Scotty McCreery makes ‘Worst Reality Stars’ list

As with the end of every year, we’re inundated with list after list of best ofs and worst ofs and this year, the reigning American Idol champ made one of those not-so-pleasant lists.

Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery landed on Television Without Pity/Yahoo!’s “The Very Worst Reality Stars of 2011” list. The website had this to say about Scotty:

We wanted to smack his smug face throughout most of the season. But he really earned his spot on this list by exploiting the nation’s painful memories of 9/11 for his own personal gain a week after Osama bin Laden was killed. We can only pray his career doesn’t last nearly as long as Carrie Underwood’s.

What do you think about Scotty being on this list? Unfair? Wrong? Right?





  1. oh my God this is so wrong …. i disagree that he’s worst.. because he’s so amazing he’s on the top, he’s album was great going platinum soon so how could someone say he’s worst….he has good personality,he sang great & love Jesus thats why we love him this big….

      • Stupid jealous people he is the real McCoy he did not deserve this at all. Hope you have a very long and promising career you do deserve it.

  2. Over 122 Million people disagree with your opinion. The song selection was to be an emotional song to the individual. Do you feel Lauren Alaina’s Build it Anyway was seeking personal gain singing about the terrible storms that destroyed the south? Hope Scotty sky rockets to the top!

    • Remember that at least 50 million of those people voted for Lauren. So it’s 70 million that liked Scotty,

      I agree with this list!!

  3. No doubt, this is crazy! His performance of Where Were You when the World Stopped turning was stellar. This was a week when the contestants were to choose an emotional song for them. Alan Jackson gave Scotty pemnission to sing it, and he has been one of few down through the years. Negative attention is good too though. Peoople will check it out for themselves, and Scotty will gain many new fans in the process! Also, I beg to differ,,,,more people want to buy his new album than “smack his smug face” CLEAR AS DAY will no doubt reach platinum in a matter of days. As far as “smug” goes, Scotty is continuing to give God the Glory for his success. He also endlessly credits his family and fans for his success.

    • What really makes me mad is Scotty has never had a smug face. He has a wonderful smile. I would love to slap some of the smug faces that made such a ridiculous remark!!

  4. I don’t know why they decided to vote him in the worst category because he sang that song. If Bin Lauden hadn’t of been killed then and he still sang that song would he have still been voted into the worst category? If that were the case some would say that he was playing to the conservative right wing christian crowd who watches Fox News. Really the media in this country stinks. And no I’m not conservative, I’m more moderate and voted for Obama in the last election, but the media fails to report on the news that matters. Sorry but whether or not Scotty did this song wouldn’t have mattered he was on the fast track to the finale and probably would have won without doing that song. Is Lauren Alania on the list for singing a song in the same week that was for the victims of the tornadoes that ripped the south?

  5. Scotty is smiling all the way to the bank isn’t he???? Scotty is awesome and has more fine years to come.

  6. I don’t know what to say about this I haven’t seen him perform since the bottom 3.

  7. This is so ridiculous I’m wondering why American Idol Net even chose to give Television Without Pity/ Yahoo the attention they are seeking. Never even heard of it anyway.

      • I don’t know anyone who does not know about yahoo! I don’t know why there is such a fuss of what Scotty sang! What about Toby Keiths song about America and the war in Iraq? We will put a boot up your – ss.I have always seen Scotty as a well mannered young man? So I just don’t get it?

  8. Its a shame and very coward for those responsible for “Without Pity/Yahoo!’s” to say those baseless coments for a person with the support of millions of americans. A political prejudice is behind this nutty and laughable website. Only because he is a Christian the people who are responsible for the website hate him. Just like Hitler-Chavez-Fidel. Shame on you.

    • Gladys, it has nothing to do with political prejudice…. I am a Christian and love Scotty as a human being…but I am not in love with
      his over-rated musical performances…. yes, he is good, but not among the best! Get off the kick of comparing critics to Hitler, Chavez, Fidel, etc. (LUDICROUS!)

      • Scotty is the best as far as I’m concerned! Geez he is just gettinf started and doing a fantastic job I might add!!

      •  Scotty is only 18 years old and yes he is the best, so get use to it. Do you understand that? If not I will be glad to explain more in depth.

    •  I agree 100%. Scotty is so humble and sweet. He doen’t have to do any thing but sing. He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s been a long time to reveal the truth about Scotty’s vocal renditions! He’s a square peg who tries to fit in a round hole … I predict that in 2012 his
    bravo tributes will diminish and be overtaken by the
    “tired of McCreery’s ho-hum….lah de dah….yawn, yawn performances!”

