she picks the right songs more so than anybody else. If she picks the right songs, I think she will be just fine for another week. I am pulling for you Haley and James. Where are you Pup?

    • 40 and love James music. He is a throwback to the 60's and 70's golden era of classic rock.

      • yes he is! but he also did muse and slayed it. i think he can do any rock.

      • secondchance ~ true… that performance of Uprising was just absolutely masterful. I agree that he can do pretty much any kind of rock (and most other genres as well) but he seems to really be at home in the classic rock sounds. You can just feel him fall into the song when he's performing that style of music.

  31. I can't believe Haley is beating Lauren! Haley has been in the bottom three FOUR times. She has only had a couple of good weeks, while Lauren has been fantastic from day one and has NEVER been in the bottom three. I don't know what people are thinking. SMH.

    • I could be mistaken, but I do not believe that where any constestant ended up each week is relevant now. What is relevant now, is how they perform on Wednesday night. So if Lauren has an off week and the other four contestants nail each of their performances, she could definately be in danger of being voted off. This holds true for all the contestants. James may have a little cushion here and might survive an off night. I think Scotty has used up what cushion he had the last two weeks and needs a strong performance this week. Lauren really needs a breakout performance this week or she will be in danger. Haley and Jacob both need to have outstanding performances to have a chance to survive. Just my humble opinion.

    • Okay not the same Sarah. I will be the old one. I can believe Haley is beating Lauren.

      • Believe it. Haley takes chances and has been winning over the viewers. Lauren safe songs are boring the viewers

    • I think it is clear to most of us that Lauren will contiune her downward slide…..she only brings safe songs to the table. Where does she really show the talent – Middle tone songs – I guess she can't sing the highs or any lows either – – she hasn't and won't show us she can.

    • They are thinking that Haley has been getting dramatically better almost every week. Watching a performer continually improve will draw votes. Lauren needs to get over her fears and do the same. She has the pipes, she just needs to unleash them.

      • Sarah ~ I agree to a point… I think they are toughening her up for a pretty brutal world out there. Critics won't be nearly as nice as the judges about the little things. So I think it's good she is getting some criticism now and hardening her to it. Now she just has to rise to the challenge, if she mentally and emotionally steels herself, she could possibly be the strongest singer on the show.

      • I think the old axiom "Stay Hungry' is appropriate here. Lauren seems to have lost her taste for it.

    • Sarah…,Haley has done an exceptional job every week. Are we watching the same show?? I truly hope we have a Haley and James final. They both have fought the hardest with every genre. Looking forward to Wed. nite show. The true stars will shine…Go Haley, show'em what ya got!!!!

    • A couple of good weeks? Um, NO! Haley has only had a couple of bad weeks, a few mediocre weeks and a lot of weeks where she has kicked everyone else's butts (bennie and the jets, rolling in the deep, piece of my heart and house of the rising sun)! Haley is beating Lauren because she is better than Lauren! That being said I have nothing against Lauren; Haley is just better.

  32. James is the top winner . Haley follows 2nd.

    It is about time we bring rock and roll back and can't wait to buy James's

    1st Rock CD. I would love to see Steven and James sing together.

    would be awesome.

  33. I thought James would go deep from the initial audition…his vocal range was crazy and the emotional content in his songs was, and still is, very compelling.

    I look forward every week to his performances because he pulls out all the stops, puts it all on the line every week and delivers!

    This week will be a true test for the contestants because they each HAVE to differentiate their two songs in significant ways and James in the ONLY contestant who has shown the ability to do that.

    I predict James will have a huge night and will establish himself as the clear front-runner.

    BTW I am a 50-year old and think James will (should be) the 2011 American Idol!!!

    Go James!

    • I'm afraid I will have to disagree with you about James being the only one capable of differentiating two songs in significant ways. If I agreed with you we would both be wrong.

      That being said, I do think James has a very good chance of winning, and although he is not my favorite if he is chosen as the winner I will be fine with that, he is very good.

    • I agree with JD. I think Haley is perfectly capable of busting out 2 very different songs and appealing to a wide variety of voters. Lauren has the potential to as well.

      If Scotty can finally perform uptempo on a song and really nail it, then he could be right back in it as well… He just has to prove to us that he can do it. I think he might.

      And Jacob…. bleh, who cares at this point?

      • we actually dont know how many votes any of them got,scotty mite still be the #1 vote getter for all we know….just my 2 cents worth.

