Ryan Seacrest Talks Judges For American Idol 2013 Season

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

Ryan Seacrest returned to his new home at NBC’s The Today Show when he stopped by to discuss the newly confirmed panel of judges for American Idol 2013. The hosts asked him about the seemingly last minute decision to sign these judges and Ryan actually confirmed that yes, that’s exactly how it happened.

Ryan also detailed that the new season’s auditions officially kicked off on Sunday. Well, that’s for filming since the open auditions were obviously held over the summer. Hosts jump right to the gossip and ask Ryan about the rumors that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are already feuding. Ryan doesn’t quite get in to any dirt, but does says both are strong women who leave few “dull moments” on the scene.

I’m guessing any drama we see on the show will be mostly fabricated for ratings, but it’s television so what else would we expect? Go ahead and watch Ryan’s interview and hear his early thoughts on the new season of American Idol. We’re glad it’s getting closer!

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