Who Should Replace Simon Cowell?

The rumor mill is flowing with names of Simon Cowell’s possible replacement next season on American Idol.  There are those petitioning to become an idol judge and those we, the viewing audience, hope to see sitting in his chair. 

The first rumor was that Sir Elton John was in negotiations with the show however this was dispelled by John’s representative who told Gossip Cop, “He he is not going to be a judge.”

Cowell was then reported as saying that Ryan Seacrest had interest in serving as a judge and the host if he could get off the stage quick enough and into the judge’s chair.  This doesn’t make much sense to me because Ryan is good at what he does and why try to rush from the stage into the judge’s seats and back up to the stage.  I hope Simon Fuller is not seriously entertaining this idea.

La Toya Jackson has talked with Nigel Lythgoe about coming in as a possible replacement for Cowell.  She released a statement saying, “”I would love to be a judge on American Idol. I would love to have a chance for the public get to know the real me. I would be thrilled,” I’m not particularly sure how Jackson would fit into the mold with the other judges.  I’m thinking one Jackson on the show is enough.

I think we can also check off Piers Morgan, Christopher Ciccone (Madonna’s brother who started a petition on facebook to become the next judge), P. Diddy and anyone else who is busy acting, recording or performing.

As my good friend Killer K told me, you can’t get someone with a budding music career because they will be too nice.  They don’t want to get booed by the audience and will be concerned with their own record sales etc.  So who do they bring in? 

Extra TV is reporting Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Lovine (co founder of Interscope Records) as strong contenders citing an “idol insider” as their source.

I still think they need a Gene Simmons or Ozzy Osbourne type because someone like them has been around a long time.  They don’t have to worry about being critical or even downright harsh to the contestants because that is what the public expects from them anyway and their music and record sales will not be in jeopardy because it has stood the test of time.  My husband wants to see Howard Stern and my mom wants it to be Sir Paul McCartney.  Who do you want to see sitting in Simon’s chair next season?