Simon Cowell Launches X Factor USA Tonight

X Factor USA judges

Simon Cowell may have left American Idol the other season, but now he’ll never be too far away again. Starting tonight at 8PM ET/PT X Factor USA will premiere on televisions around the country as Simon marches right back in to the role we all know him best for: snarky judging.

Simon won’t be the only familiar face either as former Idol judge Paula Abdul returns to the spotlight as well. From what we’ve seen in a few of the preview clips she’s right back in to being the voice of kindness amid jabs of cruelty.

If you can’t wait until the American Idol 2012 premiere in January, then get your fill tonight with the launch of three months of X Factor. You can join us over at our X Factor Network site, on Facebook, and even on Twitter for all the latest results and updates throughout the season. Should be fun so be sure to join the crowd!