Scotty McCreery makes ‘Worst Reality Stars’ list

As with the end of every year, we’re inundated with list after list of best ofs and worst ofs and this year, the reigning American Idol champ made one of those not-so-pleasant lists.

Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery landed on Television Without Pity/Yahoo!’s “The Very Worst Reality Stars of 2011” list. The website had this to say about Scotty:

We wanted to smack his smug face throughout most of the season. But he really earned his spot on this list by exploiting the nation’s painful memories of 9/11 for his own personal gain a week after Osama bin Laden was killed. We can only pray his career doesn’t last nearly as long as Carrie Underwood’s.

What do you think about Scotty being on this list? Unfair? Wrong? Right?