American Idol 2012 Final Auditions Today In New Jersey

American Idol auditions

It’s the last chance for Idol hopefuls today as American Idol 2012 auditions wrap up in New Jersey this afternoon. Of course you would have had to already registered over the past few days to participate today, so no last minute dashes out there.

Unless Idol adds on any new events this should conclude the eight city audition tour by production to find the best talent out there. Once these auditions are finished the real set of judges will have to make a visit for the call back auditions like those recently held in St. Louis.

If you’re brave enough to get out there and audition today in New Jersey then be sure to send us photos and details from your American Idol audition experience. Best of luck to all of you!




  1. I never received an e-mail about signing up for the auditions in New Jersey and I am from New Jersey. Please please please add on new events, cause I am seriously in tears right now.
    PS (This was all in caps, then I read the last two lines of the commenting rules, I’m really upset)

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