Steven Tyler Discusses Shannon Magrane American Idol Elimination

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson were cornered by Access Hollywood for their weekly post-show interviews and the pair discussed lots of different American Idol 2012 topics. The judging duo ran through everything from JLo’s comment that Joshua Ledet’s performance was the “best ever” to Randy’s lapel pins (ahem, my suggestions), [...]

Heejun Han Already Packing For American Idol 2012 Tour

The American Idol 2012 summer tour might still be a few months away, but don’t tell that to Heejun Han. He’s already busily packing for the cross country tour and it doesn’t look like he’s traveling light either. Heejun posted a photo on his Twitter account as he readied himself [...]

American Idol 2012 To Colton Dixon: Easy On The God Stuff

American Idol 2012 contestant Colton Dixon shared details of production’s guidance on how the singers should handle their official American Idol Facebook and Twitter accounts. Colton explained to NBC’s Today Show that it was suggested that the finalists should avoid potentially polarizing topics like “The Voice” and Idol’s ratings. I’m [...]

American Idol 2012 Extends Performance Shows

Get ready for more filler! I mean, more American Idol! The decision makers at FOX are now planning to forgo the usual shortening of the American Idol 2012 season when the finalists pool drops below any rational justification for a two-hour performance show in April. Originally FOX was going to [...]

Meet Your American Idol 2012 Top 10

Meet your American Idol 2012 Top 10! Just to think a week ago we were looking at the Top 12 and in just a few days we dropped two singers. That was a crazy week indeed. Now we’ve got our American Idol Tour set of singers and things look pretty [...]

Jermaine Jones Was Shocked By American Idol Disqualification

Jermaine Jones gave an interview to “Showbiz Tonight” and explained he was completely caught off guard by American Idol production’s decision to eliminate him from the Season 11 competition. Jones discussed what he expected at the sit down with Nigel and Ken and how he felt about it being shown [...]

American Idol 2012: Top 11 Results Show Recap

It was revealed Thursday night that the American Idol 2012 judges will once again be able play the judges’ save card, but that did not stop one more contestant leaving the show this week. Before we get to the elimination, let’s back up to the top of show. Tommy Hilfiger [...]

American Idol Results: 2012 Top 11 Elimination

We’re ready for the American Idol results for the 2012 Top 11 elimination show. Despite Jermaine Jones’s untimely dismissal during last night’s Top 12 performance show Ryan Seacrest has promised us that the singer with the lowest votes will be “at risk of elimination.” Those seem like carefully chosen words. [...]

American Idol 2012 Top 11 Elimination Predictions

American Idol results revealed tonight on the Season 11 Top 11 Results show, but now it’s time for our weekly elimination predictions. Once again I’ll be looking at your votes in our unofficial poll which has been a pretty reliable forecaster so far this season. This week’s American Idol 2012 [...]

American Idol 2012: Top 11 Results Show Tonight

I think it’s now OK to officially say the Top 11? Anyway, American Idol will say¬† goodbye to its third contestant from the Top 12 following last week’s elimination of Jeremy Rosado and this week’s disqualification of Jermaine Jones. Well, at least that might happen. If you were paying attention [...]
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