    • Rog, you can start to look for a hole to bury yourself. Scotty is going to go the way of Elvis and the Beatles. He is the new STAR that gave inspirations and happiness to both young and old millions of fans, given an example of a gentleman (which you are not), made country music and baseball popular again. AI became more popular to watch because of a singer like Scotty. Now, go ahead bashing the person that brings in the $$$$$ and see how long your job will last. When Scotty gets his platinum (and more and more successes), let’s see that smug look on your face sour.

  10. Im 49 years old & i think Scotty is doing a wonderful job, thgere is probably people out there jeolous he is doing a GREAT job.

    •  You’re right and I don’t understand how people can be jealous of an 18 year who truly loves singing.

  11. What a waste of time that site must be.

    While I am neither a country music fan nor a Scotty (singing style) fan, I have to say I have not a single doubt that, in choosing that song, he was making authentic choices–that reflect his upbringing, regional persuasions and character. Reading ulterior motives into his song choice is just reflective of the mind-set and lop-sided, political biases of his critics, not of Scotty.

    • Hi Pup! I agree with everything you say! What you say is always well thought out before you say it. And it is very to the point. Thanks for sticking up for Scotty. I cannot imagine a nice person like Scotty being criticized like that over a song. What about all that rap junk? They really say nasty things! Have a good week! Sherry K

  12. Scotty is a Great singer and he deserves all of the fame that he has recieved! There is no need to put someone down for expressing thier inner talent and it doesn’t matter how old they may be! I feel that if you have nothing “positive” to say or write useless stories about- it is better to stay quiet!! Scotty your music and talent are loved by many- so keep up the hard work and dedication!!!

  13. I was never a fan and although I love country music I found him very boring and 0,0 personality:(

    •  You are probably a very boring person. Scotty is not boring. When he comes out on the stage, he holds the audience in his hand!

      This is for all you jerks who are brainless!

  14. So what isd it that brought this on. Something about Osama being killed?? Did Scotty have something negative to say?

  15. Well a couple of points I want to make.

    1. Bin Lauden’s death was all over the news at the time. The “reminding of the terrible tragedy of 9/11” or whatever it was, was everywhere as there was this complete wave of remembrance and patriotism after his death, so Scotty should not be punished for doing a “patriotic” song that week on Idol.

    2. Would Scotty had done that song if Bin Lauden hadn’t just been killed? I don’t know. If it’s a song that means something to who he is as a person and his family and the people he cares about then perhaps he still would have done it. And if he did the song and Bin Lauden had not been killed he would have been accused of playing to the right wing conservative crowd. Would it have made a difference? I doubt it as he was on the fast track to the finale, and many people at the time were predicting him to be the winner.

  16. 1. this is the most stupid thing i have ever heard iof and also he is still on radio here in texas as #1 song and also they are just asking for problems cause some of the other Idols stunk

    scotty is a great singer and has a dynamite voice and look at the one just got married now he should be on the list not Scotty.

  17. SO wrong! First he had to pick, get legal permission and record the song which was done before Bin Laden was killed. Also country music is well known for being pattiotic. As Brad Paisley would say “This is country music and we do”.

  18. Evidently there’s alot of jealous people out there…Scotty is genuine and if all you negatives out there disagree you dont know country music or what country music singers are all about.

  19. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. I could care less about this website, or what they have to say.

  20. Oh my, Now Scotty and Teebow have something in common. That is : Being ridiculed for being good upstanding young men.” Scotty Don’t even give these unintelligent people that time of day….

    You are the best Scotty! Proud of you!!!!

  21. I think the american people and american Idol should have had scotty McCreery the winner he was the best singer there.

  22. Thank goodness we have freedom of speech, our own opinions, tastes and favorite singers! I love all music and not all singers. A personality is necessary.

    •  Put downs have no place. There’s a lot of singers I don’t like, but I try to leave names out, which everybody should. How would you like some one putting your child down?

  23. Scotty is a wonderful representation of teen-agers in America. This negative opinion will not hurt him. Remember, one of the president of the US wife was called boring etc. and she was a great person. Some people get their thrills by criticizing others.

    • Anyone that can say Scotty is not entertaining doesn’t know what entertaining is. I hate these nasty comments.If you can’t say something good, why say anything at all?

      • If Scotty is not an entertainer, how come there were millions watching AI Season 10 and voted for him? Ha? Do you know that this million of viewers also look up the schedules when he gets interviewed and perform? Maybe you NEGATIVE ones are the ones w/ the smug looking face thinking you are having fun hurting his fans’ feelings. One comment hoping his career will not last as long as Carrie’s…..let me tell you something, there are many parents and grandparents who love Scotty and would love to have their children have him as their role model and as such are introducing and exposing their young to his songs. These children will in turn become parents and do the same to their children for who cannot admire an exemplary person? Decent people always know when a good one comes along. Oh, yes, SCOTTY MCCREERY is going to last a long, long, long time and his songs will outlive you. Scotty’s singles, albums, performances, interviews bring in the $$$$$$ for like Randy said: A STAR IS BORN!!!!!!!