      • He might be, but looking at a small sampling here, which is a pretty decent representation of Idol voters, for scotty to be overcoming a 2:1 ratio in the overall voting is possible, but statistically highly, highly unlikely.

        But to take your point the other way, for all we know, Scotty may have been the 2nd to last this week, he might have just barely edged out Casey… we don't know for certain, we only have polls like these and our own eyes and knowledge about people to make our assessments by, and right now, all of the info we have out there is pointing in a direction that makes it seem very unlikely that Scotty is the #1 vote getter anymore.

  34. En mi opinion la final esta entre Jacob, James y Lauren, ya que son los de mejor condicion vocal.

    Scotty a tenido mucha suerte de no estar amenazado, para mi el siempre canta igual y no he visto ningun cambio en sus actuaciones, y Harley, tiene bonita voz pero hay algo en ella que no me termina de convencer, pero esta semana debem estar eliminando a Scotty.

  35. Scotty will win, just meant to be. His character and peaceful quite ways are things that we are in great need of in an American Idol.

    • Right out of the gate, when Scotty sang Lock the doors and turn the lights down low, I said WOW. He definately has a chance of winning this year. I think his past two weeks were not his best, and although he is not my favorite, if he is the eventual winner that would be fine with me. I love his deep voice.

  36. So Bev, what's your problem with the south? Second time you have made this comment.

  37. If Gino Vannelli was a contestant on that show, I wonder if some of you would of sent him packing. He has and amazing voice. He sang The Wheels of Life back in the late 70's and I'd love to hear Jacob sing it.

  38. dont get me wrong ,i have nothing against this poll,it is a measuring stick to a very small degree,but nowhere close does it represent the nationwide vote,10k to 20k votes here doesnt represent a whole lot to bank on,i doubt any of the teenyboppers even come on this site at all,if any not many..

    • and if u remember since the top 10 the votes have dropped off alot,it was reaching near 50 k at one point,down to about half that now,expecually last 1.

    • Actually, looking at the posts of many folks around here… I wouldn't be surprised at all to find a pretty significant "Teenybopper" contingent on the site posting.

    • And don't forget chris, that 10K to 20K votes for a nationwide poll is actually a huge number from a polling perspective. Typically nationwide polls that are considered scientific tend to use only 2-3000 people in it's pool. While this isn't scientific by any means, the nearly 20K votes is a huge sampling number.

  39. My vote goes to James Durbin. To me, he is the best all around contestant. His voice is amazing, he can sing anything from rock to country. Saw the video on you tube of him singing the Star Spangled Banner-it was amazing. Can't wait to see him in concert. Go James you are the next American Idol in my opinion. Wishing you and your family all the luck in the world.

    • Words cannot express just how amazing James Durbin is when he performs. He is one talented dude! James has won our hearts and have us screaming encore every time he hits the Idol Stage. I'm voting for him all the way with every fiber of my being. I KNOW he is going to be a HUGE success. This dude can sing anything and is CAPTIVATING! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE DURBIN!

      • As I could see you are the type of guy that likes rock. You are probably in the wrong place with American Idol. Maybe Couldplay would be THE ticket. Or, in order to listen nice and comfortable in your own place, you could buy an Adam Lamber CD. This year on idol, country music is stronger and prevails.

    • let james san country he could not with screaming in it lay of the scream somethime i could like him better

      • i am not sure I understood what you are saying, but let me tell you what i think you did. If James would sing a country or pop song would be the end of the road for him. I could not agree more. I actually feel is the end of the road for him already. He is not up to rock – unles there is fire coming out of a piano- and he is not able to sing subtle. Technic is ok. Is that enought? we will see.

      • James is actually a very good country singer as well. He has local country music competition victories that back this up. (And country music is pretty big in his part of Northern California)

        So thank you for playing, try again.

  40. If only New Zealand can vote, I would have voted Scotty for million times already. All my family, friends and people in my workplace just loving Scotty's golden voice…GO Scotty…

      • yes! I agree scotty is the best of the best singer there, I LOVE his VOICE & here in philippines we just adored him I HOPE many people in america voted for him cause i want to see him in a concert IT WILL BE BOOKED PROBABLY

      • WE LOVE HIM. (>_<)

        HE'S TALENTED.



  41. I would love to hear Haley sing "One Tin Soldier" by The Coven from the soundtrack Billy Jack. It was originally written in the 60s
    I stole..I mean borrowed it from my older sister

  42. I just listened to Steven Tyler's new single. It will debut May 9. I'm sorry to say he's a complete sellout now. It's pop.

