American Idol 2015 Finale: Guest Performers Announced

Steven Tyler on American Idol
The American Idol 2015 finale guest performers have been officially confirmed as we are just one week away from the big show where we discover who will win American Idol this year! According to Ryan Seacrest and KIIS FM, we’ll be seeing a few additional special guests along with the [...]

Does Former Idol Judge Steven Tyler Have A New Girlfriend? [PICS]

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Steven Tyler on American Idol
We love us some Steven Tyler and if the former American Idol judge is happy then we’re happy for him! DailyMail is reporting that Steven might have found himself a new girlfriend in his much, much younger personal assistant. According to Daily Mail, Steven Tyler, now a youthful 65 years [...]

Steven Tyler Says He Lied To American Idol Hopefuls

Steven Tyler on American Idol
Former American Idol judge Steven Tyler was known for being a bit of a softy on the show. Now the Aerosmith frontman has admitted that he wasn’t exactly honest with all the contestants. Especially the bad ones. “The format was supposed to be take the piss out of people, so [...]

American Idol 2013 Auditions — Steven Tyler Drops By In Drag!

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I think it’s a safe bet that absolutely no one was expecting to see Steven Tyler show up during last night’s American Idol 2013 audition in Oklahoma City. In a dress, a wig and makeup, nonetheless. In a hilarious cameo, Aerosmith frontman and former Idol judge walks in to audition [...]

Steven Tyler On New American Idol 2013 Judges: Not Impressed

Break out the McKayla references because Steven Tyler, former American Idol judge himself, is not impressed with the season 12 panel. When MTV News asked about the tensions rumored to exist on the new Idol panel Steven said it shouldn’t be that hard to get along, give an opinion, and [...]

Steven Tyler Discusses Shannon Magrane American Idol Elimination

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson were cornered by Access Hollywood for their weekly post-show interviews and the pair discussed lots of different American Idol 2012 topics. The judging duo ran through everything from JLo’s comment that Joshua Ledet’s performance was the “best ever” to Randy’s lapel pins (ahem, my suggestions), [...]

Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood on ‘Crossroads’ Together

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Did anyone catch CMT’s Crossroads with Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood on Saturday? Crossroads prides itself on its unusualy pairings, but this one might be one of the stangest. The only thing the two of those have in common is that they’ve both been on American Idol. But somehow it [...]

Steven Tyler Readies Zingers For American Idol 2012

Steven Tyler and his mouth are back for American Idol 2012 and just like last season we should be expecting some great one liners. Considering he’s been around since the Dead Sea was just the Sick Sea we’re sure he’s had plenty of time to compile some zingers. Can’t wait [...]

American Idol 2012 Premiere: An Interview With the Judges

The big week is finally here! American Idol Season 11 premieres Wednesday and we’ve got an interview with the judges. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler discuss the new season and auditions. They talk about the great talent that came out of Savannah, how each of them judge and [...]

Engagements Hit The American Idol Family

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It was a busy Christmas season for engagements in the American Idol family. Both judge Steven Tyler and former Idol hopeful Danny Gokey proposed over the Christmas break, though not to each other. Steven Tyler proposed to girlfriend Erin Brady and made his family none too happy with the news. [...]

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