Nigel Lythgoe Responds To Adam Lambert Rumors

Earlier this week, the internet was buzzing with rumors that American Idol alum Adam Lambert was being heavily considered as an American Idol 2013 judge.

Sources were saying that since Jennifer Lopez almost certainly isn’t returning (and since the same might be said for Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson), Adam’s name was at the top of the list. American Idol producer Nigel Lyhgoe has since addressed the rumors. While he didn’t say absolutely not to Adam, he did exactly confirm anything.

“I can confirm with you that I have not been speaking to Adam Lambert, but there are going to be lots of names coming up now,” Nigel said in an interview. “It’s a bit like…when they were looking for judges for X Factor. Everybody’s name came up. It’s going to be the same with American Idol.”

“Everything’s still up in the air I have to say,” he added. “Nothing is confirmed.”