  43. I luv Scotty!!!!!!!!!! He is just amazing cant wait for the final many kids in my school is big fans of SCOTTY!!!!!!

    and ites just in SA wow you have a amazing voice !!! We Luv SCOTTY

  44. I am foreseeing some very patriotic songs this week, proud to be an American, Born in the USA, Party in the USA (well we could hope they pass up that one). Scotty may pull out American Soldier. But with the events of this weekend I can definately say those songs or some similar will pull in the votes.

  45. I'm Mexican and my favorite was Casey Abrams, but now I put my eyes on Scotty.

    While American Idol is seen in Mexico by Sony with a week late, I follow the program online….

    Go Scotty!!!!

  46. We watch idols every week here in Cape Town South Africa. James you are going to win!!Keep going like this and you will. Love All the idols thanks Ash

  47. I think Scotty will make it to the top. As Iovine said, James rocks when rock. I think we have seen Scotty rocks too. I am glad Ryan is playing safe with James, because I was not sure he could have handle to wait. I really think Iovine was right in everything he said. When compare Scotty with Johnny Cash. Hopefully he will take the hint and sing something from the master.

    • What similarities can you possibly find between a fresh 17 year old and a tired, worn out, old desperado like Johnny Cash? Hard living and learning from a lifetime of errors in judgement made Cash believable in his songs. How is that comparable to Scotty in any way?

      • Scotty's voice is clear and fresh, Cash sounded like he was world weary and carried a heavy load of regrets. No comparison. IMO

      • Templar ~ Very true. Johnny Cash's music was deep, rough, and soulful. Scotty is still a fresh young crooner. He has the deep part, but lacks the years edge that marked Cash's vocal stylings.

  48. James seems to have it all eventhough I thought Pia would win. Oops! She's not in it any longer so James will be the new AI winner.

    • @David, I had someone who never watched American Idol tell me she watched Dancing with the Stars-saw Pia- and said she was GREAT. She's gonna' make it. That's for sure.

  49. I think jacob is the best contestant of them all. he has what it takes to win. he is by far the best vocalist, he is an artist.

  50. Mis favoritos son James Durbin y Haley Reinhart vamos chicos..!!!1

  51. My favorite are both the girls and then James. I REALLLLLLLLLY hope that Jacob goes home this week, he is not an idol.

    • My vote has always been for Scotty being honset to who sang the best voive-Pretty sure it will stay Scotty by the way things are looking. I cant stand to hear the james Durbin screaming crap

  52. I love Scotty,from Perú,Scotty es nuestro ganador y leo sus comentarios con traductor, nos impresiona mucho Scotty porque es único ,ya tenemos muchos como James, y nos quedamos con Adam L. Esperamos de corazón que Scotty gane!!! Scotty nos hace apreciar mucho la música Country que no es muy difundida acá en el Perú, Scotty lo hace cerca para nosotros y compraríamos todo los cds de Scotty. Scotty ganador!!!

  53. Wonderful song that Scotty sang last week. Hoping to hear more from such a taltented young man. Sorry but i don't consider hollering or screeching singing.

  54. James will win, James is an idol and James has what he takes to put out a show just him with his guitar OR a big performance, doesn't really matter, when U R good, U'R good!!!!

  55. haley is by far the most talented of the contestants. her voice is amazing and she is a beautiful girl on the inside as well as the outside. i know she will make an amazing american idol winner, go haley

  56. James Durbin is amazing and he is so versatile. The greatest performer that american idol had. I think he will win the competion. He is the best.

  57. James Durbin is the best and had an amazing voice. He can sing anything. Randy is right, he might be the next american idol. James is the best.. best.. best

  58. i am a scotty fan all my votes will go to him. but the way i see it is scotty is at a disadvantage. the storms in the south, alot of people still don't have power. plus the country vote is already getting divided between scotty and lauren. plus james is getting stefanos votes. haley will be getting caseys votes. because people mistakenly believe she is his girl friend. all i'm saying is if you are for scotty you better vote, vote, vote.

  59. I think your right about who is going to be on the bottom but you might be wrong about who is going to win. It could turn any time and Scotty has a good chance to win.

  60. My favorite singer JAMES is doing GREAT!! But please remember no-one is safe, so therefore we need to continue to cast all our votes for JAMES!! Let's help him make it to the top!!

