Top 3: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?


The American Idol 2013 Top 3 had their homecomings and they sang their three songs for America’s votes, so the only thing left to do is find out who goes home tonight and who moves on to the finale next week.

For the first time in a very long time, I believe Ryan Seacrest when he says the race is tight and it’s anyone’s game. It’s super hard to predict what’s going to happen tonight. For a while I thought Angie and Kree would be in the finale. Then after tonight I thought, wow, maybe it’ll actually be Angie and Candice. But then I started thinking “why am I automatically putting Angie up there?” Maybe it will be Kree and Candice. Which is how I think it SHOULD be.

This is my toughest week yet to make predictions. But I’ll do it anyway.

My official Top 3 Results Prediction

  • The American Idol 2013 Final Two: Candice Glover and Angie Miller
  • Probably Going Home: Kree Harrison

My thinking this week is so all over the place. Out of the three, I think Candice is the sure-shot here. Based only on her performances from Wednesday night. That leaves the other spot to Angie or Kree. Angie has never been in the bottom, Kree has. But Kree has the country vote. And Amber’s fans may have slowed. It really could be either of them. But base on polls and predictions, I’m going with what I said above.

What do you think will happen? Who will go home and who will move on to the American Idol 2013 finale?




  1. I agree. The finale is Angie Miller and Candice Glover. Some of the country vote will swing from Kree to Angie because Angie had three great performances and Kree came across as emotionally flat throughout the show. Jimmy Iovine was ridiculous in saying that Candice won the night. That second song Candice sung was beyond horrible, and the judges in their comments totally ignored Candice’s poor performance and spoke about only the hometown visit, which they would never have done with Kree or Angie. Candice did well on one of three songs, and that does not translate to winning the night. Angie Miller clearly won the night.

  2. Don’t care on who’s going home. But one thing is for sure, Angie Miller is in it to win it.

  3. Yeah I think Kree would go home. But I would prefer a Kree and Candice finale than An Angie and Candice finale. Tss

    • i hope that it will come down to kree and candice.i hope that kree will win it……go kree.

  4. I don’t care whether Angie and Kree go home. What I know for sure it will not be Candace.

  5. Always hoped for a Kree-Candice finale. But Angie is probably going to win this. I would rather it not be, but I think you’re right in saying Kree will go home tomorrow.

    • Now that I think more about it, you are absolutely right. Angie Miller was the star last night and should continue. Between Kree and Candice, Kree does have the better vocals. The judges avoid criticizing Candice, but have no qualms about criticizing Angie and Kree. Keith says to Angie that he thinks she could have held back more. That’s ridiculous. Please! She is trying to win. She was perfect. Why don’t the judges go after Candice with this same level of minute pickiness. They overlook most every problem with Candice. So, if the voters vote the BEST, the final should be Angie and Kree.

      • I agree with everything u said!!! Nikki said something about the way Kree was dressed well its not a fashion show first thing but they never say anything like that to Candice!!!

    • I think you are correct no one has the balls to say it but Candice wasn’t the best at all She only did one song good the other 2 wasn’t good!! Angie did great on all 3 songs!!!!! I think it should be Angie and Kree! I’m not sure if I could pick a winner if it comes down to the two of them!!!!!

      • I happened to like all the songs last night but the winning song was Somewhere. Kind of like Phillip singing Home last year.

  6. Angie Miller for the Win! Angie Miller for the Win! Angie Miller for the win! Angie Miller for the win! Angie and Adam Lambert next week soooo excited!

  7. I feel the top 2 should be Candace and Kree. Regardless, they are all wonderful and i hope all have wonderful careers and that they are picked up by record companies right away.I would love a Kreedom album or Candace and her lovely voice. She gave me chills with Somewhere last night. She’s the first one I have felt that with this season. She deserves great things!

  8. You changed Angie’s name to AMBER! Please edit before you post!!!!

    ” Angie has never been in the bottom, Kree has. But Kree has the country vote. And Amber’s fans may have slowed. It really could be either of them.”

