Jennifer Lopez Promises Tougher Judging On American Idol 2012

American Idol 2011 judges

Last season on American Idol Jennifer Lopez gave us insightful, thoughtful judging comments like “you gave me goosebumps” and “ohh, more goosebumps!” This year, Lopez promises us she’ll be tougher now that the bar has been set.

“We’re a little tougher on everybody. Because of last season and the standard that we set, it’s easy to go, ‘Is he as good as even our top 24 from last year?'”

Now that the new judges, Lopez and Steven Tyler, have been through this before and cut their teeth (oops, sorry Steven) on the process I’m hoping this is true. They don’t need to necessarily be as rough as Simon was, but some tough love can go a long way.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez will step it up this year and give better feedback than “goosebumps” to those hopefuls who survived the American Idol 2012 auditions?

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  1. I really hope that the judges are more consistant with some constructive criticism……especially Steven…..He was so wishy washy last year. J.Lo started to become more judgemental as the season progressed but not Steven……You don’t have to be mean like Simon was towards the end but these judges really need to be more helpful to the contestants….and not sugar coat their judement.

  2. I believe the judges will be less subjective in their comments and will voice objective criteria for the ups and downs of each performance. There is a happy medium where the judges can give their personal feelings about a performance…but must adhere to critical objectives which removes impartiality and renders judgement on actual the contestant’s peformance, presentation, as well as audience reaction. Good luck to all contestants and judges of AI!

  3. I agree with everything my friend Phyllis G. says! She is usually spot on about the contestants. I get off track and let my heart judge. And one cannot do that! I have been watching Phyllis’s comments for many years now. And she is just so good at looking at every aspect of the performers. Quite frankly I think she is as good as the judges. At least the new ones. Maybe even Randy. Simon though is in a class of his own! Phyllis you use your good common sense like Simon. To me Simon is the master of Judges. L.A. on X/Factor is pretty good too! I do want the judges to step up this year and be tougher! Too much sugar coating last year. I love Steven tyler. But, he needs to step it up. Big time! come on Steven. No ” Oh that was beautiful “. I want to hear him critique the contestants more this year and quit sugar coating everyone of them. I know he can do it!

    • Hello Sherry K….How is my friend doing? Thanks for the compliments but you know we are Idol junkies….LOL….but we are on the same page regarding Steven….He really needs to step up and cut the BS and be serious. These kids need guidance not sugary fillins…..Nice to see you on the site as always…..Have a wonderful weekend..Phyllis G.

      • Phyllis G. Hi Phyllis! Love to see your comments. and to talk to you about the contestans, judges and everything else! Yes we are Idol junkies. I am also a Hollywood freak. Or so my son says. Yes we are definitely on the same page where Steven is concerned! All the good comments he made at the start last year and then Wham. He started looking bored and saying the same sugar coated same old thing! Yes he definitely is getting paid good and needs to stop the BS.

    • @ Phyllis G. and Sherry K. Hello sweet ladies…Totally agree with your comments. While at times Simon could be mean, he knew what he was talking about and the judging went from being harsh to sickening sweet. I hope these judges can find a good balance. You can be critical in a cvonswtructive way without being sarcastic and mean. Looking forward to yet another season…Whoo Hoo. 🙂

      • Rose sweet lady! How are you doing? It is always so nice to see you here on the American Idol chat board! You know we love you! Have you been watching the x/factor? Simon is not being very mean? Maybe he learned a lesson on American Idol. Because when it first started he was just awful ugly to the contestants! If he had continued on like that I would have quit watching. But Simon is sharp! He is very good at picking a winner! Take care Rose. See you later! PS, I make typo’s all of the time. It’s no biggy!
        Sherry K. 🙂

  4. Hopefully the judges will step up to the plate this year and not be mean, but at least not sugar coat every performance. Two lines I want do not want to hear this season is “that was beautiful” and “in it to win it”. There is a way they can give constructive criticism and not be mean.

  5. Hi Phyllis G. How are you doing my friend? Boy we have known each other ( so to speak ) on this chat board forever! What I said about your comment’s is true!! Yes you are right! We are both idol junkies. You are absolutely right about Steven. He has been in the business long enough that he know the right things to say! You Phyllis could give the kids guidance!! I hope you have a great week end. I will be glad when Idol starts. With all of that talent last year this year should be great! BYE for now.

    • Matt, You can take this off if you like. I am not trying to be mean either. You do a good job. I was right in the middle of typing something and it must have been on auto pilot. I made a mistake in spelling and went to fix it and it ( The page went blank and said.) ” You have already said this!” Sorry! Sherry K

    • Sherry K. Sherry you make me laugh. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Your right we have been on this site for a very long time and we are one of the constant writers. I love sharing my comments with you and all the people on this site….
      Sherry have a wonderful weekend and I’m sure we will be back on this site soon. I, too, can’t wait for Idol but for now I really am enjoying the X-Factor….Talk to you soon..

      • Phillis G. I feel like I have know you forever too! It would be nice if we could meet in person some day. And Rose too. But it probably won’t happen. We do have a lot of fun on here though!! Luv Ya. Have a great Day. Sherry K

      • My dear sweet Sherry K, Never say never…..If you are ever in Las Vegas let me know…….Would love to meet my American Idol friends……

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