American Idol 2011 Winner Scott McCreery Details Clear As Day

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day

Scotty McCreery, winner of American Idol 2011, is set to release his debut album, “Clear As Day,” on October 4th. To help get the word out Scotty sat down with Rough Stock and went through each one of the twelve songs on his freshman album. Here are a few of the highlights.

1. “Out Of Summertime” (Jonathan Singleton and Tim Nichols)

“’Out Of Summertime’ was one of the three potential singles that I heard when I was still on Idol in the Top Three. It’s a really fun song. It’s about a summertime fair and it’s a teenage love kind of thing. They could have had something, but they ran out of summertime. It’s almost like the movie Grease with Danny and Sandy.”

3. “Clear As Day” (Phil O’Donnell, Casey Beathard and Adam Wheeler)

“This one is one of my favorites on the album. It’s got a great feel to it and a great message too. It’s relatable for me, with the after-football game kind of thing in the parking lot, and then the after-football-game parties at Cook Out Restaurant. We sit on the back of the trucks, having fun. Of course, the song takes a twist at the end and gets really serious, talking about how the girl never made it home because of the fog and pouring rain…

10. “You Make That Look Good” (Rhett Akins and Lee Thomas Miller)

“This was the rocking song we have on the album. This was another fun one for me. It’s just about a country boy. It talks about how I might have a dirty truck, but when you are sitting there beside me, you make it look good. At the end it says, I never thought of getting settled down and having a serious relationship, but you make that look good. It talks about some things in life that had never looked too good to this dude, but now that he is with her, she makes them look good and makes him want to do them.”

Read the full rundown of Scotty’s album over at and then get ready to download it in just a couple of weeks.



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  1. Can’t wait for the CD. So far, I’ve enjoyed all but his 3rd song on his EP because his voice sounded forced. Go Scotty.

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