It’s Official: Steven Tyler Out At American Idol

American Idol 2013 may or may not have Jennifer Lopez on the panel, but Steven Tyler as a judge is a definite no.

The Aerosmith frontman decided two seasons on the judges’ panel were enough and he’s decided to focus on his primary gig.

“After some long … hard … thoughts … I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my mistress American Idol before she boils my rabbit,” Tyler said in a statement. “I strayed from my first love, Aerosmith, and I’m back –- but instead of begging on my hands and knees, I’ve got two fists in the air and I’m kicking the door open with my band.”

While Tyler claims the exit was his decision, there are speculation Fox is trying to refresh the show once again. Perhaps with judges that actually offer some criticism.

American Idol alum Adam Lambert’s name has been tossed around as a new judge. Other names in the ring are Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Fergie.

Will you miss Steven Tyler on American Idol?




  1. So ironic, I live on my ipad and came over here to fill ya in on the news and Branden beat me to it :).  It seems as though AI is caving in to the cries for change and are looking at younger people.  Good and bad.   There are a lot of relevant people in the industry that aren’t 20 somethings.

    • It’s all good.  Steven will be fine and so will Idol.  I agree that Idol will err if they go too young with their judge selection.  They already messed up by lowering the contestant age, no judges under 28-30 will be credible.  

      • I’ve been watching this show since its inception.  In the winter, it’s like an old comfy blanket to keep you cozy.  But if they go the Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry route, think I might have to concede the fact this is no longer the American Idol I looked forward to.  But it is just a tv show, I will survive with or out without.  I’m too analytical today, Templar, was in NYC heat all day and that’s not fun.

      • I’m with you Vanessa…Katy Perry? Really? We want some who wears a twirling pinwheel bra to judge talent?

      • @LordCalvin:  No, it’s still vodka, rocks.  Although I could go for some of my kid’s ice cream!   I’m flexible, but some of the names they’re throwing in the mix suck big time.

  2. Steven is the only judge worth staying.   But, he knows what a bunch of nonsense the show is.  Great job at getting out!

  3. I will SO miss Steven, the show was getting stale and he brought a lot of fun to the show. I didn’t realize that he was so funny. They better get someone good to replace or we longtimers (husband and I) may stop watching.
    I understand though because Aerosmith is back on charts AGAIN and I wish them the best of luck!
    Love you Steven from years back!!

  4. Disappointed Steven won’t be back but glad he will be back with Aerosmith full time. Some of those young people being mentioned as possible judges just don’t have the experience to be judging and advising others.

    • I totally agree with everything said in your post.  And if Cyrus, Perry, etc. route, I will have to find another show.

      • Please no Katie Perry…even if I don’t watch the show again, I’d hate for her to make any more money from her lack of talent.  The below dismal box office for her movie proved no one wants to see her.

  5. If Steven and JLo both leave, along with the ridiculous multiple voting, allowing all the 13 year olds across the country deciding these peoples fates, that will be the end for me.

  6. If I were a contestant on this show, I’d be missing Steven Tyler…if he ever said I was fabulous…or all the other ego building stuff…it would go a long way…

    That said, a replacement…Billy Joel, Elton John or Paul McCartney…though landing any of them would be very difficult…

    Please NO!!! Adam Lambert…that would make it a very difficult show to watch

      • To me Adam would get back a lot of viewers that they lost after Season 8.

      • Because middle America is watching and voting.  This is why Carrie, Kris, Lee and the like have won the title.  Read some of the posts, people want apple pie with a dose of Reba McIntyre!  I’m not a soothsayer, but have changed my mind about Adam being a judge.  I would love for him to rock the boat…and maybe get a new audience for the show if it lasts 🙂

  7. will definitely miss him. I just love watching him – a classy rock personality ;
    very few man has this oozing sex appeal.He is a respectable artist who has a good heart – you can tell. 

  8. AI – get seasoned , veteran singers like Barbra Streisand or even Celine Dion or whoever – but not the young singers today. You lose the “nurturing” factor that these seasoned judges have. Their years of experience will definitely give the AI more credibility and integrity.

    • Parents who do most of the “nurturing”, are 20-40 years old. The veteran singers are 60+ and grandparent “nurturing” is different and not tough enough.

  9. I’m not very surprised at this decision. Maybe now fathers across the US can feel free to let their daughters audition for the show without being reduced to nothing more than a s e x object by Steven’s disgusting remarks.

    I hope the new judges they pick have a much broader vocabulary than the panel from the previous season. 

    • We can’t always judge a book by its cover.   The majority of America thinks Ryan is straight, which he isn’t (allegedly lol).

      • I’d love to see Adam come on the show wearing a t-shirt that says “Closets Are For Clothes”.

      • Templar…..You make me laugh……I’d love to see him wear that shirt!!!!!

