Majesty Rose Performs ‘1234’ – American Idol Season 13 Hollywood Week

Majesty Rose wow’d the American Idol judges at her audition and it looks like she’s about to do the same for Season 13’s Hollywood Week. Get a sneak peek at her solo performance plus details on how she’s rumored to do in the competition!

Majesty Rose York - American Idol 13

Stepping up to her solo performance Majesty Rose York tells the 2014 judges that she wants to win American Idol 13 because she “has a passion to represent everything that is good and great in this world. I want to leave a good mark and I need a big platform to do that.”

Great attitude from Majesty! Now can she follow up those big goals with big performances? Catch the preview of her singing Feist’s “1 2 3 4” hit song then share your thoughts on if Majesty has what it takes to go on and win American Idol!

See if Majesty appears on the 2014 Top 31 spoilers list for hints as how she’s rumored to do during Hollywood Week!

Majesty Rose Performs ‘1234’ At Hollywood Week: