Shania Twain: A Perfect Match for American Idol 2010

Shania brought new hope to the judges table for American Idol Season 9, while Kristen left Simon with an even bigger headache then the hangover he was nursing.  Tuesday night we saw a delightful Shania Twain give some constructive criticism to the contestants with her charm and grace.  She should be brought on as a full time judge to take the place of Paula Abdul.  She was kind and considerate of everyone even though only 13 people out of 12,000 made it to Hollywood.  By the end of the Chicago auditions, even Simon had a smile on his face. 

This was wiped clean with the next stop in Orlando as guest judge Kristen Chenoweth entered the mix.  Simon, Randy and Ryan apparently had a late night in Miami and were not feeling up to par so Kristen and Kara’s bonding and excessive giggling left much to be desired.  It was quite obvious that Simon was disgusted with the whole scenario and it was no surprise to me that Kristen was sent back to New York for the last day leaving us with only the three full time judges to deal with all the crazies in Orlando.  I doubt we will see the lovely Kristen back as a judge on American Idol but I wish Simon Fuller would try and adopt Shania for the role.  Maybe we should start a petition to bring her in. 

I’m not saying she should replace Simon because I think we need a big time music mogul like Mariah Carey’s ex husband Tommy Mottola, a powerful music executive and talent agent or Gene Simmons, lead singer of KISS, to do that part justice and I hate to say get rid of Ellen when I haven’t even seen how she will do but let’s face it, Ellen DeGeneres is not in the music business.  She is much better suited for her talk shows, which are great.  That is her thing so why not stick to it?  This of course is just my opinion.  Would you like to see Shania as a full time judge on American IdolTell me why or why not.




  1. Gene Simons would be great. I think Ellen will be great to. It’s not rocket science trying to figure out if someone can sing or not. So its the give and take between judges and contestants that make it fun. I think Ellen will be a huge upgrade to the show.

  2. Skotie, I’m all about giving Ellen a chance but I just think the contestants will benefit more from criticism by someone actually in the music industry.

  3. I want to see a season with Ellen, she deserves a shot. You don’t have to be in the music business to know what sounds good or not! I think she will bring alot to the judges table and can’t wait for the first show to get started!

  4. my comment is get rid of ellen and bring on shania she knows more about music than ellen does she is just a talk show host and shania knows more about the music industry

  5. HI Ashley,
    Your posts are great. Yes, I agree with you that Shania Twain would be an excellent judge. I am not sure about Ellen. She would probably interject too much comedy. It is serious business for the contestants. Their futures hang in the balance. I look forward to your posts including the new survivor.

  6. Ellen is more like a buffon, clown I don’t see her as a judge….she will make the show look ridiculous..It would be very funny to watch but it’s not the purpose of this show I believe.
    As far as Shania Twain she is perfect for this show she has a great personnality and very nice and accurate with her comments so she fits right as a good judge.

  7. I think Shania would be great. I saw Ellen as a temp judge on SYTYCD and I did not like her at all…we don’t need comedy on a show like SYTYCD or American Idol. She is best suited for what she is doing. I think someone with a music background would be best suited for the job. I am not snubbing Ellen, but would like to see all judges be knowledgeable about the music industry. There is so much more to it than listening to someone sing.

  8. I would love to see Shania on American Idol permanently as a judge. She was outstanding in her comments about the contestants. He knowledge of music and talent was so evident. She would make a great addition!

  9. I think Shania would be wonderful for AI, and I just don’t know about Ellen. Shania brings warmth and sensitivity, plus amazing music intelligence. I think Ellen might make it too silly.

  10. Shania would be great and so would Kristin. Too bad Simon, “the king” has to be pleased and pandered to. Regarding Ellen Degenress, I would vote no. What is needed is someone who is in the music industry and has been for years, a seasoned veteran with a very wide variety of likes. Not just a limited, area. For instance, it is obvious Simon does not like country music and therefore looks upon any contestant who exhibits this quality with an immediate strike against them. While this may not be the appropriate arena for country music, I think the voice talent alone should be considered. Will Ellen really be a fair judge or just use this as a stage for her acerbic wit? As a parallel, let me say I would not want a rocket scientist to operate on my brain. Some say give Ellen a chance, but I say no as she may oust someone just out of whimsy and not based on any musical credentials.