      • What does this post have to do with Ryan? I think you are having some flashbacks resulting from the follies of your youth.

      • I am saying Ms./Mr. Taymaro that people aren’t always as they seem.  I am still enjoying my youth, without the benefit of drugs, which digust me and I don’t like the implication.

      • Well…Ryan is actually a Trysexual…try anything for fun.

        Yes, it takes one to know one.

  10. Steven, thanx for your time on AI.  Please take J-Blow with you.   The difference is you can actually sing.  You’re one of Rolling Stones all time top 100 singers.  Lopez couldn’t pass the AI audition rounds. 

    That woman has no talent.  As for her dancing show, someone needs to tell Fox they could make more $$$ with an infomercial in that time slot.

  11. I really liked steven on the show and I have been watching since season 1.  Please please I hope they get adam lambert!  Too many reasons to mention, he will be spectacular as a judge!

  12. TO ME he and j lo was the best judges. did not like randys coments much and the way he showed favortism to some contestants. the people was the ones to decide and did not need someone trying to get votes pulled one way.

  13. This clears the way for what I’ve been told; a 2 female, 1 male panel of judges.

  14. And the new panal will be:
    Adam Lambert
    Mariah Carey

    Mariah is definitely in talks as is Adam and Raven. If any of these talks fail, Fergie is next in line. I’ve been told, Randy may stay and AI go back to 4 judges.

    All from a very reliable source.

    • Wasn’t Raven the little girl on The Cosby Show on TV Land.  Seriously.  I gotta disagree with ya once in awhile!

      • Please my dear Google “Raven-Symoné” and read her wiki page.

        She did more, and was bigger than Miley (which by itself isn’t saying much). Miley is trash IMO. Raven is currently on Broadway staring in “Sister Act” in the lead role. Recent rumors are, she is a lesbian.

        My associate at AI has told me she has JLO’s spot if it all works out. The problem is getting her out of “Sister Act”. If she can’t get out of SA, I’m afraid we are stuck with Miley. For whatever reason, AI wanted a Disney alumni and after Britney, many consider Raven the biggest after her, and then Miley. I really hope it isn’t Miley.

        Raven is also up for being the host of X-factor, Simon likes her. But Raven does not want to be host, she wants to be a judge.

      • @LordCalvinReKlein:disqus You do know that Raven’s run on Sister Act ends on August 26? Therefore, there’s no problem getting her out of that show.

    • You got two of your three picks..Mariah and Adam, pathetically the third is Miley Cyrus.

      •  Not really my picks, just passing on gossip from an associate that is at AI. My understanding is that none of the negotiations are completed, so it can still change from what she told me as I explained above, The demographics and the experience of the Judges were AI’s main criteria for selection.

  15. i’d rather see randy and jennifer go.  steven, for the most part, was pretty funny during the auditions…when he wasn’t hitting on the little girls.  after that he was only mediocre.  the show is not what it was.  the talent is not what it was.  great singers are out there. unfortunately, they’re going to other shows

  16. I heard he said it was like sitting around and killing bunnies. lol. I won’t miss him on the show.  I love Aerosmith and that is where he belongs.

  17. I’m not too upset with this, but if  any of the judges were to stay then I would have choose him. He kept his comments short and sweet and didn’t ramble on for an hour like Randy and JHo did. And unlike JHo he can actually sing. I really hope that the rumors are true and JHo isn’t coming back and Randy is going to take a different role on the show and won’t be coming back to the judging panel. A new set of judges is what the show needs. I think maybe two younger judges would be a good thing. Adam Lambert would definitely add something to the show, but the panel will need at least one judge that’s a little older, and I think Mariah Carey would fill that role nicely as she isn’t old exactly but she has a ton of experience, and unlike JHo she can sing.

  18. Sorry to see Steven go. Can’t wait for J Lo to leave as I got so sick and tired of her “goosies” comments. Smae with Randy. He’s been there too long and does not offer real criticism.

    Adam Lambert would make a good judge, but not a top judge. I don’t know what he would bring to the table at this stage of his career. You need people on the panel who have been in the industry a long time and know the business and waht talent is. Jimmy Iovine should be a judge because he pulls no punches. Someone in the posts here mentioned Billy Joel, Elton John or Paul McCartney. All great choices, but I highly doubt they’d want to impact their schedules with this show. Some of the other mentions like Miley Cyrus (God help us) and Katy Perry are too young and still developing.

    My personal choice would be Alicia Keys. Great singer, great voice, terrific songwriter who knows the business. Second choice: Stevie Nicks, but she’s planning a tour in 2013 and probably won’t have the time.

    It will be interesting, but it still comes full circle to the same problem: when the under 16 crowd votes and floods the lines and it won’t matter who the judges are!

