Ryan Seacrest Talks Judges For American Idol 2013 Season

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

Ryan Seacrest returned to his new home at NBC’s The Today Show when he stopped by to discuss the newly confirmed panel of judges for American Idol 2013. The hosts asked him about the seemingly last minute decision to sign these judges and Ryan actually confirmed that yes, that’s exactly how it happened.

Ryan also detailed that the new season’s auditions officially kicked off on Sunday. Well, that’s for filming since the open auditions were obviously held over the summer. Hosts jump right to the gossip and ask Ryan about the rumors that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are already feuding. Ryan doesn’t quite get in to any dirt, but does says both are strong women who leave few “dull moments” on the scene.

I’m guessing any drama we see on the show will be mostly fabricated for ratings, but it’s television so what else would we expect? Go ahead and watch Ryan’s interview and hear his early thoughts on the new season of American Idol. We’re glad it’s getting closer!

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  1. it’s a good thing that there are so many OTHER things on the tube. carey and minaj will make it about THEM and not the talent. randy is, well, randy. non commital about urban. we’ll probably skip the auditions if we watch at all. nothing will change with the voting. time to move on

      • Sort of like the NHL, Idol seems to be trying to get new fans & to Hades what their old fans think. The similarities are uncanny.

      • unfortunately hockey is the stepchild of major sports. (pity) looks like idol is now going the be the stepchild of talent shows with that cast of characters sitting at the judges table and the horrendous voting system. it was great while it lasted

      • IMO the reason that hockey is the sports’ stepchild is because the cost involved in starting very young kids in skating makes it an elitist activity. The cost of CCM skates would blow the budget for many families.

      • very possibly. and you’d think that the nhl would help the kids out a bit (like the rangers do with the “hockey in harlem” program.) the equipment costs are outrageous. but there’s always street hockey which costs next to nothing. in the interim, we’ve got a voting system on a.i. that stinks and some judges as well.

      • ITA. Unfortunately street hockey misses in one vital area, which is maintaining balance on an unnatural surface. I agree with you 100% on the voting issue.

      • right…if the lockout ever ends!! in the interim there is “sons of anarchy” to watch and “trespassing” to listen to. i’m LOVING that album. just wish i knew when he was going to tour with it.

  2. It’s only a tv show. We can choose to watch or not, it’s that simple. Since the world “reality” comes into play with this show, since they probably won’t flip the judges table, they want to create drama with the judges. I still believe by the time January and February roll around, folks will tune in just out of curiosity.

  3. If this show is to survive, it must change the voting. I can’t understand how the powers to be don’t get it. Its such a shame because Idol is a great way to introduce new talent to the music world. AI has produced a lot of great singers (Adam for one!).
    I know I will watch the shows because I am an AI junkie but they are going to lose a lot of viewers with this new cast of judges.

  4. Not a fan of any of the judges, but will watch only IF they change the voting. That is much more ridiculous than any judge can be. They missed a great opportunity not to hire Adam Lambert. He was by far the most wanted judge.

  5. Just not watching a show more about judges than contestants. Idol lost me. Adam Lambert would have been a modest and informed – and helpful – judge. Slap in the face to him and viewers the way Idol handled things. Selecting NM is ludicrous.

  6. Much better idea to have Ryan talking about the show than Randy. Ryan is the voice of AI since Simon left and that’s the way it should be.

  7. My family and I have been avid Idol watchers since 1/2 way through season 1. we change our routine on Idol nights so we don’t miss anything.We have seen all the changes in the judges spots and accepted them with enthusiasm, especially getting Jalo and Steven. So it is with regret that I have to say I am inclined not to watch this new season. As far as I am concerned Niki Minaj is so out of her league, using Idol as a stepping stone to further her career. I’m sure all the judges have used this tactic but unlike Jennifer Lopaz and others who were a class acts all the way, NM is distastefully using the shock factor. I’m not going to feed into it. I can find that kind of behovior on any reality TV if I really want to see it.

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