Tonight On American Idol 2015: Top 7 Performance & Results

American Idol Judges on Top 8 Night Season 14
Tonight on American Idol 2015 the Top 7 perform the American Classic hits with your votes up for grabs while the Bottom Two face another live elimination sing-off. We’ve seen the song spoilers list and there’s plenty of promise ahead of us tonight as we get set to meet the [...]

American Idol 2015’s Clark Beckham & Jax Talk Favorite Idols [INTERVIEW]

Jax sings on American Idol
Fans have pegged Clark Beckham and Jax at the front of the American Idol 2015 pack, but what are their favorite American Idol moments? FOX Audio Central spoke with the Season 14 Hopefuls to see what highlights stand out to them. It’s no surprise that one of Clark’s favorite Idol [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 7 Rankings: Reader Results

Clark Beckham is ready to perform on American Idol 2015
The American Idol 2015 winner will be revealed next month but our polls continue to make the season finale results glaringly obvious already. After weeks at the top of our poll results there seems to be no end in sight for Clark as he continues to pull in the lion’s [...]

American Idol 2015: Top 7 Song Choices Assessed

American Idol Top 7 contestants on Season 14
American Idol 2015’s song choices have again been spoiled, so we know which two “classic” songs each of the Top 7 will be performing. So let’s break down the song choices and see who we think is going to have the best night based on song picks. American Idol 2015 [...]

American Idol Spoilers: Top 7 Songs Revealed

Tyanna Jones performs on American Idol 2015
Top 7 song spoilers for American Idol 2015 are here as yes, it’s true, there are two songs for each of the remaining finalists. The American Idol theme this week is “American Classics” and we’ve got some fun ones on there for the Top 7 contestants. I’m looking forward to [...]

This Week On American Idol 2015: Top 7 Double Down On American Classics

Clark Beckham performs on American idol 2015
This week on American Idol 2015 the Top 7 contestants return with American Classics as the Idol theme and word has it they’ll be performing two songs for your votes. When we last saw the American Idol contestants we were saying goodbye to Qaasim Middleton who made an impressive run [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 7 Power Rankings

American Idol Top 7 contestants on Season 14
Qaasim Middleton’s ¬†American Idol 2015 luck ran out last week when Twitter again decided to save Rayvon Owen with the Idol save. So let’s take a look at the Top 7 and how they stand in our weekly Power Rankings. 1. Clark Beckham. From our polls¬†to Las Vegas odds to [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 7 To Perform “Classics” Next Week

American Idol Top 7 contestants on Season 14
The American Idol Top 7 were revealed Wednesday night when Qaasim Middleton was eliminated and the remaining contestants prepared for their next challenging night on the Idol stage. When we see our final Hopefuls again they’ll be singing “American Classics” and that sounds like a good night of performances to [...]

Watch Jennifer Hudson Sing “Trouble” On American Idol 2015

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Jennifer Hudson performs on American Idol 2015
Proving that you don’t need to win American Idol to be a huge success story from the franchise, Jennifer Hudson returned to the Idol stage this week to perform “Trouble” as a guest star. More than ten years since her Season 3 appearance on Idol Jennifer looked right at home [...]

Qaasim Middleton Plans For Success After American Idol 2015 [Interview]

Qaasim Middleton performed on American Idol 2015 Top 12
Qaasim Middleton may have been voted off American Idol last night but he knows that doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for his music career. Speaking with FOX Audio Central last night after American Idol Qaasim reflected on his path ahead and the inspiration of seeing the [...]
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