  19. At least two of the three judges need to be someone with experience in the recording industry and who have had to decide who was the best to market and who did not have what it takes to make it.  They should not be cruel but should be able to tell a contestant that they have “it” or they don’t.  They need to have some maturity along with the experience.  I agree that some of these names coming up are just too young and inexperienced to be a real judge.  I really like both Stephen and JLo but both of them were entirely to “sweet” and it seemed that often personal feelings for a contestant overruled actual talent.  The upcoming season and the judges panel will make or break Idol going forward…….

  20. Now that Steven will not come back and there is uncertainty with JLo and Randy, season 12 may have a brand new set of judges.
    My dream panel (this is a dream, so I don’t know if the first two suggestions are logistically possible) will be:
    1) A prominent music producer like Quincy Jones, Clive Davis or Tommy Mottola. They have heard and hired a lot of talents. They know what they’re talking about. I realize of course, some of the most successful businessmen are not necessarily at ease in front of a camera.
    2) A legendary star like Cher or Streisand. These are two strong women who are not afraid to speak their minds. They know the music industry. Cher also has a good sense of humor. The question is “will either one be willing?”.
    3) Someone to represent the younger generation. This is where there can be a lot of choices. Someone well-liked and respected by the younger generation should be a good choice, but not too young that they need advice themselves. 

    • I love Cher & Barbra S. but I think they are too full of themselves to be judges and rightfully so….they are fantastic artists but not right for AI.  JMHO

      • There are so many amateur shows now (The Voice, AGT, Duets, XFactor, etc) and so the only thing that can set AI apart from the rest will be CLOUT.
        A prominent music producer and a legendary star will provide the clout. True, they may be full of themselves but I believe that at their level of success, they have earned it. Nevertheless, they have all the valuable experiences that led them to success. 
        Both Cher and Streisand are outspoken and will call things the way they see it (that’s how a judge should be). They are well-respected in the music industry that an objective and constructive criticism coming from any one of them (music producer and legendary star) will be like pieces of gem being handed over to the contestants.

  21. Steven Tyler WILL MISS YOU ON IDOL As much as SIMON COWELL,,,you two were great judges,,,loved Simon due to the criticism,,he and I were a team and matched the criticism,,i would fall asleep on some of the singers and jsut say hurry up and get that person off there, and when person was off, to hear Randy and other judge say they were great,,i would sit baqck and say “Come on Simon, give the hell where it is deserved, and yahoo, when he did just so”….
    As far as the choices of judges at this time,,none of them are justice for the show,,,my opinion…….

  22. Looks Like gonna have to plan on watching another show this year in AI place,,just getting pathetic, with kids as judges,,,why  not have Simon Cowell back, Steven Tyler, and maybe Reba McIntyre…Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Chesney, Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Hank WIlliams Jr….some of the real singers…

  23. I’m totally not upset that Steven is leaving.  I love him and Aerosmith but as a judge….he was awful…..too many direct sexual remarks to the female auditioners.   In the live shows he was too wishy washy with his criticisms or lack of!!!!  If they do get Adam (I can only wish and hope) I think they need a veteran judge also on the panel like Randy or Paula!!!!! JMHO

  24. Extremely saddened by this announcement. ONE of the big reasons I watched Idol. He will be missed. Perhaps it is time for me to check out as a loyal fan as well.
    I wish Stephen all the best 🙂

  25. I will definitely miss Steven on the show. He made the show funny and exciting to watch. Even though Steven will nolonger be a judge on American idol I will still watch the up coming season.

    • Have you ever listened to her being interviewed?  She would make Ozzy Osborne seem articulate.  And she’s soooo egotistical.  No.

  26. Steven Tyler could never be replaced.  His passion for music, commitment
    to excellence and dedication to his profession for decades and his talent
    make him a legend in his own time.  He continues to re-create himself.  
    Steven was only 17 years old when he wrote Dream On and years later
    this is the song that his fans still want to hear.  Great job….continue
    to follow your dreams…..

  27. Yes Steven will be missed, just hope that they get some good judges on that know what they are doing if the older ones are leaving 🙁

  28. Steven will be missed but is definitely larger than American Idol so it is not surprising … JLo will also be missed immensely.  I agree … if they go too young in the judges, I won’t be watching.

  29. Steven is going thats not good but the one who replace him should be someone like Bonjovi ….

  30. I love Steven Tyler I hope he will change his mind and stayI love his looks and his style. I think he is a good judge,he tells it like it is. He’s just like fine wine we all get better with age

  31. Loved Steven..he made it fresh by being the voice of Rock and Heavy Metal. JLo with most genres except possibly country music. Randy was the soul R&B guy.
    We have a winner in Carey and Jackson..for the 3rd you either cover off what Steven represented to give it that edge or you go with a proven but outspoken Country artist…who must have a sense of humour. If the Voice can cover all music..and have humour..and bickering..then Idol needs be fair to the contestants and as a responsible judging panel. Let’s hope they get it right.

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