Simon Cowell Launches X Factor USA Tonight

X Factor USA judges

Simon Cowell may have left American Idol the other season, but now he’ll never be too far away again. Starting tonight at 8PM ET/PT X Factor USA will premiere on televisions around the country as Simon marches right back in to the role we all know him best for: snarky judging.

Simon won’t be the only familiar face either as former Idol judge Paula Abdul returns to the spotlight as well. From what we’ve seen in a few of the preview clips she’s right back in to being the voice of kindness amid jabs of cruelty.

If you can’t wait until the American Idol 2012 premiere in January, then get your fill tonight with the launch of three months of X Factor. You can join us over at our X Factor Network site, on Facebook, and even on Twitter for all the latest results and updates throughout the season. Should be fun so be sure to join the crowd!




  1. My family and friends won’t be watching! He finally left Idol and we don’t want to see him or Paula ever again. He has done nothing but knock Idol since he left. We are boycotting him! LOL!

  2. Boycotting! Not for me!! Don’t like him or his style!! Will not be watching the “Simon Cowell Show”! Love American Idol without him!!

  3. I am thrilled that the X Factor is finally here. I’m not as anxious to judge until I watch it and then I will decide if its worth watching…Talk to you guys tomorrow.

  4. Well from what I’ve seen this show looks to be pretty good, so I’m going to be checking it out. I prefer Simon over having to hear things like “in it to win it!” or “that was beautiful” but I am not going to say that I’m not going to watch Idol this season because I am and am willing to give the Idol judges another chance because they did find some pretty good talent last season, I just didn’t like them when the live shows started.

  5. Just watched the first hour…I am wondering why this is so different from Idol…seems the same to me other than the fact that the X-Factor will allow groups and duets to compete. So far, two young ladies have shown talent. 🙂

    • Hi Phyllis G. And Rose. My husband and I watched the whole show! As long as Simon doesn’t get real hateful I will continue to watch it. And once again I am pretty sure there is some interaction between Paula and Simon?? And like Shawn I prefer Simon too after hearing ~ That was great! That was so beautiful! On practically every comment from one of the judges on AI. Like Shawn I will also give American Idol another chance too. I hope Phyllis that both you and Rose had a great summer! Smiles to both of you. See you later. BYE!

      • I enjoyed the show, so long as they don’t let anyone else flash the judges and the audience anymore I won’t have too many complaints. Simon didn’t seem too mean here, he was critical when he needed to be, but overall he wasn’t all that mean.

      • @Sherry K. Hi to you. I didn’t get to watch the show last night. Could not keep these eyes opened…..I will watch it over the weekend but even my husband liked it…..I heard pretty good reviews except for the flasher….whats up with that….Anyway I;m glad to see you on the post and looking forward to seeing you again soon. Have a great evening & weekend…

  6. soooo good, marcus canty, michell francis but chris rene, omg real and anointed, his spirit put me back in touch with myself I dont know how may ppl he has touched by the depts of my heart, and I love the love that he was shownfrom judges and the world I love god for what he has allowed this young has encouraged my son who is 27 to go after his dream walk on football and I

    • Phyllis G. Hey girl, that flasher was disgusting!!! He had on some kind of shiny looked like sweats. He started dancing around and half a–s dancing and let his drawers drop to the floor. It was evident you could see his goods because of Simons face. And it just went on and on with a star the show put over his little puppy to black it out! LOL! Paula got so disgusted she left. And I think she was in the john puking!! I cannot for the life of me understand why Simon didn’t call security to get the dork off!! The audience was booing. Finally Simon told him to get the hell of that stage!! Paula came back and she told Simon that made her sick. He said ” Did it really make you sick?” She said, “Yes I threw up.” Belive me it was totally disgusting!! I kept saying to my husband ,Why doesn’t Simon call security?? I mean this is TV time when kids are still up looking at the TV. Whew! They need to nip that kind of stuff in the bud right now. I got a bit upset because they let it go on for so long!! I don’t want to see anything like that again. It told in the papers how many watchers there were Wenesday night. The numbers were really high. So far my husband and I like it. But they had better not keep things like the stripper on or I won’t watch it again. Have a GREAT week end too Phyllis. I am off to get some sleep too! see you later! 🙂

      • When they first showed that guy before he preformed he had the look of a creepy pedophile or some sex pervert, and when he started singing that awful song I thought yes this guy is a creep then the pants came down. If I were Simon I would have called for security and had them drag him out back and beat the crap out of him and have the police come and take him to jail. It was that horrible.

      • Shawn, I said the same thing above!! He did come on looking like some kind of freak!! And as I sad Duh! Why didn’t Simon have security drag him off? And as you said security should have given him a kick or two and then called the police!! Someone I know said that was all a put on deal to get publicity. I disagree from watching the look on Simons face.He was totally stunned too. They better keep creeps like that guy off if they want people to watch their show.

  7. Finally got to see the show. I loved it. I totally enjoyed the contestants singing to music instead of accappella like Idol. I like the groups and the age limitation…..That 42 year old singer was amazing and it was so good to see her get a chance inspite of her age. I totally enjoyed the show. As far as the flasher, another idiot bits the dust…..Aside from him I thought the two nights were really good and they had some amazing singers on…..
    Looking forward to this weeks show.

    • Phyllis G.I am glad you got a chance to watch the show.We really like it too!I also enjoy the contestants singing to music! It just sounds better to me.I also like the age groups too. Aren’t they fun? I thought they had a Lot of amazing singers on too! We are really looking forward to this weeks show too! My husband usually won’t sit down through a whole 2 hour show. But he really likes the show too! And watches it all. He is always asking me when it is on. He doesn’t remember what day of the week it is because he is not working anymore. I cant wait to see what they have going on this week. Have a good week and enjoy watching the x/factor. 🙂

      • Hello to two of my favorite people…Phyliss G. and Sherry K. I agree…I do like the show…was not too sure at first but the talent is amazing and I do like the fact that the contestants get to sing to music. Looking forward to watching this week. Love to the both of you. 🙂

  8. Hi Rose! Love to you too. It is always good to have you on too. I am glad you liked the show. They really have had some good talent on so far! Take care sweet lady. see you later in the week after more x/factor! 🙂

  9. Who is the producer of american idol and who is producing x factor? I think they are all produced by Fox Co., Good strategy ha you make america dispute for the two shows and you`re harvesting all the revenue.

    • Idol’s exec producer is Nigel Lythgoe. X Factor’s exec producer is Simon Cowell.

      Definitely produced by different people. FOX doesn’t actually produce anything. They’re just the broadcast network. The shows are owned and operated by different groups.

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