Former Finalist Burnell Taylor Bashes American Idol 2014

Burnell Taylor
Former American Idol finalist Burnell Taylor is just about sick of anyone and everyone who has been calling this the “best season” of the show ever. He’s so annoyed by the constant use of the phrase that he actually came out on Twitter to publicly bash American Idol 2014 and [...]

American Idol 2013: Burnell Taylor’s Best Moments

Burnell Taylor on American Idol 2013
We said farewell to Burnell Taylor on American Idol 2013 Thursday night when Nicki Minaj and Idol producers refused to use their save on a guy, making him the fourth guy in a row to be eliminated. Burnell was the most talented guy in the Top 10, in my opinion, [...]

Burnell Taylor Survives ‘Sudden Death’ With ‘This Time’ On American Idol 2013 (VIDEO)

Burnell Taylor on American Idol 2013
Last night on American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest billed Burnell Taylor as a “survivor” and that’s exactly what he did when he battled it out and won a spot in the coveted Top 20. Burnell performed John Legend’s “This Time” and proved exactly why he had come so far [...]

American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week: Burnell Taylor and Marvin Calder Perform ‘Jar Of Hearts’

American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week was all about the guys this week and last night they took to the stage for their solo acts. And some of the guys ended up singing the same songs. “Jar of Hearts” was a popular one and here we’ve got another look at Burnell [...]

Burnell Taylor Audition On American Idol 2013 – ‘I’m Here’

Burnell Taylor auditions on Idol
Burnell Taylor was a standout performer during the Baton Rouge auditions for American Idol and closed the night’s episode on a strong note for the city. The judges were more than just “moved” by Taylor’s rendition of “I’m Here” which gave judge Keith Urban some really strange facial expressions and [...]

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