Scotty McCreery And Lauren Alaina At American Country Awards

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are both set to make an appearance at the upcoming American Country Awards on FOX on December 5th.

While they’ll both be appearing at the event, there’s no indication that either will be performing or presenting together like they’ve done before. The list of presenters and additional performers will be announced before too long, so maybe there will be some good news for Idol’s Scotty and Lauren fans.

Scotty fans should be sure to get over to ACA’s website and vote everyday for the category of Artist of the Year: New Artist. Scotty is facing off against The Band Perry, Jerrod Niemann, The Pistol Annies, and Thompson Square. Do you think he can win? Sorry, Alaina fans, but she isn’t nominated for an ACA award this year.




    • scotty hasn’t proved anything yet hasn’t had no number 1 single or even a top 5 yet…really don’t see him having any off this album so saying that no he doesn’t deserve to to win or even being nominated..

      • Scotty has all the right in the world to be nominated,he is a new artist ,he’s great in every way.He’s got a great voice ,charming,humble,sexy,sweet,his first single debut at #1 the day after he won american idol,it went gold in 3months,his album went to the top of the billboard 200 ,He was 31 on the country charts ,so why doesn’t he deserve a chance to win .I don’t feel the band perry should of been put on ,because they are not a neww artist.

  1. While I like both of them,It’s a little soon for them to win .Let them enjoy their big starts .

  2. Scotty should win. he has done outstanding in such s very short amount of time, which makes him very, very deserving of this award. I have a feeling he will continue doing well for himself. God bless him. And good luck Scotty, we are rooting for you!

    • Scotty has done nothing yet get real!!!so no he doesn’t deserve win really a joke he was nominated in the first place..

      • It is for new artist ,Scotty is a new artist.His album went to the top of billboard 200 ,#1 on country charts ,He’s got 2 singles out that are doing very well,so why would you say he’s done nothing to deserve it.

  3. Donspot…..totally agree…..They need to pay their dues. They are on the road to stardom, especially Scotty….and I’m no Scotty fan…..

    • Phyllis wouldn’t say that just yet about scotty seen this before with guys wining idol..unless he can do more with his voice in the future.Wouldn’t surprise me to see him fade in the future. As we all know 80% of his fan base is 12 year old girls. When they start growing up they change alot in there taste of music seen it over and over again…Not saying he will be a taylor hicks somewhere in between..

      • Not sure where you are getting your information, but your assumptions are incorrect. Scotty’s fan base spans all age groups and is evident not only in the blogs, concerts, etc. but in album sales. The enthusiastic support shown by moms/dads, and seniors for Scotty is at least equal if not larger than the tweeners. Scotty has the ‘it’ factor and I (older than 12, ok much older than 12) plan to support his music for a long time.

      • rdd….I did state that I am not a fan of Scotty’s music but there are a ton of people that love country music and he will go far in the industry….I’m also no fan of Taylor Hicks and you really can’t put these two in the same catagory or even sentence. TH was a one time joke. Everyone in the top 5 were better than him that year. You do remember Daughtry & Katherine Mcphee (even she went further than TH)….

      • you are wrong about his fan base,they are all ages ,young girls,teens ,grandmas ,mom’s and Dad’s,he is such a great role model for are youth today,and he will not fade,he will be around for a long time

  4. Scotty still on the idol high everyone knew he would do very well with the first album lets wait and see down the road how he does..For me scotty is very boring really see nothing great about him.Still saying 5 or 6 years in the future its going to be Lauren that is the true star out of those two….

    • I see nothing great on her either and maybe more boring. I don’t know who I like more but there is no way in hell Lauren is going to be the star of those two, she is like his shadow. At least she should do better than Josh Gracin but that’s about it. Scotty is going to be half what Carrie is, I suppose, which is actually really big still.

    • Scotty is far from boring,everything is great about him,I’m so proud of him as if he was my own son.He love God,he loves his town,his friends (which he has a ton of)His family are so supportive .Lauren will be around for awhile,but she’s got nothing different to offer ,she sounds like all the other country females.

    • Right now, Scotty’s the Clay Aiken Justin Bieber of country music. He’s got this huge fanbase of fangirls that will jump on anything he’s involved with and make it a success. I’m not sure if it translates into triple and quadruple platinum, but I believe he’ll easily go platinum with this first album. I have been a fan of him since day one, but I’m not sure his “people” are doing him any favors by releasing back to back ballads. It does make him seem like a really dull singer. Plus I’m beginning to find his interviews very blandl. I think he’s just a very laid back kind of guy and that sometimes doesn’t translate well in interviews. As for his vocal ability, he’s not as unique as people would like to believe. It’s like a Josh Turner and Randy Travis voice coming out of a guy under 20…and that’s about it for the uniqueness. The album is okay, but not amazing. Probably give it a 6 out of 10. I was not a Lauren Alaina fan at first. She never seemed to give it her all in her performances. As the competition progressed, she became better…showed more confidence. I wasn’t expecting much from her album though, so I was surprised it was actually quite good. I’d give it about an 8 out 10. Also, her interviews are always entertaining. Vocally, I find her very unique. She doesn’t sound like any female artist I’ve ever heard. You know how you could mistake Anne Murray for Kathy Mattea way back when? Or how Daughtry sounds like Nickleback’s lead singer at times? Well, Lauren has a unique tone and uses some sweet vocal techniques as well. She truly sounds like no one else in music. Only time will tell, but she may be just as big as Country Bieber or bigger. One thing she may need to work on is toning down her energy in interviews. She literally acts like she’s had way too much caffeine or sugar sometimes. lol Regardless of their current short comings, I will support both kids forever. I’m just trying to keep it real and give and honest assessment. They have lots of time to grow. And think about it, Carrie Underwood was had some issues when she first started out. Vocally she sang sharp all the time and she performed like a robot on stage, but she become one of the biggest stars in country music today. I say give Lauren and Scotty a chance and support them while they grow as artists.

  5. I hate to sound (or be)ignorant, but didn’t they just have some Country Award Show? Now there’s another one?

  6. they’re both very good but brilliant…that remains to be seen. they still have a long way to go. which one will still be around ten years from now is anyone’s guess. said it before and i’ll say it again…longevity is the key. i do hope that they never end up in the one hit wonders group

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