  11. this is the reason i dont down load or even watch american idol ellen and kara have runned the show cant stand eather one

  12. Shania YES, because she is humble and moderate – a peoples person. Her honesty is something to learn from. Ellen (sorry)NO, because she is brilliant in what she does, and I love her shows, but not what this show is about.


  14. I compeletely agree… I love Ellen, but I don’t think she’s the right person to be in the judge panel. Shania would be great to be a judge, but to replace simon, we really need someone who knows how to find a talent. I agree with you that perhaps someone like tommy motolla or david foster who can really fill in the seat.

  15. Ashley: I totally agree with you. I would love to see Shania be a permanent judge. She is beautiful, intelligent and knows more about the music business than Kara & Paula combined.

    To me, the most important quality I feel she would bring to the show is class, something that has been poorly lacking.

    I could tell that Simon was impressed with Shania too, and he may not like most country music, but I would bet he likes Shanias country songs.

  16. Before I judge Ellen, I am going to at least give her a shot. I just hope she doesn’t turn the show into Comedy Central. Being funny once in a while is OK, but I don’t want to listen to her trying to be “ON” all of the time.

  17. AI needs to offer Shania a contract to be a permanent judge. She is every bit as knowledgable in the business as Kara or Paula. Plus, she’s by far the most considerable of all the judges who’ve been on the show so far. And that’s including Randy, Simon, and Paula. Kara needs to be kept because you need a straight forward female judge. She’s just a brazenly honest person. Randy is gonna be on the show until they cancel the damn thing. You would just need to replace Simon, the arrogant one. And who they get to replace him needs to be just as arrogant and self centered as he is. Gene Simmons would absolutely fit this mold. This way you would have 2 middle of the road judges(Shania and Randy)and 2 brazenly honest judges(Gene and Kara). However we may not see that happen, due to rumors that Seacrest will be hosting and judging in place of Simon next season. Who knows…

  18. Definitely Shania, she has such class and a real lady, I love Shania, Never Gene Simmons or Ozzie, people would quit watching it.We don’t need weirdos,there’s enough of that.
    Jennifer Lopez would be teriffic! Never Kelly Ripa! As far as a guy, how about Mario Lopez?
    No No to Tony Mottola, too much joking,
    okay last one the dancer Tony on Dancing with the stars..goof looking, compassionate, sincere, loves his wife.

  19. Really Really! I want her as a fulltime judge. Ellen doesn’t know music as much as Shania does, Paula on the other hand is so much better than Ellen but if i have to choose between Paula and Shania I’d like to see Shania on the show so that Paula could have a chance on other projects and whatsoever.

  20. Shania would be perfect at anything she does! she is a soft hearted individual with the will to help people.Great personality, when she sings it is pure hypnotictherapy to me, not to mention she is the most beautiful woman in the world!

  21. I love Shania too! Any project she takes on will be a success.I hope they don’t replace Simon with just another face like Ellen who doesn’t have a clue. Elton John would be a good replacement. He doesn’t like anything except…well I can’t say what I started to say.
    I hate these audition shows. They need to make two seperate shows American Idol and Not American Idol. Then the people who like to watch bad singing idiots can get their fill and serious people like myself can watch truly talented people attempting to become the next American Idol. They don’t even show the auditions of most of the people who are good enough to go to Hollywood.

  22. How about Tom Jones? He is knowledgeable,
    Too bad David Hasselhoff can’t put the booze down, I doubt that he quit America’s Got Talent,… he probably got fired, you can’t be drinking like that , I pray he will get help with his problem, glasses will change your personality if you empty them enough!!
    When the booze is in the man, the wisdoms in the can!!! Very sad for David, he could die soon, feel bad for his 2 daughters too.
    He has to help himself, you can Baker Act him, but they would only hold him 24 hours, and David is in denial… He use to be great.

