Who Did It Better: Daughtry Versus Scotty

During last week’s World Series it wasn’t just the Cardinals taking on the Rangers. American Idol alumni Chris Daughtry and Idol winner Scotty McCreery (download his debut album Clear As Day now) both took a swing at delivering the opening of the game with a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

While JLo surely had goosebumps, only one singer can be the winner in this duel, so who was it? Scotty or Chris?

Listen to both performances below and then share your thoughts in the comments on who had the better national anthem performance for the World Series.

Bonus points: Find which singer seems to say “no Jose” instead of “oh say.”

Update: Couple of ruffled feathers in the comments, so jump to 1:08 in Scotty’s performance and let us know what you hear him sing. Maybe he always starts his “Oh’s” with an “N” sound.

Scotty McCreery’s performance:

Chris Daughtry’s performance:

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  1. First of all, no one sang No Jose, and it’s getting pretty boring and tacky for reporters to keep saying it. Second, although Daughtry did a superb job, Scotty sang a fantastic rendition of the NA, and that was the first time I actually like it. So Scotty gets my vote.

    • Yep, Scotty did a great job, but it sure sounds like he says “no Jose” to me. Maybe he didn’t, but it definitely does not sound like he says “oh say.” What did you hear him say?

      • It’s his accent. He sang it exactly the same in NC. I think it must have been a really off day for news when some reporters feel the need to ruin an 18 year old’s big day, but then as they say, if you can’t do, review.

      • I really doubt that ruined his day at all. He was singing at the World Series!

        I like how your comment that it doesn’t sound like “no” to you is permissible, but if I hear “no” then it’s a terrible and mean thing. And “no Jose,” I can’t sing worth a nickle.

  2. I have listened to this several times and it sounds like he sings “and oh say”…if you listen to all of the song, you will notice he sings “and” on other parts also. Scotty is a very patriotic young man, and it is rediculous to say that he would intentionally sing “no Jose” in the NA. Just think about it. This is crazy!

    • Oh I’d very much doubt Scotty would think the words were “no Jose.” All I said was that the sounds he makes sound like the words “no Jose.”

      Try saying “jose” without it sounding similar to “oh say.” I think it’s the “no” sound in front of it that makes it all come out funny.

  3. ok its finally taking my comment again.
    Love Daughtry and Scotty. They were both great
    Scotty did not flub up, he is a good kid and young man and would not flub the NA, as I am sure he knows the words, good going to Scotty

  4. Matt….Your right. It does sound like “no jose” but I really think its his southern accent. I am no fan of Scotty but he did sing that NA great….but I also think that Chris D. sang it awesome too……two different versions but both were awesome…..

    • I’m not a fan of either, but I preferred Scotty. Yeah, it did sound like he may have flubbed, but Daughtrey’s screech on that high not killed it for me.

  5. Sherry K. I like Scotty. Agree with Karla!( He was off pitch several times too.) Don’t know if you heard that Matt? But Chris daughty is the ONE! He should have won American Idol the year he was on too! Simons mouth dropped open when he was booted out! I am a huge Daughtry fan! I have his first CD. and I am not sure if he put out a second one. Probably did after all this time. So my vote definitely goes to Daughtry!

  6. I am a fan of both, but I believe Chris was a little over the top for me; Scotty’s was very heartfelt and no one, IMO, can match is voice:)

  7. Daughtry… I heard Scotty sing “no say”. I like Scotty but thought he had trouble finding his way into the National Anthem.

  8. oops,,, “can match *his voice”. Scotty’s voice has such a wonderful, unique tone. I just feel Chris oversang,,,love him though!!

  9. Neither. Why must they torture that song?!?! Let someone from the military sing it. They do a beautiful (non torturing job).

  10. I like Scotty’s version better, I do believe it is the Southern accent. If you watched American Idol, you would know just how pleasant and humble he is. He would never make light of the National Anthem.

    I watched Daughtry compete in American Idol and liked him also. But for the National Anthem I thought Scotty was better.

  11. Scotty was off-key at times and Daughtry screeched the high notes. Neither has the voice to due justice to the National Anthem.

  12. Scotty by far did a better job than Daughtry. I’m a big fan of them both, but Scotty handled the tune much better. You could tell they were both humbled to be there singing our National Anthem. They are both very talented young men!

  13. Scotty did a “DUD” job singing the National Anthem!
    Flubbed with NO JOSE … and his voice had too much
    tremor and was off key often! Not a spectacular performance by any means… just dudly Scotty… and,
    Scotty for once keep your hand out of your pocket when you are singing!

  14. Scotty is Southern. He is saying “…’n oh say does that…” which, in the south, means “…and oh say does that…”

  15. Why is this a competition? It’s just great that the singing of our National Anthem still occurs and I am happy to hear it no matter who sings it. It’s a hard song to sing so kudos to anyone who makes an attempt and yay for those who can make it sound great.

  16. I am not fan of Scotty and I love Chris, but Scotty’s interpretation is really cool and mellow with his country style while Daughtry, I found his interpretation rather angry, typical of rock singers and he is screaming… not good. So if this is competition between them, I guess Scotty got the edge…

  17. OMG………… this was no competition at all. SCOTTY WAS AWESOME. Too bad Daughtry had to SCREAM the Anthem. I couldn’t wait for Daughtry to get done SCREAMING. My ears couldn’t take anymore of it. Why is it that a ROCK SINGER has to SCREAM SONGS??????? Loved the rendition of the Anthem the way Scotty sang it. Daughtry was the WORST of all 7 who sang the ANTHEM. GOD BLESS THE USA.

  18. so jump to 1:08 in Scotty’s performance and let us know what you hear him sing. Maybe he always starts his “Oh’s” with an “N” sound.

    He just might start phrases with a slight n sound as some sort of singing technique. Listen from about :48 to 56 or 57 — instead of “The bombs bursting in air, there’s that slight n which almost sounds like and before the word the. That’s all the evidence I need.

    I’ve listened to quite a few versions since all of this unnecessary drama started and Scotty’s version is excellent in comparison to most, including Daughtry’s.

  19. Scotty won hands down!! I like Daughtry but I didn;t care for his version of the National Anthem

    • Man, we were talking about those two American idol guys… not talking of the best of ALL who interpreted NA… have you heard Charice’ version?… please do not divert the issue…

      • don’t get your wand in a knot! i was only trying to add a little levity (and a lot of truth) to the matter. and yes, charice rocks!

  20. Scotty my have gone off a little but he is my Guy I could watch and listen to him sing every day. He was my American Idol

  21. Scotty was horrible…sang ”no Jose”…i really believe he thought they were the correct words…Daughtry had more soul

  22. Even though I love Scotty, I love Chris Daughtry too and I liked Chris Daughtry’s version better. He’s not screaming, that’s how he sings and I love it (his voice and the way he sings) and always will! God bless America and thank you, God, for blessing us with great musicians!

  23. I love both Scottie and Daugherty’s voices, but I think Scottie came out on top with the National Anthem. I didn’t hear any flubs at all…he did it perfect.

  24. I have NEVER heard Daughtry’s preformance! I’m listening to it now! Yes, it does at some times sound like screaming, but it’s still great! Yes, Scotty (no matter how much I love him) sounds like he messed up (which I don’t beleive). I love BOTH preformances! They both are undoubtedly talented! And the fact that they both sang in my hometown makes this all the greater! USA! USA! USA!

  25. Scotty…undoubtedly…It gave me…and my guests goosebumps. It sounded the way the song should be sung…with respect and mellow. Loved…loved…loved it!!!

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