American Idol Results – Hollywood Week Groups Part 1

The latest American Idol results are in as the Judges made touch choices and eliminations on which of the Hollywood Week singers would be cut and who moved on as the solo performances ended and groups were formed.

American Idol 2015 Hollywood Week results are in
American Idol results from Hollywood Week are in – Source: FOX

The stress and conflict was rolling even before the Groups formed, but it didn’t hold the focus of tonight’s American Idol 2015 like we’ve seen in the past. Instead after a brief segment on one lone wolf singer we’re off to the performances.

Double Stuff: J. None, Clark Beckham, David Willis, and Jesse Cline – “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”
Jennifer loved their harmonies, most of them. Harry thought it was a great start for their day. Keith says there were inconsistencies.
Eliminated: Jesse Cline
Safe: J. None, Clark Beckham, & David Willis

Sheba Squared: Andrew Bloom, Big Ron Wilson, Adam Ezegelian, and Shi Scott – “P.Y.T.”
Keith suggests it was difficult for Andrew to hang with Ron and Adam. Harry and Jennifer agree that Andrew was outmatched.
Eliminated: Andrew Bloom
Safe: Big Ron Wilson, Adam Ezegelian, and Shi Scott

Dream Team: Tyanna Jones, Maddy Hudson, Reno Anoa’i, and Steffi Ledbetter – “I Just Want One More Chance”
Harry thought they were trying to out sing each other to the detriment of the group. Keith thinks the song was well suited for Tyanna, but not Steffi.
Eliminated: Steffi Ledbetter
Safe: Tyanna Jones, Maddy Hudson, and Reno Anoa’i

Team Dimples: Jaq Mackenzie, Nick Fradiani, Michael Simeon, and Hunter Larsen – “Rude”
Harry praises the group on their well balanced performances. Jennifer noted how much she enjoyed Michael’s contribution.
Eliminated: no one
Safe: Jaq Mackenzie, Nick Fradiani, Michael Simeon, and Hunter Larsen

Sal’s Gals: Jax, Sal Valentinni, Alexis Grendel, Kelley Kime, …
Alexis struggled with an anxiety attack before going on stage and is soon struck by it again. Judges call for a break and we have a cliff hanger.

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