Top 3: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?


The American Idol 2013 Top 3 had their homecomings and they sang their three songs for America’s votes, so the only thing left to do is find out who goes home tonight and who moves on to the finale next week.

For the first time in a very long time, I believe Ryan Seacrest when he says the race is tight and it’s anyone’s game. It’s super hard to predict what’s going to happen tonight. For a while I thought Angie and Kree would be in the finale. Then after tonight I thought, wow, maybe it’ll actually be Angie and Candice. But then I started thinking “why am I automatically putting Angie up there?” Maybe it will be Kree and Candice. Which is how I think it SHOULD be.

This is my toughest week yet to make predictions. But I’ll do it anyway.

My official Top 3 Results Prediction

  • The American Idol 2013 Final Two: Candice Glover and Angie Miller
  • Probably Going Home: Kree Harrison

My thinking this week is so all over the place. Out of the three, I think Candice is the sure-shot here. Based only on her performances from Wednesday night. That leaves the other spot to Angie or Kree. Angie has never been in the bottom, Kree has. But Kree has the country vote. And Amber’s fans may have slowed. It really could be either of them. But base on polls and predictions, I’m going with what I said above.

What do you think will happen? Who will go home and who will move on to the American Idol 2013 finale?