  23. Shania ! Shania ! Shania ! She was awesome ! I would love to see her as a replacement for Paula. With her beauty, grace, charm,and definite music business experience, she would be a wondeful asset to the show. Her warmth and compassion also came through. Something that is missing without Paula there. AI should offer her a contract right away .


  25. For my money, Shania Twain should be sitting in the seat soon occupied by Ellen. This is the type of credible, insightful judge the Idol panel needs, not some slapstick comedienne. I certainly agree with your view that Gene Simmons would be an ideal replacement for Simon Cowell. Articulate, shrewd, even controversial, Simmons knows his stuff and would bring instant credibiity to the panel when Cowell departs.

  26. I agree, Shania was super, the best I have a seen yet, besides Simon of course, she should actually replace Kara.

  27. definately!! i think shania SHOULD be taken on as a full time judge. i watched AI the other night and really liked her style. while the other judges were laughing their heads off and being their rude self (sometimes), she was quite professional about her reactions. she did laugh sometimes but it didnt seem like she was laughing at the contestants. she gave some real constructive feedbacks to them, which is what judging should be all about :)its obvious from some of the interviews that this is a really big DREAM for SOME of the contestants. tarnishing that dream with selfish harsh words and tones is quite sad. haivng said that, i think that some of the blame should be on the contestants families and friends who tell the ones who cant sing that they sound good!

  28. Yeah David! It should definitely be Shania in that judges seat! Shania know her music. She is a great person too! Thanks for your GREAT coment about Shania! I TOTALY agree with you! I do not like Gene Sinmons! He is like Simon used to be! An ass. But Shania is the one! It realy doesn’t mater much with me, because I don’t watch American Idol anymore. But I have friends here I talk to about it. I may watch a few time after Elen comes on just to watch the look on Simons face! LOL!

  29. Kara needs to leave, and take her aweful song writing with her!!!!!!!! Bring on Shania to replace Kara. Give Ellen a chance, she just may surprise all of us!!

  30. As civilly as I can say this… Please, anyone but LaToya Jackson.No disrepect to the family- I love them – but Miss Jackson has no credentials to sit in the judge’s seat on AI.

  31. I totally agree with you Pam..She shouldn’t be there at ALL..It might be a good marketing tool for her… but….Is she the one at the ”superbool”or a big show with Justin Timberlake that by inadvertance lost part of her top..??

  32. Shania is great but I think Smokey Robinson should replace Simon. Smokey is an amazing singer and songwriter. He is very knowledgeable in the music industry and will be a great motivator to the contestants.

  33. hey ya’ll lets get together and get behind american idols higher ups and get shania as a permenant judges spot on the panel. i was impressed the week she was there. she was just as good as the others. she is very personalble and relates well with the stars to be. she gave very positive feedback to all the people. i met her several years ago early 90’s at FAN FAIR in nashville and she was very vey nice and took the time to visit briefly with each fan. good luck to all and please come back shania!!!!!

  34. Shania would be great Judge, I will keep her there, but we need somebody like Simon, sarcastic, a little bit rude… to keep us in suspense….like, what is he going to say now…I think Simon should stay an Ellen should go.

  35. TPTB listen up BRING BACK SHANIA… wonder why they just didn’t offer her a ton of money and sign her to begin with. She brought somethign to the show it’s lacked for quite sometime.

  36. Shania would be ok as a judge and maybe someone like RICK SPRINGFIELD..I know I’d be glued to the T.V….and I’m looking forward to Ellen as she seems to really know her music.She may not sing but she sure does move to the music and always has been into a variety.I think she will pull her own weight!

