Who Will Win American Idol 2016? [Analysis]


La’Porsha vs. Dalton. I don’t see this scenario happening and if it does, then I think it’s a good thing American Idol is ending¬†and that it’s a good idea for me to never write again, because I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about anymore. But if it does happen, that means Dalton has really gotten a boost in fans and voters and could easily knock La’Porsha out. WHAT? Right? You have to remember, a female hasn’t beaten a male since Jordin Sparks beat Blake Lewis in season 6. And at this point, Dalton is the underdog. People love a good underdog story. Will win: Dalton/Should win: La’Porsha

It kills me that I can’t put La’Porsha in any “will win” situations. I HOPE I’m wrong. And will gladly admit it if she pulls through. If she survives the final cut and has the perfect coronation song, then it’s still possible she could beat Dalton, but again, I don’t see that being the finale.