  24. I am 83 years of age, and I have watched the Idol show since season 1.He has a good voice and was,in my opinion,a very worthy winner last season.
    Better than some of the previous winners
    I wish him well in the furtherment of his chosen proffesion.

  25. Scotty’s $$$$$$$$$ performances, songs, singles, albums, interviews and tours will smack that smug face that you have. Dare you to show a picture of yourself on this web.

  26. Again, negativity will only be helpful in gaining more recognition for Scotty. This kind of column will have people that don’t already know him look up “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”, sung by him, and see for themselves what a superior job he did covering Alan Jackson’s song. WoW! What a week that was….you call it “smug”…well, we call it the face of a winner.
    Scotty’s career will be a long & fruitful one.
    Scotty is a role model and is deserving of all that he has accomplished in his short 7 months after Idol.

  27. I just have to laugh at the reality thing…I mean, compare Scotty to the Kardasheans and what do you have…a real, talented, sweet, down-to-earth young man that is really talented. It is just a joke…and maybe he should be honored to make the list….since many people just don’t like it when good does succeed. Soctty…my friends, will be around for a while!

  28. Non-Country fans think Scotty is just cheesy. AI wasn’t intended to be a Country Music show, anyway. There are shows devoted entirely to that. Obviously, country fans are good about voting, but if it keeps going this way, we non-country fans will tune out. I did, when it came down to two Country singers.

    • So jazz, R&B, pop, rap, beat box etc. are all OK, just not country? Newsflash: Young people are getting fed up with autotuned pop stars and misogynistic rappers and are turning instead to full voiced country singer such as Hillary Scott and, yes, Scotty McCreery.

      • I agree alot im really getting sick of hearing pop stars voices going all over the place

    •  Also there were lots of people who did not like country music until they heard Scotty and now they like it  and the ones that don’t love Scotty!

    •  Sorry, but Scotty has already had a Cd that hit  as $ 1 on the billboard all generes with his debut Cd and it went platinum in 13 weeks. He has already had 2 gold singles off it and he has been touring the Country with Brad Paisley a country Superstar. Scotty was a real good crowd pleaser. As soon as he graduates he will be back on tour with Brad and he also has a lot of sold concerts. So Scotty has already made his mark!!! Scotty is doing better than any of last year’s Idols. Just saying

  29. Why would we not encourage our young ones to do something productive. Scotty shares his love for his church and this has not hurt his career. Maybe it is time that some religion return in our lives. It is not always about the illegals, the gays, the arabs, or the polititions. I personally would like to see some good in the news. Come on folks, lets get back ato the good things in life.

  30. What do I think about the list?. . . .Wrong. 122.4 million votes for Scotty far outweighs this opinion.

  31. As Taylor Swift would sing, you people with all the negative comments all you will ever is “Mean”

  32. Scotty is a fantastic singer and deserves his place in the top entertainers! He is a delight to todays reality Stars and the only list he should be on is Awesome and gorgers with a fantastic voice to go along with his sexy self! Get a life Billboard!

  33. Totally wrong! Scotty is what is right about America. It was refreshing to sere sa wholesome, religious young man who loves and respects his parents and grandparents. We need more examples like him. And, he also happens to be an awesome singer.

  34. You’re kidding me right? Why must someone always attack the “good” & try to hurt & bring them down? Scotty is kind, loving,respectful & talented… Yeah, let’s bash him.. Not!!!

  35. Wow…really? I suppose if he had gotten on stage and sang about drugs, sex, and murder it would have been considered “entertainment?” Scotty was anything but smug..he did not care what other thought of his wardrobe or if they laughed because he expressed openly his spirituality….He was humble and gracious….I have been listening to music since eight track tapes, long time…trust me, Scotty will be around long after many have come and gone!!

  36. Scotty is the best Idol yet and I’ll be glad to confront anybody about this. I do not understand how you could think somebody so humble and down to earth. I  tell you what, I would , I mean really love to smack all the smug faces of the idiotic haters of Scotty. He is the best you jerks.

  37. Just goes to prove that too much cynicism can made a person go from amusing to just plain nasty. Scotty makes music, if you don`t like it don`t listen. As for Scotty himself, well he`s a high school graduate with a platinum album so I guess a lot more people like him than want to slap his face. I think they should just get over themselves and get a life.

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