  37. Hi! I feel as though Shania would make a good judge to replace Simon on the show as simon is often sarcastic and is rude at the same in comparison with Shania as she has been a singer songwriter,as the contestant are as some preparing to become ready to be in music business. Shania has come a long way from nothing and to having everything wanted and deserved. I have a disability and can relate in someway as I was born with a disability. My mom raising a disabled child was a challenge at all times,as she had to carry me, and I wasn’t lightest child as I was a little obese, until I began walking at the age of three when I first had my first surgery,as they had discovered as they decided to take ct scan, which is an exray of my brain to see if fluid that circulates in the brain, had accumulated in my circumstance, which meant that I had the disability titled hydrocephalus, which mean excessive fluid built in the brain. They then inserted a shunt, which a valve that drains the fluid from the brain to the bladder. I required thoughought my lifetime five surgeries in all. I and mom were on our own after my mom divorced my dad, we had to live at my grandma’s till we found a place to live. My dad and uncle were alcoholics, and my dad was beating my mom and hitting on the buttocks really hard. I was often left with my drunken father and my mom who felt hopeless and often drank to soothe her sadness as well. My mom always wanted the best for me. She is dertermined and has got what it takes to keep moving on in the music industry, also she know what it is too be in the field of music. It is often not as easy as what some people think especially just from scratch, as music is tough, and the people that are the judges and are producer, are not always the easiest people to recieve constructive critism, and be capable of handling those emotions that may bring you down. I take as a commment to just learn and keep moving toward the journey of success. Which is the title of my book I have written. I have also written lyrics and made them into songs, I also have cd’s of my own, and have been offered a few recording opportunities.Music is usually my strongest point. Shania music is a big inspiration and also a conincidence that I can remember her lyrics. I just recently fell though and required another surgery, this has left me with less mobility then in the past as I am now using a walker to better my mobility. I am also struggling with my memory. I am recieve occupational therapy and physiotherapy will come later. I must move to a rehabilatation home that will be in a few that I will relocating to sudbury ontario or in a few months. I will or should be gone by April. I will miss Timmins as if Shania comes I won’t be in Timmins for a while. I will in a rehabilitation in Ottawa. The Address is 2450 Landcaster Road, Ottawa Ontario. If it will be else where I will let you know. I hope this message gets to go to Shania herself.

  38. i belive that Ellen is not going to be a good pick.she is a comedium not a judge and we need someone whom is more with music than a comedium.i belive shamma twain is perfect no it wont work out with simon and ellen not at all.bad pick.i think the show will ddie off after simon leaves without simon its going to be down fall no american idol 2011

  39. Hi! American Idol, judge and producers,

    I was wondering if the episode that Shania played the role of a judge your show, will be airing again with Shania herself as judge. I missed and I am big fan of hers. I cannot watch it on my computer as I do not have the computer and equipement to do. I was wondering if I can get a copy of that episode that would be great or if anyone else could that would be great too. I have met Shania in the past. I know alot of her familly members. I have a disability called hydrocephalus, but regarless usually remember all of her lyrics and it didn’t take me long to them. I have had four or five surgery upto now, but it’s not the same anymore as I since last shunt which a tube that drains the fluid. I am now using a walker, and will be moving to Ottawa just for a little in Rehabilitation Centre. I have done some recording in the past and I have my own cd. I started poems until later as an adult had attended vocal lessons, and music therapy. I know composed my own have some recorded and have two cd of my own. I was offered instaneously to do some more recording soon. I was expecting this person to give me her card to her business, which is music recording studio of her own. Her name is Leslie-Anne Dupuis.¨Prior to doing the placement in which I had an average of 94%, I attended the conventions, and had got to be familar and converse with the attendeed and employers and employees way before then. I have also met her band members of Shania’s. I also find them very gentlemen like, and charismatic as well Shania herself toward their fans. Actually I just completed writing a book, and I worked the Shania Twain Centre on placement when I attended Northern College.I have had created a brochure collection some data info, on the internet and in biography, then had recomposed into my own words but still based upon the book, and handled interviews with the staff, as well as helped costumer, handled cash register only once, took charge of reception duties.ect… I connect to Shania as some ways when she was child and the environnement she was raised in. Well in case Shania finds out, I just would like to add my address in case. My current address is

    [Editor’s note: personal information removed]

