Did American Idol Judges Make a Mistake With Jessica Bassett?

When the American Idol judges decided not to give Salt Lake City auditions hopeful Jessica Bassett a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, we were shocked. We honestly thought she not only had one of the best performances of the night, but was one of the best singers we had seen so far. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought Jessica was robbed. Even former judge Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t believe it!

American Idol Jessica Bassett

We love American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. this season. However, we couldn’t help but wonder if they might have decided to put Jessica Bassett through to Hollywood if she had looked different. Her voice was simply stellar, and she gave an engaging and strong performance. So we can only think that the judges maybe felt her “look” — with the braces and the old lady clothes — wasn’t up to par with the other Golden Ticket winners — some of which don’t have half her vocal abilities.

We know the American Idol judges are looking for the “total package” and maybe they felt Jessica wasn’t ready because she doesn’t have the visual appeal aspect going on yet. Well, in their opinion at least. We thought Jessica was a beautiful girl, just a little lacking in the fashion department. Honestly though, we couldn’t care less if she had walked in wearing a sack. This girl has a gorgeous voice, obvious talent, and deserved to go to Hollywood far more than quite a few other Golden Ticket winners who made it through.

After Harry and Keith both voted to send Jessica home, J-Lo told them they were “crazy” and “let the good ones slip away.” We are absolutely on board with that statement when it comes to this young lady.

Apparently talk show host and former American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres agrees. She definately would have voted yes for Jessica Bassett to go to the next round. To prove it, she even invited the 22-year-old singer to perform on her show. Singing an original song called “Lydia,” Jessica proved she absolutely should have gone to Hollywood. Plus, we couldn’t help but notice that she was looking like a movie star on Ellen’s show!

Somehow we think that if she’d looked like that in her original audition, the judges might have had a different vote. We had to think that way, but we just can’t help it. We hope that someone will be watching this girl and see the amazing potential she has and sign her up. With Ellen DeGeneres as a supporter, we’re thinking the odds are good!




  1. I saw her perform on “ELLEN’. Her original song as well as voice were nothing to get exited about. She sings sort of like Colby Callie but not quite the range. Ellen should have Simone Torres on that was on the X factor and sounds like the next Amy Winehouse.

  2. I thought her voice very charming and true. She might well have shown more with another round. It’s hard to say, but many contestants get that second hearing with less promise. What I see is that the emphasis on looks has increased with this panel. The “total package” by-words have much to do with appearance, style, externals. I’m not at all sure I agree with that.

  3. Something must have happened off camera. Not only was she the best this year she is the best singer I’ve ever heard on that show. No way her rejection was a simple mistake. Definitely something going on…

    • Was strange. They used her song over the other contestants. They never showed Keith’s reasons. She was very gracious in defeat. Someone clued her in on the fashion thing before Ellen. Unfortunately image is still a big deal. Love her song and hope she makes it.

  4. saw her at ellen too, and i think she have unique voice and can write her own song, very potential. Looking forward for her own album maybe some record label wants to hire

  5. Can Mick Jagger sing ? Maybe not but does he have talent ? I’d say he has more than all three of these so called judges put together.. That is why I think this show sucks on every level and should be put off the air

  6. The contestants this season have been so underwhelming that I started to watch AI not with my eyes but doing other stuff and just listen to them singing and then suddenly I heard this song and I was immediately intrigued by it. She has the best original song I’ve ever heard on Idol, so I do think letting her go was a big mistake. They have been letting people to Hollywood that weren’t better than her.

  7. No, honey. They didn’t make a mistake. Remember, they were using her recorded voice as a track OVER Ryan Seacrest’s voice work. Why do you think they DID that? It was such a big, phoney, put-on bunch of junk. I had started watching Idol for the first time in ages because I loved the judges. But when I saw they were going to be pulling such bogus stunts, I was out of there and will never watch them again. They knew how great she was and that “OTHER” arrangements were already being made with and for her. YUCK. PHONEY. TRANSPARENT. GAG.

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