Shania Twain: A Perfect Match for American Idol 2010

Shania brought new hope to the judges table for American Idol Season 9, while Kristen left Simon with an even bigger headache then the hangover he was nursing.  Tuesday night we saw a delightful Shania Twain give some constructive criticism to the contestants with her charm and grace.  She should be brought on as a full time judge to take the place of Paula Abdul.  She was kind and considerate of everyone even though only 13 people out of 12,000 made it to Hollywood.  By the end of the Chicago auditions, even Simon had a smile on his face. 

This was wiped clean with the next stop in Orlando as guest judge Kristen Chenoweth entered the mix.  Simon, Randy and Ryan apparently had a late night in Miami and were not feeling up to par so Kristen and Kara’s bonding and excessive giggling left much to be desired.  It was quite obvious that Simon was disgusted with the whole scenario and it was no surprise to me that Kristen was sent back to New York for the last day leaving us with only the three full time judges to deal with all the crazies in Orlando.  I doubt we will see the lovely Kristen back as a judge on American Idol but I wish Simon Fuller would try and adopt Shania for the role.  Maybe we should start a petition to bring her in. 

I’m not saying she should replace Simon because I think we need a big time music mogul like Mariah Carey’s ex husband Tommy Mottola, a powerful music executive and talent agent or Gene Simmons, lead singer of KISS, to do that part justice and I hate to say get rid of Ellen when I haven’t even seen how she will do but let’s face it, Ellen DeGeneres is not in the music business.  She is much better suited for her talk shows, which are great.  That is her thing so why not stick to it?  This of course is just my opinion.  Would you like to see Shania as a full time judge on American IdolTell me why or why not.