Who Did It Better: Daughtry Versus Scotty

During last week’s World Series it wasn’t just the Cardinals taking on the Rangers. American Idol alumni Chris Daughtry and Idol winner Scotty McCreery (download his debut album Clear As Day now) both took a swing at delivering the opening of the game with a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

While JLo surely had goosebumps, only one singer can be the winner in this duel, so who was it? Scotty or Chris?

Listen to both performances below and then share your thoughts in the comments on who had the better national anthem performance for the World Series.

Bonus points: Find which singer seems to say “no Jose” instead of “oh say.”

Update: Couple of ruffled feathers in the comments, so jump to 1:08 in Scotty’s performance and let us know what you hear him sing. Maybe he always starts his “Oh’s” with an “N” sound.

Scotty McCreery’s performance:

Chris Daughtry’s performance:

Source: THR