Jessica Meuse ‘Mad’ at Harry Connick Jr. Over Harsh Criticism [Interview]

American Idol 2014 Top 10 finalist Jessica Meuse is “mad” at judge Harry Connick Jr. over his harsh criticism of her performance of “Pumped up Kicks” by Foster the People. She says the American Idol judge just didn’t get what she was trying to do with the song.

“I knew that song was going to promote controversy,” Jessica said in an interview with Synergistic Productions. “But I just wanted to do it because it’s just such a well-written song. It’s almost like ‘Goodbye Earl’ by the Dixie Chicks.”

Jessica Meuse on American Idol

“They talk about murder and it’s like all happy and it’s all hidden with this really joyful, awesome melody,” Jessica said. “And so I was kind of playing with that, because I feel like it’s such a well-written song. And I respect them as artists so much for doing something like that.”

Jessica was quick to repeat, however, that she does “not promote any homicidal activity whatsoever. Or violence against any human being because that is just mean and you should not do that. You should be nice and love each other.”

As for Harry Connick Jr.’s extremely negative critique of her performance, Jessica Meuse says the American Idol judge “made me mad!”

“He was being like I promote that kind of activity. I’m like ‘no Harry, no’ — it’s juxtiposition of music. I don’t want him to be mad at me because I really like Harry,” Jessica said. “J-Lo totally understood. What she said was exactly what I was focusing on, and it’s exactly what I did, and I’m really happy the point got across and she called it out.”

Source: Interview courtesy of Synergistic Productions