  9. I’m a Kree fan but I love the three of them. I won’t care who goes home because USA got my top three and I’m happy with it. It’s hard to say who goes home because these three are unbelievably talented. Based on the hometown clips, I have a strong feeling that Angie will win Idol because she already got most of the teeny bops votes. The second place would be between Kree and Candice, but I think Candice might be in trouble (not basing it on the vocals) but the division of votes.

  10. I disagree! You said several polls mention Kree as the one going home! However, you failed to mention Dial Idol. It has been around since season 4 and from 4 thru 11 only twice has it not been the lowest DialIdol Score holder going home! In season 7 Melinda Doolittle recieved the highest score and she went home! Then last year in season 11 Jessica Sanchez recieved the lowest score however, it was Joshua Ledet who went home! In these two instances the scores were extremely close. Closer than any year I researched! Anyways this season the lowest score goes to Angie Miller and the highest score went to Kree Harrison! Also I believe that the going home has a big effect on people and their votes at this time! I believe Angie’s was the weakest home vistit! It was so cheesey and unemotional not like the other two! Candace’s had Nikki choked up and Kree’s had all of the judges choked up except Randy!

      • I disagree with u also!!! I love all 3 girls but Angie was the best!!! Candice home visit was the worse of the 3!! The judges always overlooks everything on Candice!!!! Last night Nikki made a comment to Kree about the way she dressed please its not a fashion show she never said anything about the way Candice was dressed they r a joke!!! Yes Kree had everyone in tears in her hometown visit but again its not about their home life no matter how sad it is sorry!!!!! I think Angie did the best on all 3 songs she should win this!!!!!!

      • Candice’s visit home was the worst? Please elaborate because as is you are just sounding very bitter indeed.

      • Diana moore, why are u bitter? why is ur blood so hot? its just a singing competition and these gals don’t even know u exist and you are here yapping left and right with ur heart going out,,,pls chill, its not worth all ur tears,,,,Jeeezzzzzz, some pipo

      • Yes it’s statistics but you have to consider that now they can text votes. I thought Dialidol only measures busy signals from landlines not cell phones though I may be wrong.

      • Your right and the voting is inconsistent until the final 3. Then it has been for the most part right except the 2 instances! I’ve been waiting every year for it not to be and with the other ways to vote I’m surprised it has been that accurate! Anyways will see.

    • Was the home visit cirteria for most talented? Wow, I am so surprised. Way too much drama with the visits last night. They went home, their fans came out to support just as they have every year……

      • The home visit is not a criteria . The three that are there are there because of their talent. So that really isn’t the issue! They are very talented individuals are they wouldn’t have made it this far in the competion! However, at this time there is voters who are undecided or who their favorites are gone and they could be swayed to vote one way with these visits!

    • KInd of reminds me of when they sent Haley home. Nobody was wanting to believe it. But it happened

  11. I agree that in all likelihood it will be Kree going home tonight. Any of the three could be send home though as all three did good performances and all have their strong fan base to support them. While I didn’t mind the 3rd song for Kree, I didn’t think it was the right song for her. Not her fault though. Angie was pretty solid on all three songs with the last one being my least favorite. Candice’s second song was her weakest, but that was the questionable song choice, more than her performance. She killed the final song, which makes me feel even worse for the so so song they gave Kree. On the whole I think Candice won, can see the possibility of any of the three going home. Can’t really complain regardless of who is sent home, although I’m sure many will.

  12. Candice will be this season’s Joshua. My point being… Nobody is listening to any Gospel/Show Tune/Operatic Crap on any station on my radio dial. Therefor, while she may be the best SINGER, she is by no means an IDOL. It’s her time to go. It WILL be Angie & Kree in the finale as I predicted when the top 10 where chosen. They’ve been the most marketable from the start.
    P.S. – These judges are out of touch and lost. Definately have no clue!

    • Completely agree with you. I’m hoping that is exactly what happens which by no means implies that I don’t recognize Candice’s talent; I think she is an amazing vocalist just not so much an Idol.

    • Just maybe Candice has the same fan base as Scotty and Phillip. We do like gospel also.

  13. I think for my Top 2 I will say Candice and Kree will stay on because they Have Amzing Voice on Amercan idol, For Ange she have a good Voice too but it is Time to Let her go Home

  14. Angie for sure mugs for the camera with her big horse teeth, too hard a sell.

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