    As I will be recieving rehabilitation service but in a home setting environnement. Shania is an inspiration, she is the only person in which her relate to all my situation, throughout my life. I have met her in the past but none of the photos have turn out of her and I. I just recently was at her event here where i reside in Timmins, Ontario. I wish I could of gotten a photo taken with her, but a professional photographer, as when someone else takes the photos with my did they do not turn out. Shania, I wish the best of luck and I hope to meet again in the future. Also I hope they replay the episode of american that you played the role of a guest judge so I can have the chance to tape and rewatch it over and over again once I can do that. I hope to meet you in the future once again Shania and get to keep a photo of you and as a keepsake. I am also anxious to hear your cd in which I will purchase, when it comes out. I have also hear that you are on a volume hits cd and I am unsure of which one it is. Well Thank you Shania.To the American Judge and producers of the Show, I love your show and I have been watch since it first began. Bye for now love to you Shania, and judges and contestant. Shania you are such as great person inside and out. You are and I am sure that being a judge on the Show with Constructive Critism and sincerity, and your charisma, will be an asset on the Show. The producer has done an amazing job of creating this show, for people with disability, as viewers, singers, and writers, will benefit from this show in the long run. Every contestant that even makes an effort and does not get through, doesn’t matter about winning or losing, it takes guts to do that, and get up on stage and be strong, as person to hear the judges comment. I believe as a judge it can be difficult at times as they under pressure as well, when they must tell your their judgement and be observant your gestures, and your presentation overall. It is also to see how you take their comments and how you react to them. At the same when hear harsh comment by anyone of the judges, they may testing you or renforcing that you can prove them better in long run, on in other shows or contest else where. From your fan Lynne Morel

    Chin up contestant if not now, in the future with practice you may get someone in life, hearing comment that critism, at times can make a stronger person in long run. If that’s your dream, try and try again and you may succeed.

  40. I agree with having Shania as a permanent judge instead of Ellen (no offense Ellen)because Ellen just doesn’t know much about music. The reason why I think Shania would be a great judge is because she has been around a long time in the music industry and that she does have the same spark as Paula. She has a great voic also that could help the contestants focus on their vocals and the talent that will bring them to top like Shania and Paula

  41. I think Ellen would be a great judge of up and coming comics, but not up and coming singers. In the past, they have had Randy, Paula and Simon. All have substantial experience in the music industry. What worked so well, is that Simon was ultra critical, Paula was always had a kind word, and Randy was somewhere in the middle. But by the end of the day, they always found some amazing talent to move on to the finals.

    One of the things that made them so amazing is how they would improve from week to week, and finally become an experienced professional. The progressed and improved their look, their choice of song, their style and even their voice by contructive criticisms from the judges. Even Paula was able to give good advice to everyone.

    Those that took this advice and improved fast enough went on to the finals and perhaps became a successful professional in the business.

    Bottom line, I think you have to have singing professionals to judge singers (and YES I thought Shania was excellent). But right now, I’m really not sure about Ellen. Yes, she knows how to entertain as a comedian and talk show host (personally I love watching her), but the jury is out on what she knows about singing and the music industry.

    When Simon leave after this season, it would be great if they found someone that was an executive in the music industry that really had an experiences eye and ear for talent. Yes, they can replace Simon. But they need to do it from within the business.

  42. Yes! Absolutely,
    I would be inspired and it would add a new stardom personality, to the show. She is incredable talented and has perservance to convince the contestant about their performance, if you don’t succeed just keep moving foward towards your fullfilling your dream. To add on to this she gives people constructive critism. I believe this is what american is all about.Lynne

  43. I watched the Shania Twain clips and I honestly think she is the is the best replacement for Paula. She is a better version of Paula Abdul with the kind compassionate side, the loving motherly beauty that calms the contestants and she balances that with real constructive criticism. Not to mention, the bonding and fun she had (and brought out of) all the other Judges. We need to start a petition for this. Simon Fuller must listen and bring her in to fill Paula’s role. I’m just saying what I felt. Emeka

  44. Yes, Shania Twain is the best person for the job. Her grace and ettiquette is amazing, and she is truly a music guru having to put up with Mutt Lange for so many years…and she’s a perfectionist to boot. Let us get Shania in there…she’s doing a reality show anyway and this will give her more exposure in the music industry.

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  46. I absolutely agree that Shania Twain shouldn't definitely replace Ellen Degenres for she definitey has the same personality as Paula abdul and also stands out in the crowd and not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to each and every contestant. She would be the ultimate judge for American Idol for next year.

    I support this all of the way for her to be the next american idol judge.

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