  61. I think Lauren is the whole Idol package. Her voice is impressive and still sweet. Her stage presence is sparkling. Whether she is singing a spirited song or a love ballad, I am moved. When I look at her face as she sings, I am happy. All the singers left are fabulous. Lauren is my favorite and she has my vote.

  62. Jacob my advice to you go back with the little Luther voice like Randy told you. If not you will be going HOME. DO music that comments your culture "Little Luther" stick with it. Your voice is GREAT make them FEEL IT! Don't forget who you are you must work harder.

  63. Jacob my advice to you go back with the little Luther voice like Randy told you. If not you will be going HOME. DO music that comments your culture "Little Luther" stick with it. Your voice is GREAT make them FEEL IT! Don't forget who you are you must work harder.

  64. James you rock man, good luck I am sure if Scotty or you donot win this American Idol there will be contracts waiting for the both of you.

  65. Haley you and Lauren are great young ladies and you sing beautiful. Stick with where your voice is taking you the audience love you.

  66. Jacob my advice to you go back with the little Luther voice like Randy told you. If not you will be going HOME. DO music that compliments your culture “Little Luther” stick with it. Your voice is GREAT make them FEEL IT! Don’t forget who you are you must work harder.

  67. scotty and james were good tonight they were awsome i love you scotty and jame form rosie in onatrio

  68. Scotty! You are the country, music needs back in there. COUNTRY MUSIC!

  69. I think that this year is the best yet… The competion is great.. I really belive that everyone

    in this weeks show will be offered a record contract, and deservingly so… My favorite is, Scotty McCreery. Thank you for a terrific year..Tommy

  70. As I don't live in the States I can't vote, not fair. So America vote for Scotty is a vote from me, thank you.

    When on when is Jacob going. To me it shouldn't of been Haley to of gone. Very disappointing America.

    Glad to see Scotty not in the bottom three this week. He should not of been last week either.

      • Did I just jump to the gun to soon about Haley? Oops the results hasn't come up yet. Sorry about that. She could still be in. Ouch… hitting myself for that. So, here is crossing fingers my thoughts are with Haley to stay in the competition. I totally apologise for my comment on that.

  71. You all know if you put James as the favorite, he won't win. Just look at past AI shows the best all got the Runner Up positions. Besides if I could vote it wouldn't be for James, he isn't my favorite, his voice is annoying, actually so is his looks, he isn't good looking at all, sorry to say this, but he can't sing.

    • totally agree with you. James is annoying and he is a try hard. Not happy to see him still in the competition. COME ON AMERICA WISE UP… JAMES NO IDOL. JACOB NO IDOL.

  72. Has to be Scotty and Lauren in the finale. Either one wins doesn't matter, they are both amazing, love them both.

  73. I think Scotty was amazing tonite.I hope Scotty and James are in the bottom two.

  74. Scotty I like you stick with country you already have a winning voice. Let the base in your voice come out if I was not looking at the television I would think you are already a STAR. I love your voice and Texas love it too. Try singing “Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On”. I promise you will rock the house!

  75. I have never seen anything to compare to James Durbin he is the very best in every way!!! He is so awesome!!!!!

  76. Not a surprise that Jacob was cut. He just seemed to have lost it these past few weeks. James should be next to be cut. The boy may be entertaining, but the screeching voice is annoying and the fake tears OMG how could anyone fall for that. And lets face it Lauren just can't hang, she always looks scared on stage. Haley and Scotty are the best, each and every performance has been top notch!!!

    • I won’t be surprised if it James will be cut this week! I can’t stand the screeching either! He does have talent to perform, needing so many props…but without them he would have been gone a long time ago.
      Lauren does look scared, I agree. Just as the judges keep telling her she has to let it out more, every week! So I wouldn’t be surprised if she would go.

  77. Looks like my Lauren is going to leave this week. Please VOTE FOR LAUREN : )

  78. I see Scotty as the winner. Lauren seemed to end up in the final 2 with Scotty. But she needs to mature. Mainly realize this isn’t just a singing contest. This will be a very big challenge singing with so many others afterwards if she wins. She can’t just sit and cry when it may appear that her life in music may come to an end!
    I think Scotty would be relieved to have her go…
    the way she was always flirting with him. And Scotty was always saying she is only like sister!

  79. James Durbin is why I watched AI after doing a quick check of it and discovering this amazing voice and spirit. James continues to entertain and inspire as all his fans listen to AI and itunes recordings of his while we wait for his first CD. He has touched all our hearts in ways that no other AI contestant has and he did it by giving all his heart and talent to his performance…rare gift to music!!

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